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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter of the World

I just finished Winter of the World by Ken Follett, the second in his Century Trilogy.  At 940 pages, it's a phone book in weight, but a really good read.  I do recommend reading the first book in the trilogy so you can appreciate all of the character's connections, and once again, a fair amount of it surrounds WWII.  Man....this is the second book in a row in which WWII played a significant role and ,frankly, I don't wanna hear another word about WWII for quite awhile.  Color me over it, at least for a little while.  The horrors of that war will keep you up at night although I'm pretty sure any war will.  After reading this book, I certainly have an even greater appreciation of our veterans. 

On another note, Sis and her dad just returned from a trip up to the farm to check things out.  As anticipated, her dad gave her water but didn't take any food with him for a hungry girl, and Sis didn't "brunch" much before leaving, so you wanna guess who barfed on her way back home??  She probably got too hot in the way way back of his car, was hungry and thirsty, so she just blew...  Does that really surprise you?  It doesn't me.  Poor girl...maybe one day she'll learn that if I don't go along, the trip's liable to get uggglleeee. Then the minute she hit the door, her dad tattled on her, too.  For shame, for shame.

Tomorrow is blab day and I get to finally tell the secret.  Stay tuned.  I think you're gonna love it.

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