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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pic's to get you started--more later

This is not the walkway Andrea came up, but it gives you an idea of what the flavor of the Villa is.

Wedding terrace minus the candelabra I had not stolen yet.  It was placed to my right.  That's Cam and his adorable wife, Erin, Brian, and me.

We are outside at Il Riccio on a private terrace facing the ocean, and that's the fireworks the restaurant put on their chocolate wedding cake.  This does not do the wedding flowers justice--I'll try to find one that does.  They were  incredible.  Huge brandy snifter type footed bowl, with shells at the bottom, white creamy orchids and other flowers arranged where you couldn't see their stems--just the shells below.  Fabulous!
View from wedding terrace.  No kidding.  More pic's later.  My computer's about to's exhausted and so am I.

The Wedding, Part 1

I feel like I've been dragged behind an American Airlines 777 for two gabillion miles, but man, was it fun!!  Yesterday in London was sunny and gorgeous, even though we spent most of it at two different airports.  While I wait for Fred to download pic's of the wedding, I'll try to get right down to it, using my feeble memory as my guide. I could forget a single detail of it.  Not.  The morning of the wedding, we all went to the Blue Grotto which was a total blast.  Our boatman sang for us--I'm sure they all do.  Then we went back to eat lunch, and while the guys did whatever guys do, we all helped Andrea do her hair, etc. goes and I may have to break it down into parts.  When we arrived by cabs at Villa San Michelle, Benji, Brett, Brian, Cam and Erin, and me all were treated to a quick tour of Axel Munthe's home, though he never actually lived there--his SO, a Countess, did.  She was known for being quite the flashy dresser in Capri, and walked her pet leopard with a diamond collar, on a leash in town.  Sort of like Sis....not.  Anywho, the Villa is set way high above the entire city of Capri, in Anacapri, and overlooks EVERYWHERE.  Think an Italian version of the Arboretum, only schmancier, and you're close.  The tour ended with us in the spot where Erin, Andrea's bridesmaid, and then Andrea, would walk up a narrow walkway, with her daddy, that was a pergola, covered with grapevine, natural flowers, wood fern, and a million other fabulous plants.  Hydrangea bushes were everywhere and had flowers the size of a small basketballs, all over them.

Prior to the wedding, Benji is now down with the guys getting dressed so he can't see Andrea, and she rides  over to the ceremony with her mom, to get dressed, etc.  Erin and Aubrey are with her, also, doing girl stuff for the bride.  Also, let me interject here that American didn't get Erin's bag to her, so Erin, the solo bridesmaid, has run all over Capri, to find a white dress to wear as the only bridesmaid, the afternoon of the wedding.  To see her in the pic's, you would NEVER know---she is the picture of grace under fire, all tan and gorgeous in the one shouldered dress she found, that Aubrey took a small tuck in so it would fit Erin.  Just thought you needed that little behind the scenes tidbit.  Back to the wedding.

  We lined the walkway to watch Andrea walk up---OMG---and then Benji waited up on a terrace, for her to appear.  Because things were running just a tad behind schedule, I had snooped next door in what appeared to be a chapel, and found a multi -tiered wrought iron candelabra--with candles already lit.  It was just screaming to be a part of everything.  Soooooo, worried that the light might be fading, the officiant and I STOLE it out of the chapel, and put it on the terrace.  Kleenex alert: this part is a killer.  Flickering candles, a violinist and a guitar player, Canon D, and you can just do the rest in your head.....Andrea's flowers were pale white roses and pale, pale pink ones, (I think), her dress was a strapless lace and pearled, with a sequin underlay, sweetheart neckline, that V'd in the back, and she wore one white flower on the left side of her head, with her GORGEOUS hair pulled back slightly, on that side.  She was completely stunning.  Jaws dropped, Marianne and I smiled so hard we both thought we were going to levitate, and the officiant, Rosa, started.

(I'll post pic's as soon as Mr. Slow Poke across from me gets them off the camera and over to me.  It's not easy like our old camera was or I'd be doing it myself.)   OK...back to the wedding.  Yak, yak, yak, and then the vows.  Benji first.  And he started, and then got choked up.  Well, a litttle gorgeous and emotional??  Then he swallowed and was back on it.  The whole time they are holding hands, facing each other and Andrea is smiling, helping him through EVERY word.  Then it's her turn.  Calm and composed, with a smile on her lips, she says hers, and they both relax.  Then they exchange rings, and do that part.  As we look out over all of Capri and it's twinkling lights, fireworks are going off.  I swear.  I'm not making this up.  We all just looked at each other like "whaaaat?"  Must have been for another wedding or other celebration  but it worked just fine for us.  They went off again at the wedding dinner.

  Yak, yak, yak from Rosa, a few hurry up Rosa eye rolls from all of us, and she pronounces them man and wife, they kiss, kiss again, and we all jump up clapping, hugging, squeezing, as Brett, Benji's best man goes over to open two bottles of Veuve Clicquot champagne he bought, to toast them with.  The venue had supplied the beautiful champagne flutes on a silver tray, off to the side.  Meanwhile, two photographers have been climbing all over everywhere to silently snap pic's.  Seriously, these guys were ninjas, and that's when a bat flew out.  I heard it but thought it was just a regular bird-- thank the good Lord I didn't know--or I'd have flipped out. Fred was sitting beside me filming the entire wedding, as his low battery begins flashing, and we are praying it won't konk out on us.  If we look at each other, we are going to hoot out laughing.  Oy, vey.

  The photographer made a million pic's of everything and then went next door to the chapel, where there was an ebony baby grand piano.  Benji sits down and starts playing and singing "Let's get it On" by Marvin Gay, and we all collapse laughing.  Then we decided to make pic's of them there...Andrea's flowers on the piano, her watching him, him looking at her...oh, honey....the honeymoon could have started right there. 

He's still working on loading the pic's so stand-by and as soon as he gets them loaded, I'll post a few.  Then later we'll get into the wedding dinner, the post dinner wrap up on the roof with Marianne and Francisco, so go get some more coffee and check back later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ciao, Sorrento

This afternoon we head for the armpit better known as Naples.  It is pretty scungy but we are only there overnight before we catch our flight home, with a wonderful layover in London.  Since it's my most favorite city in the world, it's going to be like pulling my permanent molars to get me to walk down the jetway.

Sorrento has been a super place to base out of, and we went to Positano yesterday.....OMG.  Gorgeous and crazy beautiful---yeah, I know that's saying the same thing, but it's just how I see it, baby...  We did some piddly shopping yesterday and then had dinner at a local place recommended by our hotel, which I love.  Food was the best I've had---maybe just what I was in the modd for but tres' delish.  And speaking of Delish, can we talk about some of the Italian men?  Specifically, the Italian GOD at the front desk??  Honey, I may be old but I'm not blind, and he packs quite a wallop, all slinky and gorgeous.  And I'm not above feigning computer issues just to get him to come help me, either.  :) 

Since this thing is likey to cut me off any second, I'll go ahead and post this now.  We are off on the 2pm train, and a shuttle from our hotel in NAples is picking us up there.  More juicy stuff later.  I'm on a computer timer so I have to finish up pronto!!! 

Monday, September 26, 2011


I have so much to tell I'm about to explode.  The trip thus far has been unimaginably fabulous though not without  few glitches.  Welcome to travel and a wedding abroad.  The RD was a complete blast and featured a fire as well as a shooting sparkler type thing on the dessert.  The fire was courtesy of one od Benji's pals, Cam, who just happened to scoot his groomsman's gift a little too close to one of the lemon votive candles, and caught the tissue paper on fire.  One of our waiters, Chino, took one for the team putting it out--he burned his arm a tiny bit when he ran with it to the bar.  And let me just say that wasn't even cose to the funniest thing that happened that night!!  We closed the place down complete with dancing by the soon to be wed's, the parents, and a few of the other couples.  We were the last people there so the waiters all stood around laughing and smiling as we all danced to " baby making" music, as one of the gals termed it.

The flowers were adorable--small square vases with sliced lemons in the water, then tuberoses, light blue hydrangeas and white roses, and other stuff I can't remember right now.  Each one was a little different but similiar, using the lemons the area is known for, as the theme. 

 The florist even carved out the inside of several lemons, inserted a tea candle, and tucked tee tiny flowers along the outside edge, for further decoration.  Brett, Benji's best man saved the one Cam caught on fire as a memento to further torture Cam with, later.

I won't even try to describe the wedding yet.  Let's just leave it for later because I need a thesaurus to best describe it....OMG.  I will just tempt you by saying there was a bat involved and had I known it was a bat and not just a bird, it could have been really ugly.  Meanwhile, google Villa San Michelle, and think a tiny private are over looking Vesuvius, the Mediterranean, and Capri, with a black double tiered wrought iron candelabra I stole out of the chapel and set beside the officiant, before the wedding, and that's just the beginning.  Think flickering candles and two lovebirds .......oh, mercy.

More later.  Ciao!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flight Drama

For the non-Facebookers not in the know, here's the latest wedding drama, and when I say drama, I mean it.  Benji and Andrea were on the plane out of Nash this morning when they were called back to the gate, and the flight was cancelled.  Some problem, still not sure what.  Off the plane, they immediately start scrambling for a flight to JFK, were put on one via Chicago, missed their Madrid connection, BUT, were put on one leaving shortly after.  Talk about a cliff hanger...  Their pals, family, and fellow text and FB-ers, have sent prayers, laughs and "it'll be OK" messages out the wazoo, and for now, they seem to be back on schedule.  And don't even say the word luggage 'cause I don't even want to know if it's on their plane or not, and even if it isn't, it can fly with us tomorrow and they can each go buy a swimsuit (or not!) until we get there.

I am pissed, though, because I had called American and had them put on the flight manifest that they had a bride and groom on board heading to Italy for their wedding, and would the Captain please announce their names, and seat row, so everybody would laugh and clap, and maybe send them champagne.  Now that they are on another Airline and flight, fagedaboudit.  Just one more little life detail I have no control over, and there are just LOTS.  Oh, well.

This just gets more comical  as we go, and isn't air travel fun?  Not. They both have such great attitudes about it all (well, there were a few choice cuss words but who wouldn't).  I'm sure they are relaxing now, enhanced by several in flight cocktails, prior to that yummy in flight dinner.  They posted a pic of themselves in flight to Madrid, and though grainy, thank you crappy Iphones, they look really happy and that's what counts.  Lord, puuuuuulease don't let that happen to us tomorrow or Bruce will have a large COW in the middle of DFW airport, and then it'll be my turn. It could get ugleeeeee.

Packing, Part 2

My plan is to try to weigh my bag tonite but now I'm thinking I really want that information?  If I know how much it's overweight, what am I really going to take out?  Answer: Nuthin'.  So, I may go ahead and weigh it, and if it's suuuuuper doooper bad, figure out how much I can put in Brian's or Fred's bags!  Hey...I figure if I'm doing all the planning and thinking for three people, they can at least help me haul all my girl stuff.  Sounds fair to me.... sort of......

Now for a brief rundown on last night's drama, and it was dramatic and hilarious.  Benji's West coast pals decided on a last minute (naturally!) certain dress code item for the wedding, and it was an episode straight out of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.   Numerous texts were sent and received, pictures flew back and forth in cyberspace, Brian and I flew out the door to the cleaners, and to do some last minute "dress code" shopping, once a decision was finally made.  And then, Brian went back, again, for one more thing.  Honestly, it was hilarious watching two West Coasters try to agree, with each trying not to appear to be the turd in the punchbowl.  Brian was cool about it....I was the one who could not stop laughing.  Oy, vey!

 Benji and the Jets (Benji's other band) played last night--yeah, I know....what a BAD idea, working the night before you leave, but that's a musician's life, so whatever.  I'm not calling him until later in the morning to tell them arrivederci and bon voyage.  Their flight leaves around 12:30pm today since they are the advance team, and will be somewhat rested by the time we arrive, in one large heap.  Knowing our group, there probably won't be much sleeping on the plane as there are w-a-y too many fun people to play with, in flight.  Benji has already told Brian he has the best seat on the plane between two luscious girls, Aubrey and Erin.  Thank you for that Andrea and Benji!  Nothing like a great brother and a wonderful new SIL, to take care of you in the flight seating.  Both gals are gorgeous and have great personalities, so I already know Brian's not going to close his eyes for a second.  This is going to be a hoot and a half.

Lastly, the laptop is staying home...just not gonna drag it.  If I can, I'll post from a cyber cafe at some point and if not,'ll just have to stay tuned until we get back.  :)  My best to all and keep it real while I'm gone.   And always tell it just how YOU see it. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Packing--Part 1

Packing.  That's my topic du jour today even though it's kind of bland.  Now, I don't know about you but there appears to be a fine art to packing and I just never got that lesson.  It has to do with spatial design so it's no wonder I don't excel there.  I used to pack where everything ended up coming to a point, in the center of my bag, and then I'd fill in around it.  I didn't do it intentionally--that's just how it ended up.  Trying to zip your bag around one of those behemoths is a back and zipper breaker.

Then I moved on the the space saving plastic bags that you squeeze the air out of and while they're OK, I think I like the Eagle Creek packing stuff at the Container Store better.  Man...the medium sized pants and shirt holder comes with one of those wonderfully nerdy plastic sheets to help you fold perfectly, and has pictures and directions on it, if you need them, but if you need them, you probably need to seek professional help also.  Folding is just not that tough.  Once you are finished folding, you can shoot the plastic sheet back in between the clothes, for support.  Velcro that baby shut, and you are set.  I picked mine up by the handle and shook it at Fred, just to be pesky, and nothing moved.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Yesterday, we had the "pack off" to see who's was the most organized and I nailed it.  No brag, just fact-- and he was whining about  how he "didn't have all the cool packing stuff that I did".  Well, duh...I tried to get him to buy some earlier this summer when they had it all on sale, but oh, no...he couldn't possibly plan that far ahead.  I volunteered to go with him, twice, to pick some out, but he just couldn't be bothered, so you just get what you get.  I refuse to be a packing enabler. :)

My problem is, I always pack way more clothes than I need and I think it's just one of those girl things.  It's like I try to take everything in my closet, and fit it into my bag.  What if I wake up one morning and don't feel like wearing those pants or that shirt??   Or both of them together?  What then??  It's just better to have a back up plan, IMO, as long as you can still roll your own bag.  If not, unpack and throw out some clothes, shoes, etc.  You have time, remember?  You planned ahead.

The fact that he is already packed (except for his suit) is nothing short of a miracle, because he usually tries to pack the night before we leave, and then has a meltdown when nothing is clean, fits, or is ready to go.  In other words, he is a MALE.  He's going to be so chill by Tuesday night, unlike how he usually is, he may just come over to the dark side of packing, with me.  We can only hope....but don't put any $$$ on it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Get a load of what Bruce and Brian just killed on our driveway!!!  It's a rat snake the guys think but I don't care!!
Even if it is, it scared the sh** out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIY Botox now trending

Don't some things just strike you as a total no brainer?  The old "ya can, but I sure wouldn't".  I just saw on line where you can send off for DIY Botox and almost fell out of my chair.  Given some of the Halloween mask faces I've seen around town, maybe this is a booming new trend.  Now don't get me wrong...I think Botox is great if done in moderation, but the DIY version?  I don't think so.  I have to admit I was intrigued, so I had to watch the video all about it.  Bitter disappointment crept over me as 1) they failed to show someone actually injecting their own face 2) no follow up two weeks later, to see if they had lumps, bumps, droopy eye lids (ptosis), abscesses, etc.  Rats.  I just knew somebody was going to look like a character out of a Steven King movie....or even Steve King himself.  He's plenty scary looking if you ask me.

I'm thinking the next new trend will be a DIY colonoscopy.  I'm serious.  Your doctor will send you home with a fiber optic cable and after doing that prep that almost kills you, you'll stick that cable where the sun don't shine.  Then remotely, somebody will be looking at your colon, while you watch on your own TV.  I mean think about it...if you can stick a needle in your face numerous times, injecting Botox, a DIY colonoscopy should be a breeze.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Droopies

I'm baaaaack...but I'm definitely limping.  I feel better, but have about as much starch as an old worn out shirt.  It's always such a pain to have that total energy suck after having a bug.  Instead, I want to wake up full throttle ready to go.  Feeling droopy as old underwear is just not something that sits well with me at all.

And speaking of underwear, late yesterday I got Fred to go swap some I'd bought that had shrunk....I had bought the size the lady told me was purrrrrrfect, after measuring my hips, only to have them shrink in the dryer.  I knew they were gonna do that....but I bought what she told me to, instead of following my gut.  But the best and my most favorite part, was thinking about Fred standing amongst all those girly undies, swapping out mine for a bigger size.  Let's just say in an otherwise crummy day, it did make me laugh.  It was almost as fun as when I used to get him to go get me emergency tampons, way back when.  Nothing beats that....not even him buying me breast pads, when I was breastfeeding the boys.  Tampons are just in their own stand alone category of embarrassment for most guys. 

The bad news?  The lady that helped him told him how wonderful he was to do this for me, yada...yada..yada, so he came home all full of himself.  Arrrrrrrrg....way to ruin it for me, lady.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am puny

I am a tad bit under the weather today with a stomach bug.  Hope all is well with you all and I'll will be back to my naughty self soon.  Happy Weekend to all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, lawsie, Avery!

A certain someone is not quite two yet but is getting a head start on acting two.  It seems Avery likes to hide at Starbucks and scream "I see you" and then when her mom tries to grab her, she tries to scratch her mom's face.  Thank goodness her mom is a total saint and just rolls her eyes....  by the time you're on #3, it's just easier and you might as well.

Avery has also become quite the climber these days.  Get a load of her perched on the arm of that chair.  It seems she wanted something in her bed and decided this was a grrrreat way to get it, all by herself.   Avery, your sister already has a broken arm...please don't go there.
Lastly, getting your hair cut at the Barber Shop is just something every girl needs to do at least once in her life.  Look at that sweet face and those, she's going to be a heart breaker.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Legal!!

It's OFFICIAL!!! They're MARRIED!!!!!!!

They're MARRIED!!!  They just got hitched at the Court House in Nashville!!!  Now all that's left is the symbolic ceremony in Capri.  Getting married anywhere in Italy is a bear--you have to visit the Consulate, the Embassy, and then there's a residency requirement, and then you have the choice of either a church wedding or in the Registry office. 

IF you come already married, you can have a wedding ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mr.and Mrs Benjamin Francis Harris. 

It's an old pic but I didn't have any newer one.  Hello, Capri!!  Here we come!!!

Poor Sis

Last night was really embarrassing.  Fred had a guy friend drop over and they were visiting in here where the computers and comfy chairs are, just a chillaxin', talking and laughing. Because Sis was making a total pest of herself, they finally shut the door, trapping her in the hallway all alone.  I was in our bedroom and heard the whole thing and just about lost my grip.  First it was the whineys, boo hoo hoo, then she came back to me and tattle tailed how they wouldn't let her in, and wanted me to walk down the hall, and let her back in.  They were laughing and having fun and she... wasn't... invited.  I told her no and for the next 15 minutes, she cried and moaned, and to add that extra little touch of drama, she laid down outside the door where they were, to howl- talk.  I wish I'd filmed was that hilarious.

  When she finally gave up, she came back where I was for some solace.  I loved on her, and the second she heard the door open, she took off flying to get in where Fred was, even though he was letting his friend out the front door.  Seriously, I'm starting to wonder how old Sis is going to cope when we are gone.  I have a friend staying here with her because my dogs don't ever get boarded--they stay home at their house and someone comes to stay with them.   Now that the elderly gentleman,Wiggles, is in dog heaven, it's going to be interesting to see how Sis does, going solo, without her SO (significant other-Fred).  They have their little daily routine and I don't know if she's going to like doing it with anyone other than him.  Oh, well.  Time to buck up, Sis. 

I wonder if they have dog toys in Capri?

Monday, September 12, 2011

You saw a what?

I found out this morning on my walk that we've had an intruder in our neighborhood.  My friend, Leslie, who lives a few houses down from us was out walking her two Portuguese Water dogs when we ran into each other.  As her dogs lay down in a neighbors sprinklers, and mouthed the sprayers as they shot out water, she mentioned she was really concerned because the intruder was a coyote, and was in her yard last Wednesday at 9:15 in the morning.  She said her friend snapped a picture of it.  That I've gotta see.

  Leslie said she had been meaning to call us because of Sis.  She's seen Sis out front, alone and unleashed,  barking her head off, and she was worried old Sis might make a nice breakfast sausage for some hungry coyote.  There's  no doubt about that.  Throw the bunny in the mix and some coyote would be eatin' good in da 'hood.  Eh...I hate to even think about that.  So Sis is now grounded from going out front alone, and if need be, I'll take the pellet gun with us.  If I can hit a doe, I can hit a coyote, and I know I can shoot out the neighbors windows, while I'm at it. 

I swanny...all we need now is a snake sighting and that would just fry my bacon.  I hate snakes worse than mice, and both are just evil.  There is no positive reason for either of them that I can see, and snakes are just all kinds of wrong.  Ditto mice.  I am hatin' and I am sayin'. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


For those not in the know and hopelessly un-hip, one of this seasons must haves is a faux furrrrrrrrr of some sort. So, for fun, I just glanced through Nordstrom's offerings and came away empty handed, and I have a feeling I may stay that way.  Several of the ones pictured looked like monkey hair/fur, and not in a good way either.  Think a really bad African American wig and you've pretty much got the picture, only think of it as a vest.  Cut to the picture of the one that was pretty, but even on a skinny model, made her look welllllll.....fluffy.... and you want to know what it was called?  A Chubby. there a woman alive that's going to buy something called a Chubby??  Not me.  There was one faux leopard coat that was neat and then, of course, the Rachel Zoe pick which was gorgeous, $500, and looked like you could only wear underwear, if that, underneath it.  So what happens if you get hot?  Clearly that one's out. 

I did see a faux shearling vest that was tres' cool so for now, that's going to have to be my fall back position.  And speaking of fur, last night at a wedding Benji and Andrea attended, Benji thought the bottom part of the brides dress was fur.  I know Vera Wang appreciated that a whole lot, given that it was really some sort of flowery petals that were no doubt created by hand, and stitched on, one by one.  I'm still screaming over the fact that after a couple of drinks, Benji sidled over to the bride to sneakily touch the fabric, to be sure it really wasn't furrrrrrrr.  Oy vey.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, no...not again....

The thought of re-opening that 9/11 wound tomorrow for the ten year anniversary is just a non starter for me.  I'm not watching any of it again, and it's not like I haven't seen it a gabillion times in the past.  I don't EVER want to forget what happened that awful day and I also don't believe re-traumatizing myself again will help anything or anybody.  That day is forever burned into my memory just like the day President Kennedy was assassinated, and that's where it needs to stay--in my memory.  Watching it again serves absolutely no purpose for me other than to scare me out of my wits and make me feel about as big as a bug.  Count me out.  Instead, I will send up prayers for this Nation as a whole.  That seems like a much better use of my time and energy.

And on an equally sad note, I found out last weekend that my brother and his wife are divorcing after 31 years of marriage, and two daughters.  I won't go in to details-- just suffice it to say, when you think you've seen and heard just about everything, think again.  The good news?  There is a God and it's NOT me, so I best leave it all to Him to work out, while I concentrate on keeping my side of the street clean, and get ready for ITALY and a WEDDING!!!!!!!

Lastly, it reminds me daily of how grateful I am for the man I married, 32 years ago.  I love you, Bruce....I mean Fred.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedges.  We've gotta talk about them and I don't mean the underwear kind.  I remember vividly wearing them back in high school, believe it or not, but they weren't the super high kind like is popular now.  They were probably 3" max.  What is up with the ones today??  They make girls walk funny and look like they have club feet.  Now, admittedly some of them are very cute but some others are just wrong.  The fashion statement some of them make is "Hi...I have a chair up my butt and can't walk normally".  And what about the heel heights of some of these otherwise really cool shoes?  They do may make a gals legs look great but what they do to your feet and your Achilles is another story.  Can you say bunions, neuromas, hammer toes, calluses, deformed feet, all in the name of style??  Have you seen some of the feet of our mom's age ladies??  Or even some of the gals my age??  They will scare you silly.... a real foot surgeon's paradise.

Having had my share of foot issues in later life, I'm hard to fit.  Plantar Fascitatis?  Check.  A neuroma?  Check.  Old Stress fracture?  Check.  I also have a very narrow heel, and it's the only skinny thing God gave me.  My feet pronate somewhat, just like my dad's did, and mom made me wear saddle oxfords for years, thinking that was going to make a difference.  It didn't, and now because my feet pronate inward just enough, almost any shoe I wear rubs blisters on my heels.  Ain't it grand?? 
Maybe I'm just a grumpy old lady but I want shoes that are beautiful AND more comfortable than the box they come in, that aren't ten feet tall.  And can we make them in narrows (heel only) again, like in the old days?  Otherwise, I'm gonna be rockin' some seriously ugly, but comfortable, shoes.  That's just how I roll.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's five o'clock somewhere

I got the official word about an hour ago that mom has been cleared for a glass wine (4 oz.) any afternoon or evening she wants to have some.  I then made a quick Tom Thumb run for wine and small plastic cups.  I made the executive decision on a nice wine but it had to have a screw top, since the thought of them having to mess with a wine opener wasn't going to make this as easy.  I figure if it's not pretty easy, they're not as likely to bother with it.  At four ounces a whack, mom's got plenty of wine to last her for awhile.  If it doesn't last a good while, somebody's swiggin' out of it. 

I handed off mom's stash to the Nurse Manager, she labeled everything, and put a bottle in to chill, as I headed off down to mom's room to tell her her "booze cruise" had begun.  You could tell mom was excited and that's all I care about.  Plus, tonight is Movie Night and she gets to go over to the assisted living side and hang with her pals.  Wine and a movie??  And I think the popcorn guy is there tonight, too, so today is going to totally rock where she's concerned. 

Someone else is sporting all new hardware on her arm and this time she was thinking pink.  I think they switched it out due to swelling, and now she also can see her fingers!  Her purple one covered them up.  Ewwww.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Cocktail on the Alz. Unit

After a weekend of bird hunting and mouse poop, I'm glad to be home.  Nothing beats coming home to a clean house and your own bed.  OK...maybe your own personal chef would be nice but I can live without one, which is a really good thing considering I'll most likely never have one.  I remember a maid my mom hired way back when and I don't know who she worked for prior to us, but why they ever let her go is beyond me.  I can't remember her name, but I can sure remember her lighter than air pancakes (she folded in whipped egg whites and I know because I went in and watched her) and her homemade rolls were like little clouds.  Lord love a duck....they melted in your mouth and even with Fleishman's margarine (mom's brand), they were the closest thing to heaven I'd ever tasted.  With real butter, I might have died.  I wish she'd worked for us longer so I could have learned how to cook from her. 

I ran by to see mom this afternoon and she was watching re-runs of my favorite show Flipping Out.  I sat on her bed and we laughed our heads off before she said out of no where "I sure would love a glass of wine tonight...I haven't had one in ages".  I said "Would you really?" and she nodded.  I hopped off the bed and went down the hall to the Nurses station to see what sort of rigamorole I'd need to go through for her to have a glass of wine in the evenings, if she wants.  Turns out, not too much.  They will have her doctor sign off that it's not contraindicated with her current meds, and then all she needs is some chilled Pinot Grigio and a plastic glass, and she'll be a sipping gal.  Pinot is her favorite.   When I spoke with the Nurse Manager, she said she'd keep it in the front refrigerator so she could keep tabs on it and I appreciate that since mom used to keep wine for my great aunt at Monticello West, and had a tough time keeping the staff out of it! 

When I went back to tell mom that I was pretty sure I could make it happen by tomorrow evening, she laughed her head off and then almost cried.  She said "Would you really do that for me?" and I said "Sure...why not??"  I told her she can only have one glass each night, but she said that's all she wants anyway and only on the nights she wants it.  Wellllll...who knew....cocktail hour on the Alzheimer unit in room 153.  Makes me laugh to think about it.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ohhhhh, Hadley Bear!!!

Wow...what a weekend.  I got a text Saturday night that Hadley-Bear had possibly broken her arm, falling off the swing set.  Later, I got one from her mom saying it was definitely broken.  OK.....that's now a leg and an arm, and she's not even 4.  Poor little gal...... but she's tough as nails, so she'll do fine. 

The Farm was hot and dry as a dust bowl but the yard was still green due to the sprinklers.  The tanks were both down 4-5 feet and the horse trough looked like a science experiment--all green and goopy.  Apparently, field mice like cool air, since they've been back in the house and left "calling cards", if you know what I mean.  Sooo ick.  Sweeping up mouse poop is not on my list of favorite jobs but it did motivate us to head for Home Depot for a list of things, one of which was industrial strength mouse killer.  Mouse poop just brings out a murderous rage in me.  Fred baited all of the closed system traps so we don't kill any one's dogs in the process, so now we just wait.  Sis did find a petrified mouse in the back of a closet and left it for me, in the middle of the master bedroom floor.  Fred picked it up by the tail and it was stiff as a board.  Gag me.

Brian came up Saturday evening in Big Red and dove hunted with Fred Sunday morning.  As usual, the birds seem to fly better in the afternoon and evening than they do in the morning, where we are.  Brian is having to teach himself to shoot using his left eye, since the retinal damage to his right eye, post crash, makes it too hard to see properly to shoot like he's used to shooting.  He still got some birds, so with practice, I'm sure Old Dead Eye will accommodate just fine to shooting with his left eye.  Shoot (a little pun)...he already has.  Here are a few they got Sunday morning.

My plan is to make Ms. Hadley One Arm some cookies and take them by today.  I had hoped to do it yesterday but we ended up staying at the Farm later than planned.  You know how that goes....

Prayers for all those people impacted by the fires in Austin and everywhere else, and thank heaven for the cool air this morning!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I forgot to report earlier this week that one evening, Fred and I had a bunny sighting across the street at the mean old lady's all you can eat salad bar of a front yard.  He didn't hang around long but it was great to know he's survived this heat, in a fur coat no less.

This morning as I came up Durham on my walk, I scanned his front yard for a sighting.  No good.  Nobody home.  As I got closer to the corner of Durham and Centenary, there he was in all his furriness, munching and chillaxin'.  I decided that even though I was somewhat less than fresh to make a new acquaintance, I'd see if maybe he'd let me pet him.  When I've tried this before, he hauled tail but this time I decided to call him by name.  Problem, you ask?  Well, yes.  I don't know his name--- so I did what I always do--I made one up.  He is now officially Bun and I think he must have liked it because he let me get just close enough to touch his furrrrrrrrrr. OOOO, la la.  Soft City.

I also noticed he's a nut grass man, as some was being munched as I touched, and I told him if he's OK crossing the street, we have a yard full of it, but he/she demurred.  He was already two houses down from where he lives, so I think maybe that's his boundary.  Rats.  I'd love to have had him hop on over.

Happy Labor Day to all and remember: nothing's a crisis--  it may feel like one but it's not-- because feelings aren't facts.  It's all in how you look at it, baby. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where's my mom?

Mom is completely different these days from the mom I remember from my childhood--or any other time for that matter.  And the saddest part is, I really like this one better.  Mom is, quite frankly, like a different person in a lot of ways.  She watches TV now most of the day and laughs out loud frequently.  It's a joy to hear her giggle and laugh.  I really don't remember her laughing very often in my childhood or my growing up years.  I'm not saying she didn't--I just don't remember it much.  Sometimes she gets so tickled and laughs so hard she starts wheezing--just like me.

There's an easiness about her these days, too.  It doesn't seem like too much upsets her.  As long as she's comfy, clean and dry, and not hungry, there just doesn't seem to be much wrong in her world and let me just say this: I don't know who that person is because that's sure not the mom I remember!  And she is appreciative and says thank you.  Who is this lady?

She actually seems happier and more positive, too.  It's as if when her disease took away a lot of her memory, it also obliterated the part of the brain that judges, criticizes, pot stirs, etc. Once she settled in to the new unit, I can't think of the last time mom has said anything even remotely critical.  Granted she doesn't talk a lot either but never the less, this is just a total about face for someone who I'll openly admit, I struggled to get along with for the majority of my life.

 And she's funny, too.  The stuff she says is hilarious and when people tell me she speaks Spanish to EVERYONE at the Plaza--even the Service dogs that come to visit--it makes me howl.  Even the Plaza staff thinks she's funny.  It makes me more aware every day to cherish and remember this time because it may not be too long before this changes.  I'm going to make as many fun memories with her as I can, while I can.  You just never know when things are going to change, and they will change, somehow.  There's just nothing as consistent as change, and I hope and pray the old mom doesn't reappear.  This mom is just delightful.