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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Poor Sis, again.  While she and I were outside getting the paper and visiting with a down the block neighbor, her Dad snuck out the back way and left--more importantly left HER--and she's running through the house now looking for him, and mewing, calling him at every room.  If I didn't feel sorry for her, I'd be celebrating the fact that he's racking up loads of demerits from her that will take him all afternoon to work off.  Oh, she comes all whiney and boo-hooing, because she can't find him.  She'll keep hunting for him until she'd had enough, and then will give up and get back in her bed.  Sis, honey, that's just how men are.  Save yourself some grief and just come on in here with me.

Now, on to the cinnamon rolls.  Let me just say that phase one is complete and all that needs to happen this afternoon is the assembly, cooking, and then the sugar frosting on the top.  The stirring was not hard at all despite what I'd thought, but I was still forced to take a nap, and that's what interrupted production.  Cooking is hard work I don't care what anyone says, and homemade stuff --the real homemade stuff--comes with the nap clause.  At least at my house it does.

Has anybody noticed how vocal all the birds are now and is that a function of the temperature?  Are they all talking because they don't have to worry about staying warm and finding food?  I know when it's cold, they don't seem to talk much at all, and this is just one of the many things that I wonder about.  Maybe they are just finicky.

Next weekend is the annual Cookie Party at my sister GoGo's house, for all her grands, which should be a hoot.  Since we cancelled our surprise trip to Vegas to see Scarletta perform after they and some other bands got cancelled due to over booking, I'll be able to go to the partay after all.  I think this might be the first year that Avery will really get into it since she's turning three a few days after Christmas.  I know Had and Hud will be all over it like beards on rednecks.

And speaking of, if you haven't seen Duck Dynasty on TV, let's just say you have definitely NOT seen it all.  We were so unglued, we ate our steaks in front of the TV like true white trash, only we didn't use TV tables.  Too tacky.

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