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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dead Wrong

Sooo many books....sooo little time.  If you didn't read Steve Blow's article in this morning's paper, go read it. He was talking about a book Dead Wrong, written by a man here in Dallas.  I won't go into more detail than that other than to say, it just went on my list.  OK, OK...I can't stand it...I have to tell you a little more.  It's written by a doctor about his life, his work, and growing up in a family where his mother was a a nurse and an alcoholic pill popper, and his dad was a doctor and IV drug addict.  It's not a big boo hoo story according to Steve Blow.  It's more of just a page turning look at someone elses life and their fascinating personal story.  The man said he had written the book so that "my children will know who I really am" and "know more about me than I knew about my parents".  Sounds like a winner to me.

A certain girl just returned from a walk with her dad and is now playing crack the whip with the towel he is attempting to dry her off with....for those not in the know, crack the whip is when your dog sinks her teeth into the towel, and you pull her back and forth and side to side, as she flies all around.  It's especially good for a puppy who is losing their puppy teeth, as they usually end up in the towel.  No fuss, no muss.  Since Sis is a somewhat elderly gal, we play gently like you would with a puppy.  Because she's a huge crybaby, you have to play gently or she yips like you are killing her.   My favorite part, though, is when she gets her growler going.  There's just something about her growler that makes me laugh....I guess because we don't hear it much. 

Benji and Scarletta are off to Switzerland on Monday, so stay tuned for stories.  I can only imagine what tales they'll return home telling.  I can't wait to see pictures from this trip, too.  Gonna be a hoot for sure!

Happy Weekend to all.

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