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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too tired to....

Blog?  Shower?  Even think about what to have for dinner?  Can't get your words in an intelligible sentence?  Such is where I am today and it's a new place for me.  I've usually been able to dig deep, in the past, and come up with something--anything.  Today??  Not so much.  With another cup of strong java, I may come closer but luckily today is not one of those "achievement " days for me so many people have daily. 
I keep wondering what all the single mom's of the world do when they have to appear intelligent, together and professional, when all they are capable of is robotic behavior.  I'm sure single dad's are in the same boat--I just tend to think in terms of the mom's, primarily.

What if the world called an officially recognized (and fully compensated) day off for all parents, caregivers, etc. and we all just climbed into bed for a day of rip roaring snoozing and rest?  The kids would all magically be taken care of, our houses would all be cleaned, laundry done, grocery shopping and errands run, dogs walked, and dinner all cooked and ready, when we woke up.  Only to then go back to sleep, and sleep through the night. 
 Ahhhh....I must be dreaming so I think I'll just turn over.  

Friday, September 25, 2009

You just had to see it....

Yesterday was my son Brian's post op Trauma Clinic appointment following his motorcycle crash, and subsequent rehab.  OMG.  It was like an Ex-Fix Convention.  For the uninitiated, an ex-fix is an external fixator, used to immobilize a fractured bone so it can heal properly--especially if it's a complicated fracture.  It works much better than a cast for some cases, and resembles a shish-ka-bob a little too much for my stomach.  Or an erector set.  Or scaffolding--that's bolted in to your bone.  That said, it is also the device from Hell, from a pain & "gross out" standpoint.
Yesterday, the Clinic was full and can imagine a lot of these people are not just the "in & out" sort of appointment.  They are major banged up and the #1 uniting factor and conversation starter?  Yep, an ex-fix.   It was quite an education....some were on legs--some were on arms--some were very newly acquired--others had been on for longer.  One lady who sat next to us had had hers for nine months,  having had every complication known to mankind. She was assaulted, but I did hear the word motorcycle w-a-y too many times --even from people who didn't have an ex-fix.  Their's had already been removed.

One man whose ex-fix was only a week old, was saying everything almost verbatim that Brian had said prior to his being removed.  His poor wife looked like she'd been run over by a bus, having to take care of him, and herself.  Even in pain, he was pretty hilarious, though.  After an extensive visit with him prior to being seen by Brian's doctor, we saw him again as we were both leaving.  He was laughing saying he was going to go home and tell his family and friends that it was "too late...gotta amputate" so they'd all feel sorry for him.  This was the same guy that when asked by a nurse if he'd ever been to Parkland before, responded "well....I was born here 46 years ago but I ain't been back since".  The entire waiting room cracked up and LOL for the next 10 minutes.
Just goes to show you there's a laugh in just about everything.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever wondered....

Ever wondered what it would be like to know the future, a year ahead?  For instance, if every New Years Day, you automatically knew what would happen in the following 365 days?  Good, bad, or indifferent?  That would mean no anticipation (for the most part), no surprises, nothing to dread or to look forward to.  You'd already know.  It would also mean no control ---not that any of us have any of that anyway.  It would also make planning pretty useless.  And it's not like you could just decide not to show up for your own life.  It's your life.  You have to live it--nobody else can do it for you.

The good news?  That's not how it works, thank heavens, so I can relax.  Every morning when I wake up, I just have to deal with that particular day.  No more; no less.  I can look ahead, but it's probably not a good idea, especially since most of the stuff I think will happen, never does.  And the stuff I don't see coming, arrives on schedule.  Just not on my schedule. 

Makes the surprise of a new day look pretty good, doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why is it when you need the most help from a man--any man--you get the least amount of help?  Why is it that men automatically assume that the person in the house with the biggest boobs, gets all the jobs they don't want to do?  I'm still trying to figure out what jobs they are willing to do but then that's another question.  Why can men open "X" but not close it, start it but not finish it, eat it but not clean it up?  And why is it that they don't get it that doing a job as poorly as possible will not get us to stop asking them for help?  Guys, we are sooo on to you.  We already know you pull this so give it up, already. 

When I ask why to any of the above questions to any male around my house, I watch him go through the stages of grief.  Denial (that's not my mess), Anger (self explanatory), Bargaining ("I'll do it at the next commercial"), Depression (better known as getting "busted"), & finally Acceptance (yep, she's gonna hassle me 'til I do it).  Again, why???   If you aren't gonna get away with something, why not just go ahead and do it?

And that's just how I see it....