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Tuesday, February 7, 2012 you didn't

If you missed it yesterday on the Internet, Randy Travis was arrested in front of the Baptist Church up in Sanger, Texas--location of the Harris-Carter Farm.  It seems old Randy had over served himself at a Super Bowl party and pulled over in the church's parking lot to sober up, when along came the Po-Po's.  He lives over near Tioga and thankfully decided not to try to drive home.  The bad news is, he got to spend some time in the Denton County jail for public intoxication.  His mug shot is hilarious.  He looks real pleased with himself and has a pleasant look on his face.  I guess if it's gonna be on the Internet, you might as well have a nice shot of yourself for the world to see.  I sent it to Bruce and our sons late yesterday so no doubt it's made it all through "the family" by now.  News like that travels fast in this crowd.

This morning I woke up sad.  My sister and I had been talking last night about mom, and mom's comment to her over the weekend that she's "tired of this".  My sister clarified that "this" meant being alive.  Mom said she just "hates this" so my sister told her "Everything is all taken care of, Mom, so you can go on any time you are ready", and then my sister cried.  Well, yeah.  No joke....telling your mom it's OK to go ahead and die is just not an easy task or a conversation most people ever envision having with a parent.  But, that's how my sister and I roll.  Everything is right up front and no topic is off limits.  If it's painful, you just nut up and do it anyway because the gift of it is incredible emotional intimacy.  We laughed about how mom is quite the opposite--she's always been a "stick your head in the sand" kind of gal--and I'm talking sticking it way down deep--but that's how she coped, so oh, well.

Since she really doesn't use her phone at all anymore, it's getting the hook today or tomorrow so it's adios to a phone number I've known since I was five years old.  That's one of the things that panicked her when she moved--could she have that same old number.  I think she was really afraid she wouldn't be able to learn a new one and she might not have been able to--who knows.  FYI--you can always keep your number no matter what nonsense they tell you--you actually own your number.  They just don't want you to know that and it's easier for them if they give you a new one.  Sort of customer service in reverse--you make their job easier, and you pay them.  Really.

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