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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zostavax...where for art thou?


Major can of worms.  I am simply trying to get the Shingles vaccine and I think it would be easier to fly to Washington to the White House and get one from President Obama himself.  Yes, Tom Thumb has it BUT my insurance, in order to cover this $200+ injection, requires me to go to my physician's office to get it.  Thank you, Blue Cross.  Just called my OB/gyn and was told I have to go to my internist.  Hello, punt, pass, and kick.

And therein lies the rub.  I don't have one and I don't WANT one.  I need another MD in my life like I need another rotten spoiled dog.  Bruce has teased me for years that I have a specialist for every part of my body.....and I sort of do, or have had in the past, and I'm just not feeling it to add another one.  Yes, I could consolidate services, but I love my OB/gyn and am not ready to do that.  (Yet). 

So, now I have to go pick an internist, just for the damn shingles vaccine, have another physical, get established as a new patient, and all that just seems a little much for a damn shot.  Since I see an endocrinologist every six months for my thyroid and my OB/gyn yearly, this feels a whole lot REDUNDANT.  For now, I figure if I want the vaccine that bad, I'll just go throw down for it in cash.  (The typical part is, if I don't get the vaccine, I'll probably NEVER get the Shingles anyway.)   That's just how my life is. 

Preventative health care?  Sounds good in theory and on's just lots more difficult to obtain than it should be. 

I'm just back inside from a quick visit with Laura, Claire, and baby John next door.  I heard them on the driveway and ran out for quick hugs.  It was getting cold(er) so we didn't last long outside.  Since Claire runs to me for a hug, baby John is now doing it as well, so I am doubly good for nothing where they are concerned.  They hug me--I melt--x 2.  Ahhh....neighbors.  Just LOVE them!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Her guy

Sis is all excited.  Her favorite person, her main squeeze, is having another birthday dinner tonight, and she's invited.  She can hardly stand herself.  Never mind she's napping covered with a fleece blanket right now.  She's saving her energy.   That girl already knows what tonight means.  It means tonight she'll score not one but two steak bones, he'll give her bites off his plate, AND she'll have him all to herself all evening. Game, Sis.

It also means she'll bark at him and expect him to follow her when she's ready to go for her walk or put on her red flashing collar after dark so she can go alleying.  Ditto when she decides she's ready for him to tuck her in, at her determined bedtime.  He's hers--all her's--all night.  And that's how she likes it.

Honestly, I don't think we've ever had a smarter dog and I know for a fact we've had some real numskulls.  Our cocker spaniel, Molly, was either the most willful or THE dumbest dog (or both) to ever hit the planet Earth.  Wiggles was fairly bright but he was no rocket scientist that's for sure.  At least not next to Sis. 

Gosh, it's fun to watch a man and his dog, and their mutual love affair. 

Monday, January 27, 2014


Fear and Control.  I believe they are underneath every single issue we have going on in this world today.  Fear lurks beneath the surface for all of us whether we are in touch with it or not, and the people who are least in touch with their feelings will ASSURE YOU THEY AREN'T SCARED.  Honey, they are.  They just can't feel their feelings, they are so shut down. 

And then you watch their behavior choices.  Every move they make gives them away.  Over and over they do the same things.  They HAVE to CONTROL or deal with their FEAR.  And since FEAR feels awful, we all choose to CONTROL instead.  It's the nature of the beast. Until you know better you can't do better and if you can't do better, you're stuck.  Stuck in the FEAR and CONTROL cycle. 

If you are a controller, it's a miserable place to be and makes life a living hell for you and the people around you.  No one wants to be controlled.  Ask you enjoy someone trying to control you?  If not, why not?  If it doesn't feel good, then why are you doing it to someone else?  Answer:  Because you can't help it, without help.

 I sincerely believe we'd all stop it if we could, but if you aren't "awake" enough to know what you are doing, or worse, don't care or don't want to stop, just know this.  Control pushes people away from you.  Permanently.  You are going to lose loving, caring relationships because of FEAR that's not been dealt with.  And the worst news of all is this:  Other people can see it.  You aren't fooling anybody.  They can see how desperately unhappy you are even if you think they can't.  You're telling on yourself and you think no one knows.  Oh, they know all right.
And so do you.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last night was Bruce's celebratory birthday dinner since his birthday is Tuesday.  In our family, the birthday person gets to pick where they want to go and/or the type of food.  Now you are up to speed.  Where did my amour choose?  None other than an Ethiopian restaurant way down Greenville by LBJ.

Not being totally sure what Ethiopian food was or if I'd had it before, I did my homework before going.  I'm glad I did.  The servers were totally willing to teach you and made it look so simple but I'm still glad I knew.

No sooner were we walked to our table than we realized we knew the people at the next table.  She is a superb cook and her son is a chef so I figured if they were there, we were in pretty good shape. 

Bruce had done some online research to figure out what their best entrees were and we each ordered one of the ones suggested.  Out they came and the bread, called injera, was the weirdest looking rolled up grayish spongy stuff you've ever seen.  It was on a tray like in First Class when they hand you the warm, damp washcloths, only this was fermented bread. 

 As our waitress dumped out Bruce's Doro Wat (chicken) I noticed two large lumps.  One lump was a chicken drumstick and the other was a hard boiled egg in what tasted like a mild curry sauce.  Over that she sprinkled some cheese.

Mine was lamb Tibis with sauteed vegetables and sort of a salad served along with it.  With mine came two sauces-- a not so flavorful reddish one and a wasabi that could put the hurt on you if you weren't careful. 

To eat, you'd tear off some of the bread (right hand only) scoop up what you wanted, fold it with your fingers and tuck it neatly in your mouth.  The key word here is neatly-- and I ended up with a little bit on my shirt but oh, well.  You do not use your left hand because in Ethiopia, that hand is considered "unclean".  (Figure it out.)   Yes, you could ask for silverware, but c'mon we're in Ethiopa, remember, so let's go ethnic.  At the end, you got a little wet nap (like at Bubba's) to wipe your hand. 

All in all, it was good but not stellar.  I'd still rather go Indian or Greek, but this was a fun adventure. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grow up

It's time for me to STOP reading the DMN and Internet.  Again.  I wish there was a paper and an online news outlet that required intelligence in an article or subject, prior to posting.  Between Justin Bieber's drugs, alcohol, and egging antics and the ongoing recent shock jock comments about women, I'm wondering what's going on in this world. 
Justin is acting just like any fool young guy would, who has too much money at his disposal and no male parental figure (male) to jerk his leash.   Yes, he is chronologically an adult but that's BS for anyone who has ever had male kids.  His brain is chronologically about 12.  

Without a male figure to help, I simply wish Momma Bieber would have tied up all Justin's money way back when, put him on an allowance, and put all his stuff in a trust (somehow.....I'm not an attorney) until he's at least thirty five--bare minimum--to give his brain a fighting chance to mature and catch up with his body.   Guys brains DO NOT mature for a good while (years) and that's a scientific fact.  And given some of the male comments about women and gays lately (even just for publicity purposes) I'm thinking some guys brains NEVER DO MATURE.  I think their brains get crushed by their ever growing and expanding EGOS. 

I'm talking to you, Rush, Greg, Vladamir, and Mike, and those are just the guys I'm calling out today.  GROW UP. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today chatting with a friend, she shared with me that the guy her daughter is engaged to marry in a month is....let's just say... not a keeper.  Nice guy.  He just has some big issues and she's afraid to say something to her daughter and she's afraid NOT to say something to her daughter.  Basically, she just wants her daughter to know (remember) she has options--even now--a month from the wedding.  It reminded me of what my dad said to me right before he walked me down the aisle to marry Bruce.

As we stood in the doorway of the aisle, Dad looked me straight in the eye and asked me "Do you know any of these people?" to which I died laughing and said "Well...the only one I can see that I know is Willie". (our black yardman of 40+ years seated right behind mom).  Then my dad said "Do you want to do this, because if not, I'll hitch up your dress and we'll run, and leave your mom here to explain".  I know....sweetest thing ever and I have no doubt that if I'd said "RUN!", he would have.

I assured my dad I DID want to do this, so down the aisle we went.  But....I've never forgotten it. 
Options.  You've always got 'um.  Sometimes you just need to be reminded that you have them.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Sochi and Shrimp

I want to go on record as saying it up front:  I'm worried about the Olympics in Sochi.  Yes, I saw today where terrorists are threatening to do something, but that's not surprising.  It's the arrogance of Putin and his minions, and their belief that they have it all under control that worries the daylights out of me.  I know....I'm a worrier.... and the thought of our athletes, TV film crews, and loads of US citizens over there getting hurt-- that's what really worries me.  I've been there and though it was a log time ago, I'm not seeing a great improvement in that country at all.  OK....I'm done.  Enough negative energy.

I woke up this morning thinking about French toast and plan on making Shrimp and Grits for dinner tonight.  Why?  I guess my brain is traveling, without my knowledge.  Maybe the French toast is from Scarletta being in Paris, and the shrimp and grits with marinara from Benji's enchiladas on base, with marinara.  Dunno but somehow that makes perfect sense to me. I've been dying to make the shrimp and grits for ages, after having them at Hattie's ages ago and since today is MLK Day, I think we'll honor him that way.  He was a southern man so I bet he'd LOVE 'um.
   OK....maybe we'll have them for lunch.   And I'm going to do cheese grits....oh, Lord....                                                                          

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Djbouti, Africa


See...I told ya you wouldn't believe me.  They (Scarletta) should be taking off shortly headed for Paris, a layover, another flight across the pond to the US, and a last flight home to Nash.  I know....I'm jet lagged just thinking about it.  Knowing them, they'll be way tired but so glad to be home they'll be hysterical.  Nothing better than a hot shower, good food, and your very own bed at your very own home.  Ahhhh.

When I have to travel that far for that long, I fall apart and collapse into the silly giggles and if someone doesn't monitor my insanity for me and remind/make me EAT (because I'm so damn tired I'm not even hungry), I really frizzle out.  At least there are five of them so they can look after each other.  Plane just lifted off so they are on their way. Welcome home!'s never dull around here

I was laughing at myself this morning because I'm now in a big rush for Spring.  I have the hardest time just enjoying where I am without jetting ahead to the next season.  I think it's because I'm an anticipator.  I enjoy whatever is coming next and forget to enjoy what currently IS.  I like the planning, the planting, the flowers, nature bursting forth--the whole shebang--and it's not just for Spring.  I realized I do this for every season.  The good news?  I think I just enjoy life.  All of it.  It could sure be worse. 

To say this has been a wild weekend is an understatement.  We went to eat Greek food at a place we'd never been to over in the Bishop Arts District Friday night, and proceeded to get our car towed.  No, we never saw the dinky sign posted (that was also hanging at an angel about to fall off) so after dinner, we returned to our parking space full of air.  A quick call to our go-to guy, Brian, (as he laughed his head off) and we were off to the car tow pound over by the strip clubs off  Northwest Hwy, to retrieve Bruce's car.

 In the event you've never had this lovely experience, let me just prepare you its an all cash deal--no credit cards so you can't challenge the charge with your credit card company--debit cards can be used at some places.  You can't see the person you are talking to, you can just hear them, and it's like being in a bunker.  Brian was about to go in with his dad when I told him "No dice.  We're staying right here".  Shortly, another car drove up, out hopped a couple, and the EXACT same thing had just happened to them, right down to the same parking lot, so I didn't feel quite as bad.  What a racket.  Well.....dinner was good anyway. 

Our heater has decided to run basically when it wants to, despite a visit from the fix it man Friday. Sometimes it works and sometimes you hear it click, and then it won't run.  We're still warm (most of the time) and thank heavens it's not 19 degrees outside.  I think our ancient heater is about to take a permanent dirt nap and we'll know more Monday.  Happy Birthday, just got a new heater.

I'll post more later today after Scarletta takes off for home and give you all the skinny.  Laughing with Benji yesterday and squeezing Sis into the picture as we face timed was hilarious.  She got all weird when she heard his voice, but couldn't really see him in the room.  She does love her some Benji.

Happy Sunday and bring on Downton Abbey!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday (that never got posted)

Night before last we had an intruder.  I thought I heard something, but until I checked I wasn't positive.  Yep, we did.  Sis.  Her dad left the doggie door open to puppy jail in the den, and she stealthily slunk down the hall, under the motion detector, and climbed into her dog bed in our room.  She would have gotten away with her crime completely, had one of her dog tags not given her away when she rolled over.  Sis, Sis, Sis.  You. IS. bad.                     

Her dad tried to get her to go back in the den, to no avail.  She followed him about three steps down the hall, turned tail and ran, jumping right back in her dog bed in our room, taunting him "you're gonna have to come get me".  He didn't, and I sure didn't, so her crime has gone unpunished (and I am secretly loving it).  As long as she doesn't wake us up, whining to get up in bed with us, or for us to get up, I don't care where she sleeps.  Her dog bed in our room is just fine.  If she's going to whine or make noise, or get up in the chair beside my side of the bed and bark at me, see ya, Sis.     

And now for my boots.  Yep, they came, I opened them, and I have them on.... BUT....I think they are too tight.  I know...I can't believe it either.  I'm wearing them around on the carpet to see if maybe they'll give some but so far, not so much.  In fact, right across my instep is going a little bit numb.  So, maybe you aren't supposed to wear socks????  These are made in Canada.  I'm thinking you wear socks.
Soooo, maybe I just need to put these damn boots back in the box (for the third and last time) and mail them back.  Enough already.  Socks.  No socks.  These are just not a go. (head bang, head bang, head bang)

Before I close, here's the Joy Report:  I was over yesterday afternoon playing with Claire (3 yr. old) and Baby John (1 yr. old) and gabbing with their mom, Laura.  Laura had texted me that she hadn't seen me this week and wanted to be sure I didn't have the flu.  Over I went to play, and playing with those two is just the highlight of my day.  Claire came running to me as I rounded the driveway and there is nothing on the planet that can match that feeling for me.  We hugged, we played, she "welcomed me" ( she bowed) into her play house, as I ran back and forth trying to keep Baby John from eating Nandina berries and rocks, while his mom was on her phone.  Baby John is still in that boy "hunk of love" phase all little boys go through when they toddle around and put everything in their mouths.  Blond hair, big blue eyes....I could eat him!

BEST neighbors EVER!! (said like Honey Boo Boo)

Thursday, January 16, 2014


This morning I'm feeling a little bit like Goldilocks.  I have now ordered the same boots twice from a catalog and despite in depth conversations with their customer service people, have been unable to get the correct size.  First, too small.  Now, too big.  Euro sizing?  Piece of cake, unless your sizing chart does not match the boots.  My third (and last pair) should arrive tomorrow and after this, I'm done.  If these don't work, well, I gave it a shot. When I told the gal yesterday I felt like Goldilocks, she laughed so hard she upgraded my shipping to 2 day air.  Being nice doesn't cost any more, makes things easier, and if you make them LOL, it could work in your favor.  Just sayin'. 
 I am delighted-- and am hoping this is THE END of Goldilocks and the Three Pairs of Boots. 

I was visiting with someone this morning and she said something that on the surface is a total no brainer, but in visiting about it further, we went a lot deeper.  It was a comment from an aunt who once said to her in passing "There's more than one right way to do something ".  My friend said she will never forget her aunt saying this and the attached feelings that went with it--those of acceptance, kindness, tolerance, open mindedness, and compassion.  On examining it further, we both looked at our own behavior and tried to see if we practice what we preach.  Despite our lip service, do we really believe there's more than one right way to do something, or is the real truth the exact opposite?  Do we really think (way down deep) that not only is our way the best way, but that it's the only way--the only RIGHT way? 

Short and sweet, the answer is, sometimes.  Sometimes we both drink our own Kool Aid.  We decided this is definitely something we want to focus on to improve within ourselves.

If you're not really honest with yourself, you miss the opportunity to grow and if you aren't aware of something, you can't improve on it.  Awareness, consistency, and congruency.  I like that.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baharain, baby

We're moving on in the Geography Bee so see ya, Baharain.  Yep.  That was stop number one and in a little bit, Scarletta will be heading out to I can't tell ya, remember?  Here are some pic's that I just got the OK to post.  Geeee...what did we ever do without the ability to text?
Tree of Life and Mr. Drama
Baharain buds
The NRA's new poster girl
 Nathan and his new GF.

Today they've been to King's camel farm, to see a Belly dancer (with $15 beer price...hello, tourist), and to visit a mosque, where Emilee had to wear a full body burka.  Doesn't see look thrilled?
I'm thinking the cane was a nice touch.  Tres' chic.
More to come.  I need pic's of Heath!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Face Timing

I just got off my cell a little while ago after Face Timing with Benji in I'm not supposed to tell you where.  It took us a time or two because he was outside and had to go back in for a better Wi-Fi signal.  He said it's been fun so far and they recently got a Patriot missile tour and to see one up close and personal.  Deep breath....I did not need to know that... but fine....OK.  (That little hint should give you a basic idea of where they are.  Yeah, baby.)  When he went back inside for a better signal, it was to the giant recreation area for everyone on base to hang out, play pool, etc.  As he showed me around on his phone, I could see guys in the background and hear them laughing and talking.  Mind blower.

He says their accommodations are lovely--think 4 **** hotel.  In a little while they were headed out to play another show and no doubt do a post show meet and greet.  He showed me posters of Scarletta that the Navy entertainment people had posted around base and I got to see the band shell where they are probably playing right now.  They head off tomorrow night to their next post and word on the street is this next stop will not be quite as cushy.  Benji and I were laughing about how it will be like the portable classroom buildings at Hyer. could be soooo much worse and he knows it's not about them or their comfort--this is about giving back to our service men and women.

 I did have to laugh when he told me about their recent "enchiladas" at Taco Tuesday on base.  Apparently they were covered with Marinara, on top.  For a guy from Texas raised on Tex-Mex, I'd have paid good money to see the look on his face after biting into that.  Ranks right up there with Chil-getti.  He said otherwise, the food on base is really good.  He's even eaten meatloaf which he would NOT TOUCH as a little kid.  I guess if it's free and you're hungry, you'll eat it!

Hope to be able to post pictures soon.  More to come.

Monday, January 13, 2014


After last night's stunner on DA, I have to tell you I had a hard time sleeping.  Way down deep, that hooked me in a big way.  Being a woman (especially back then) is tough enough without that.  I did think the way they filmed it was brilliant though I think that's what further inflamed my helpless feeling for Anna.  I kept hoping someone would come back downstairs (and chop that guy up for dinner.) 

Yes, it's a TV drama (soap) but given how women were treated back then and certainly someone below the stairs so to speak, I'm not thinking Anna will be able to press charges or have any recourse.  According to what I heard Joanne Froggatt, Anna's character say in an interview, back then it would have brought shame upon the house and personal (reputation) ruin to Anna and Bates for a rape to be reported.  Puhhhhhlease. 

 It's tough enough to press charges today for a rape so I can't imagine even attempting it back then.  The old "she wanted it...she came on to me..." BS is still very much alive and well today.  Personally, I hope Anna tracks him down and shoots his pecker off.  I would.

I'm tempted to google ahead and find out what happens during the rest of the season but then that's no good either.  Color me horrified. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Never a dull moment

I was alllmost about to wake up this morning when a text came in.  Swoosh sound.  Yep, it was from none other than the world traveler half way around the globe.  They're there, they downed late night cheeseburgers post arrival, and more importantly showered and slept.  I have their itinerary-- but it's the behind the scenes stories that are the most fun --for me anyway.   Like this kind of stuff below.  Emillee forgot her cane to tour the base (in her walking cast) so Heath found her some wheels. worked didn't it?

Happy Sunday to all and set your DVR for Downton Abbey tonight!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

And..... they're Off!

Perfect morning.  Coffee and the Pioneer Woman on TV.  Sis in her chair and the bug man just left.  The sun is out and I can't wait to get outside and just bugger around.  My fern is on vacay (out of the garage where she winters) and she thinks she might just be in New Orleans.  She is that happy.  By now I've usually killed my fern, by either forgetting and leaving her outside when it's too cold or just ignoring her.  Not this one.  She's just too big and fluffy to forget or ignore and I'm committed to seeing if I can keep her alive for Spring time on the front porch.  So far, so good but it's early.  I have to be realistic here.  There's still plenty of time for an epic fail.

For those not in the know, Scarletta, and more importantly my baby boy are en route to the other side of the world on their annual Navy Tour.  Let's hope getting there is easier than trying to get out of the US.  Between delays leaving Nashville (2 hours) and another delay (25 min) on the tarmac in Washington while the ground crew hunted up their orange flashlights to guide the plane in, I feel sure this is just the beginning of bizarre stories to come.  One of Scarletta's FB friends posted they had recently been delayed on the tarmac because the gate crew had just gone on break.   A plane full of people sits and waits for a couple of people who have just gone on break. just can't make this stuff up. 

My cell rang last night right as they were boarding with Benji telling me they were experiencing yet another delay.  Not sure what that was all about but since I didn't get a follow up call, they must have gotten off OK.
Air travel.  What a whippin'.  They won't arrive at their final destination until this afternoon (our time) so after traveling for well over the 24 hour mark and then some, they are going to feel like some kind of wreckage when they finally arrive. 

Since I never won a Geography bee, I had to google to see where exactly they are going and honey, let me just say whaaaat?  You're going where???  Me?  I'm happy to be an armchair groupie on this one. 
I'm thinking the one clowning in the background isn't quite so perky right about now.  The good news: some sleep and he'll bounce right back.  They all will.

P.S.  Emillee is OK. Her cast is off but she's wearing a walking cast.  With her in a wheelchair, they get to butt to the front of every line (or not even wait in one) and preboard.  Something tells me we may be seeing a lot of that cast in future airline trips. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


Here's what I'm thinking.  I'm thinking that since my two gardenia bushes are on life support anyway, why not get the clippers and give them a big old haircut?  Those two started off lovely but took a nose dive during the repeated Dallas droughts and blistering summers, so I'm thinking I don't have a lot at risk here.  They've got a 50-50 chance no matter how you slice it and their luck does not appear to be improving.'s settled then.  I'm gonna get the clippers and play makeover with those two.  The big reveal can't be any worse than what they look like now all straggly and pitiful.  Done deal.  Glad we got that settled.  Just need to grab my gloves.

I'm ready to plant another climbing rose bush on the other side of my little outside eating area but I want one that is fragrant.  I'm all about smells (good ones) and I think planting another one on the other side just might get enough sun to really bloom.  The scent, though, I may need to research.  I don't know if a lot of climbers have much of a scent and let's be real here.  I want to SMELL it.  My neighbor says she'll take me to the wholesale nursery where she does her landscape plant shopping for her business so that will be fun. Maybe I just need to ask HER what climber to plant. 

Here are a few I found that not only smell great but are hardy and can handle a little shade, too.
I already have a yellow one and they have zip smell.  Boo on that.  Your vote?

Thursday, January 9, 2014


It's a Wuthering Heights kind of day.  We should all be in our wellies and out walking on the moors.  Sis would absolutely hate that but a Lab would be in heaven.  And speaking of Sis, I was thinking just last night how smart she is vs Wiggles.  No offense to the elderly departed gentleman but she is a Mensa scholar next to him.

Sis talks--and he never really did.  She can show you what she wants and he just sat there like you were supposed to figure it out.  Not Sis.  Oh, no.  She will ask you to follow her (with her body language) and then she shows you what she needs.  Bruce doesn't really get her or probably more accurately, doesn't give a hoot-- and just ignores her.  So, she has developed a habit of roping me in to TELL him what she wants him to do and of course, I help her.  I can't not do it....we are gal pals and to not assist her would just be wrong.

Never mind she is like a Timex watch.  She wants to do the exact same things every day right around the same time.  If you know her or her "schedule", then you pretty much know the usual stuff she wants.  But it's the unusual that just slays me.  When she's really bored and the weather is bad, if I'm leaving, she'll go to the door and look back at me.  Oh, crap.  I know what's coming.  She wants me to take her for a ride.  The second I open the driveway door, out she shoots to the garage, dancing on her hind legs to get into my car (so of course I let her).  We drive around a block or two with the window down, me freezing, and her upper body hanging out.  Luckily, that never lasts too long.

When she wants a chew bone, she's already heard the rattling of the package that sounds like the bag of chew bones, and will walk into the pantry to try to show you where they are, if you play dumb.  Don't do's just mean... and some old gals don't need to be tortured (unless they deserve it).  

If you want Sis to do something she doesn't want to do, get ready.  When you tell her what to do, she is going to look away from you with  disgusted dog body language like she is secretly cussing you under her breath.  Don't fluff up her bed and then hold up the covers for her to get in.  LORD, no.  It has to be her idea.  She wants to get in her way, snooting up all the blankets as she goes.  SHE wants to bury herself.  Not you.
 Go figure.  Some girls are just choicey like that.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This and that

By the time I finished making all the spaghetti yesterday, I had enough for Afghanistan.  No worries.  I popped some in the freezer, called Brian to come eat and take some home, and ran some next door to Mary.   She wasn't there but I knew she'd be back before dark so I booby trapped her door so she would see it, and not step in or on it.  She has a tiny little outside side table that's green, so I scooted it over and put the container on top of that.  Bingo.  In less than thirty minutes my phone was ringing thanking me for her dinner.

When you live alone like she does, there's no way you are going to go to the trouble (or volume) of making spaghetti, a roast, etc.  It will out live you, so I take her stuff from time to time.  Usually when I go over I take Sis with me but she wasn't about to go yesterday.  Too cold.  So, the Food Ambassador stayed home in her chair, toasty and warm, and waited for me to come back.

I've checked on mom this week and the plateau she's been on is still in effect, so some days I have to remind myself this is just part of the disease process.  It's a really s-l-o-w go.  Think molasses in January left outside in the freezing cold.  With all the flu around town it's a miracle no one on her unit is ill.  Visitors are requested NOT to visit if they are ill but that's like saying please don't park here.  Somebody always does.

From what I have heard around town, the flu is taking people down by the handful.  If you didn't get a flu shot, you might want to reconsider that given that a lot of hospitals ICU's are on overflow right now.  I hear H1N1 (swine flu) is especially virulent but the other strains are no sissies either.  Ick.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


They are taunting me already.  Damn those Downton Abbey people.  They have posted a short teaser for this Sunday's show and I had to watch it.  It's not a big reveal but let's just say it whet my appetite for Sunday's show as was their intent.  Ohhhhh...the torture.

It shows Lady Mary and another character riding horses in the woods and that's where it really tripped my switch.  My adoration of horses and all things English goes back to my childhood.  I rode all through grade school and took jumping lessons for years, so when you see Lady Mary riding her horse, that's really me. I just live in the US.  I'm really English underneath.

With the sun shining gorgeously outside and the birds squawking to be fed, I'm thinking when I fix lunch, I'll feed them a little, too.  Not the squirrels, though.  I hate them.  They chew everything from my outside pillows to our fence.  If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it and the sound was disturbing.  I'm hoping that squirrel got a gum splinter.

Now on today's menu, I'm thinking spaghetti tonight for dinner.  Not just any old spaghetti...Mrs. Barnes spaghetti.  It has enough garlic in it to kill a person and is just perfect for a cold night.  It cooks for most of the day and I can read while it does it's thing.  Give me a pot and something to cook and I'm a happy camper.

I started a new book yesterday, Mud Season, that is already fun and sounds like just the laughs I'd enjoy on a cold, quiet January day.  I'll let you know what I think when I finish it. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Help me move on when it's time

Have you ever known it was time to move on, but didn't?  You knew you'd outgrown what was, but were afraid of moving on for fear of the unknown.  What if I don't like the "new whatever"?  You knew staying where you were was limiting you, but the choice was just too big.

Here's the good news:  Hold your nose and JUMP.  There will always be a net to catch you.  I forget this tiny little piece of information when I get scared and it's really not so tiny.  It's HUGE.  Sure there are times to jump that are a little better than others but when you know what you really want, down to your toes, jump.

I have a pattern of staying in jobs or situations that I have outgrown and no longer enjoy because of old tapes in my head that tell me "don't be a quitter", "you have responsibilities", etc.  All of those are true (or were back then) but they did not mean I had to continue in the same situation day after day.  No, ma'am.  Today I know to pull up my drawers, pause, ponder, pray, and jump.  I can move forward in freedom.  Freedom from lack or fear and straight into love and abundance.  A fresh start into a new year filled with promise, fun, laughter, friends, support of all kinds, creativity, and beauty.

Now, if I am rooted in a belief that whatever I jump for has to look a certain way, I need to give that up before I jump.  Nothing ever looks exactly like I picture it anyway but I can visualize what I'd like, and then see how close it gets. 

P. S.  Don't worry about sticking your landing.  That will be taken care of for you.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Season 4

It's no secret.  I'm laying my tea tray now and getting all set for tomorrow night's Downtown Abbey premiere of season 4.  It's clear O'Brien will not be back.  She was Lady Cora's scheming, meaner than a snake lady's maid that teamed up with Thomas, until they crossed swords.  I'm sad she left the show.  She's not pictured in any season 4 full cast photos so you know she's history.  Nothing was more fun that watching Thomas and O'Brien plot and scheme and try to out wit each other.  I feel sure Thomas can carry on his part with enough evil for them both but I will miss their drama.

I'm looking the most forward to watching Lady Edith burst forth and perhaps have an affair.  I believe the current time will be the roaring twenties so that should be really interesting to see.  Nothing like a little scandal to keep things interesting.  Mary's going to be a bit of a downer at first but she's too mean and self absorbed to stay down too long.  I thought that baby might have had a chance of having a somewhat loving mother until Matthew bought it.  That baby is just toast now.  It won't be long before he's shipped off to boarding school, poor kid.

Anywho, I'm ready and can't wait to see what Julian Fellowes has in store for us all.  Come sit by me and we'll cuss and discuss.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Is it just me or is anybody else out there wiped out tired?  By about this time every afternoon lately, I've needed a nap.  A big one.  I figure if Sis is having one maybe I should, too.  This afternoon I had planned to make my last batch of holiday favorite things that I never got around to making, but that idea may get shelved in favor of some shut eye.  My tail feathers are just draggin'. Ahhhhh.

I found this the other day where I'd written it in one of my books and thought it was a perfect idea to begin 2014.

Draw a circle around yourself and work on everyone in the circle.