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Monday, December 31, 2012

I'm not eatin' that

Today I feel like my brain has been blenderized and not in a good way, either.  Yesterday I found out one of my friends killed herself, and it has rocked my world pretty good.  She was a gorgeous lady inside and out and to have gone to a gun store and purchased a gun, gone back to her car, and then used it on herself is just NOT something I would EVER envision my friend doing, but then that begs the question: do we ever really know what goes on inside someone else or what their reality really looks like?  As another friend said yesterday "Let's get real here....your perception IS your reality" and I agree with her.  We all perceive things a little differently and that is, or becomes, our reality.  We're all not just a bunch of cookie cutters who spin off little cookies that walk alike, talk alike, feel alike, believe alike.  And, clearly, we've all got our individual breaking or tipping point.  The desperation of doing something like that makes me just ache for the person involved, especially when I can't possibly understand it.  Please, God....may I never know that pain or desperation myself.

Now, on to a lighter topic:  Black eyed peas.  Do you eat that stuff?  It simply gags me unless it's so dolled up with other flavors I can't tell what it is, and then what's the point of that???  I will eat Texas Caviar (only if it has enough stuff in it to cover the taste of the peas), on a frito, but beyond that, no thank ya.  Not doin' it.  There's a damn good reason they call them cow peas and besides, they are just plain nasty.  You can eat 'um....I don't care.  Not me.  Bleh.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Uh, oh

It's a sad, sad sitchy-ation for a certain hound dog around these parts.  It seems a girl of a certain age lept off a bed or something else yesterday, and sprained her paw.  Then because we don't have a crate any longer in which to corral her, she jumped out of a chair we didn't know she'd jumped up into, and made it even worse.  Now Peg-leg is cordoned off in the utility room with a puppy gate Fred had to run get last night.  Our other two are at the Farm, and old Sis waited until he'd gotten back from the Farm yesterday, to hurt herself more.  Well...there is that.    

Her dad wanted to block her in with the trash cans but I threw a cup towel on that idea.  That would have completely blocked her view of everything and felt like solitary confinement.  Hey...she didn't kill anybody...she just sprained her paw.  Twelve hours of lock down like that and she'd have been on suicide watch.  The downside of the utility room is she can't get out to use her doggie door but that's no biggie.  We just carry her outside.

She's going to the Vet this afternoon to be sure it's just a sprain.  The pain meds we have they don't want her to take because of her Cushing's disease but that seems a little cruel.  When you hurt, you hurt but I'll get more scoop on that at 1:30 pm.  It probably screws up everything her other meds try to achieve so that fits perrrrfectly with a dog we'd have.  Fix one problem, create another.

It's going to be a beeeutiful day outside so I plan to set up my pecan cracking station and maybe my fire pit on the driveway and crack the latest in Sis and Fred's pecan pick ups, from the honey hole house they've found.  There's just something fun and relaxing about doing that outside in the fresh air.  I may have to let my assistant, in prison, have a few.  That girl loves her some pecans.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Big 3!!!

Look who turned 3!!  Happy Birthday, Avery!! (on right) 


This afternoon, this is what I'm feeling....warm, snoozy, and perhaps in Greece or France.  Perfect, no???

Friday, December 28, 2012

Adios 2012

All that's left of this year is a few short days and I couldn't be more ready for a new year.  When it's over, it's just o-v-e-r and this one practically is.  Bring it on.  But before it happens, here's a quick wrap up of our holidays.

Andrea and Benji made it here for Christmas Eve from Nash.  Christmas Day was lunch, and then dinner with the Gonzales--major yum-o.  Then we had a cousin get together over here on the 26th, for the cousins on my side--most of the Harris side was out of town.  Sis was the consummate hostess--she only got excited once and did a mini tinkle when her namesake Susu, and her mom, came in the front door.  She was very sharing of her toys, with Cash, one of my niece's long haired dachshund's, who is adorable though perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  He's only two, so we'll give him a little more time.  Sis didn't even freak out over the smalls, which is something new.  She's usually afraid of them but since she got so much love and attention, I think she decided perhaps they were pretty OK after all.

She was only spotted once, toward the end of the evening, standing up on one of the kid sized chairs I'd pulled up to the coffee table, trying to snag a pita chip around the hummus.  Thank goodness she didn't try to take  a lick of the hummus, with that lizard tongue of hers.  One chip was all she got and for that I'm grateful.

The Nash-town Harris's leave tomorrow to head back so boo hoo on that.  Avery got to open her b-day gift on the 26th since it was already here, sitting on the dining room table.  Her real birthday is today but sometimes you just have to go ahead and open your princess gift--a pink dress up dress with sparkles and tulle, on a pink princess hanger, no less.  This isn't the actual one but it will give you the drift.  (There were so many pictures of them on the internet, my head almost exploded.)   She and Hadley took turns playing in it and showing us how they looked.  Oh, Lordy, it's goooood to be a princess.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anddd...we're done

 Transition Christmas 2012 is over and bar none, this one was the best ever.  Anything special?  Yes and no.  Family, great friends, and deeevine food.  Any gabillion dollar gifts, outrageous trips, or big honkin' diamonds?  No.  Anything special?  Yes.  Snow, a killer dinner tonight with our daughter-in-laws family and her uncle, at her parents house,  fun stories and laughter over all kinds of things, and time spent today with our family here at home, opening gifts, having lunch and just chillin'. Laughter with friends and family trump any gift I could ever be given.  That is the gift.
 Last night, I ran by to see mom right before we left for our Christmas Eve dinner, and while I'm not real sure who chose her ensemble for the day, she was clean and happy and down the hall with the group watching TV after her dinner.  As I kissed her goodbye and told her "Merry, Merry", her eyes lit up, and as I started off down the hall I could hear her repeating over and over again, "Merry, Merry!  I hope hers was.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flex Up!

I'm going to go ahead and just name this Christmas before it even happens and it will forever more be known as the 2012: Transition Christmas.  Bruce and I counted up the number of changes that have had a part in this year's celebration and got to 12, before stopping, and I'm sure we've either missed a few, or more are in store before Christmas is officially a memory.  The best part is, so far I really like the direction we're headed in.  Is all of it perfect, no, and it made me think about how things sure weren't perfect in Bethlehem, either.  Remember the no room in the Inn business?  And delivering in the stable?   That's not only unsanitary but I'm thinking cold, drafty and downright uncomfortable.  No meds, no running water.  Oh, Holy night is right.  Count me out for that job.

And talk about a transition year....that year back then was a real doozie.  A star in the East, shepherds seeing it as they tended their flocks knowing something really spectacular had happened, and three Wise Men traveling for miles and miles to bring gifts to a newborn baby.  A very special baby.  And the world was forever changed by that night and the man he grew to be. 

 The changes he brought to this world a lot of people initially thought were bad.  Some people still think they are-- and both groups were probably just afraid.  Afraid of him, afraid of seeing the world differently (change), afraid of his holy powers.  Change was good then, and it's good now.  Seeing things differently is all of matter of opening your mind and being willing to experience something new.

Make new memories.  Start new traditions.  Let go of the old.   

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Oh, yes he did...

I am still laughing over this morning's dog drama.  A certain male took his favorite black dog on their walk this morning.  They go every Saturday morning because it's something she will bug him about until he finally takes her.  She will whine at him, bark at him, and just generally pester him until either I make him take her to shut her up, or he gives in.  Since it was still chilly, I made him put on her coat, which she hates.  It makes her look like a black pig in a royal blue blanket and that's my favorite part.  Anywho, down the block they went to the church for their usual do and I jumped into the shower.

No sooner did I hop out of the shower but in he came, carrying her, telling me he "thought she had hurt her shoulder...she's limping".  Picture it...I'm standing there with wet hair in my towel wrap, trying to take all of this in.  He takes off her coat and gently....reverently...puts her down, and sure enough she is limping.  He looks at me like I'm suddenly a Vet (that happens a lot around here) with a pleading look on his face to please, please, fix her, so I gently suggest he check her paw for something down inside.  He looks at me like I'm nuts, but does it anyway.  He's just sure it's her shoulder.  Out comes a chunk of  acorn shell, he puts Sis down, and off she runs to the kitchen to get a drink of water.  I think I'm gonna start billing him for consultations on this kind of stuff.  He'll need a padded cell if anything really bad ever does happen to her.

Lastly, because he worries about her at night when he lets her outside and she she goes alley hunting in the dark--he's afraid someone won't see her black self and will run over her-- yesterday afternoon, he bought her a light up, blinking, flashing, collar that's actually a little snuggish but will work for the small amount of  time she's outside at night.  He was beyond thrilled to find one and could not wait to put it on her for a test run.  Those two are just somethin'--I dare say what.  I'll try to get a picture of her in it.  You just have to see it to believe it.  She looks like a little black pig in a flashing red collar. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Update to Congress & Cliff

I've had a change of heart.  In my office (shower), I realized I hated wasting the Marine's time so here's my updated proposal to Congress.  Send all the male members home to take care of their kids, wrap all the presents, and cook, while running all the laundry for their family.  Their wives are off duty and just get to go play with their friends.  That's what their husbands do all day anyway.  Send all the female members to a beachy resort with Hillary and Oprah as their hosts.  All the women are immediately whisked off to the resort's spa, given robes, spa slippers, and jasmine tea.  After a hot mineral foot bath, they are then sent off for a massage.

Post massage, they meet in the spa's quiet area, to visit.  No business--just visit and girl talk.  Off to their facials.  Back to the quiet area and more calming teas.  Now they begin to talk fiscal cliff...guided by Oprah.  In thirty minutes or less, we have a deal, more spa services, and the rest of the weekend, to enjoy being women.  Friends are made.  Girl talk ensues for the rest of the weekend.  Fun is had.  The End.  Done deal.  And the guy members of Congress pay for it out of their own pocket books for being jerks.  Works for me.


Well, so much for keeping my trap shut.  Ya knew it would never last and so did I.  Here's what I want to discuss this morning and that's Congress going home for Christmas with no final decision and plan for the Fiscal cliff.  Really??  You all went home and just left it??  It's a damn good thing for them that I'm not the President because I'd have told them all to get really comfortable 'cause they weren't going ANYWHERE until a decision and plan was reached.  I don't care if they had to eat beans out of a can for Christmas lunch or dinner.  So sad, too bad.  Get on with the business of taking care of this country which is what you were elected to do in the first place.

I think it would really flush out the weenies, too...the ones who talk a good game but put to the test, might agree to anything to go home and sleep in their own bed.  Times are tough, folks.  Those of you in Congress need to pull your heads out and get down to the basics of working together, instead of against each other.  If it were me, I'd have locked them in and left them access to a bathroom, and that's IT.  I'd have taken all their cell phones, laptops, etc., and left them to WORK. IT. OUT.  I'd have had flats of canned beans, a can opener, and water, dropped off by armed Marines, with the instructions "Shoot to kill", if anyone tries to make a run for it.  I'd give them 72 hours to come to an agreement letting them know up front, what was at stake for them: no agreement, you are all fired.  Period.  No more benefits, no pension, no more running for public office--not even a dogcatcher.  You go home in total disgrace and then we'll see how strong your convictions really are. 

Like I said, it's a damn good thing I'm not President.  Merry Christmas, Congress.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

See you in 2013!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.  See you in 2013 unless I come up with something I feel the need to blather on about, prior to then. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift wrapping......whatever

Last night's communion service for family and close friends for Bruce's cousin, Lee Carter, was one of the most beautiful and meaningful services I have ever attended.  The church was Oak Lawn Methodist where Lee's parents had married, his grandparents were long time members, and where he had been baptized.  The sanctuary was old, dark wood, beautiful in the extreme and when the pews squeaked a little when you moved, all I could think of was the thousands of people who have sat there, year after year, generation after generation.  This service was one of Lee's wishes and at the end, we all lit candles which always gives me the chills.  There is something so spiritual about that candle lighting from person to person that is holy, and with the dark outside, and the sweet warmth of us gathered together, it was truly a special gift from Lee.  Thank you, my friend for such a lovely gift.

Lee had specifically wanted his close friends and family to be together for a special service for just us, before the larger service this morning.  What a kind and considerate thought from such a special man.  Well done, Lee.  Well done.

On a lighter note, today I am playing catch up as a few things have had to slide around here lately.  I've decided when you run out of tissue paper for stuffing gift sacks, just wrap whatever the gift is, however you can.  I've decided I like weird shaped stuff under the tree and frankly, it's just easier than getting in the car and going to get tissue paper, of all things.  They'll probably be out at the store anyway so chillax and just wrap the damn thing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Did you say poppers???

Outta time and energy to blog today.  This afternoon I made jalapeno poppers for a party on the 26th.  Oh, yeah, baby.   Did you know you can freeze these and re-heat later??  Well, I'll be damned....who knew.  Tune in tomorrow for more little known or cared about, scoop.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Are you saggin' a little? I am....

After this weekend's events, I think we are all pretty blown and I am bolstered this morning by seeing the sun shining.  Its amazing to me how such a simple little thing can make such a difference.  No birds singing and it's quiet, except for an airplane flying over but all is just as God would have it in his world today.  Weekend events like this past one (Connecticut and Lee Carter's death)  always remind me there is a bigger picture I'm not seeing, and that there is a source  greater than me at work in the Universe, thank goodness.  I don't have to like what's going on but I do have to accept it--definitely not my favorite part.

Today my plan is to load up on the love and share it.  Take care of myself and rest if /when I need to since I didn't sleep much, and generally just throttle back.  It's times like this that remind me what's really important and going full throttle is never one of them.  If it doesn't get done today, so what?  Eventually it will.  First things first.  Easy does it.  Give time time.  And pray like you mean it.

And that's just how I see it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Yay, God!!!

Best news ever and prayers do get answered!  Bruce's cousin who is in ICU is doing better and his temp is coming down.   We'll all sure take this news with leaps of joy!  He is not out of the woods by any stretch but movement in this direction is what you want to see v. where he has been.  We'll be heading over to the hospital later today to check in again with his family, and all of the cousins, his sisters, etc.  The bottom line is, thank you, God!!

I need to get out and do some shopping but I'd much rather grab Sis, cuddle up, and listen to the rain.  She doesn't do rain any better than I do so maybe I'll just hang around here for a little bit longer.  I've already been out once and gotten soaked and that's pretty much my limit.

As for what's going on in the world today, my suggestion is do not watch it on TV or read about it on the internet.  I glanced at it, and quickly moved on.  Think loving positive thoughts instead and pray for those afflicted.  In fact, just pray period.  It's the only thing that works anyway.  :))

Happy Weekend to all!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

OOO, la la

Yesterday was one of my most favorite days of the year when the Board of my family's foundation meets to play Santa.  OOOO....I love the chance to give away money to those places that meet our criteria for giving.  I won't go into specifics other than to say that my personal favorite, Parkland, made out great, and for that I am truly grateful.  The best part, though, was getting to call my contact at the "P" and tell her.  We squealed like little girls.

Mom was also part of the meeting yesterday--we did it by conference call-- and she seemed to enjoy parts of it.  At one point she got confused and almost got mad about heaven knows what but I told her it was OK--whatever she was worrying about-- and I still have no clue what that was all about.   I've learned with her disease, some things you just can't know.

This picture is part of a text I received at 7:45 AM this morning and I almost fell out of bed laughing.  It's the three smalls before school, eating the sweet rolls I'd dropped off yesterday afternoon.  Look at those sleepy faces and Hudson's bed head.  Hilarious. 

Last night we met Andrea's (Benji's wife) parents for dinner at Taco Diner and stayed until almost 8:30pm laughing and visiting.  We are so lucky to truly love them and have fun when we get together.  We are truly blessed.

Lastly, during this holiday season, please don't forget to pray for those in need, those who are ill, those most in need of a miracle.  Prayer works miracles.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I fear I may have turned the corner into some really unsavory territory-- certain shows on cable TV.  Specifically that would be a show called Moonshiners.  Lord love me...I simply could not turn it off.  It's based in North Carolina and for the first few minutes, I couldn't understand a word that came out of those hillbillies mouths.  Never mind they didn't all have a lot of teeth-- I'm thinking years of producing and drinking your own shine might take out a tooth or two--and your brain.  But these guys were the real deal since they sold theirs on the shine black market and their living depended on a good shine income.

One of the shiners was actually the Fire Chief in a certain area.  That's him on the left and his assistant, Tickle, who later went rogue out on his own. see the lengths people will go to to make a living is unreal.  One shiner was so far behind in his orders, he was going to take the barley he had and make scotch whiskey, and put his wife and son in charge of that still.  That's when I lost it.  Getting caught can send you to the big house and for any man to expect his wife and /or son to participate is just wrong.

OK...back to the fascinating part.  The narrator said that some old shiners can tell the proof of their moonshine by filling a jar a little less than half full, capping it and shaking it for three seconds and looking at the size of the bubbles that float to the top.  He said the really good shiners can tell the actual proof or within a whisker, and are as accurate as modern measuring.  Watching them worry about their product, getting caught, the weather destroying their stills, was just something I could not imagine.  Not to mention the Fire Chief hiding all his booty in a field of tobacco.  I may have to watch next week just to see if he gets caught.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Poor Sis, again.  While she and I were outside getting the paper and visiting with a down the block neighbor, her Dad snuck out the back way and left--more importantly left HER--and she's running through the house now looking for him, and mewing, calling him at every room.  If I didn't feel sorry for her, I'd be celebrating the fact that he's racking up loads of demerits from her that will take him all afternoon to work off.  Oh, she comes all whiney and boo-hooing, because she can't find him.  She'll keep hunting for him until she'd had enough, and then will give up and get back in her bed.  Sis, honey, that's just how men are.  Save yourself some grief and just come on in here with me.

Now, on to the cinnamon rolls.  Let me just say that phase one is complete and all that needs to happen this afternoon is the assembly, cooking, and then the sugar frosting on the top.  The stirring was not hard at all despite what I'd thought, but I was still forced to take a nap, and that's what interrupted production.  Cooking is hard work I don't care what anyone says, and homemade stuff --the real homemade stuff--comes with the nap clause.  At least at my house it does.

Has anybody noticed how vocal all the birds are now and is that a function of the temperature?  Are they all talking because they don't have to worry about staying warm and finding food?  I know when it's cold, they don't seem to talk much at all, and this is just one of the many things that I wonder about.  Maybe they are just finicky.

Next weekend is the annual Cookie Party at my sister GoGo's house, for all her grands, which should be a hoot.  Since we cancelled our surprise trip to Vegas to see Scarletta perform after they and some other bands got cancelled due to over booking, I'll be able to go to the partay after all.  I think this might be the first year that Avery will really get into it since she's turning three a few days after Christmas.  I know Had and Hud will be all over it like beards on rednecks.

And speaking of, if you haven't seen Duck Dynasty on TV, let's just say you have definitely NOT seen it all.  We were so unglued, we ate our steaks in front of the TV like true white trash, only we didn't use TV tables.  Too tacky.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'm rockin' Betty Crocker

I am waist deep in flour, making cinnamon rolls and that's exactly how I like it.  Fred is at the Farm, Sister is pouting because she got left here with me, so all is quiet and peaceful.  The only noise is from the leaf blower and mower next door, due to the mess our trees have made.  Juan will do ours Monday.

I'm at a brief lull in the recipe where I'm waiting for the mixture to cool down somewhat, before I add the yeast, and then 8 cups of flour.  I think I won't need to do any arm work out this afternoon since eight cups of flour is likely to be like stirring cement.  And that's before I add one last freaking cup of flour.  Yes, I could try doing it with my mixer but I doubt it would all fit in the bowl, so I'm just gonna play 1950's Betty Crocker and try to stir it myself.   Look for my obit on Monday where it will list my cause of death as "Stirring".

If I survive all the stirring, I can put the whole shebang in the refrige and go take a nap.  I love cinnamon rolls.  Especially  when they come with a nap.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well, lookey heah...

Great news.  Our hawk is back and Fred spotted him the other morning on his way home from the gym.  I hoped he hadn't gone far and apparently he hasn't.  He must have been hunting over at the church, which  sounds kind of awful when you think about it.  He's the chunk right in the middle, above.

I've decided Sister can either count or has an internal alarm that tells her when the weekend is imminent.  Her whole self perks up and it's as if she's auditioning for a trip to the farm.  By Friday evening she's unbearably perky.  She hops backwards, never taking her eyes off you, and if she sees certain weekend packing gear come out of the closet, get ready for the whinies.  She'll mew, run outside and stand by the car, refuse to come back in, etc.  At least she's not doing what Wiggles used to do which was run under the car and refuse to come out.  The only sure fire way to get him to come out, was to open the car door on my side.  Since he always rode in my lap, in his younger days until we got Sis, he figured that was his best assurance of going.  Then he'd put his front feet up like he was trying to jump into the car, all by himself.  Oh, that brown dog....when he left for Dogtown, he took a big ole chunk of my heart with him. We all still miss that Man dog.  

Lastly, I found this in my pictures this morning and had forgotten Sis even had this.  It came with four jingle things, one for each paw.  We tried that, but Sis went totally over the edge, biting at her paws trying to get the jingle paws off.  I reckon there's only so much humiliation a girl can handle.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday: Things I know Today

It's my annual holiday " Things I know Today " that I've either fought hard to learn or given myself permission to do, whether it makes other people happy or not.  So, here goes.


1.  Today I know putting on my lipstick in the dining room of a certain ladies club, at a Christmas tea, may upset some of the older "old school" ladies, but it damn sure won't kill 'um.  It's 2012, ladies.  Lots worse things can and will, happen. ( Luckily this did not happen to me or I'd have taken my lipstick back out and re-applied, s-l-o-w-l-y.)

2.  Today I know homemade doesn't have to mean I made it.  Putting it a container I bought or wrapping it with my cellophane takes care of all that.  Nobody really cares anyway.
3.  Today I know some people just aren't capable of being very happy.  Don't make it about yourself.  It's not.
4.  Today I know happiness is an inside job and my responsibility.  It's not someone else's job to make me happy.
5.  Today I know Christmas is just one day, but can be celebrated on any day.  Don't get confused about what's really important.
6.  Today I know to protect my energy zealously around this time of year.
7.  Today I know anything that drains me or sucks my energy I either stop doing completely, or only do occasionally, and then I pick and choose those times carefully.  I'm an adult.  I can choose. ( If you needed permission to quit doing something, you just got it.)
8.  Today I know just because I think it, doesn't make it true.  I might be right; I might not.
9.  Today I know just because I feel it doesn't make it true, either.  Feelings aren't facts.
10. Lastly, today I know to let go or be dragged.

And that's just how I see it.

Monday, December 3, 2012

GTMO scoopage

I was able to catch Benji between flights back to Nashville this afternoon to get a little of the trip scoopage.  All in all, he said it was a fantastic experience and that the service men and women treated them like guests.  They stayed in townhouses on the base, two to a townhouse, each with their own bedroom, and a large living area in the center with a big TV.  Each townhouse had their own front and backyard and "were nicer than my place back home". 

He said several times they ate in the Mess Hall and got to visit with the troops and said the food was great, which surprised me.  Then during one of their shows, Aubrey got a marriage proposal, called the guy out and dedicated a song to him, to the cat calls and hoots of the crowd.  Knowing Aubs, she must have put everything she had into that song 'cause Benji said the guy got total grief from all of the guys sitting around him.  If you've ever seen Aubs turn it on, you know what I'm talking about.  Aubs "unplugged" is something to see.  She is a total crack up and as comfortable onstage as anyone I've ever seen. She will say and do just about anything and she is gorgeous beyond belief.  When that girl gets on her war paint and her high heels, look out. 

Benji said they rode in a Christmas parade for the kids, signed autographs, went to the local GTMO high school to the music class and visited with the kids about music, how they got started, etc.  Sunday they went snorkeling and though they worked hard, the GTMO staff built in some downtime for them as well.  I found out that the cell phone deal was more about no reception than a security issue.  Ditto the laptops.  (Personally, I kind of liked the drama and intrigue my idea added but whatever.)  There were one or two "hotspots" around where you could get reception but Benji said he was too worn out to deal with it and just bought a calling card instead, so he could call Andrea.  Sooo sweet....I loved that part.

He said the Marines and other service people were just incredibly nice....appreciative of them coming, and they visited  with them quite a bit.  The Community Activity Director for GTMO has already commented on the picture below on FB thanking Scarletta for making it a weekend to remember.  They will be playing a showcase in March for Military "show bookers" and the same guy I mentioned said he looked forward to seeing them there. 

What a wild ride.  And what a fantastic opportunity to give back to those who keep us safe.  Cool deal.

(I'm impressed they all got on that little bitty Navy plane.  They'd have had to blind fold me.)

The Big Reveal

 The Secret.  The Big Reveal.  Drum roll, please.

Guess where Scarletta has been for the last 4 days??  

Ya give?  I mean ya??

Well, here it is:  Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, playing for the troops.  I kid you not.  More scoop to follow.  They'll be posting pic's ASAP though since they couldn't take cell phones, they may have to wait until they hit home to load them from camera to cell or computer, and that's assuming they could even take a camera.  Probably not.

  Not sure what all the rules and reg's were but I know they were very specific. ( I'm thinking if you break 'um, you either get water boarded or you swim home.  Helloooo, shark bait.)

I should have some insane stories to tell once Benji gets back in US air space.  See....I told you it was a good one!

Since it's an hour later in Cuba, I'm going ahead and posting this.  Their plane should have left by now and be headed to Jacksonville, Florida, if they are coming back the same way they went down there.  Shooweee.... no telling where they'll turn up next.  Hopefully, the Grammy's!!  :)))                               

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter of the World

I just finished Winter of the World by Ken Follett, the second in his Century Trilogy.  At 940 pages, it's a phone book in weight, but a really good read.  I do recommend reading the first book in the trilogy so you can appreciate all of the character's connections, and once again, a fair amount of it surrounds WWII.  Man....this is the second book in a row in which WWII played a significant role and ,frankly, I don't wanna hear another word about WWII for quite awhile.  Color me over it, at least for a little while.  The horrors of that war will keep you up at night although I'm pretty sure any war will.  After reading this book, I certainly have an even greater appreciation of our veterans. 

On another note, Sis and her dad just returned from a trip up to the farm to check things out.  As anticipated, her dad gave her water but didn't take any food with him for a hungry girl, and Sis didn't "brunch" much before leaving, so you wanna guess who barfed on her way back home??  She probably got too hot in the way way back of his car, was hungry and thirsty, so she just blew...  Does that really surprise you?  It doesn't me.  Poor girl...maybe one day she'll learn that if I don't go along, the trip's liable to get uggglleeee. Then the minute she hit the door, her dad tattled on her, too.  For shame, for shame.

Tomorrow is blab day and I get to finally tell the secret.  Stay tuned.  I think you're gonna love it.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oliver....please come back over

Lots going on this morning.  The caretaker at the Farm was to have been out by today but is "running behind" and will be out by noon.  Thank you, Lord.  It's time and good riddance.  He wasn't a bad guy--just lazy as Sister on a cold day.  Time to move on.

Loads of leaves are falling in our front yard, courtesy of two enormous oak trees that drown us in leaves at this time every year.  Yes, we can blow them up today but as we do, more fall, and it's just infuriating, so we'll most likely wait until tomorrow.  I just suggested to the chief leaf blower that he walk outside and get one of the yard guys across the street to blow up ours and just hand them the cash but ohhhhh, nooooo.  OK, FINE.  Have it your way.

I went by to see mom earlier in the week and she was about the same though I suspect she's lost more weight.  My brother bought her these little sippee cups and they work great.  She's always thirsty and I'm guessing that other than meals, the staff forgets to offer her a drink of water during the day even though I've mentioned it to them.  They honestly do the best they can so I can't rag on them too much.  I'm sure it also helps in the diaper change department.

Recent funny:  Hudson had a friend over this week, Oliver, who'd never been over before.  Hud's mom, Nicole, had left all the kids and Oliver, with Hud's dad, Dallas, while she ran to get her haircut.  Late in the afternoon, Dallas was outside putting up a blow up Santa when a lady drove up and said "Hi".  Dallas invited her in and called the kids including Oliver, since his mom was there to pick him up.  Hudson said " Daddy...I need to tell you a secret" and Dallas said "Not now, Hudson".  Hudson said "No, Daddy....I really need to tell you NOW" and he whispered in Dallas's ear "That lady is NOT Oliver's mom".  Dallas looked at Oliver and said "So...this isn't your mom?" and Oliver shook his head, no.  The lady pipes up with "Isn't this 3431" and Dallas said "No, that's next door".  Avery then pipes up with "Awwwkwarddd" and the lady high tails it out the door.  After the door slams, Dallas turns to the kids and says "What just happened here?" and the kids all went to pieces laughing.  See....this is what happens when you leave a dad in charge.  :))))

Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes stuff just happens.  Such was the case with a certain person I gave birth to who had a wreck in his brand new car a few weeks ago.  Well, damn.  It happens.  What I did not know since we were out of town was the extent of the damage.  Once again well, damn.  When I got the news yesterday that his car was little more than a hunk of crushed steel, my first thought was oh, **** and then thank you, God, that no one was hurt, or worse.

Not knowing how this was going to play out, I said my prayers and just went on about my day.  As it turns out, my son made a brilliant decision when he purchased the car, and bought Gap insurance.  Can I tell you I didn't even know there was such a thing??  Color me clueless.  What Gap insurance does is cover the gap your car insurance doesn't cover if your car gets creamed or just banged up.  I knew he was brilliant--and handsome, and funny as all get out.  I also knew he could and would work it all out himself with out his momma's help---like I'd really be any in the first place. (I did try to cheerlead a little for him but was immediately told to button it.)  First, last, and always a mother.'s my default setting.

Wow.  Tough stuff to deal with but I will say he's dealing with it all like a man and I am so proud of him.  (If he reads this I am soooo gonna get killed but tough bananas.)  It's my blog and I get to say what I want.

Now, that said, the secret I referred to last week is burning a hole in my throat not to blab, but I only have to keep my trap shut for a few more days, and then I can let it rip.  You are gonna pee your Depends when you find out what it is--Lord knows I sure did! 

So with that, and that mean awful dangling of bait I have left you with, I will close telling you to have a safe and happy weekend and to cyber shop if you can.  Going to the Mall or fighting the traffic is just not worth it--on any level.  If you can't buy it online or they won't ship it to you for free, it ain't worth havin'.  Tell 'um I said so.

And that's just how I see it.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello,'s me again

This occurred to me this morning as I did my quiet time.  (My quiet time is when I do my readings for the day and just tune into God, before I get my day going.)  In this season of giving, have I stopped to count my gifts?  No, not the ones you've bought or the ones left to get.  I'm referring to the ones I've been given.  And, no, not the material ones--the God given gifts of people, experiences and lessons learned, the opportunities, the angels that watch over me-- the people who have dropped into my life at just the right time, to assist me and accompany me on my life journey.

Today, take a minute and and make a list of all your gifts, and during this holiday season, make one daily, adding new and different gifts you've become aware of each day.  Thank Him.  Do this anytime of day but first thing in the morning, with your coffee, is my most favorite time.  Somehow my direct connection to God seems to be less staticky at that time.

Watch and see how this simple task impacts your thoughts and your attitude.  You will be amazed.  S-l-o-w down.  Be present.  Connect.  This is the real gift.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cloudy 'um

Gosh, I love cloudy days when you are up early and can enjoy the snuggliness of them.  Even if you have to get dressed, there's just something cozy about them. My personal preference is always pj's but sometimes those don't work in public, unless you are a slouchy guy with bedhead.

 I had to get out early this morning to have labs drawn for a doctors appointment next week and I'd forgotten how much fun it can be to fly opposite the traffic.  If I had to sit in traffic for hours everyday I'd have to change jobs.  Creeping along is just not in my repertoire of activities I could do daily, and remain sane. 

 Today I plan to do errands and cook a little, since I'm taking dinner to Claire's family tonight.  Yesterday I saw Claire with her mom and baby brother, John, out front, on her return from Mother's Day Out.  She continues to just get cuter and funnier and I am more grateful everyday for their family moving in next door.  Little people add so much to a neighborhood.  I think a lot of having small fries around makes me stroll down memory lane with my own boys, and remember the stuff they did.  Big wheel bike washes, climbing and swinging on the rope swing, and jumping in the leaves were big activities, not to mention fighting.  The good news about boys is, they fight, punches get thrown, and it's over.  Girls??  Not so much.  They punish you for days.  That's just part of our brilliance.  We drag out the drama.

And now for the block scoop:  no animal sightings lately and that has me worried.  I think Mary's bunny has moved on to roomier digs since it's been a good while since we've seen him.  I can't stand the thought of him being the little red fox's lunch.  The dove continue to be plentiful in the alley, but since Fred was threatened with a call to the Po-Po's, he's had to curtail his alley hunting.  Naturally, I laughed my you know what off when he got himself in the dog house-- being the supportive wife that you know I am. sympathy here, even though that does cut into my dove dinners.

As Sis snoozes in the white chair, covered by her red fleece blanket, I think what a gas it would be to be her.  If she could just read, she'd have it made. 

Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm so mad I could spit nickels in the street.  My computer picked Cyber Monday to take a nose dive and no matter what I do, she's not coming back up.  Personally, we've had a rather love hate relationship since she does this from time to time, and it irks the hell out of me when this happens.  Luckily I did all my cyber shopping yesterday, so I am good on that front.

Bruce and I had a soup making duel over the weekend to re-stock the freezer, and since I'm taking dinner tomorrow over to my next door neighbors, I figured that would be easy and tasty after TG.  He wanted to learn how to make vegetable soup--only he  wanted MEAT in his-- so he got a first hand view of how fun it is to chop til you drop.  He's actually a really good sous chef.  What weirds me out is when he wants to add really random stuff to something that's already fine as it is.  He figures if it's on the shelf, it must be OK, so throw it in.  This is also the same man who shot a squirrel in the  front yard and wanted to cook it in my kitchen.  See??  That's just wrong.

With that I'll close and let everyone get back to what's really important today.

 Checking FB.  :)))

Sunday, November 25, 2012

When in doubt, freeze

Left overs...oy, vey.  There's just not a lot of ways to dress them up if you don't like them, so my theory is to freeze them if you can.  Brian and Benji....quit laughing.  They always say I freeze EVERYTHING and I sort of do.  I figure if I can't think of something to do with them, awww, hell....just freeze 'um.  On some cold night, pulling those out of the freezer earlier in the day is bound to 1) make life easier 2) taste pretty good after the initial "I never want to see turkey again" has worn off.  I don't think you can freeze gravy--maybe you can--but I'm thinking the gelatinous looking mess after it thaws would render it totally trash worthy, if not gag worthy.  Just make some or get that gravy starter stuff from William-Sonoma.  Or, heaven forbid, go gravy less but I think that might be against the law.  I'm pretty sure it is in the South.

There was a  a little drama over TG--Benji and Andrea's best gal pal, Erin, arranged to have Erin and her BF drive to Nash to surprise Andrea for TG, and surprise her they did!!  Benji videoed it and sent it to me, and it was hilarious.  I just love girls screaming and hugging, while a guy (Erin's BF) just stands there wondering what in the hell to do with himself.  Then Benji's wedding ring flew off during a game of football that afternoon, and necessitated the rental of a metal detector on Friday, and luckily was quickly found by Erin and her BF.  Unfortunately, Benji had to hit the road out of town to play with Scarletta and Andrea had to work, so Erin and her BF got the job. What a save by good friends.  Thank you, Erin and BF!

Believe it or not, there's more.  Erin's grandfather was hospitalized in ICU in North Carolina, so she and BF hit the road Saturday to go be with her grandmother, until the rest of the family could get there by air.  He was not doing well at all last night so I'm praying things are better today.  I'm sure this will be a Thanksgiving none of them will forget for awhile. Yikes.

That aside, our TG was lovely, I feel blessed beyond belief and all is well.  Hope it was a superb day for all of you and in the event it wasn't, just remember, it was just lunch. And, you don't have to do it again for another year.  :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bucket List update

Best thing I've seen so far this morning:  A Weimaraner sticking it's head out of a car's sun roof, coming down Boedeker beside North Park.  Sis and I were on our way back from the bank to get Senora Maria's cash and there he or she came, sniffing that air and having a ball.  Since it's a mite chilly, Sis only had her head out the window, but I did get a great laugh over that dog. You'll get the feeling from this even though it's not the same dog. 

I've been aware for awhile that the list of things I wanted to do that I'd made prior to my Medical City retirement has all almost been achieved, in one form or another.  Yes, there are still a few things left, but I'm thinking it's time for me to sharpen my pencil and start another list.  A new Bucket List.  Some of the things scare me a little.  Or a lot.  Truth be told, I want to write a book-- but I don't know what to write about.  Now, if I'm a total cheese ball, I could just pick old posts from my blog, slap those in some sort of order, have some grammarian clean it all up, and send it out to Pub's.  But seriously, who's gonna option my drivel....but that's exactly who I am, and I'm not willing to change a whole lot of that......unless the check they hand me had loads of zero's.  Then I might be negotiable....maybe....not even sure that would do it.  And let's get real here..... I'm not exactly J. K. Rowling.  If I'm 100 % honest, I think I'm afraid to put myself out there.  Rejection sucks.

Another thing I want to do is to build something, some where. A house or an addition to my current house...or not.  Not sure there either.  I have an idea in my head and pictures of what I think I'd want, but the problem there is you have to make decisions and decide exactly what you want and how you want it--and I'm not quite there yet.  The good news is, I don't have to do it at all unless I want to, and that's when and if, I get ready.  When and if I do get ready it will be fun to see what I decide.  Again, I think I'm afraid I might make a mistake.  Like anyone has ever built a perfect anything.  My perfectionism's got me by the ying yang.

I think the key here is to feel the fear and do it anyway.  So what if I don't get a book deal, or I end up building a dawg of a house.  I can always sell the damn house...or give it away.  Ouch...that hurt.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Bride!!

Equal time for my OTHER niece, Kelly, whose wedding was here in Dallas, the same night as Suzanne's.  Since Bruce and I have not perfected the art of cloning ourselves, we couldn't do both.  But get a load of this beautiful gal!! 

With two older sisters who are brunette, Kelly represents more of the Harris side of the clan.  She fits right in with the coloring on our team, though she's tall like the McCartin side.  Her husband, Tanner, is brunette and here's a shot of them, sealing the deal.
 They have so many beautiful pictures on FB that it was almost impossible to choose what to post here.  Egads....ain't nothing I like better than a wedding, except maybe pie.  Here's a shot of the cocktail area as the guests came into Brook Hollow, before going inside.

   I hope I am getting all of this correct.  I'll see my SIL, Margie, Kelly's mom, tomorrow at the Farm, so I'll have far more scoopage to report after that.  Since we weren't there, I am essentially winging it.  I know this much because of my coffee clatches with Margie, prior to the big event.

This one needs no explanation.  It's Kelly and her two sister, Megan and Daley.  See...I told you they were brunettes.

And lastly, bar none, my most favorite picture of ALL.  As many pictures as possible were made prior to the wedding, and this one is the moment Tanner sees Kelly, for the first time.  So sweet it gives me the chills.  Get a load of his FACE.  Love it.


Happy Turkey Day to ALL tomorrow.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Big 60, GoGo!!

Let's talk turkey.  But first I need to give a shout out to my sister, Gretchen, on her big 60th today.  Woo hoo!!  Happy Birthday!!!  Hope it's a great one.  You deserve it after that whale of a wedding you just had.  That's her Avery with her.  Have you ever....I mean sweet....I could just melt.

Now back to cooking.  (OMG...I can barely concentrate looking at those faces)  Anywho, while my turkey is chillaxing in the refrige next to the brine I made last night, little does my turkey know that as soon as the brine is good and cold, my turkey is going for a swim, for 24 hours.  I'm talking deep six here and it will be left undisturbed to swim, other than to make sure things are icy cold.  My cornbread is made, sausage is about to get cooked, and veggies are chopped, so I'll finish the rest of my dressing this afternoon  I think it tastes better when it's made ahead and all the flavors get to make friends.

Pies I'm not doing.  I have a friend with a start up catering business, so after tasting his pies, I decided to throw some business his way.  The real truth is, his pies were simply out of this world, and I couldn't BEGIN to make something as good as his, so why not??  And, no, I won't be passing his off as mine.  Nobody would believe that for a second anyway.  If you need someone to cater an event, let me know and I'll pass on his specifics. 

Now, just for a second we have to talk about secrets.  I simply HATE them.  Somebody told me one last night and said I can't blab or blog about it until after the first of Dec.  Do they know me??  Do they not realize how bad I want to blab??  But I can't.  So I won't.  But, no, nobody is pregnant, so forget about that. Or if they are, I don't know about it, so that's not the secret.  It's somethin' else so stay tuned.

Left you holding the bag, didn't I? you can't stand it either!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding wrap up

If you want to see the best pic's, go to my FB page and look at Nicole's shots.  They are super and totally give you the gist and feel of the wedding.  While you are on FB, take a look at the pic of my other niece, Kelly's picture, with her two sisters.  Beautiful.

Now for the last of the funnies.  Hudson and Hadley dancing and Hudson doing The Sprinkler, the Shoot Out (pistol hands), and Lord knows what else some of his moves were called, but they brought down the entire place.  He and Had danced with GoGo, my sister, and just about anybody else who was willing to share the dance floor with them.  During breaks from dancing, they would eat a little, Hadley would come over to our table for a drink of water, and to lick the crystal water glasses on our table.  Not sure what that was about but she was having fun, so who cares.

I realized I waited too late to take a picture of the old restored shiny black truck that belonged to Jason's grandfather, that his dad, Ed, had restored and was used at Jason's sister, Shelly's, wedding.  It was towed all the way to F-burg from Mississippi, so Jason and Suzanne could drive away in it.  OMG....coolest truck ever and such a perfect photo op and get-away vehicle.  Never mind they were just going to leave, drive around the block and come right back.  When your friends and family have come from all over, and you are staying right there with everyone, why leave?  Just come on back and partay.

I must report on one of my favorite parts of the evening and if you didn't see it, you missed a fun entrance.  Jason's dad brought in their family's dog, who was some kind of spaniel--not a cocker--maybe a springer(?), on her leash, with her pale pink collar.  Unfortunately for her delicate ears, the band was wailing, so she didn't hang around long, but she did dance a little on her way out.  That's just the kind of wedding this, family, close friends, and animals...what else to you need?  And the band was the best ever.  Even old fifty something's and older, danced our feet off to the Motown tunes, and black lady singer.  When you can get me up and on the dance floor, you must be good.  I am a Motown soul sister at heart.

Lastly, on our way home, Nicole, the smalls momma, and I were texting each other back and forth about how fun the wedding had been, etc.  Since all of the wedding party stayed at the Hoffman House, Nicole told me that the older house they stayed in had....wait for it....a ghost.  Both she and Lidia had similar stories about banging noises in the night and wildnesses only a a ghost could could have pulled off.  My sister was then texted to ask the HH people if similar stories had ever been reported.  Oddly, Bruce had watched some show Saturday afternoon before the wedding, on ghosts, so the texts were flying back and forth from the highway as I passed on to Nic what he'd seen.  Which just goes to support my theory that there's always just somethin'.....ghost or otherwise.  :)))

Sunday, November 18, 2012

SuSu ties the knot

What a whirlwind weekend and what a gorgeous, fun wedding.  My sister should go into business although I think she'd slit her wrists first.  One of these was probably enough for her but boy, can she do it in spades.  Admittedly, she got loads of help from her Freddysburg gal pals and her best friends on the planet, Ann and Alice.  They were her extra hands, and idea gals for F-burg vendors, helped do the gift bags, bridesmaids luncheon food, and I'm quite sure were part time therapists during all the planning, and the wedding week itself. Word on the street is that the new bride and groom were intimately involved in all aspects of their wedding, and it showed. 

There were so many fun parts I almost don't know where to start.  At the rehearsal, a dog came by to assist at the outdoor wedding venue and be sure everyone knew their part, and hit their mark.  Then at the wedding, the resident cat came over as wedding guests were seated, and though Bruce and I loved him, a few others gave him the not so subtle hook.  From the candle lit lanterns, the ribbon hanging tea lights in Mason jars hanging from the trees, the beautiful clear containers holding flowers also hanging from ribbon in the trees, to the spectacular tree hanging chandy's, all was outdoor Hill Country chic and divine.  While there was no actual altar, instead there was a gold, gilt, free standing cross, that was as tall or taller than me.  Spectacular to say the least.  Chairs on either side of the aisle were flanked by candle lit lanterns, to form an aisle for the bridesmaids and bride.   

The bridesmaids were all beautiful and carried the most purrrfect flowers ever, but truthfully, nothing quite held my attention, like the bride and her groom, and her smalls.  (Above is Suzanne and her dad)  The two Fairy Princess flower girls both had a pre-wedding moment, and decided nothing short of a tractor was going to drag them down the aisle, so big brother Hudson, the ring bearer, was asked if he would walk with them.  Thank the good Lord for first graders, as they are game for just about anything, and as long as Hudson was all in, the girls were, too.  Seeing the three of them walk down the aisle together just almost made me hoot out laughing.  Never have they looked more adorable, or more ready to rumble.  SuSu's dress was absolutely her to a T and watching her and Jason look at each other, was over the top tear inducing.  Never mind they've been together for seven years, they are the real deal.                 

 Now for the ceremony.  While the minister told us all about Suzzane and Jason's long courtship, I was having a hard time concentrating on the real stars of the evening, due to two others.  Avery decided she wanted to sit right next to Hudson and that's when the I could see the handwriting on the wall.  Avery leaned over and picked a berry off of his boutonniere and kept trying to feed it to him.  Nicole, Bruce, and I were trying not to laugh as she kept at it, giggling.  Hudon was PERFECT--which made us laugh harder.  Avery amped it up a notch, and their dad turned around and told HUDSON to stop.  Now Avery's really got him...she's still at it and she's getting him in trouble, all at the same time.  Every little sister's dream.  Luckily, the Big Kiss was upon us, the new Mr. and Mrs. were announced, and off we all went for drinks and hor de ouvers, dinner, and dancing.  More on this later.  My sides hurt from laughing.

Nite, nite, to all.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Greetings from Fredericksburg.  It's a brisk thirty something outside and sun shiny enough to blind you without your shades.  We've seen hunters all over town in their camo gear ready to head out for the big one.  Word at the Rehearsal Dinner last night was, someone went fishing yesterday.  Not sure who that was but I bet it was fun.

Last night's RD was gorgeous and the food was wonderful. It was held at August E's and because the groom is a big foodie, he picked the entire menu, according to his momma, Nancy.  He learned to cook helping her in the kitchen--she is apparently one whale of a cook--so that explains that.  Suzanne looked darling in a black strapless dress with a peplum skirt and her cowboy boots.  I might be biased but I thought she rocked both.

The smalls arrived yesterday with their mom and dad and "Eeeya"--their housekeeper--who keeps all of the smalls in line, sort of.  Lydia is her real name but Hudson couldn't say Lydia as a baby, so she's been permanently Eeeya.  Hadley and Avery had on matching navy blue dresses, that is until Avery decided she didn't like her dress--"too scratchy"-- so she took her's off mid party.  Considering she was down to her pull-ups at that point, there was nothing to be done but have her dad make a quick trip back to the hotel for a replacement.  Avery doesn't much like to wear clothes anyway so taking her clothes off is nothing new.  There's never a dull moment with the smalls.

Favorite mental pic of the night, bar none, was Hadley over at Aunt SuSu's table talking to her, and giving her kisses.  I couldn't get my phone out in time to capture the look on Had's face, but it was true love and so was SuSu's.  I can't wait to see the girls faces when Aunt SuSu has on her wedding dress and they see her for the first time.  That's gonna be one Fairy Princess moment for the books. 

When my sister and I were laughing  about Avery's strip tease last night, her comment was "I don't care what she does tonight but she better keep her dress on tomorrow, at least through the wedding" and we both howled.  The good news is, I don't think she can get out of her flower girl dress alone, unless she  morphs into Houdini.  But it could happen....stay tuned.

I have pic's but am having trouble getting them to load.  More later.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2 days and counting...

Well, we are finally here after somewhat of a tour of the countryside.  We missed a turn and went ninety miles out of the way but we rolled in before dark, and that's a good thing considering all the road kill deer along the way.  We hiked down E. Main to dinner and figured we'd just pick someplace along the  way.  
After lots of choices, we hit Bejas, and turned in.  No sooner did we enter and get seated, than a darling girl ambled over and as I looked up from my menu, I realized it was my niece, the bride to be!  She was there with her fiance' and his entire family and we visited with everyone on their way out.  We had dinner and on our way out, ran into my sister and her husband, eating on the front patio of Bejas.  Good Lord....of all the gin joints in town....but it was a restaurant....and I didn't see any gin...but you get the drift.

Now on to the other bride to be, Kelly.  While playing on my phone in the car, I texted my SIL, Margie, to check on both she and Kelly, only to find out Kelly is sick--fever, sore throat, and a whopper of a penicillin shot Tuesday to try to get her back on her feet by Friday night.  Typical wedding stuff, no?  Some stuff you just can't prevent.  Kelly works with germy little kids every day so no wonder she went under.  Germs and stress will take just about anybody down. 

Tomorrow is a shop-a-thon for me, and who knows what for my chauffeur.  Stay tuned--bound to be lots of fun stuff tomorrow, and Scandal is on TV.  If you aren't watching turn it on quick!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Get It On...the wedding that is

Tires.  What a whippin'.  Sunday afternoon I glanced at my front left tire and realized it was bald, as in almost zero tread from the outside edge in, for about 2 inches.  Here I have driven back and forth to the Farm and all over Dallas, with skidders.  Three new tires later my ride is now 3x safer.  Word to other ladies out there?  Take a look-see at yours, and while I could have bought a nice pair of Choo's for what those tires cost, I'd rather have the tires anyway.  The Choo's would have killed my feet and I'd have fallen off them for sure.

 Tomorrow is blast off for "Freddysburg" and all things wedding.   The things I am to bring down for my sister were delivered today and dang....I just hope there is room in the car for moi'.  According to my sister, some of our family members will be heading out tomorrow also, so we'll be tag teaming on the highway.  A certain someone will be left here at home with one of her very favorite people staying here with her.  She simply doesn't do the Vet.  Oh, no.  Not her.  Her parents won't let her stay there because: 1) it's just too stressful and 2) ALL THOSE OTHER DOGS BARK TOO MUCH.  Seriously.....they do and then you get kennel cough and it's just not worth it.  So, bad old Sis will be here, living large like Oprah, with her own critter sitter.  Some girls have all the luck.

I may try to blog from Wedding Central.  Let's get this party started!!  (The Hoffman Haus).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Your dog swallowed a what?

Sis and I are just back from our late afternoon stroll.  We ran into one gal with her dog who told us when her dog was 4 months old, she (the dog) swallowed a ping pong ball and had to have it surgically removed but that's not even the best part.  She saved the ping pong ball and said it still good as new.  Whoa.  Plus, she told us her dog's stomach is now permanently weird and the dog barfs on every walk.  Gee, lady...thanks for sharing.

Despite the barfing part, I did like her dog.  She looked pretty much like a mixey matchy  pound/hound dog with a pinch of yellow lab in there--you could tell by her head.  She was pulling to come meet Sis but her mom wouldn't let her and if she'd already made quick work of a ping pong ball, I hated to think what she might do to Sis.  Or vice versa.  Sis might act like a lady (quit laughing), but I have a hunch she could mix it up pretty good if she had to.  That, or she'd totally wiener out and get mauled. 

All of the other late afternoon dog walkers and joggers are out squeezing in that last bit of sunlight since it gets dark so early now.  I like it to get dark early.  It sure beats getting up in the dark.  I did that for way too many years, though I do actually miss seeing the sun come up.  I used to get to the hospital about 6:20 AM, grab my coffee, flip on my computer, and look out my window as the world changed colors.  It was quiet and so peaceful....until change of shift.... and then my phone and everyone else's would start ringing.

Today I treasure my peace and quiet at home, and my own coffee.  That hospital grade stuff was pig swill until we started ordering Starbucks and charging it to my department.  My department became the local slush fund and as long as the coffee was good, I didn't care what was charged to my cost center.  I wasn't supposed to know that when other departments of her's didn't make budget, our Director dipped into mine, but I knew.   She finally figured out I knew when I couldn't smother a smile at a meeting, as two grown women fought over the remains of my cost center, to cover their butts.  Ahhh...the good old days.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Woo hoo, Jason!!

Big excitement going on in Austin, Texas today.  My niece, Suzanne's, fiance' gets sworn in as an attorney today and they get married on Saturday!  What a way to start your wedding week and CONGRATULATIONS to Jason! 

On a less important front, Sis and her Dad found the honey hole of pecans on their walk yesterday and while they are both being rather mum about it's location, they returned with a grocery sack full of pecans--and they are NOT from Pecan Lady's house.  Can I get an amen on that?  What I was able to weasel out was that it's an old lady's house somewhere over on Caruth and these paper shells are the way to go.Those others with the cement shell are murderous on the nails and the meat inside the shells.  By the time you finally get them cracked, the whole pecan is pulverized.  Bah.  Fagedaboudit.  These are the l-o-n-g kind --don't know the specie's name--but after my chores this afternoon, I plan to set up shop cracking, preferably outside on the drive way in the sun, when it warms up.  That way I can just dump the shells as I crack and my assistant can lounge and toast herself.  No fuss, no muss. Those others with the cement shell are murderous on the nails and on the meat inside the shells.  By the time you finally get them cracked, the whole pecan is pulverized.  Bah.  Fagedaboudit.

 Mom update:  Ehhh....about the same though she continues to lose weight as fast as I gain it.  Dang.  I'm going to run by this morning after her hair appointment and check on her since I know this week is going to hit hyper-speed as the days progress.  My sister said for me to show her the pictures of the flower girl dresses so that's on my agenda as well.  I hope she understands when I show them to her.  We'll just see.  Even if she doesn't, she always plays along like she does so that's always fun.  You never quite know what she'll say these days.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend wrap up

What a weekend.  We attended a great party, had a dismal tour of the farm caretaker's house, swept (I use the term loosely) all of the porches in a gale force wind, and put away supplies for the big house in prep for Thanksgiving.  I also had a wild hair and decided to "sweep" all of the doors, screens, and around the front of the house to remove all of the cobwebs and insects.  Not one of my better ideas since most of it ended up in my hair or face, thanks to the gusts of wind.  Yes, I could have stopped but once I get locked onto a course of action, and can see a difference, I'm all in.  I gotta finish it or go down swinging.  With a broom.  And I did.  Go down swinging. 

A certain someone just ran in here, post bath, looking as sleek and shiny as a new car.  Considering she rode on the 4 wheeler yesterday all over with her dad, and ate crickets and grasshoppers du jour in the pasture, a bath was a really great idea.  And speaking of baths, Bruce's brother John's dogs will probably need one before heading home today.  Two out of three of his made a run for the tank and lept in, and came out with grass and crud all over them.  His one girl dog was a lady, and did not indulge.  It made me so grateful Sis is not a water girl.  She hates the stuff. 

We are heading in to wedding week so I doubt I'll be blogging after Wednesday, until we return.  My sister texted me a pic of the flower girl's dresses, with lace from mom's dress, and they are swoon worthy.  I won't post pic's until after the wedding because I might get in trouble if I do.  Plus, then I'll have actual bodies in them which undoubtedly will make them even cuter. 

My chores are done, I'm pooped, time for a nap.  Z-Z-Z to all.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrea!!!

What a great way to start a is Andrea's (our DIL's) Birthday!!!!  Yay, Birthday Girl.  Hope this is a great one!  This pic is from the morning of the wedding on their way into the Blue Grotto, with Erin and Cameron McBride's arm, in the background. memories!

Plus, I just saw Claire dressed in a multi colored striped sweater and white leggings, on her way to Mother's Day out.  Her hair was in one of those little rubber band things on top of her head and it took everything I had not to run out the front door and kiss her!  She was walking with her wonderful housekeeper, who was carrying Claire's lunch in a little girly lunchbox, and it just made me laugh.  Two girls...Andrea and cup runneth over with girls!!   Ahhhh.....drowning in pink and loving it.

Now, on to the weekend.  We plan to make another run up to the Farm to drop off a few things like a new oven rack that arrived yesterday, some more foil for Thanksgiving, and to check out the caretaker's house for needed repairs.  I know you are wondering about that oven rack comment and all I can say is, one of the rack's mysteriously disappeared several months back.  Bruce and I concurred that if we were to have to bet on this, somehow Benji's Harris's name might come up as part of that mystery, but so far, he has remained mum on the subject.  Hmmm....

Next week I'll be blogging about the upcoming Fairy Princess Party that will occur next weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas, otherwise known as my niece, Suzanne's wedding.  You may or may not remember that all three of the smalls--Hudson, Hadley, and Avery are all three in the wedding, and since Avery could not grasp what a wedding was, Aunt SuSu just told her "it's a Fairy Princess party and you get to wear a FP dress".  Bingo.  Avery was all over it.  According to my sister, their flower girl dresses with the lace from mom's wedding dress, are enough to bring tears to your eyes.  Not to mention their little ecru ballet slippers.  I'm getting heart palpitations just thinking about it.  More on that later.

 My other niece, Kelly, will be tying the knot the very same night, here in Dallas.  Since we won't be there, I'll have to wait to see pic's of it afterwards.  Stay tuned.

Happy weekend to all.  Since mine always seems to go way too fast, enjoy yours.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 just is

Here's what I know today.

1) Life is meant to be lived as is--not waiting for it to change.
2) Some people are a lot easier to like than others.  Be kind anyway.
3) Appreciate today.  It's all you've got.
4) If you can't take it with you, either use it and enjoy it, or give it to someone else who will.
5) Fresh hot coffee is meant to be savored.
6) Animals are little pieces of God on four legs.
7) The more you give of yourself, the more you receive, but don't give expecting ANYTHING back.  That's  NOT how the spiritual axiom works.
8) Being happy is a choice.
9) If it's not perfect, it's still plenty good enough.  Perfect isn't real anyway.
10) It's hard to be hateful when you're grateful.
11) It's OK to be crazy as a sh** house rat.  Some days are just like that.

The annual pumpkin cake delivery is on it's way downtown.  There's just not too many things a fresh pumpkin cake won't cure or at least improve.  And if it doesn't, the yakking that goes on around it as people slice away is likely to make you laugh at some point.

I used my new cake pan I ordered off the internet when I saw a cake made with the same pan in Southern Living.  Love, love, love that thing.  It takes so little to rock my world. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh, YUM!

My lip is zipped.  I'm not going to say a word.  Nobody likes a poor winner.  That said, I will say I had a spectacular birthday dinner with two gorgeous men last night, so I've got nuthin' to complain about except how tight my pants are going to be.  La Duni is so excellent, if you order the right entree'.  If you happen to order one that's not quite so bueno, it's just so so.  Let's hear it for chimichurri sauce.  It would taste good on a salad (inside joke) and actually did, according to one diner.

It's not even 10 AM and I'm already thinking about food.  Sad. But so fun!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 any?

This morning I am grateful,so grateful.  I am grateful we live in a free country and can vote for the leader of our choice.  I am grateful that no matter who wins, all this election nastiness will be over (maybe).  I could go on and on about what I'm grateful for but the main one I'm thinking about today is, I'm grateful for Brian Felix Harris, who was born 31 years ago today, at 6:55 PM.  Yep...he's that old, and I'm that old.  Happy Birthday, Brian.

I'm just as grateful for Benjamin Francis Harris, too. (He's a September birthday and I miss having him here in Dallas more than I can say.)  Without those two, I would not be the person I am today.  Both of these men have taught me lessons and given me gifts of knowledge and awareness I could not have received any other way.  Thank you, Guys!!

I am also grateful for all the Scorpio's or November people in my life, and there are tons:  my sister, Andrea, Brian, Dallas, Harrison, Austin, Erin, and the list goes on and on.  If I forgot to mention you here, blame it on the coffee.  I haven't had enough yet. 

This morning I plan to go visit my mom and see what she's up to...that's sort of a joke since she's never up to much unless she's down the hall with the rest of the group, and she's "pot stirring".  I'll fill her in that it's Election Day, not that she'll remember it five seconds later but current events are important, even if you fade in and out.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Hudson,who has the stomach bug.  Feel better soon, Sweet Boy!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hawk fly by and screech

This morning I was thinking about the discomfort of growth.  Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a growth experience and the fear that goes with it, and a situation based on past experience that was scary and painful, that I choose not to repeat.  The fact is, I can make the choice to do, or not do, either of these, but there's definitely growth in one of them.  The hard part is telling them apart when they both feel the same way.

Growth v. pain.  Good thing for me to be thinking about today. My wise old owl friend would tell me to play the 98-2% game.  How much (percentage-wise) of what I'm feeling is based on past history, and how much is actually based on the present?  If the majority of it is based in the past, it's just that--old stuff.  But what do you know about old stuff?  I know, if I always do what I've always done, I'll always get what I've always gotten.  I can still do it--I just need go in with my eyes OPEN.  If it's a minimal amount percentage wise-- of simply not knowing how something might actually play out and the anxiety or fear that evokes-- that's important to know, too.  It might be worth it to make the choice to go for it.  The "feel the fear and do it anyway" idea.   I think I just answered my own question for myself.  Funny how that works when you commit your thoughts to paper or the computer.  The fog actually clears.

Now on to other stuff.  While at the Farm yesterday, I took a walk from the big house to the front gate and back.  As I neared the front gate, a red tailed hawk flew back and forth above me, and finally screeched at me, and then flew down towards the trees, back the other direction.  When I got back to the house, I immediately googled the meaning of that sort of an event.  Buckle up because here's what it said.  It said if a hawk flies above you, you are awakening to your soul purpose, and it can teach you how to fly high, while staying connected to the ground.  The message for you is to be open to hope and new ideas, and to extend the vision of your life.  The hawk teaches you to be observant and take a closer look at your surroundings.  It's cry signifies awareness and should you hear it, to use your intuitive ability to discern the message and to seek the truth.  To take a look at your situation from above. 

Cool no??