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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Anddd...we're done

 Transition Christmas 2012 is over and bar none, this one was the best ever.  Anything special?  Yes and no.  Family, great friends, and deeevine food.  Any gabillion dollar gifts, outrageous trips, or big honkin' diamonds?  No.  Anything special?  Yes.  Snow, a killer dinner tonight with our daughter-in-laws family and her uncle, at her parents house,  fun stories and laughter over all kinds of things, and time spent today with our family here at home, opening gifts, having lunch and just chillin'. Laughter with friends and family trump any gift I could ever be given.  That is the gift.
 Last night, I ran by to see mom right before we left for our Christmas Eve dinner, and while I'm not real sure who chose her ensemble for the day, she was clean and happy and down the hall with the group watching TV after her dinner.  As I kissed her goodbye and told her "Merry, Merry", her eyes lit up, and as I started off down the hall I could hear her repeating over and over again, "Merry, Merry!  I hope hers was.

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