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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm whipped

It was a great weekend at the Farm and Sis and her dad are both out, dead asleep, and I may be shortly.  Sis is worn out from following him everywhere and he's not feeling great due to a sinus infection from all the dust.  We did manage to get a lot done so that's always a great feeling.  The master bedroom now has a new coverlet, shams, and little white decorative pillow, since the old ones had seen m-u-c-h better days.  Bruce met with a guy who grades roads for some ideas on pricing and road grading, though, brother John seems to think he can do it.  I'm not sure since there seems to be a lot more to road grading than just dragging one of those giant blade things and spreading out the rocks.  By the time Bruce was finished talking to the guy, he was practically wild eyed.  I asked him what in the hell was wrong, and he said the guy had not stopped talking the entire time-- he finally had to just interrupt him to ask his questions.  Yakety yak, yak.  We also met with a carpenter to get bids on some repair work on doors, screens, and one of the Barn doors.  Land's always somethin'.  

The bad news is, we found lots more evidence of roof leaks than we had previously thought so it's another case of "buy a door knob and build a house".  We are getting names of roofers and will check with our insurance guy in Sanger to see if maybe--fingers crossed-- we might be covered for a new roof.  Feel free to cross your fingers for us and even say a few prayers, because we just may need one.  I snapped pics of water damage everywhere and Bruce just rolled his eyes.  The more I found, the madder he got--not at me--just at the situation.  We had so much rain leak in above one window, a lamp shade was ruined, so I brought the lamp home to find it a new "hat" next week.

Lawdamercy....I think I  may have set a new record for "non-stop use of a washing machine by a city gal in the country."  If there's not a category for that now, there soon will be.  I washed sheets, towels, and two pretty white blankets that let's just say had been used for purposes other than their intended use.  I'm not hatin', I'm just sayin'...

 While we toiled, we did have some four legged visitors that needed sliced apples to munch while standing around up near the fence.  42, the horse John was riding yesterday, to shooo the cows back into the paddock for roping today, was a huge oink over the apples, despite having a whole one all to himself.  He kept trying to nudge Rooster, Leo, and Flipper out of the way so I just walked over to them to feed them.  "Talk to the hand, 42."

  Bruce changed the AC filters, replaced two kitchen light bulbs, and cleaned out cabinets, while I was making lists.  He and Sis rode several places on the four wheeler and she chased him some on foot, so no wonder she ain't worth killin' today.  She woke up a second ago and went to go find him and get in the bed with him, but I intercepted her.  She's now happily sunning herself, lying in her own bed in the den.  Those two are just wrong.

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