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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Out for a stroll maybe

Yesterday between rain drizzles I ran by to see mom.  If was after lunch and I knew she might be napping but sometimes you just have to go when you can go.  She was definitely resting but not asleep, so we visited briefly while I checked her "supplies".  She was running low so since we had planned to be at the Farm this weekend--that's another story--I wanted to be sure she had what she needed before we left.  I told her I'd be right back and ran to Walgreens for a load of gear.

When I got back and put her things away, I sat on the bed with her and we just talked.  She cried, for a second telling me "I just don't know what I'd do without you", which made me laugh.  Given that we used to have a somewhat testy relationship, this is especially ironic.  I told her "You're not going to have to find out either, because I'm not going any where", to which we both laughed.  She asked about Bruce and the boys, which was remarkably tuned in for her.  The purple hyacinths I'd gotten her had leaned over  and we both laughed about how hilarious they looked.  I probably should have pitched it in the trash but for some reason I didn't.  My plan is, if it warms up enough today, I'm going to go get her and take her outside for a stroll in her wheel chair.  It may not work since today is "hair day" but I'll just have to see what shakes out later this afternoon.  Tomorrow might be better.  I can't think of the last time mom was outside, so a little fresh air is way overdue for those old lungs of hers.  Plus, I think a little fresh air makes you sleep better.  Shuuuuudup..... you know it does.  And we might see some daffodils and some puppies out for a walk....and she might feel sun on her face.  You just never know......

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