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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farm Day

Since there's no Wifi at the farm (and we aren't close enough for me to tag off someone else's either)  I'll be cut off tomorrow from the computer world, except by my phone.   Here's what's on deck for me tomorrow.  It's tres' grand so pull up a chair and get ready to be really impressed.  I am meeting with three roofers to get bids and ideas of what needs to happen to our roof.  See...I told you it was grand.  Since the house is probably close to twenty years old, it's sprung a leak here and there (and just about everywhere) and that's probably not all that surprising given it's age, but it's something that needs attention ASAP.  My plan is to take all my gal magazines and my Nook, and kick back for a nice quiet afternoon of coffee drinking and maybe some walking.  Heck..I might even walk up and visit my favorite farm dog and English Mastiff, Lady.  Last weekend I sent her the bone from a T-bone and a few scraps, for a post dinner snack.  Hey...a girl gets hungry and she's a sweet dog whose lips have probably never wrapped themselves around a steak bone.  Bone appetit, Lady.

Being Thelma, I wanted to take "Louise", but since she can only ride in my lap in my car, old Sis is not going.  There's no way she's doing that on the highway.  She doesn't know I'm going and I'm not telling her.  If she finds out I made a road trip without her I'm toast.  To ride with me, she's either got to have one of those nerdy doggie car seats or something, because otherwise it's just not safe...she'll slide right off my seats and hit the floor.  That's just a big fat NO.  She can stay home and sun herself on a towel in the back yard, with a juicy bone.  I saved one for her from the weekend.  (You just never know when you're going to need a bone to get out of a jam and this one should come in mighty handy, and keep me out of trouble.)

So, nightey-nite to all and to all a good nite.

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