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Friday, December 28, 2012

Adios 2012

All that's left of this year is a few short days and I couldn't be more ready for a new year.  When it's over, it's just o-v-e-r and this one practically is.  Bring it on.  But before it happens, here's a quick wrap up of our holidays.

Andrea and Benji made it here for Christmas Eve from Nash.  Christmas Day was lunch, and then dinner with the Gonzales--major yum-o.  Then we had a cousin get together over here on the 26th, for the cousins on my side--most of the Harris side was out of town.  Sis was the consummate hostess--she only got excited once and did a mini tinkle when her namesake Susu, and her mom, came in the front door.  She was very sharing of her toys, with Cash, one of my niece's long haired dachshund's, who is adorable though perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  He's only two, so we'll give him a little more time.  Sis didn't even freak out over the smalls, which is something new.  She's usually afraid of them but since she got so much love and attention, I think she decided perhaps they were pretty OK after all.

She was only spotted once, toward the end of the evening, standing up on one of the kid sized chairs I'd pulled up to the coffee table, trying to snag a pita chip around the hummus.  Thank goodness she didn't try to take  a lick of the hummus, with that lizard tongue of hers.  One chip was all she got and for that I'm grateful.

The Nash-town Harris's leave tomorrow to head back so boo hoo on that.  Avery got to open her b-day gift on the 26th since it was already here, sitting on the dining room table.  Her real birthday is today but sometimes you just have to go ahead and open your princess gift--a pink dress up dress with sparkles and tulle, on a pink princess hanger, no less.  This isn't the actual one but it will give you the drift.  (There were so many pictures of them on the internet, my head almost exploded.)   She and Hadley took turns playing in it and showing us how they looked.  Oh, Lordy, it's goooood to be a princess.

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