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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ohhhh, Kathie Lee.....

Today has been a day of experiments for me the first of which has been trying to get my computer to work.  The second one was making a recipe of something to simmer on the stove that makes your house smell like William-Sonoma.  After all this rain, and that wet humid air smell, this morning I decided to give it a shot.

I've been simmering it since mid morning and while it smells OK, it smells more like steamed artichokes to me, than a W-S store.  You are supposed to take a medium sized saucepan, fill it 2/3 with water, slice up a lemon and throw it in, a 1/2 tsp of vanilla, and a few stalks of rosemary.  Simmer gently and voila'.  Easy enough, and I still think it smells like steamed artichokes, so there ya go.  Never mind I didn't measure the vanilla--I like the smell so I just dumped some in.

Yes, I could have just lit several candles but hey, I like to experiment.  If it had turned out totally great, I'd have never known, and it's just merely OK, so now I know.  Maybe I'll just stick to candles or something else in the summer.  They said it was supposed to smell up your whole house but unless I walk around with the whole saucepan, waving it around like they do incense in the Catholic Church, this stuff isn't going far.  Nope.  I'll be lucky if it makes it to the front door.

When I had hoped to post this earlier, I was going to discuss Kathie Lee Gifford's on air gaff yesterday, but by now it's totally old news.  If you didn't see the replay, go watch it and see if you can even see Martin Short flinch.  I could not, and he had to be the kindest man alive not to embarrass her on live TV.  Talk about a trap door moment....ohhhhh, Kathie Lee, noooo you didn't.  Heaven knows we've all had them--just not on live TV. 

I just went for one last sniff check, and this stuff is growing me.  I like it!  It doesn't look real pretty right about now, but it does smell nice.  Yep, this one was worth it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love this weather!!

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  Rain, thunder, and a cool front...what more can a girl ask for?  Sometimes even the weather has a way of just working itself out.  Rather a good metaphor for life.  When things seem the bleakest and most awful, knot your rope and hang on.  Things will eventually change because they have to....nothing ever stays the same no matter how icky things can feel.  Ride it out, and the waves that feel like they'll drag you under??  Surf 'em instead.  Show yourself that you have enough faith to ride out anything. 

Sometimes I forget that I can chose how I feel.  I don't have to feel sad, angry, tired, etc.  I can chose to feel happy even though everything may not be perfect, and what in the world is "perfect" anyway??  I think that word should be removed from the dictionary.  I understand the concept, but if it never really happens, do we really need a word to describe it?

Anywho, on to Scarletta news.  I spoke with Benji last night and it sounds as if the video shoot in the Bahamas was crazy insane fun, and another one of those things where even if you'd planned it, it couldn't have been more "perfect".  See....there's that word again.  Anyway, I can't wait to see the video once it's complete and judging from the pictures and some of his stories, it was more of a vacay than work.  I luvvvvv that.

Does this look like work to you??

I ran by to check on mom yesterday and she was napping.  She's become a first class napper and now I know where I got my napping gene.  Dad was a great napper, too, so I got a double dose.  She's lost a little over a pound in the last month, but the free falling weight loss has subsided and she seems to be in better spirits, according to the nurse manager.  I realize she "performs" for us when we visit, so I'm glad she's happier even when we aren't there.  We've concluded her night sweats are from her Aricept medication but I don't want to take her off of it.  The slide downhill in the cognitive department would be grim.

Mr. and Mrs Duck are out front, crouched in the front yard grass enjoying the drizzly rain.  I'm not sure where they go at night but they seem to be regulars on our block during the day, and specifically in our hard.  They are fun to watch, but it's loads more fun watching the reaction on peoples faces when they drive by and see them sitting in the yard.  Waaaay hilarious. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So many questions

What in the world was up with the guy who ran up the crane yesterday at SMU?  I understand he fell from the crane early this morning and died, but my other question was what in the world was he on that made a crane sound like a good hiding place?  Or was this more of a psych issue?  Or a combo of both?  Who knows?

And what about John he going to the big house, or keeping it local??  It may be a little from column A, a little from column B but either way it sounds like the jury is dead serious about their ultimate decision, and for that I am grateful.  Jury duty is a serious job and even though I hate it, I do it.  But back to John ....I hope his children are OK, no matter what happens to him.  His kids have all been though enough.  Boy, howdy.....actions have consequences, and the ripple effect from his have been enormous.

Lastly, how about the Queens Jubilee...are we going to see much of it or just a flash here and there?  I need to know this information so I can be properly prepared, lest I need to clear my schedule for TV viewing.  There is a two hour interview and build up tonight with Katie Couric, so maybe she and William will give me more of an idea whether I need to wear a full big hat or if a mere fascinator will do, while I watch. I'm thinking I'll wear this one.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let Go or be Dragged

Someone around here is on the warpath over something he has no control over, and that is, another person.  He's furious that the carpenter he hired to replace the screens on the screened in porch at the Farm, isn't finished, never mind the carpenter was given a deadline.  The guy has just spread himself too thin and not gotten our job done.  The nerve of him.  Fred has texted, called, and almost stalked the guy (yesterday), when I finally talked some sense into him.  He's done all he can do, so he's got to let it go.  It will get done--just not on his time frame. Tough lesson and so hard to do when you want what you want.  I call it Let Go or Be D-r-a-g-g-e-d.

It's hilarious that it's me giving the "Degree of Perfection" speech, with a chaser of "Let It Go".  We seem to alternate roles around here--that of speech giver and that of audience member.  Fred's just worked his fanny off and is frustrated that this guy is such a slow poke.  The guy does good work, but this whole screen thing has been yet another case of something being put in incorrectly.  From what the carpenter's said, I have to admit they are flimsy at best, given how the screen was applied.  After almost 20 years of replacing them, as kids punched them out with balls, or hands, we're trying to do something that might be a bit heartier and easier to repair, when they do get torn.  Yes, asking kids not to kick a ball or others to be careful would be nice, but this house gets a lot of use and abuse so we definitely need something else done, IMO.

Wow, is it ever dry and windy up there and the fields are already brown, which is sad so early in the summer.  Just a few short weeks ago everything was gorgeous green, fresh and beautiful.  With no rain recently, and dry wind, the fields already look like a tinderbox.  Even with the sprinklers, the yard is a little brown, too, and that's with a good deep watering twice a week.  Welcome to Texas, folks.  It just is what it is. 

Here's what we found on the way to dinner last night.  Watching Fred run after it made me howl and it was the creepiest looking turtle I've ever seen.  We googled it and found out it was a bottle nose turtle, which explained his upside down dinner plate looking shell, and weird nose.   I'm still trying to decide which was funnier: that turtle waddling, running full tilt boogie, or Fred trying to scoot him like a soccer ball so the turtle couldn't leap into the creek, before Fred could catch him.  Cheaaaaap entertainment.  :)


Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome, Sawyer!!!

OK...he may not be an actual Follower of this blog but I'm going to pretend he is and his lovely dog and baby sitter, Izzy.  Welcome Sawyer and Izzy!!!  Sawyer is the new grand baby of Bruce's cousin, Addie Beth, and the new baby of her daughter Liza Collins and husband, Justin.  Bravo, Liza and Justin!!  You do nice work.

 Isn't he just scrumptious???  I could just slurp him up.                                    

Right Here, Right Now

Oh, my...I am the mother of a Country Music recording artist.  Scarletta's new release, Right here, Right Now has hit the country charts and after two days is moving slowly up the charts at a pace that seems to please their investor and recording company.  Woo hoo!  They are on their way, as I type, to the Bahamas to film their first video.  I can't wait to see it once it's done.  I did all the call ins and requests online yesterday for the radio stations to play their song.   Hey...never let it be said I didn't do my part. :) 
Here they are in Orlando headed for the Bahamas.

Seeing Benji get highlights yesterday was probably the highlight of my day.  There's just something about guys and hair color that cracks me up.  Benji had wonderful natural highlights as a little boy and now has to pay to get them.  Welcome to my world.  Wait til he tries Botox some day.   Of course by then it will be cheaper, and there will be something else newer and better and just as expensive.  Might be easier to just age gracefully.  Nahhh. Who am I kidding.

Now, on to this weekend.  I paused a moment this morning to think about all the parents, wives, husbands, and children, who have lost loved ones serving this country.  I cannot imagine what Memorial Day must mean for those people, when most of us forget the real meaning, and think of it as merely a day off and a big BBQ.  I know sometimes I'm guilty of that.  Let's all take a moment, if you are so inclined, to pray for those families and thank them for their ultimate sacrifice.  And for any living service people, let's remember to thank them as well.  We'll never really know what someone else has suffered, to give us the freedom to goof around on FB or to vote for the candidate of our choice.  The freedom to do that is big stuff--even in a country that's not perfect.  Show me a better one.  Right Here, Right Now.  (Sorry...I just couldn't resist.)

Happy Memorial Day and stay safe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I think our block is turning into a game preserve.  Ducks, a hawk, the rabbits across the street, and now a cottontail  mother and at least one baby, in Mary's backyard.  I think they have tunneled in under her garage or hopped in via a board that's dropped down.  With my superior (eyeroll) tracking skills, I found a little place where something or somebody, has tried to dig.  It's too small for a dog and Sis isn't a digger.

As I was snooping them out over in Mary's yard, she came in with her groceries.  When I told her about the rabbits, I wasn't sure how she'd respond, until I mentioned the baby one.  Bingo.  That got her and she broke into this giant grin.  She immediately wanted to know where they were, etc.  Knowing her, she'll be throwing dinner salad, sans dressing, out into her backyard in case they get hungry.

The problem here is one slick, fat, hunting gal who thinks Mary's yard, is her yard.  Rabbit smell is only going to make that yard fifty times more enticing, so we'll have to keep Mary's gate closed and ignore Sis's pleas to be let in.  I may have to find a pair of Bruce's hunting ear plugs to wear since Sis gets pretty whiny.  She'd  kill a rabbit in a heartbeat if she got the chance.  She killed a big rat up at the church the other night and luckily, I was not in attendance.  Her dad told her she was "mahvelous".  I told him to bathe her.  Grrrrooss.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Growing up, did you think you were supposed to already know how to do everything or maybe not everything but most things, and when you didn't, you didn't want anyone to know, for fear they'd know your secret and think you were dumb?  And did you assume everybody else knew, but you didn't, so to ask anyone would be outing yourself, and running your "dumbness" up the flag pole, for everyone to see?  Boy, I sure did.  I busted my tail to make sure you thought I was this supremely confident, in the know, and all over it kid, when I was bluffing nine times out of ten.

And the shame of feeling like you are the only one who doesn't know everything, when you've wrongly assumed everyone else does, is a pretty devastating place to be. I felt ashamed that I couldn't just say "I dunno", and not have it end up on the front page of the Dallas Morning News.   And when I say shame, I mean it.  That horrible "less than" feeling, that you'll never measure up, no matter what you do.  It just won't be enough.  And then even as an adult, when you tried really hard to "be enough", you were sent the clear message that "nope, not good enough".  I honestly thought I was deficient, and it was years before I found out I'm in a boat with millions of other people.  None of them knew either, and felt too unsafe to admit it, just like me.

So today, if you don't know the "right" answer, the "right" thing to do or say, or even the "right" path to take, cut yourself some slack.  YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO KNOW EVERYTHING.  Ask somebody for help-- someone safe-- who won't throw it back in your face.

 Remember: don't go into a shame spiral.






Arm chair travel

This morning I am getting a new hot water heater.  Glamorous, right?  Right up there with a new set of tires.   Our old one was starting to go and after 14 years and Dallas water, it's bound to have several inches calcium  at the bottom of the tank.  Man...when our stuff starts dying, it goes in clumps. Sis, however, is thrilled with all the activity, and the front door being ajar, while they drain the heater.  I am not thrilled with having to rodeo her to keep her out of trouble.  Dang. this. is. fun.

Having not see our resident hawk in quite some time, I was concerned he'd taken off for some place new but I saw him yesterday, flying over Sparkman- Hillcrest Funeral home.  It was around 2:15 pm and he was soaring, looking for a late lunch.  I wished I could have stopped and watched him, but I was in the middle of Northwest Highway and stopping just wasn't an option. 

After reading other blogs this morning, I keep wondering why I live in Texas, when I see other places that can grow things we just can't--or I can't anyway.  And they don't get as blast furnace hot as we do, either.  But then I have to remind myself that they deal with loads of snow and ice in the winter, and I don't.  I'm thinking I just need to have a summer home somewhere.  That would work....and I could just rent one so I could move around all over the country.  Or even another country.  I don't want to own one because of all the upkeep and hassle-- unless I find someplace I'd really want to make that kind of investment.  I just want to visit and explore and get to know the area, like a native.  Then when I get bored with an area, move on the next year somewhere else.  This might be a good starting place.  I'm not sure where it is and I don't care.  I'd just like to see it and hang there awhile.

Or maybe Cape Cod.

Or Maine.

Lovely...all of them.  OOOOO, ahhhhh.                  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Kevin Costner

Yesterday amidst pleas from me to puh-leeeease get rid of Benji's old TV, Fred finally did, and took it out front and put it by the curb.  This is what's known as Harris Recycling.  We put whatever we don't want out front and it always gets taken.  The TV stayed there for a good while and I noticed first thing this morning it was gone--on to another user.  It was an old Sony Trinitron and the sound was weird--it sounded tinny and made people's voices sound like Munchkins.  Way past time to go in my book.  Hasta la vista, baby.

If you missed reading yesterday's Parade magazine in the paper and the interview with Kevin Costner, dig your paper out of the recycle bin.  I have to say up front that had I not heard him speak at Whitney Houston's funeral, I would have powered right past the article and not given it a second glance.  For such a pretty face, he is a very smart, gentle, and talented man who knows what he thinks and most of all how he "feels", and he can even tell you.  In real words.  This guy is deep, too.  Some of his responses were so right on and grounded, it was hard to remember this was a Hollywood star.  And during the BP oil spill, he even had BP's attention with some of his ideas of how to clean up their mess.  I kid you not.

Though I have enjoyed most of his movies, I admit I didn't see Water World, and I'm thinking probably only six people in the entire world have seen it, tanker that it was.  In the article, I had the sense I was hearing from Kevin the person--not the actor.  He had no skin in the game and no movie coming out to promote.  I just had the sense this was the real him--take it or leave it. 

Now I do admit the guy has aged well --but he's done so, nicely, on the inside, too.  Articulate, clever, definitely someone who loves his family and children--just an all round nice guy and somebody who'd be fun to hang with once you got over being star struck, 'cause I know I would be.  It was such a nice change to hear a man not be so all about himself.  You go, Kevin.

Man...I'd hit that, wouldn't you??

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A trip to The Cliff

OK...first things first.  Congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and his new wife and a big bravo for their small  uber private surprise wedding and reception, in their backyard.  For someone who could afford anything, this was perfect, IMO.  And congrats to his wife on her graduation from Medical School, earlier in the week.  Man, what a week they've had.

Now on to the fun part.  Yesterday afternoon, we went to an Art Show in Oak Cliff where you went from home to home to see artists work.  Admittedly, some of it was not my taste (ie. total ca-ca) but Bruce's friend's was extraordinary, and worth the trip any old day.  Unfortunately, his wife will not let him sell any of it (yet) but there's always hope.  It's too hard to describe what he does and I'd never be able to do it justice.  You just need to see it and I wish I'd taken some pictures of it.  Just know each piece tells a story, and the one about him and his grandfather had to be my most of my favorites.

He and his wife are artsy to the core and it shows everywhere--especially in their backyard.  He built their fence, their arbor, and together they landscaped it.  He built their deck and the whole thing just gave me hope that our backyard could be lovely someday.  His wife is a Food Stylist, and I got to see her garage storage area with all of her "toys"--plates, platters, an entire container filled with different types of ice cream scoops, pottery, container after container of textiles--napkins, table cloths, you name it, she has it.  And the best part is, the textiles were all perfectly organized, folded, and in portable plastic carriers.  I nearly keeled over.  She told me some of the old fabrics simply are not made anymore and you just can't get them, even on Ebay, which is why she treasures and protects what she has.  It was all so Martha Stewart and cool, it was a good thirty minutes before I returned to the Earth's atmosphere.  And speaking of Martha, (this gals name is Martha also) she's actually seen Martha S's prop supply closets, in person.  Damn...I should have gotten the other Martha's autograph.  She'd have laughed her head off if I'd asked.

The next stop was at the home of two guys and their art was down right creepy.  They could not have been nicer, but all the penis's and erotica was just not my deal and their home was dark and depressing to me.  We were in and out in a heartbeat.  Third and forth stops were OK--nothing great--except for the artist's work I really liked, I found out it was not for sale and that he's dead.  Swell.  We went to this guys house pictured here, and ran into a friend that we both know and didn't realize she lived in the Cliff.

After that, we headed home but what a blast.  I'd never been deeper into Oak Cliff that the Bishop Arts District, so this was was a hoot and as we drove around, we discussed the houses.  Some were ultra cool and I decided I could live in that area easily if it wasn't so far to some of my stuff here.  Maybe I could anyway.  Who knows, and it's sure fun to think about.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Attempted "Jail Break"

Well, isn't it always just something?  Last night after dinner, we ran by to see mom and I noticed her left hand was really swollen, as were her fingers.  Think a catcher's mitt and that's pretty much the look.  When I gently lifted up her hand, she said it really hurt, though I could straighten out her fingers carefully.  No bruising, which was weird, so I reported it to the nurse so mom could have it xrayed.  After that, we took her outside for some fresh evening air and to enjoy being outside.  When the wind blew through her hair, she jumped at first, and then sighed.  She seemed to enjoy just being out in nature and seeing the world again, even with a breeze.

We were a little worried about getting her back inside, as we had a little minor incident getting her out.  Since Memory Care is a lock down unit to keep the "travelers" inside, one lady tried to make a break for it as I rolled mom out, and Fred had to shove her back in, as she shoved like hell to get out.  Wouldn't you know, it was mom's next door neighbor who is able bodied and wily as a fox.  When she saw that door open and mom going out, she gave it everything she had to bolt, and it was yet another look at the effects of dementia, up close and personal. Please, Alzheimer research, come up with a cure.  This disease is awful.

OK...back to my story.  So going back in, we smartened up and got the Concierge to help us.  While he used the peep hole to be sure it was all clear, I punched the code, Fred opened the door, and the three of us shot through, while the Concierge stood guard for any jail breakers.  Egads.....just another Friday  night, right?  

The good news is, I just checked with Charlotte, the weekend RN, and mom's xray was negative.  Charlotte said she thinks mom may have slept on her hand, which is entirely possible and I certainly have no better idea of what may have caused it.  I asked them to ice bag it for the swelling, which now that I think about it, won't last a nano second because mom will hate it and be cold.  Oh, well.  So much for playing nurse.

On today's agenda is pesto making, since I scalped my basil plants a day or two ago and have the cuttings sitting in fresh water.  Time to get on it.  Fresh pesto and sliced tomatoes are exactly what this weekend calls for!  And maybe another homemade pizza tonight.  It's summer time....kick back and enjoy it before it gets too hot.  I may even wash my car and bathe Sister outside in the hose.  She hates that!!  (heh, heh, heh) :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Random update

I just hung up with Benji after his eye doctor appointment and he is already seeing 20/20, four days post op.  His vision will sharpen up as he heals further and could even improve further.  Poor thing...he hasn't seen this good since kindergarten.  I'm just so glad those damn contacts they put in to protect his eyes after surgery are out.  Lasik PRK is more painful, but it sure seems to work.  His doctor said he was a textbook case and to come back in a month for a recheck.  Hall-a-looyer.  I'm betting he sleeps better now, too.  I know I sure will now that this is all over.  Once a mother, always a mother.

For the weekend, I need to turn you on to my latest find that rocked my socks right off my feet.  It's Willy B's smoked salmon, and we had it last night for dinner.  It comes vacuum sealed in plastic, and you refrigerate it until you are ready to serve it.  (You should be able to freeze it, too, but I haven't tried that yet.) If you want it hot, you drop it briefly, still in the bag, into boiling water for a few minutes to reheat it.  We had it room temp with a big old salad and it was some of the best smoked salmon I've ever tasted, and I'm picky.  You can find it at Festive Kitchen in Snider Plaza, my hangout, or at Willy B's in Richardson.  If you plan to go to Festive Kitchen,  call (214 363-5149) and be sure they have some, and grab one of their salads to go with it.  Ours was the Sandy's Favorite Salad, it's huge, and to die for.  It could feed four normal people or two hungry Harris's and even comes with the dressing, though we always need a tad bit more Balsamic Vinaigrette.  While you are grabbing, get one of FK's Green Chicken Chili frozen quiche mixes, and a bag or two of their frozen cookie doughs.   You can thank me later.  :)

Time to go make a huge pot of iced tea and get my weekend started early.

Your Friday Funny

Nicole, my niece, left for a second to go to the bathroom.  When she came back, this is what she found:
                 Avery, naked in the sink.  Happy weekend to all!!  :)                                                     

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Technology

I saw the coolest thing the other day on a blog that I get.  It was about Smart Mirrors and how you can write notes on them, get weather, and all kinds of news--ON YOUR MIRROR.  How cool is that?  The New York Times was behind the conception some of it and I'm sure funded a lot of the technology, but it was so cool, I was positively gobsmacked. ( That's my new word.)  Yes, I imagine you could get some of the same information from your TV but your TV is not going to flash you your schedule for the day, now is it?  And as long as it doesn't flash my weight, I'm all for it.  The site wouldn't let me copy a picture for use here so check out if you want to see it and know more.  Here's one I found online.  Man, the future looks keen. (Fred's dad's favorite word)

Now for an update on MR. PRK, Benji Harris.  He's had every single symptom post surgically that they tell you about, lucky guy.  His vision right after surgery was 50% better already and then dipped a day after somewhat.  Totally normal.  Then it improved, though his symptoms were still going strong.  Then it dipped again yesterday, as his surgeon said it might.  From here on, things should improve dramatically.  After a month, his vision should be as good as it will most likely get, which should be one hell of an improvement over what he walked in with. It's just that patience thing that gets old.

It has to be scary having your eyes messed with, especially when it was by choice.  I think when he gets to the other side of healing, and can see like an eagle, it's going to be well worth it.  It's the waiting, and looking like a stoned out wacko with red eyes, that's no fun.  He'll get the contacts they put in, out tomorrow.  I'm thinking having a contact over a raw eye has got to be THE WORST--sort of like perpetual pickle juice in your eye or as he said, like having a Pringle (potato chip) in your eye.

Today I need to begin snipping our backyard that currently looks like a jungle.  I'm thinking a yard crew cut might be in order.  I really want to move a few plants around but my assistant doesn't want to dig holes and that's a skill I am unwilling to cultivate--especially when you can hire people to do that, while you drink iced tea.  Technically, I could dig the hole, I just can't get the big ole plant out anyway, so why not let them do it all?   It's the right thing to do-- and then I don't have to get all sweaty.  :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Air travel

Today I want to talk about travel and specifically air travel.  I love to travel.  That's no big secret but I'm getting to the place where all the fun's getting beaten right out of it so much so that unless there's really someplace I'm a hankering to go, I'd rather stay home and watch a Rick Steve's DVD.  Especially when you can fast forward through stuff you really don't care about and somewhere that's just NOT on your bucket list anyway.  But let's get back to the real nut of the matter:  airline travel sucks, unless you are flying first or business class on someone else's nickle or using your miles, and a big fat good luck on that if you aren't a triple diamond set in Platinum member, with sprinkles on top.

Spirit Air lines.  Are you ever going to fly that nonsense?  I'm not, and it's because they nickle and dime you to death over everything.  $2 to print out your boarding pass at the airport kiosk.  $5 if you do it at check in with a live human being.  $30 to check a bag otherwise yours needs to fit under the seat in front of you, like that's really going to happen.  What do they do with the luggage bins, put small children up there?  

United Air lines.  Meanest people on the face of the earth, bar none.  I'd rather walk.

Air Tran.  I've flown them once and they were late.  They are 1 for 1.  No thanks.

American.  Unless they merge, don't even get me started. 

Frontier.  I like the painted animals on their planes, so does that count for anything?

Delta.  Haven't flown them in ages but they used to have really good coffee.

Southwest.   Hands down, my favorite because if nothing else, they get you there on time.  They used to be hilarious and fun--not quite as much these days--but still good if you can handle the no frills and, honey, I can.  Too bad they don't fly Internationally yet, but I understand they will. 

Essentially, unless you want to be frustrated out of your mind with late departures, broken down nasty planes, all for the privilege of being treated like a herd of cattle, I'm staying home.  I'll fly in my comfy armchair, stretch my legs out on the ottoman, and eat real food while I watch my DVD's of the world.  And Sis can fly with me in my lap.  Want to know something else?  I doubt Al Qaeda is plotting to blow up my chair.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's what's shakin'

Lots going on around here this morning.  Out front is a huge ditch digger digging up the chunk of "repaired" sand and concrete that was put in two weeks ago over the leak we had in the middle of our street.  Now they have cut a much larger rectangle and I can hardly wait to see what they do next.  And here I thought they were almost finished.  Shows what I know.  This is the kind of morning where you need a passel of little boys out front, watching, all seated front row, on my driveway.  Oh, how I wish today wasn't a school day!  This would be right up Hudson's alley.

I just texted Benji to find out how last night went after his PRK surgery.  When he described the surgery, I have to admit I did kind of get the creeps.  He said he hated the things they insert in your eye to keep it propped open (retractors), but the thing that really got me was when he said after they lasered his eye, they ran a thing that felt like an electric toothbrush over his eye to remove debris, and then squirted his eye with super cold solution that made his eye ache.  Whoa.  And then you have the other eye to look forward to.  I know it will all be worth it in the long run-- it's the short run that doesn't sound too appealing.    Here's the eye retractor.  Eewww.

I made a load of cookies yesterday afternoon and took some by to my favorite short guy.  He was waiting out front for the hand off before heading over to play with the little girl next door.  I have accepted the fact that I am just not any competition for a younger gal next door--even with a load of cookies--and that's exactly how it should be.
  According to his mom, he had had a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" just like Alexander in the book of the same name, so I figured cookies were in order.  Sometimes still warm chocolate chip cookies make a crummy day just a little bit better.  Sure works for me!

 Remember this book??

Monday, May 14, 2012

PRK, baby

A certain Nashville musician had his eye balls PRK'd about forty five minutes ago and this momma wishes she was there.  It's not like I could do anything and he already has a perfect nurse right there with him.  I just want to SEE him and know he's OK.  I don't care how old our offspring get--they are still our kids--just lots bigger and totally capable of taking care of themselves.  Seriously...I need to get a life. (eyeroll)

With that in mind, its time for me to get on with my day.  More later.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I have to admit I just do not get all the hoopla about Mark Zuckerberg's hoodie.  Yes, he's attached to it much the same as Steve Jobs was to his signature turtleneck, or the Wall Streets are to their suits and Hermes' ties.  In other words, everyone has their "uniform", so how was Zuckerberg disrespectful to wear his hoodie, to meet with the Wall Street suits?  He wore his "uni" and so did they.  Disrespectful to a bunch of well dressed hoods who'd rob you blind if you turned your back?  C'mon...we've already seen them do it a million times and I just found it totally hypocritical.  They are snakes so perhaps he should have come dressed as a snake charmer.

  Yes, he's eventually taking his company public, so is there a dress code for that?  He's always been known to dress however he wants and that's usually seen as eccentric, unless you are young, worth gabillions, and certain people are dying for you to take a face plant.   Don't get me wrong...I'm definitely not playing for Team Zuckerberg.  I just found the whole thing dumb.  Unnecessary on both parts.  A typical clash of male egos.  Barf.


H M D !!

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there and I don't just mean all the women who have physically given birth or women/men who have adopted children.  I'm also including all the women/men who are mothers to their animal children.  That counts, too, in my book.  Mothering comes in all shapes and sizes and is not a one size fits all job.  I'm with Hillary because I DO believe it take a village.  Here's to all who give from the heart to any kind of "smalls". 

And to all the animal mothers:

  Happy Mother's Day  !!!!!!!                                         

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

I went by this morning to see mom and other than her hair looking terrible, she was bathed, dressed and watching the show on TV where brides come to choose their dresses.  Mom had me rolling at one point when she kept saying over and over "she's just too FAT".  Fat, fat, fat was the buzzword for at least 15 minutes and it wasn't even the bride--it was her mom

While I tried to make some sort of order out of the bird's nest of mom's hair--she had so much setting junk in it, it was all crispy--she narrated about the show.  Most of it was gibberish but sometimes she'd say something hilarious and then she'd laugh when I did.  Since she was almost out of perfume, this morning I decided to give her my bottle of Kate Spade--the original one--not the new one.  She and I became Kate Spade hoarders after they stopped making the original because neither of us liked the new one and were just pissed when they quit making it.   The first thing I did was show it to her when I got there, and then I gave her a pouf or two of it.  She immediately recognized the smell because her face lit up, and when she couldn't remember the name, I told her.  After that, she kept saying Kate Spade, Kate Spade, with a big old smile. 

I went back after lunch to take her some Mother's Day flowers and she was sound asleep.  I went down the hall to the nurses station to check in with them, and they mentioned she was exhausted after lunch, and that's exactly how she looked in her sleep--wiped out.  That's when the sads hit me.  I never know when I'm going to get ambushed by them and I guess the realization that this is most likely my last Mother's Day with mom, certainly prodded that feeling to surface.  Then I realized how much I love the staff over there and how much they have become a part of my everyday life.  I will actually miss them when mom is gone.  I know that sounds weird but it's really the truth.

Before I left, I went upstairs to get a cup of coffee since I needed a little java jolt.  I stopped to tell some of the caregivers at the desk Happy Mother's Day, and how much I missed being able to come upstairs to the Assisted Living dining room to have lunch with mom.  I told them it just makes me too sad to eat with her on Memory Care, and they totally got it.  They immediately started telling me about how mom always tells them she "wants out of this damn wheelchair" when she comes upstairs to get her hair done, and they all laugh with her.  I could tell they weren't making it up because mom says that all the time.

  I didn't realize they even knew who my mom was or that she was my mother.  It made me teary to know she has friends all over who will look after her, and play with her.  Those people are amazing and I am so grateful for them.

Happy Mother's Day to all.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pizza School

Since nothing sounded good for dinner yesterday, I decided to make us pizza and use my new pizza stone that Benji and Andrea gave me for Christmas.  My friend Jodi makes pizza that is to die for an every bit as good as a restaurant.  In fact, if you placed hers and theirs side by side, you could not tell which was which--but that's not the impressive part.  What really blew me was how she handles a pizza peel--the long handled pizza paddle--like a pro.  It doesn't look like it's that hard but let me just say in a 500 degree oven, everything becomes hard.  At least for the novice like me.
She and I had a pizza de-briefing this morning, and I'm going to get a lesson in dough (her recipe is from a chef, thank you very much) and he's taught her a few techniques that's she's going to pass on to me.  Or try to, anyway.  Like how to get your pizza off the peel and onto a 500 degree stone and then back off.  Yeah, that.   One edge of my first pizza stuck and I do mean stuck.  Lots of cussing later, I finally got it off.  My second pizza did lots better and came right out.  Neither one looked very pretty but they sure tasted good.  Jodi's look and taste good--so that's what I'm shooting for.  Knowing the two of us together, there is likely to be lots of laughing going on when we do our pizza school.  She is hilariously fun, and a great cook, so I may just kidnap her.
On a big old whiny note, has anybody out there ever had a Baker's cyst (behind your knee) and how long before that sucker went away?  Mine's golf ball sized and hurts like the devil.  Yes, I can go get it excised or aspirated, but aspirated ones can come right back, and I don't really want to be cut on, so I'm trying to do the wait and see thing.  Meanwhile, Advil, Tylenol, and ice are my new best friends.  Wah, wah, wah.

Since I refuse to close on a Debbie Downer note, one of my favorite people in the world is here today, Senora Maria, and she brought with her mom's old mattress topper that I had her cut up into quarters and sew into 4 individual sections.  Why??  I know you wanna know so here's why: I'm recycling them as the bottom padding in Queen Sister's beds.  Shuddd up.  I am.  That thing was too good to just throw out so I decided this was a great use for it.   Now her old arthriticky self is going to lie on them and be ohhhhh, so comfy.  The minute I put one in her bed, she came over and hopped right in and snuggled down.  Being her must be so great.

P. S.  I just noticed Mr. and Mrs. Duck are back.  They must have just flown over because this is my first siting of them today.  They are so cool!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Who do you love?

I just saw on the internet that President Obama had come out in favor of same sex marriage.  This is his personal slant, but will leave it up to individual states to decide.  I'm sure this will blow some minds world wide but most especially in the uber conservative South, in the US.  Personally, I don't care who other people love or marry.  I don't figure it's any of my business.  No one came and gave me their opinion on who I married and I don't think it would have made a hill a beans if they had.  So why would I think my opinion matters one way or the other?  It doesn't, and I'll tell you why.  I can boil it down to one simple fact:  Love is love, and it's not up to any one of us to decide who can and who can't, love and be married, to the person of their choice.  That's God's business--not ours.

And, no, I don't believe every single word in the Bible and I don't think I'm supposed to.  I think the Bible can be interpreted to say anything a really manipulative person wants it to say and, yeah, to me that fits in the same category as lying or cheating.

I've been to churches where the minister was 100 % sure of what the Bible said, and then I went to another church and another pastor said it meant something else.  Which one is lying?  Which one is wrong?  The truth of the matter is, none of us really know for a fact what the Bible is saying--we're all just guessing-- and putting our own spin on it to fit our own moral code.  Who am I to say what's wrong or right, for someone else?  

I guess I just want to give people the freedom to be who God created them to be, and if that means they love someone of the same sex, fine by me.  That's just how I see it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome, Robin!!!

I'm really excited to welcome an old friend and the mother of one of Benji's best pals.  Welcome, Robin!!  So glad to have you aboard.  I adore your son and his wife.  So glad to have you here.

Sprinklers and frogs

It is a big day on our block, at least it is for my next door neighbor, Mary.  At 82, she is getting her very first sprinkler system, mandated by her youngest son.  Can I get an amen on that, please?  When she had to go into the hospital last summer unexpectedly, her son and I dragged all the hoses and twirly sprinklers for 6 weeks, in August, and I nearly died.  She had this elaborate set up with timers, switches, and levers, and no instructions.  I never did quite figure it all out but let's just say I got the yard wet.

  Since her son lives in Plano, he did it on weekends, and with three kids and their baseball schedules, he struggled as much as I did.  He finally told me to just "not worry about it and let it all burn up" but I knew Mary would KILL me if I did.  With the drought, I knew I could at least throw that card, but I just could not let her yard burn to a cinder.  She loves her roses too much, and her dead husband planted each and every one of them.  She says she talks to him through his roses, as she snips and dead heads them, so now you see why I had to drag those damn hoses.  It was her link to him.  When she left for Virginia for 6 weeks last Fall, she wanted me to do it again, and I told her no.  Thank the good Lord I have learned to say no, and for sprinklers.  She's going to love hers.  I am, too.

Now on another yard related topic, look what Hudson found at school.  He's growing so fast I almost cannot believe he will be a first grader in the Fall and look at the pride on his face for catching that frog.  He's getting that string bean look that all little boys go through and I know with summer, lots of sun and great food, he's going to shoot up even more.  Kids always grow the most during the summer.  What a delight it is to watch "the smalls" grow up!
   P.S.  Mr and Mrs Duck are out front again drinking out of the puddles at the curb.  Bleh.                      

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's the Circle of Life

One cup of coffee down, another to go, and I'm still not perking up.  It was an action packed weekend so that's probably why.  Unexpectedly, we got a break and shot to the head of the roofer's schedule, and were able to get a new roof on the big house at the farm.  Friday night right after they left for the day, we had a wind storm with 60 mph winds and though they weren't finished, the roof never even hiccuped.  I swear, I think we must have had the nicest roofers ever.  They worked like maniacs and never took a break until lunch, and then a brief siesta.  (They even turned off their Latino music for fear it would disturb us.)  Then right back to work.  They were even nice to Sis.  Old Sis truffled around and found one guy's Ritz crackers and was on her way to tearing into a sleeve of them, when I caught her.  She came back later and tried again, after the crackers had been moved up higher.  She's lucky she's not the filling in a burrito somewhere.
While the roofers worked, Fred washed the big house's windows, before putting on the repaired screens and I did my walk.  Then we both headed down to the little house to trim up the scraggly growth around the little house.  Once that was done, we checked out the caretaker's house and found that a tree in his backyard had split in half, and was lying in the yard, along with another tree that had lost a huge branch in the wind storm of the night before.  Now all we need to do is rent some chain saws from Home Depot and we'll have firewood forever.  Fred also found a beehive in the trunk of a tree somewhere but I've forgotten where.

I think my favorite part of the weekend, other than watching the roof go on, was sitting on the screened porch in a rocking chair, and seeing one of the horses--I think it was 42--walk leisurely into the tank, clomping each hoof in the water, splashing heavily.  He went in up to his belly and then swished the water around, shook, swished some more, and then drank.  This is the same horse that's been spotted going in completely, submerging himself and flipping over on his back, underwater, with his legs sticking out.  Brian saw him do it and couldn't believe it.  This horse is a character and clearly the alpha horse.  The other two--Leo and whatever his name is--are much more hesitant and just posse members.  They are just not quite as out there as 42.  He's the apple and carrot hog, too.

The baby birds in the nest on the porch are hatched--all 5 of them--and should be fliers soon.  I'm ready since they are hanging their tails off the nest, and pooping on the concrete below.   Nothing that the hose can't fix.  When they take off, down will come the nest, but they seem to come back each year to that same exact spot and build another nest.  Cue the Lion King music "...It's the circle of life"....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Splain' it to me, please

This morning I ran by to see mom and hopefully run into her Hospice caregiver so I could meet her.  Nope.  She was l-o-n-g gone.  Mom was already bathed and spit shiny clean,dressed, and watching The View.  Since two of the cast of the Avengers were some of today's guests, they showed a clip from the movie.  Snore. 
 All mom could tell me was "bad" and "mean" and the rest was a little too out there for me to grasp.  What I think she was trying to tell me was that this was just NOT her kind of movie with all the blow up pyrotechnics and fighting, and I am right there with ya, mom.  No way I'm wasting my money on that nonsense.
 I got her brush and fixed her hair for her and it looked right cute, that is until she grabbed the front of it.  I thinking it's involuntary and she doesn't realize she's doing it, so I resisted the urge to repair my hair creation.  Yep, I know when to fold 'um these daysI spritzed her with a small pouf of perfume and she was ready to roll down the hall, to whatever activity was on today's agenda.  I know not what.

Now, what I really want to talk about today is DIVORCE and specifically later in life.  It seems it's become epidemic these days and I'm wondering why.  It seems like most of the hard part of raising kids and shoving them out into the world is over, so shouldn't now be sort of the fun part?  Anticipating grand kids, empty nesting, and just generally having fun with travel and other projects seems like a heck of a deal, from all those childhood barf bugs, infernally hot, mandatory attendance baseball games, and every parent meeting under the sun.  What gives?  Did I miss something?

Are all of the about to be comb-over kings desperate to trade up, before it's too late??  Was 25-35 years just too much wedded bliss and if so, why didn't they bail before now?  I'm not getting it.  Maybe it's that now that the kids are finally gone, there's nothing left to distract you from or buffer the fact, that maybe you don't even like that person anymore. Or, maybe you never really did, and waited until the kids were all gone before dropping that marital hydrogen bomb.  I. don't.  know. 

Before I close, I will just say this:  I don't want another husband.  I like the one I have.  It's taken me this long to train him, and I'm not doing that again.  I'd rather get a puppy. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Detachment.  Egads what a concept.  Allowing other people to be who they are, whether I like it or not, whether it suits me, whether they are acting in a way I think they should, or if their behavior is even a very good idea.  It doesn't matter.  My job is to back off and give then the dignity to be who they are and learn what they need to know.  It's not my business to tell someone else how to do their life, what they should do, etc. My job is to mind my own business.  

So many of us think we are doing someone a favor by stepping in, unasked, and giving them the benefit of our wisdom.  Did you ever listen when this was done to you?  Of course not.  Are they listening to you when you do it now??  Same answer.  Of course not.

 Did you like it when people tried to run your life?  Hell no.  So why do we all keep doing it?  We do it because we want to avoid the pain we'll have to feel, watching someone else get hurt.  Pretty selfish, isn't it?   It's not about the pain they'll feel--it's about us not wanting to have to hurt.  We're saying please don't do that because I won't be OK if you do. 

  Today I know I can't prevent anything.  Some people think they can, but they can't.  They just aren't that powerful.  If you really think you are, here's a little test for you:  Did you make the sun come up this morning?  Can you make it rain? either.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Ducks to Chihuly

Look who paid us a visit yesterday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Duck.  They were resting in our yard as I pulled in the driveway from running errands.  They were a little skittish of paparazzi but I did my best to get as close as I could, since I don't exactly know where the zoom is on my new phone--I'm still learning.   They are the two specks with the dark heads, to the right of our closest tree.
I think this is our third pair to visit in the last few years and I think they pick our yard because of the shade.  I guess even ducks get hot in the sun.  With all the cats and dogs in our neighborhood, I'm hoping they haven't laid eggs nearby.  That could have a real sad ending.

As I'm sitting here, I'm wondering if birds ever get hoarse?  There is a cardinal nearby that's been singing for over an hour and a half, practically non-stop.  It's the same one, I'm pretty sure, and now I'm wondering if they ever get laryngitis?  How would we know,  right?  Another one of life's little quandaries.

From the pictures I've seen, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum.  I saw this morning that it opens this Saturday and runs through November 5th.  I'm either going soon or in October, when Dallas cools off.   Going in the evening might be the most fun, to see them all lit up.  While this one looks a tad "funeral" to me, I'm sure in person, and in the context of the garden, it must look different (?)  It also reminds me of  the balloon guys who blow up all of the long balloons and them twist them to make animals out of them.  Probably NOT what Chihuly was going for but you think so, too, now, don't you?   
 P. S.  That bird is still singing.