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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday (that never got posted)

Night before last we had an intruder.  I thought I heard something, but until I checked I wasn't positive.  Yep, we did.  Sis.  Her dad left the doggie door open to puppy jail in the den, and she stealthily slunk down the hall, under the motion detector, and climbed into her dog bed in our room.  She would have gotten away with her crime completely, had one of her dog tags not given her away when she rolled over.  Sis, Sis, Sis.  You. IS. bad.                     

Her dad tried to get her to go back in the den, to no avail.  She followed him about three steps down the hall, turned tail and ran, jumping right back in her dog bed in our room, taunting him "you're gonna have to come get me".  He didn't, and I sure didn't, so her crime has gone unpunished (and I am secretly loving it).  As long as she doesn't wake us up, whining to get up in bed with us, or for us to get up, I don't care where she sleeps.  Her dog bed in our room is just fine.  If she's going to whine or make noise, or get up in the chair beside my side of the bed and bark at me, see ya, Sis.     

And now for my boots.  Yep, they came, I opened them, and I have them on.... BUT....I think they are too tight.  I know...I can't believe it either.  I'm wearing them around on the carpet to see if maybe they'll give some but so far, not so much.  In fact, right across my instep is going a little bit numb.  So, maybe you aren't supposed to wear socks????  These are made in Canada.  I'm thinking you wear socks.
Soooo, maybe I just need to put these damn boots back in the box (for the third and last time) and mail them back.  Enough already.  Socks.  No socks.  These are just not a go. (head bang, head bang, head bang)

Before I close, here's the Joy Report:  I was over yesterday afternoon playing with Claire (3 yr. old) and Baby John (1 yr. old) and gabbing with their mom, Laura.  Laura had texted me that she hadn't seen me this week and wanted to be sure I didn't have the flu.  Over I went to play, and playing with those two is just the highlight of my day.  Claire came running to me as I rounded the driveway and there is nothing on the planet that can match that feeling for me.  We hugged, we played, she "welcomed me" ( she bowed) into her play house, as I ran back and forth trying to keep Baby John from eating Nandina berries and rocks, while his mom was on her phone.  Baby John is still in that boy "hunk of love" phase all little boys go through when they toddle around and put everything in their mouths.  Blond hair, big blue eyes....I could eat him!

BEST neighbors EVER!! (said like Honey Boo Boo)

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