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Friday, February 10, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

I'm thinking it's time.  Time for me to take my several times a year break from reading both the newspaper and the Internet.  When things get way too negative, that's my cue to stop reading.  Yes, we have an election coming up and it's a lot of the same old mud slinging, just by people with different  last names.  Instead, I'd prefer to think positive, as thinking negative require lots more effort and is frankly exhausting.  I don't wanna and I'm not gonna.  So there.

Last night we met a couple I'd never met, to see The Descendants.  I loved the movie and while gazing at George Clooney is never hard work, I thought the girl who played the oldest daughter should have been nominated as a Best Supporting actress candidate.  And maybe she has and I'm not aware of it.   I just found the movie very enjoyable.  It was the couple we met, though, that I enjoyed the most.  The husband is a stock broker and quite a snappy dresser--you can just tell he enjoys lots of artistic pursuits--and the wife is a tall statuesque redhead who is a principal in her interior design firm.  She's the one I went nuts over.  Beautiful, fun, interesting, we could barely shut up during the movie.  At one point Fred almost gave us the stink eye but we just couldn't help ourselves...she had to tell me she'd been there (what we were seeing on screen) and I had to ooooo and ahhhhh because it truly was incredible.  I'd have wanted to tell her if I'd been there.  Then we had to talk briefly about her greyhound after the movie, who has corns.  I'm serious.  She said some greyhounds are prone to getting them, and sometimes on all of their paws and they have to have them removed because they become so painful.  I may have to google that and find out why because my first thought was greyhounds wearing really pointy toed, high heeled, uncomfortable shoes.  Maybe their dog is a rescue and a former racer???  Beats me.

Back to my new red headed friend.  I plan to write her a thank you note today as I think 1) that is a quickly dying social nicety 2) because I just think she deserves it. I just love meeting someone and having an instant connection with them.

Lastly, Fred had a bunny (Bun) sighting the other night while out with Sis for her after dinner stroll.  Bun was down on the corner of the block on the side of the house he likes so much, across from Pecan lady's house.  I think the other smaller bunny must either have croaked or doesn't get let out because we haven't seen that one in ages.  I'm going to still hold out hope that he's hanging at the hutch, chillin'. 

Happy Weekend to all and don't forget to watch Downton Abbey Sunday night at 8pm.  I may blog over the weekend what I think is going to happen and see if I'm correct.  Hint:  I don't think Matthew's in that wheelchair for the long haul.  :)

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