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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shudddd uppppppp!

If you missed hearing Kevin Costner speak at Whitney's funeral yesterday, I'm sorry you missed it.  I had no idea what to expect but it was outstanding.  I did not watch the entire funeral as I was 1) on the treadmill 2) I don't care who died, I'm not staying on that thing any longer than I have to.  All in all, from what I saw it was a touching and at times funny tribute, to a sad and tragic ending for such a beautiful, talented woman.  'Nuf said.  RIP, Whitney.

Fred fixed dove last night from his alley hunting cache and even threw in a duck breast from a duck he had killed at the farm.  As my sister-in-law Margie says concerning Harris males, if it flies, it dies.  And that ain't no joke either.  They'll all pretty much shoot anything.  Hogs, deer, armadillo, turkey, beer cans, sacks of unknown junk, and since I'm not real sure what happened to Brian's old washing machine, that could be in the mix.  Hey....I'm just sayin'...

In closing, this morning we made a trip to John's for breakfast and saw many of the usuals.  We did, however, have the misfortune to run into two older men that just about drove us nuts.  Have you noticed or maybe it's just me, how many older, single men will talk the balls off a billy goat?  I am serious.  There were two men sitting at the big communal table and 1) they were talking so dam loud, and so damn much, I thought I was going to have to stuff my napkin down their throats and 2) they did not seem to read cues enough to realize everybody there wanted them to shudddd upppppppp.  One of them said he "was a teacher at a nearby community college" and all I could think was, I'd have to drop... his...course.  This was right before he launched into his dissertation on cats:  how he takes care of them, bathes them, how they fight, what he feeds them, whether they are wild or not, how to trap them if they are wild, the best way to trim their nails, yada, yada, yada.  I swear he never came up for air.

Finally, I gave Fred the hook sign like " it's him or me--decide fast--'cause I'm holding the keys", and we were gone.  If I see that guy(s) again, I will sit as FAR AWAY as I possibly can, or get mine to go.  Oh, Lordy.

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