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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farm Day

Since there's no Wifi at the farm (and we aren't close enough for me to tag off someone else's either)  I'll be cut off tomorrow from the computer world, except by my phone.   Here's what's on deck for me tomorrow.  It's tres' grand so pull up a chair and get ready to be really impressed.  I am meeting with three roofers to get bids and ideas of what needs to happen to our roof.  See...I told you it was grand.  Since the house is probably close to twenty years old, it's sprung a leak here and there (and just about everywhere) and that's probably not all that surprising given it's age, but it's something that needs attention ASAP.  My plan is to take all my gal magazines and my Nook, and kick back for a nice quiet afternoon of coffee drinking and maybe some walking.  Heck..I might even walk up and visit my favorite farm dog and English Mastiff, Lady.  Last weekend I sent her the bone from a T-bone and a few scraps, for a post dinner snack.  Hey...a girl gets hungry and she's a sweet dog whose lips have probably never wrapped themselves around a steak bone.  Bone appetit, Lady.

Being Thelma, I wanted to take "Louise", but since she can only ride in my lap in my car, old Sis is not going.  There's no way she's doing that on the highway.  She doesn't know I'm going and I'm not telling her.  If she finds out I made a road trip without her I'm toast.  To ride with me, she's either got to have one of those nerdy doggie car seats or something, because otherwise it's just not safe...she'll slide right off my seats and hit the floor.  That's just a big fat NO.  She can stay home and sun herself on a towel in the back yard, with a juicy bone.  I saved one for her from the weekend.  (You just never know when you're going to need a bone to get out of a jam and this one should come in mighty handy, and keep me out of trouble.)

So, nightey-nite to all and to all a good nite.

Dr. NO

I am just back from an annual doctors visit and my doctor was talking about the hub-bub we've all learned to live with and a pace that's literally killing some of us.  I smiled and told her I don't do that stuff anymore.  She  said "Well...what do you then?" and I told her "I 've learned to say No."  She looked at me stricken and incredulous.  "But how?".... and I told her. 

I explained I used to think the world would stop spinning if I said No.  The sun wouldn't come up, it would never rain again or if it did, it would rain for forty days and forty nights, and then I'd get blamed for it on the news.  But, I finally decided to just grow up and say No when it was something I knew I did not want to do.  If I was going to be mad at myself later, if I caved in, that right there was reason enough to say NO.   No one would die from me saying NO because, frankly, I'm just not that powerful.  I am not the only person on the planet, and if I continue to step in and rescue other people by doing something for them they are capable of doing for themselves, or making someone else happy at the expense of myself, I have no one to blame but myself.

 I told her not to take care of "me" was a lousy way to treat myself, and the body God entrusted me with.  Let's face it....I pay the price of the decisions I make so it's encumbunt upon me to make sure the ones I make are healthy--not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Nobody can do it for me.  It's an inside job.

I told her to be prepared because people won't like it at first, they'll say you're being selfish, yada, yada, yada.  You aren't.  You are practicing self care.  If you are taking care of "you", then they have to take care of themselves, and now we are down to the heart of the matter.  People just want what they want--never mind about you, or how you feel.  Remember, when your neck and shoulders are knotted up from pleasing everyone else, they don't feel the pain--you do. 

As my doctor hugged me goodbye she said " Looks like I have to grow up" and we both snorted with laughter.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars best moment

Since Fred and I both aren't feeling all that great due to sinus stuff, I'll make this brief.  In my naughtiness, last night I decided to pick one favorite thing from the Oscars and it's taken me this long to decide.  But here it is.

Now, I'm usually not an Angelina hater but what's up with this pose, GF?? 

He nailed it. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm whipped

It was a great weekend at the Farm and Sis and her dad are both out, dead asleep, and I may be shortly.  Sis is worn out from following him everywhere and he's not feeling great due to a sinus infection from all the dust.  We did manage to get a lot done so that's always a great feeling.  The master bedroom now has a new coverlet, shams, and little white decorative pillow, since the old ones had seen m-u-c-h better days.  Bruce met with a guy who grades roads for some ideas on pricing and road grading, though, brother John seems to think he can do it.  I'm not sure since there seems to be a lot more to road grading than just dragging one of those giant blade things and spreading out the rocks.  By the time Bruce was finished talking to the guy, he was practically wild eyed.  I asked him what in the hell was wrong, and he said the guy had not stopped talking the entire time-- he finally had to just interrupt him to ask his questions.  Yakety yak, yak.  We also met with a carpenter to get bids on some repair work on doors, screens, and one of the Barn doors.  Land's always somethin'.  

The bad news is, we found lots more evidence of roof leaks than we had previously thought so it's another case of "buy a door knob and build a house".  We are getting names of roofers and will check with our insurance guy in Sanger to see if maybe--fingers crossed-- we might be covered for a new roof.  Feel free to cross your fingers for us and even say a few prayers, because we just may need one.  I snapped pics of water damage everywhere and Bruce just rolled his eyes.  The more I found, the madder he got--not at me--just at the situation.  We had so much rain leak in above one window, a lamp shade was ruined, so I brought the lamp home to find it a new "hat" next week.

Lawdamercy....I think I  may have set a new record for "non-stop use of a washing machine by a city gal in the country."  If there's not a category for that now, there soon will be.  I washed sheets, towels, and two pretty white blankets that let's just say had been used for purposes other than their intended use.  I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'...

 While we toiled, we did have some four legged visitors that needed sliced apples to munch while standing around up near the fence.  42, the horse John was riding yesterday, to shooo the cows back into the paddock for roping today, was a huge oink over the apples, despite having a whole one all to himself.  He kept trying to nudge Rooster, Leo, and Flipper out of the way so I just walked over to them to feed them.  "Talk to the hand, 42."

  Bruce changed the AC filters, replaced two kitchen light bulbs, and cleaned out cabinets, while I was making lists.  He and Sis rode several places on the four wheeler and she chased him some on foot, so no wonder she ain't worth killin' today.  She woke up a second ago and went to go find him and get in the bed with him, but I intercepted her.  She's now happily sunning herself, lying in her own bed in the den.  Those two are just wrong.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh no you didn't

Exactly thirty three years ago today--technically in an hour or so--Fred and I got married and I'd do it all over again.  Same guy, same place, the whole nine yards.  I wouldn't change one thing (well, ok, maybe one) because everything and every situation has brought us to today, knowing what we now know.  Has it all been rosy?  Hell, no.  Was it supposed to be?  Hell no, again.  I will say this and then I'll shut up: he is without a doubt the finest man I know and I love him more now than I did when I married him, and that's saying a whole damn lot.
We decided to do an anniversary lunch since we have plans this weekend that don't equal fancy dinner on the town, so we headed to one of my favorite places, Ziziki's.  We've been going there for years and since we're both roasted lamb lovers, I had the lamb salad and he had the sliced grilled lamb with their roasted potatoes.  Now, while you wait, you have to have the artichoke appetizer because it's the law--or it should be.  Served on warm pita bread that's homemade, it's just a winner every time and if you aren't salivating yet, then just get your car keys and head over there now because when you order it, you will.  Since we are both on the no sugar thing for Lent, we ducked dessert and, yes, we know carbs (pita bread) turn in to sugar, but it's my anniversary, so just bite me. 

Lastly, a certain short guy turns six years old tomorrow and I ran by this afternoon to drop off his present and get kisses.  As a mother of boys, I gave him a nerf blaster gun that shoots soft rubber bullets and I even field tester the bullets myself.  I let Hud shoot me from several feet away, in the back, only he pulled a JFK on me and shot me in the back of my head, twice in a row.  Man...he's a good shot!  Luckily it didn't hurt or I would have been in some deep poo.  I wanted to post a picture here of him here wearing his Birthday crown from school, but he's at Learning Express with his dad, picking out a present with birthday money, and his mom couldn't take his pic.  Rats.  Now, before I close, get a load of what Hud's dad, let four year old Hadley buy !!!  He's toast!    
Happy weekend to all and make it a good one.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cluck, cluck

Well...I wondered if it was over, at least for awhile, and it seems it's just been simmering, off to the side.  The UP chicken debate is back on via a large article in today's paper, complete with pictures.  It says that the previous bubble living chickens have been relocated to a Dallas address where chickens in your back yard are not verboten.  But here's the best part:  the three nay voters on the UP Council were named and one of them is a relative of Fred's.  While I already knew this and was attempting to keep my trap shut, now I no longer have to, since it's been blabbed in the Dallas Morning News.  The relative is on Fred's mother's side and his initials are..... Jerry Grable. 

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, it sounds as if Dominique Miller is ready for a fight.  Jerry has termed out on the Council, so the two remaining guys better get ready for a hail storm from Mrs. Miller and her fellow hen lovers.  Mrs. Miller plans a petition drive and hen T-shirt campaign and I'm thinking a few eggs may get thrown as well.  As for me, I'd like a size Medium T-shirt, please. 

And while we are on the subject of the newspaper, this morning I decided I'd had enough of seeing a nasty looking ulcerated leg, every morning in the Vein Center ad.  This thing is not a first thing in the morning photo, along with your coffee, and I'm sick and damn tired of trying to avoid seeing it every day when I read the paper online.  So, I called and got the Corporate office number of Vein Centers of Texas and asked for the person in charge of their advertising.  I wasn't mean or ugly--I was just firm--and I told her I found one photo of the four HIGHLY offensive, and why.   I told her I was requesting that it be pulled off immediately, as I did not ever want to see an ulcerated leg, in color, that looked like a shark had eaten it, ever again, and for sure, not first thing in the morning!  When she mentioned the pictures are on a rotating basis and she would check the rotation and remove it when the rotation was over, I told her "No. That's not good enough. I want it off immediately.  Please remove it NOW."

 We'll see what happens.  I'm betting it doesn't come off but it sure was fun to speak up for myself and have a voice.  I can't tell you how much that picture grosses me out every morning and to keep my trap shut on this serves no one, and certainly not me.  Vein Centers of Texas better look out or I may email Steve Blow or Mariana Green at the news, and tell them about it.  Chickens my eye....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mystery of the Make up Artist--solved

Some girls have all the luck...chewing a steak bone outside in the sun on her own personal towel.  That's just pig-dog heaven if you ask me.  This is her second one and despite the fact that I took it outside before giving it to her, she still at least attempted to bring it back in immediately  via her doggie door, until I told her no.  She already knew...she just figured "oh, why not at least give it a shot".  Once it's all cleaned off she knows she can bring it in, but not while it's all greasy and meaty.  That's just a NO.

I think the Mystery of the Make up Artist who painted mom all up like a whorehouse madam has been solved.  Yesterday when I was there, I noticed the make up of mom's next door neighbor--the one who always comes over to visit mom and watch TV.  Yep...when I saw the application of her blush all over her face, I had a hint, but it was the black eyebrows a la' black eye pencil, that clinched it.   Yep....behold the make up artist.  And when I added up the fact that all of mom's make up had been "hidden" at the foot of her bed, under a blanket, that made perfect "dementia" sense.'s starting to scare me that I can figure out some of this stuff.  Like on some level I understand  a mind with dementia. That will wake you up in the night, let me just tell you. 

Mom's BFF next door is a hoot and a really fun lady, and since I know her daughter, it makes it even better.  They invited me next door yesterday to see BFF's room, and glory be, I have never seen so much stuff in all my 58 years on this planet!  She has paintings and framed photos all over every square inch of wall space, and her daughter says her mom keeps taking them off the wall--she even showed me a stack of  framed photos her mom had removed.  Well, yes.  The room was filled with furniture, a canopied four poster bed, and worlds of other stuff and it made me claustrophobic--you could barely walk around. wonder BFF wants to go next door to mom's.  It's simple and serene without a bunch of gee-gaws.  Mom would kill me if I put her in a room like that....I don't know how she'd do it, but she would.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sun and a spin

I have just heaved a huge sigh of relief.  I was able to get mom out a little after 1PM for a spin outside in her wheelchair and to get a little fresh air and sun on her face.  This may not sound like much to those of us who can get up and go anytime we want, but for someone who can't, it was a lot bigger deal.  And, it for sure was for me.  When I have something I want to do for someone else, it drives me nuts until I can getter dun.

  Once the wind whipped up a little mom was ready to go back inside but that's OK.  I'm a firm believer that just being outside in the fresh air makes you sleep better and, no, I have not done one of my experiments on that like some of my other ideas.  I have just decided it's true. 

Mom is now napping because she has a big evening ahead of her.  A Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday party and decorated Wheelchair Parade.  I'm serious....the activities lady, Alicia, is decorating all of the wheel chairs with any of the Memory Care residents that want to help, and they look like mini parade floats.  You had to see them to appreciate how hilarious and clever it was.  She is a total hoot and is always coming up with something for them to do.  I'm always dying to ask her "Girl..when do you sleep?"  She must think up this stuff 24/7. 


Look out, Zurich

According to recent FB posts, Team Swiss, otherwise known as Scarletta, has landed and is tooling around Zurich.  The very BEST part is, they were able to take their own personal photographer, Andrea Harris, thanks to a gift of air miles from her wonderful and generous Dad.  I'm sooo thrilled she got to go and can shoot some great pic's while she's there.  Andrea is on the far left and that's Aubrey, third from the left, who has already decided Swiss coffee rocks--much better than anything we brew here.  Wait til she hits the fondue and chocolate!  They play Wednesday and Thursday nights so they'll need to get over their jet lag FAST.  They're young--they can do it.  My age??  Not so much.

Happy Shrove Tuesday to all who will be pancaking it up tonight.  With Lent starting tomorrow, it's the best excuse I can come up with to try to get motivated to jettison the sugar, and anything "white", until Easter.  Oh, yeah...and exercise.  Gahhhhhh, that's a long time.  The first two weeks are the toughest and after that, it's not quite so bad, so if I'm a tad bit cranky, just know I'm in withdrawl from sugar.  Poor's likely to be a l-o-n-g two weeks.  Sort of like eternal PMS.  He may want to check in to a hotel. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shudddd uppppppp!

If you missed hearing Kevin Costner speak at Whitney's funeral yesterday, I'm sorry you missed it.  I had no idea what to expect but it was outstanding.  I did not watch the entire funeral as I was 1) on the treadmill 2) I don't care who died, I'm not staying on that thing any longer than I have to.  All in all, from what I saw it was a touching and at times funny tribute, to a sad and tragic ending for such a beautiful, talented woman.  'Nuf said.  RIP, Whitney.

Fred fixed dove last night from his alley hunting cache and even threw in a duck breast from a duck he had killed at the farm.  As my sister-in-law Margie says concerning Harris males, if it flies, it dies.  And that ain't no joke either.  They'll all pretty much shoot anything.  Hogs, deer, armadillo, turkey, beer cans, sacks of unknown junk, and since I'm not real sure what happened to Brian's old washing machine, that could be in the mix.  Hey....I'm just sayin'...

In closing, this morning we made a trip to John's for breakfast and saw many of the usuals.  We did, however, have the misfortune to run into two older men that just about drove us nuts.  Have you noticed or maybe it's just me, how many older, single men will talk the balls off a billy goat?  I am serious.  There were two men sitting at the big communal table and 1) they were talking so dam loud, and so damn much, I thought I was going to have to stuff my napkin down their throats and 2) they did not seem to read cues enough to realize everybody there wanted them to shudddd upppppppp.  One of them said he "was a teacher at a nearby community college" and all I could think was, I'd have to drop... his...course.  This was right before he launched into his dissertation on cats:  how he takes care of them, bathes them, how they fight, what he feeds them, whether they are wild or not, how to trap them if they are wild, the best way to trim their nails, yada, yada, yada.  I swear he never came up for air.

Finally, I gave Fred the hook sign like " it's him or me--decide fast--'cause I'm holding the keys", and we were gone.  If I see that guy(s) again, I will sit as FAR AWAY as I possibly can, or get mine to go.  Oh, Lordy.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dead Wrong

Sooo many books....sooo little time.  If you didn't read Steve Blow's article in this morning's paper, go read it. He was talking about a book Dead Wrong, written by a man here in Dallas.  I won't go into more detail than that other than to say, it just went on my list.  OK, OK...I can't stand it...I have to tell you a little more.  It's written by a doctor about his life, his work, and growing up in a family where his mother was a a nurse and an alcoholic pill popper, and his dad was a doctor and IV drug addict.  It's not a big boo hoo story according to Steve Blow.  It's more of just a page turning look at someone elses life and their fascinating personal story.  The man said he had written the book so that "my children will know who I really am" and "know more about me than I knew about my parents".  Sounds like a winner to me.

A certain girl just returned from a walk with her dad and is now playing crack the whip with the towel he is attempting to dry her off with....for those not in the know, crack the whip is when your dog sinks her teeth into the towel, and you pull her back and forth and side to side, as she flies all around.  It's especially good for a puppy who is losing their puppy teeth, as they usually end up in the towel.  No fuss, no muss.  Since Sis is a somewhat elderly gal, we play gently like you would with a puppy.  Because she's a huge crybaby, you have to play gently or she yips like you are killing her.   My favorite part, though, is when she gets her growler going.  There's just something about her growler that makes me laugh....I guess because we don't hear it much. 

Benji and Scarletta are off to Switzerland on Monday, so stay tuned for stories.  I can only imagine what tales they'll return home telling.  I can't wait to see pictures from this trip, too.  Gonna be a hoot for sure!

Happy Weekend to all.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday night--season finale

This was way too fun not to share if you haven't already seen it.  It's the cast from Downtown Abbey.

Now, get a load of this one:
And this one:
O' Brien on the left is the same person as the gal above in the red dress.  See...I told you it was fun!  If you can't figure out who is who, let me know and I'll help you.  Mrs. Pattmore, the cook, is the one in the leopard coat.  Can you find, Daisy, Lady Mary, Lady Edith, etc.??  Thomas should be pretty easy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Caution: This is depressing

I went to visit mom yesterday and knowing it was a hair day, I waited until later afternoon.  As I came down the hall, I noticed one of the familiar ladies over there coming down the hall in mis-matched shoes, mumbling to herself.  When I said "Hello" to her, she said "I'm sorry".  OK...I can deal with that.  Typical response of someone with advanced dementia.

  When I reached for the door handle of mom's room, I got a rather eewwww surprise.  There was a white cream all over it. I went on in, said hello, and then cleaned the door handle.  Once I was finished, I said hello again, as mom and her new BFF and next door neighbor continued to watch a movie on TV, seated side by side like two little hens on their nests.  Not a word...not a peep....out of either of them.  I'm not even sure they knew I was there.  So, after checking mom's supplies, I tippy-toed back out the door and headed home.  I figured it made more sense to let them enjoy their movie than it did to interrupt them, just to say hello and try to visit.

In the car, I called my sister to report in and realized from the smell on my hand that the cream was Brylcreem.....old men's hair goo.  Never mind I had wiped it off my hands and washed know how the smell of that stuff lingers.  I had to go home and re-wash my hands again.

 Honestly, it is getting harder and harder to go over there, and admitting that out loud to you all somehow makes it a tiny bit easier.  My sister and I talk about it and neither one of us ever seems to feel prepared for what we are walking into, on any given day.  Yes, we both say our prayers before going in, but it's almost like I don't want to be able to see anything, so I can protect myself.  Going less often helps somewhat, but then it makes any changes a real in your face moment. Like the first time we both saw the lady over there with her face frozen that looks like  the white Halloween scream mask with her mouth open like an O....that nearly sent both of us over the edge.  I'm serious.  Seeing this stuff is scary to the max....and depressing.

I don't really think there is a solution here.  I think I just have to find the most workable one for me and when I need to take a break, well.....I just take one.  Thanks to all for letting me vent here.  Sometimes writing about it at least gets it out of my head.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yeah, baby

Yesterday I was chatting with my wise old owl friend about the current state of affairs of all this war on Birth Control.  We concluded that lots of these politicians were nothing more than insecure men who want to control women, and have woefully miscalculated that one big time.  They do not seem to grasp the fact that the hand that rocked their cradle, is about to rock their world.  I'm thinking the Republican candidates must not have any women advisors, because the candidates do not seem to get the memo.  Oh, that's right...women are supposed to be home pregnant, with all the kids.  That's where the women are...I forgot for a second.

Here is the memo, fellas:  All those lovely little ladies that you think are all going to vote for you and the fact that you want to set women back 100 years via access Birth Control, aren't.  They are going to nod their heads, be nice, and when they step in that voting booth, honey, they are going to blow your ass right out of the water.  They are going to vote for your opponent, who will treat them with the dignity, respect, and intelligence they deserve.  All those gray haired ladies remember what it was like not to have access to current day birth control and are going to come out swinging.  Ditto Gen X and Y.  Grandmothers, daughters, and grandaughters are going to line up at the polls, and send you right back where you belong-- and laugh while they do it.

Finally, mothers of sons, please do not raise them any differently than you do your daughters.  Do not amp up your sons self esteem, and not remember to tell your daughters the same thing-- that they can do anything in this wide world, and to go do it.  Tell them you is kind, you is smart, you is IMPORTANT.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If you aren't a friend of Scarletta or Benji's on FB, you may not know they leave in a week for Switzerland and a C and W festival.  I know...who knew the Swiss were that big of fans of C and W music but apparently they are.  They festival is flying the whole band there for a few days and putting them up in a hotel.  I'm thinking Scarletta needs to get some Lederhosen and learn how to yodel while they are there.  Yooo-de-lay-hee-who.  Hey, Leann  Rimes can do it...why not Scarletta? 

Andrea's Mother and Daddy were in town last night so we had them over for a glass of wine before we headed to La Duni for dinner.  Sis was her usual ingratiating self and I finally had to peel her off of Marianne.  Since they have an Airedale, Stella, they are used to dogs but perhaps not Sis.  Francisco wanted to see Fred's pellet gun and when Fred brought it into the den, we all howled when Sis went into "hunting mode", running out her doggie door to patrol for squirrels.  Mind you it was pitch black dark outside and she was still ready to go.  (eye roll)

Marianne and I have already decided we want Scarletta to get invited back to the Swiss Festival next year so we can go.  We'd all fly over and meet them there, hang out and see them perform, and then take off and travel some place fun.  Yes, it would be cold but who cares??  Fondue will fix that.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Enough already

Enough of all this hang dog weather.  I don't know about you but I'm about to pull a Britney Spears and shave my head.  I need me 'sum bright sun shiny weather and some spring flowers, and FAST.  This weather just makes me nuts.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to talk less and post some day brighteners as an early Valentine to you and your eyeballs.  

Two girls named Avery. 


I want to do this at the Farm on the dock.

My love shack in France.

My ocean porch.

From me, to you.  Made you smile, didn't it?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So sad

I was yakking on the phone last night with my sister when I glanced at my computer to see Whitney Houston had died.  I don't really know why it hit me so hard but it did.  I instantly felt so sad.  Although no cause of death has been revealed yet, I'm not thinking at 48, Whitney died of natural causes but, could have happened.  More than likely, not, but damn...what a beautiful voice (past) and gorgeous woman, lost so soon.

Yesterday afternoon's dove hunting did not happen.  A certain girl got a much needed bath and afterwards was snuggled up in one of the white chairs in here with her dad and I.  Since she's usually a little damp even after blow drying her fur, I wrapped her up in a dry towel and then threw a fleece over her while I washed her bed fluffies.  (And, yes, I once again put a fresh out of the dryer warm fluffy on her, and as per usual, she groaned.)  The unreal part is, she didn't move for the rest of the afternoon--not even to go outside.  She only got up around dinner time because she could smell the pork tenderloin we'd cooked.  She's no dummy.

The Grammy's are on tonight and I plan to possibly channel surf from 7-8, and then it's Downton Abbey all the way.  Tonight the Spanish flu hits Downton and Cora gets it, from what it appears on the teaser.  Now, I'm not thinking Matthew is going to jump out of his wheelchair tonight, but watch for more clues.  Ya know it's going to happen.  All his plumbing is going to start working, if you get my drift, and then Lady Mary isn't going to be able to get away from the horrid guy she's engaged to, without a huge scandal, and she won't do that to Matthew.  Plus, we have the little red-headed fiance' of Matthew's to contend with also.  Don't you just love a good English soap??  I read somewhere that Shirley Maclaine will be joining the cast so there's no telling what's in store for next season.  Fasten your seat belt.  This ought to be great!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My red headed friend, again

This is just too cool not to share.  Talk about six degrees of separation.  Unreal.  You know how I was gabbing yesterday about the gorgeous red headed designer we'd been to the movie with Thursday night, and how much I liked her?  Well, it gets more interesting from there.  As I googled her firm to find her address for her thank you note, which I have to out myself right now and admit I ended up emailing vs writing, it turns out her office is in the same building of my family's company-- but it gets weirder from there.  The building is a small little multi office building over on Carlisle that backs up to the Katy Trail .  We recently sold the building and I happened to be over talking to our CEO and he mentioned a design firm downstairs was helping them plan the new office space, and decide what furniture, art, etc. was going, and what was getting the hook.

Do I even need to tell you whose firm it is???  Yep, my redheaded friend!!!  For all I know, she may be the one who is actually doing it.  Since the building has sold, clearly they will be moving, too, and I'm hoping it's somewhere near our new space.  Then maybe I can drop in and see her when I'm there.  I just looooove stuff like this.  It's just a really small world, no?

The hunting report is in and so far this morning Sis and her dad have shot one dove, and seen the hawk, again.  We've decided he lives in the alley some where close by.  The dove hunting will continue--the dove just get spooked when one of their buddies gets nailed.  The hunter and his "retriever" are waiting for them to settle back down while the termite checker man is here.  Ahhhh...we live such a glam life.  :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

I'm thinking it's time.  Time for me to take my several times a year break from reading both the newspaper and the Internet.  When things get way too negative, that's my cue to stop reading.  Yes, we have an election coming up and it's a lot of the same old mud slinging, just by people with different  last names.  Instead, I'd prefer to think positive, as thinking negative require lots more effort and is frankly exhausting.  I don't wanna and I'm not gonna.  So there.

Last night we met a couple I'd never met, to see The Descendants.  I loved the movie and while gazing at George Clooney is never hard work, I thought the girl who played the oldest daughter should have been nominated as a Best Supporting actress candidate.  And maybe she has and I'm not aware of it.   I just found the movie very enjoyable.  It was the couple we met, though, that I enjoyed the most.  The husband is a stock broker and quite a snappy dresser--you can just tell he enjoys lots of artistic pursuits--and the wife is a tall statuesque redhead who is a principal in her interior design firm.  She's the one I went nuts over.  Beautiful, fun, interesting, we could barely shut up during the movie.  At one point Fred almost gave us the stink eye but we just couldn't help ourselves...she had to tell me she'd been there (what we were seeing on screen) and I had to ooooo and ahhhhh because it truly was incredible.  I'd have wanted to tell her if I'd been there.  Then we had to talk briefly about her greyhound after the movie, who has corns.  I'm serious.  She said some greyhounds are prone to getting them, and sometimes on all of their paws and they have to have them removed because they become so painful.  I may have to google that and find out why because my first thought was greyhounds wearing really pointy toed, high heeled, uncomfortable shoes.  Maybe their dog is a rescue and a former racer???  Beats me.

Back to my new red headed friend.  I plan to write her a thank you note today as I think 1) that is a quickly dying social nicety 2) because I just think she deserves it. I just love meeting someone and having an instant connection with them.

Lastly, Fred had a bunny (Bun) sighting the other night while out with Sis for her after dinner stroll.  Bun was down on the corner of the block on the side of the house he likes so much, across from Pecan lady's house.  I think the other smaller bunny must either have croaked or doesn't get let out because we haven't seen that one in ages.  I'm going to still hold out hope that he's hanging at the hutch, chillin'. 

Happy Weekend to all and don't forget to watch Downton Abbey Sunday night at 8pm.  I may blog over the weekend what I think is going to happen and see if I'm correct.  Hint:  I don't think Matthew's in that wheelchair for the long haul.  :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just how I see this one

All of the past weeks brouhaha over Planned Parenthood and Komen, and the thinly veiled reason for Komen not wanting to fund PP any longer--abortion funding-- has gotten my wheels turning and my dander up.  Here's what I think.

I think men should not be able to vote on abortion, period.  Since they do not get pregnant or carry a baby, it's none of their business.  Too many men knock a gal up and haul tail the minute that pregnancy test is positive.  We see it over and over again on TV, in the paper, and in real life.  If you don't believe me, go to the Parkland clinic.

If it doesn't happen to your body, you don't get to vote on what happens to someone else's.  Unless or until medical science comes up with a way for men to carry a baby, dude, you're not voting.  And if and when medical science comes up with such a capability, exactly how many men do you think would be lining up for abortions?  I'm guessing MILLIONS, and that's probably  a low figure.  There would be no more discussions on exactly when life begins or whether or not an unborn baby had rights. They would just want out of that dilemma and FAST.  Let's face it, if God had given men the ability to bear children, we'd have died out eons ago-- and men and women all know it.

I'm not talking about discomfort here or even the difficulties of pregnancy--I'm talking about who gets left with the bag, so to speak.  Men know they wouldn't carry a baby to term if they didn't want to and I do not believe there's a man alive would sit still for a nano second and have a bunch of women telling him what HE had to do with HIS body.  But that's what's happening today, only in reverse.  Men are telling women what to do with their bodies. 

It's a women's issue, so we can decide.  It's our body, not yours.  Butt out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome, Leigh!!

We have a new follower in our midst, so welcome, Leigh!  Leigh and I went to high school together way back when and she is a Denver gal.  Whoo, hoo!  We are +1!  The sad news is, since Halley is some how on the followers twice, we are still a whopping 17 strong.  Glad to have you aboard, Leigh. you didn't

If you missed it yesterday on the Internet, Randy Travis was arrested in front of the Baptist Church up in Sanger, Texas--location of the Harris-Carter Farm.  It seems old Randy had over served himself at a Super Bowl party and pulled over in the church's parking lot to sober up, when along came the Po-Po's.  He lives over near Tioga and thankfully decided not to try to drive home.  The bad news is, he got to spend some time in the Denton County jail for public intoxication.  His mug shot is hilarious.  He looks real pleased with himself and has a pleasant look on his face.  I guess if it's gonna be on the Internet, you might as well have a nice shot of yourself for the world to see.  I sent it to Bruce and our sons late yesterday so no doubt it's made it all through "the family" by now.  News like that travels fast in this crowd.

This morning I woke up sad.  My sister and I had been talking last night about mom, and mom's comment to her over the weekend that she's "tired of this".  My sister clarified that "this" meant being alive.  Mom said she just "hates this" so my sister told her "Everything is all taken care of, Mom, so you can go on any time you are ready", and then my sister cried.  Well, yeah.  No joke....telling your mom it's OK to go ahead and die is just not an easy task or a conversation most people ever envision having with a parent.  But, that's how my sister and I roll.  Everything is right up front and no topic is off limits.  If it's painful, you just nut up and do it anyway because the gift of it is incredible emotional intimacy.  We laughed about how mom is quite the opposite--she's always been a "stick your head in the sand" kind of gal--and I'm talking sticking it way down deep--but that's how she coped, so oh, well.

Since she really doesn't use her phone at all anymore, it's getting the hook today or tomorrow so it's adios to a phone number I've known since I was five years old.  That's one of the things that panicked her when she moved--could she have that same old number.  I think she was really afraid she wouldn't be able to learn a new one and she might not have been able to--who knows.  FYI--you can always keep your number no matter what nonsense they tell you--you actually own your number.  They just don't want you to know that and it's easier for them if they give you a new one.  Sort of customer service in reverse--you make their job easier, and you pay them.  Really.

Monday, February 6, 2012


With all due respect, watching Madonna's half time performance last night was painful.  It was s-l-o-w, weird, and the pom poms???  NO.  Frankly, not to sound cranky but I haven't liked anybody since Prince.  Michael J. was good, but Prince??  No one has busted his performance yet, and lots have tried.  I had more fun watching Celo Green than I did Madonna, but kudos to her for not 1) embarrassing her kids  2) not coming out naked.  Thank you, Madonna.

Now on to more important stuff.  Did you see the Batmobile Eli won as MVP?  That thing was blacker than the ace of spades and probably part rocket.  Where do you think you could drive that thing that every cop in the world wouldn't just be waiting to nail you for doing something wrong?  And how do you get rid of it?  Chevy's gonna know you dumped it if you try to sell it ...maybe you can trade it because I'm sure not seeing any room for a car seat for Eli's baby girl.  Oh,'s not a car seat kind of car, now is doesn't exactly scream family man.  Quite the opposite.

Lastly, Fred told me last night that in Vegas you could bet on all kinds of stuff--not just who won.  He said he'd heard there were even bets on how many times the cameras would show Gisele.  Admittedly, I'm not a big gambler but you must be really hard up for something to bet on, if you bite for that one.  C'mon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heeee's baaaaack

So far, I have made tortilla soup, queso with sausage, and I have the last load of tamales on standby, should we need them to keep the Patriots from winning.  My theory is, We eat the tamales, Tom Brady gets fat and slow, and loses.  Genius, no?  He never knows what hit him or why.  Personally, I'm lovin' it. 

Now for the Nature report: our local hawk is back and bigger than ever.  I'm not sure where he's dining these days but he is definitely livin' large and looks like he could lift up a small dog.  The good news is, that definitely lets Sister off the hook.  He'd need a crane to lift her. We saw him this morning on our way to John's for breakfast, and the crows were squawking and attempting to dive bomb him to run him off.  I think he's a red tailed one and boy, is he beautiful.

No bunny sightings recently and that's a good thing considering that hawk.  I don't think he could lift that rabbit a la dead weight, but then I could sure be wrong.  Eww.  I don't even want to think about that.  I just looked out and all of the dogs and little monkeys on our block are outside getting their walks and playtime in, prior to the start of the game.  I just saw the little brother with the three older sisters who lives a few houses down from us, hurrying to keep up with the pack.  God love him...he's the one that fell in our mail basket on Halloween, banged his head, and screamed like a banshee.  Fred had to give him extra candy to shut him up.  Those older sisters are just gonna mop the floor with him but oh, well.  Lord knows it's happened to loads of little sisters, with older brothers, and one of them would be me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Out for a stroll maybe

Yesterday between rain drizzles I ran by to see mom.  If was after lunch and I knew she might be napping but sometimes you just have to go when you can go.  She was definitely resting but not asleep, so we visited briefly while I checked her "supplies".  She was running low so since we had planned to be at the Farm this weekend--that's another story--I wanted to be sure she had what she needed before we left.  I told her I'd be right back and ran to Walgreens for a load of gear.

When I got back and put her things away, I sat on the bed with her and we just talked.  She cried, for a second telling me "I just don't know what I'd do without you", which made me laugh.  Given that we used to have a somewhat testy relationship, this is especially ironic.  I told her "You're not going to have to find out either, because I'm not going any where", to which we both laughed.  She asked about Bruce and the boys, which was remarkably tuned in for her.  The purple hyacinths I'd gotten her had leaned over  and we both laughed about how hilarious they looked.  I probably should have pitched it in the trash but for some reason I didn't.  My plan is, if it warms up enough today, I'm going to go get her and take her outside for a stroll in her wheel chair.  It may not work since today is "hair day" but I'll just have to see what shakes out later this afternoon.  Tomorrow might be better.  I can't think of the last time mom was outside, so a little fresh air is way overdue for those old lungs of hers.  Plus, I think a little fresh air makes you sleep better.  Shuuuuudup..... you know it does.  And we might see some daffodils and some puppies out for a walk....and she might feel sun on her face.  You just never know......

Friday, February 3, 2012

Woman Up

This certainly has been an interesting week.  Not only has the Komen Foundation gotten caught pulling a "shifty" but their attempt at "recovery", pardon the pun, from the Planned Parenthood flap has really left most women thinking.  And thinking hard.  In some ways, I'm glad it happened.  It just goes to illustrate how even women who've had breast cancer (Nancy Brinker) can let their politics get in the way of their supposed Race for the Cure.

Personally, I'm pissed.  Keep your politics out of women's health care.  And that goes for birth control, mammograms, breast cancer surgery, and abortion.  If you aren't for women, you're against them, and it's just that simple.  Open your mind and your heart.  While by the grace of God you may never need any of these services, there are thousands of other women who will.  Have their back.  As another woman, you OWE it to your fellow female to love, care, and support her.  If you don't, no one else will.  And someday, that just might be you, or someone you love, who is in need.  Woman Up. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Screemobile, yahoo!

Here's the current $64,000 question: Can Sis and her big old self fit under an airline seat, should she be invited to join us on vacation this summer vs being left at home with a critter sitter?  Now, we don't even know where we are going, but if Sis can't fit under the seat, she's not going.  I'm not throwing that bad black girl down under in the bowels of a plane, in the cold and the dark, where it's loud enough to make you permanently deaf.  No way.  I once heard a dog barking before take off, in the belly of the plane, and that did it for me.  His family heard him, too, and were as antsy as I was.  Thank goodness it wasn't my dog. I swanny, I'd have had to get off and go get it.

Sad news.  I just googled the dimensions, and Sis is w-a-y- too big to stuff in one of those "doggie bags". The acceptable height is only 9 inches high and that's only to Sis's high shoulder.  What do we do with her head?  She has to be able to stand up and turn around in one, so we might as well try to put me in one, and shove me under the seat.  I'm not sure a crate would work either but it might be worth a visit to Petco to see.  Sorry, Sis.  Looks like unless it does or  we drive (God forbid), you're staying home.  Which brings us to the next issue.

These days, about an hour of Fred's driving is all I can stand anymore.  He's a "weaver" and a "narrator", and I can't handle either one.  I'm done trying to keep myself alive driving long distances with him, while he looks around, narrates, and weaves.  We've tried the headphones thing (him) so he can blast the radio to himself, but then I'm not sure that's a great idea either.  Or very safe.  He tends to zone out and then weaves, but at least he's not narrating. And as for him hearing horns honking?  Nope.  Maybe I could get some noise cancelling ones.  Or, I could drive.  Nah.  I'd rather fly--- and let someone else do the driving.

And before I close, a quick plug for Screenmobile.  They were just here to fix our retractable screen that Sis ran through last week and were able to repair it.  Whew.  It won't hold forever since Sis did do a pretty good number on it, but it's good at least for now, unless she nails it going full speed again.  This is the second time I have used them and they are really great.  Several years ago all of our screens were shot and I had them all replaced.  The guy drove up dragging a 15 foot trailer, popped all of the screens off, replaced them right here, and popped them back on. Now, that's what I call easy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Off!

I've decided to go to Europe this weekend.  Not sure where all I'm going yet but I'll decide that on Saturday.  I'm not packed either and I don't have a ticket.  No worries.  Neither are required, as I'm going with Rick Steves on his DVD series All 90 Shows.  It's all of the shows from 2000-2012, and I can stop or continue any time I want.  Frankly, this is not my first choice of the way to go--I'd actually rather pack and go, but this is not a shabby substitute and I can compile the rest of my Bucket List a la Rick.

I figure with 50 hours of travel on 14 DVD's, I should be down right knowledgeable by the time I've finished all of these.  I figure I can weed out places I don't really care about there really would be any.  I'm sure I've already seen some of these but I'm going to just start with the first one, which is Italy, and then go in the order they are in.  Otherwise, it's just too hard to decide where to start.   Another bonus is Sis can go and since she's never been, it will be a good opportunity to see her homeland.  Germany is in the #3 slot.

Now, in case you want to know where I got these, it's KERA--my favorite channel.  With a donation during the "Begging Drive" in December, this was the gift you received.  It just arrived yesterday so I'm especially excited.  You'd think I was actually going.... I may just get out my passport and pretend.  I just don't understand people who don't like to travel.  Yes, it's a hassle sometimes and, yes, it's expensive, but what else are you going to do with your money?  Sit on it?

  I'd rather make memories and see the world.  Watching the look on friends and family faces in Italy, and traveling to get there, was just way over the top fun--not to mention just experiencing it myself.  When I look back at pictures of Brian, who had never been abroad before, it's like watching a European light bulb come on.  He later told me how much he loved it, and how he was totally overwhelmed by all of it.  Well, yeah... Capri was a mind blower-- and not a shabby place to start-- but he loved Spain, too, for the short time he was there.  Ahhhh, travel.  There's just nothing like it.