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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Uh, oh

It's a sad, sad sitchy-ation for a certain hound dog around these parts.  It seems a girl of a certain age lept off a bed or something else yesterday, and sprained her paw.  Then because we don't have a crate any longer in which to corral her, she jumped out of a chair we didn't know she'd jumped up into, and made it even worse.  Now Peg-leg is cordoned off in the utility room with a puppy gate Fred had to run get last night.  Our other two are at the Farm, and old Sis waited until he'd gotten back from the Farm yesterday, to hurt herself more.  Well...there is that.    

Her dad wanted to block her in with the trash cans but I threw a cup towel on that idea.  That would have completely blocked her view of everything and felt like solitary confinement.  Hey...she didn't kill anybody...she just sprained her paw.  Twelve hours of lock down like that and she'd have been on suicide watch.  The downside of the utility room is she can't get out to use her doggie door but that's no biggie.  We just carry her outside.

She's going to the Vet this afternoon to be sure it's just a sprain.  The pain meds we have they don't want her to take because of her Cushing's disease but that seems a little cruel.  When you hurt, you hurt but I'll get more scoop on that at 1:30 pm.  It probably screws up everything her other meds try to achieve so that fits perrrrfectly with a dog we'd have.  Fix one problem, create another.

It's going to be a beeeutiful day outside so I plan to set up my pecan cracking station and maybe my fire pit on the driveway and crack the latest in Sis and Fred's pecan pick ups, from the honey hole house they've found.  There's just something fun and relaxing about doing that outside in the fresh air.  I may have to let my assistant, in prison, have a few.  That girl loves her some pecans.

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