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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just how I see this one

All of the past weeks brouhaha over Planned Parenthood and Komen, and the thinly veiled reason for Komen not wanting to fund PP any longer--abortion funding-- has gotten my wheels turning and my dander up.  Here's what I think.

I think men should not be able to vote on abortion, period.  Since they do not get pregnant or carry a baby, it's none of their business.  Too many men knock a gal up and haul tail the minute that pregnancy test is positive.  We see it over and over again on TV, in the paper, and in real life.  If you don't believe me, go to the Parkland clinic.

If it doesn't happen to your body, you don't get to vote on what happens to someone else's.  Unless or until medical science comes up with a way for men to carry a baby, dude, you're not voting.  And if and when medical science comes up with such a capability, exactly how many men do you think would be lining up for abortions?  I'm guessing MILLIONS, and that's probably  a low figure.  There would be no more discussions on exactly when life begins or whether or not an unborn baby had rights. They would just want out of that dilemma and FAST.  Let's face it, if God had given men the ability to bear children, we'd have died out eons ago-- and men and women all know it.

I'm not talking about discomfort here or even the difficulties of pregnancy--I'm talking about who gets left with the bag, so to speak.  Men know they wouldn't carry a baby to term if they didn't want to and I do not believe there's a man alive would sit still for a nano second and have a bunch of women telling him what HE had to do with HIS body.  But that's what's happening today, only in reverse.  Men are telling women what to do with their bodies. 

It's a women's issue, so we can decide.  It's our body, not yours.  Butt out.

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