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Saturday, November 22, 2014


To brine or not to brine?  That is the question.  In recent years, I have brined like a maniac and the result was deeeelish.  But since I'm also about trying new things, I've decided to go the Kosher turkey route, which is similar to brining.  All of the taste and none of the hassle.  Quite frankly, I was all set to brine until I read on my Trader Joe's Kosher turkey that part of the Kosher prep is cleaning, soaking and salting--and that's for an unbrined turkey.  I can't think I'd really need to brine after that, so I'm simply not gonna. Nuh, uh.  Going to spend that time doing something fun.

I'm also thinking it just might be the year to free up my oven for the sides and cook my turkey on my Big Green Egg.  It's always fun to do it that way and so dang easy.  Since mine's in the back yard, I can go get it started in my pj's, with my coffee and Sis to assist me.  (She sniffs while I do all the work.)

Once the turkey goes on, I only have to check on it once, to lower the heat, after the first 30 minutes.  The down side is, if it's cold outside, I need to listen for the probe thermometer alarm to go off and if it's really cold, I'm going to need to delegate that duty.  Besides, I am busy cooking after all. (rationalization).

My biggest challenge and change this year is going the no white refined sugar and no white flour route.  Others can have it--I'm just not doing it--and that has opened up an all new world for me to find things that work.  So far, I think I'm good on that score so this should be fun to see how it all works out. 

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