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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yes, WE CAN...bounce back!

I know I sound like I'm nine hundred when I say this but how can it possibly be Halloween already?  Wasn't I just down at Mr. Lemley's at the Farmer's Market getting peaches and tomatoes?  Some days seem like they drag but when you look back, they're actually whipping by.  I'm sort of afraid to blink for fear I'll miss something.

I've had to have somewhat of a personal moratorium on reading about Sandy and all of the wreckage and devastation.  Yes, there are some wonderful stories of heroism and babies being born mid storm but all in all, it's a pretty scary thing.  My hats off to the NY guys who are pumping all of the water out of the subway and the fact that the NY stock exchange is back open.  Not sure how some of them actually got to work but leave it to NY to bounce back.

To me, there's nothing better than a really bad situation to see the very best come out in people.  Sharing food and water, helping clean up, and working around the clock to restore power and water, is what Americans seem to do best.  And, there's usually a pretty health sense of humor going on as it happens.  We cry together, we laugh together--that's what makes us human--and somebody's always throwing a party in the midst of total loss.  Ya gotta love us...we are pretty great!

Today, I'm going in gratitude and in prayer for those in need, and loving the "can do" attitude of those affected most.

Fishing, anybody???

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christie v. Langford

I feel like the mother of two arguing kids--Chris Christie and Lorenzo Langford.  Really, you two block heads??  Do you think now is the BEST time to be verbally duking it out over whether NJ residents were or were not told, to evacuate??  Wouldn't your energy be better spent doing everything in both of your power to help these people?  What do you two boobs think you can do right now about whether or not people evacuated? are underwater.  Does the other stuff really matter?

I'd like to ground both of them, and send Christie to his room until he can control his anger.  Given his past history of going off on people means that we're not likely to ever see him again, but I'm not thinking that's a huge loss.  Both of you go open a big old can of shut the hell up and do your jobs or I'm pulling out the wooden spoon!

A meet and greet

This morning I made a visit next door to meet baby John and to see Claire and her mom, Laura.  For a nano second, Bruce and I considered going over after dinner last night and then I remembered what that was like with two small kiddos.  Let's just say I'm glad we didn't--this morning was much better.  Baby John looks like another mini version of his dad, as does sister Claire.  Holy cow...Dad John's got some seriously strong genes on his side.

Claire wasn't that interested in opening the gifts--she was more into the cool ribbon and the tissue paper from Baby Bliss.  She got a book with doors or windows you can open and John got clothes and a woobie.  For those that don't speak Harris or little kid, that is a super soft small square blankie with an animal on it that you can snuggle with, fiddle on, or suck on, depending on how you roll.  John's was a brown and cream colored puppy because every boy (and girl) needs a dog. was so soft, now I want one, but I want a b-i-g one.

Laura's mom is still there but will be heading back to Austin at the end of this week so I told Laura to call me if things get hairy.  Late afternoons and evenings can soooo quickly spin out of control when everyone's exhausted and hungry, and your partner's not home yet.  I remember those days all too well.  Yark. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rather than blog today, I'll be sending prayers for those in the path of Sandy. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Uh, oh...

 I am in a bit of a pickle this morning.  Last night I decided to bathe Sis in my shower, in the interest of time and simplicity.  That wasn't the problem.  Her dog shampoo was.  While at Petco the other day getting food, I remembered we were low on dog shampoo but couldn't remember which one we'd gotten last time so I called Sis's main squeeze, figuring he might remember.  He didn't, but told me "just don't get something stinky".  Since I remembered the brand and the fact it contained oatmeal for itchiness (that didn't work), this time I went for the 2 in 1 papaya one, containing conditioner.  I sniffed it and it wasn't too bad.

So, last night I got in, got my  sprayer and soaked Sis, while she shot looks of complete scorn my way.  I added the shampoo, lathered her all up, rinsed her, and handed her off to her BF, and that's the last I have seen of her, period.  She's holed up in the den in her chair and if that girl could talk, the swear words would be flying.  I think she thinks she smells like an umbrella drink, and it's all my fault.  Well, hell....if she hates me now, just wait until tomorrow.

Part of good pet ownership is bathing your pup, prior to having their teeth cleaned--it says so in all the pet etiquette books.  No Vet wants to clean a smelly dog's teeth and a fresh one is liable to get all sort of  extra TLC.  Think about know it's true.  So tomorrow, she headed over there first thing in the morning and after dinner tonight, can't eat or drink anything until she's done.  Another big strike against me since I feed her on the dinner shift.  Oh, man... I'm screwed.  My only hope is to be the one who picks her up tomorrow, and liberates her from Vet Hell

Attitude update a la Sis:  We're friends again and all it took was a few bites of toasted Eatzi's cheese bread.   She's no match for me.  :)))

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can you smell my Fire Pit?

We're having phone trouble and now have to have AT&T come inside to see what's wrong.  As a result, we get to sit here all day, waiting on them to show up.  That just means one thing:  I'm going to have to cook all day and pull out the driveway fire pit to entertain myself.  Tough duty, huh....combining my two favorite things all in one day.  Yippee!   Sis loves to come out and sun herself with me and ends up smelling all smokey.  I luvvv that.  Smokey dog ears on a warm dog body.  Deeelish.
We also have a new baby girl in our extended family:  Katherine Ann Carter was born this morning and mom, Charlotte, and baby daughter are both doing great.  Not so sure about dad, Grant.  I'm thinking he's as exhausted as Charlotte, since an extended labor ended in a non-emergency c-section.  Boy, that'll definitely do you in, even with a major rush of adrenaline.  Hope they both get some anybody really rests in the hospital.  Not. 

The plan today was to make a Farm run to check things out since our caretaker, Rodney, has been given the heave ho' but instead we'll be waiting for AT&T. That will have to happen another day.  I'm thinking blowing all the backyard leaves and mowing up the front yard ones will keep us busy while we wait.  Thank heavens Santos has already trimmed our trees--that's a huge help in having a few less bags of leaves this year.  With two ginormous trees out front and one big honking one in the back, we used to have giant piles of leaves for the boys to jump in.  Now, we just have the leaves. 

I may see after Fred votes if he and Sis want to take a walk past Pecan Lady's house, just to check out her current crop.  I know I said I wouldn't touch a single pecan in her yard, but I never said my accomplice's wouldn't.  I know...I am a verrry bad dog  :)))

Time to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Fall to all!!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

I like her!

Here is my latest new friend.  She is lovely to cook in and was bunch cheaper than Le Crueset, thank you very much.  And these days, what isn't cheaper than Le Crueset?  Now, admittedly I am a cooking snob about some things, but I'm also smart enough to admit that if there's a hell of a good knock off out there that does essentially the same thing, where's the problem? Yes, Le Crueset has prettier colors but, honey, lets get real here.  I'm not wearing it--I'm just cooking in it.  And I like this blue... so get over it, you Le Crueset haters.  Taste what's cooked in mine and taste yours, and I dare you to find a diff. 

That said, I put this old girl to the test yesterday and at the last minute I pulled the plug on spaghetti sauce, and made Taco Soup instead, and she did not disappoint. (I'm not real sure what she'd have had to do to screw up but she didn't, so what ever.)  The brand is Tramontina--just like my All Clad knock off cookware-- so even though I had to make a trip to "The Wal" to pick it up, it was well worth it and I saved a boat load.  In my old age, I'm learning it's not so much what it says on it, as how it performs.  I'm in love, we're happy, case closed. 

Further scoopage:  We heard today from the State Supreme Court that they have decided to hear our case after all, so I am delighted.  This is a family lawsuit that has been going on literally for ages and could have a big impact in Texas  Oral arguments begin in February so on a good day I am praying for the best thing to happen for everyone --both sides.  (You don't want to know what I do and think on a bad day.)  I have no clue what that might look like and the good news is, I'm not in charge.  And as Martha Stewart would say, "that's a good thing".

Oh, hell yes!!

Just sayin'.

Happy weekend to all and if you don't agree with my political leanings, that's OK.  We're still friends.  :)))

Lastly, I want to tell you that I think my husband is the coolest guy in the world.  He did something yesterday that needed to be done, and did it with a firm, no bullshit hand.  I am proud to call him mine so go find your own!  He's taken.  :)))

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where did the day go?

I am so excited.  A good friend called earlier today and said Nordstroms had given her a Spa Day and lunch for her and three of her friends, and she invited yours truly!  After lunch, we get to pick two spa services of our choice and I'm wondering if they have a tummy tuck on their menu?  Hey, a girl can dream and considering this will happen the week after Thanksgiving, I'm thinking the timing couldn't be better.

I am way behind in my reading, and Winter of the World is about to kick off into WWII and considering that's what the last book I read was about--or at least included in depth--I'm struggling to go there again.  Seriously, it's not like I don't know what happened or how WWII ends, and since Hitler and the SS keep abusing people in the part I'm reading right now, I keep putting the book back down.  All those atrocities make re-visiting all of that just so damn grisly.

My wood pile is loaded in hopes I get to make a fire either tonight or tomorrow night.  I'm about to go start a big old pot of spaghetti sauce because it's going to get cold, and because I just want to. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I bin watching you

I've been jilted.  It seems the younger man of my dreams has eyes for another and her name is Caitlen.  How do I know?  Because his mom found evidence this morning and here it is.  Note the spelling.....he's only in first grade.  When his mom sent it this morning, I just went to freaking pieces.  Oh,, you done me wrong.  Above is the front: 

Now here's the back.  OMG. 

If this doesn't make you laugh, you seriously need a vacay.  I can't look at it without losing it.  :)))  Total screamsville.

Happy Wednesday!

I just came in from the front yard and a visit with Claire, and her daddy, John, next door.  Claire was out for a cruise in her pj's with a push toy, and I wanted to see how mom and new baby brother John were doing.  It seems all is good next door and a trip to the pediatrician is on their agenda today for Claire's flu shot and baby John to get his check up.  Claire spotted my coffee cup and was dying for some but mine was really hot, and I was scared to let her have any.  Her dad said she loves coffee so no wonder I love her!  She blew me a kiss as she went inside so needless, you can add another scalp to her belt--mine.  I'm in total l-o-v-e.  I was invited to come over tomorrow (since today's flu shot might not be pretty) to meet baby John so that means I have to cook something--anything--to take.  I can't just go over empty handed....I'll work on that this afternoon. I'm leaning towards a coffee cake so Claire can have some with her coffee.

Sis is wiped out today.  All the stress of the Vet visit just did her in so I told her to take it easy she doesn't do that anyway, but whatever.  I did laugh yesterday when she got home.  She immediately noticed the new rug and sniffed all over it even before getting a drink of water.  What a girl. 

Happy day to all!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poor Sis

While I wait for the rug to be delivered, I'm hard at work doing chores.  You're not buying that, are you?  I didn't think so.  We rolled up the old rug last night and I washed the rug pad and Bruce hung it over nite outside on Mary's line to dry.  The problem?  We did not calculate that Mary's sprinklers might run early this morning, so the pad was nice and wet when I went to get it.  Eh.  I decided to give it a shot in the dyer on the lowest low there was, and voila'.  It's dry and I didn't melt it, which is a minor miracle.

This morning, I'm a little fat black girl is at the Vet's all day to have blood work drawn for her Cushing's disease and a panel to be sure she's OK to go under anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned.  Dachshunds are known for having dragon breath and Lord knows she does.  She's also getting her nails clipped because I just cannot do that myself.  I've tried and I always seem to hit the quick, it bleeds, she squeals, blood flies everywhere, and I have a total shame attack.  There are just not enough dog bones in the world to make up for that, so I get the vet assistants to do it.  If she's gonna be mad at somebody, it might as well be them.

The Cushing's blood work has to be drawn twice, several hours apart, hence the all day stay and she has to fast up until the first draw.  They can feed her after that but knowing her, she'll be too freaked out to eat.  Boy...she is going to be royally pissed by the time she gets home this afternoon.  Then she has to go back later in the week when her labs are back, to get her teeth done.   Girlfriend....buckle up.  This is not going to be your week. 

I took Mary some brisket yesterday for her dinner last night.  She mentioned one time that she never cooks anything like that anymore unless her kids are coming.  Since it's just her, even a small one is too much meat so I fixed her a little container and popped it over to her. She's always so appreciative and it's fun to do things like that for her.

Baby John is home from the hospital and though I haven't met him yet, I hope to soon.  They just got home yesterday so I figured they have their hands full right now.  There are blue baby boy balloons out front of their house so he's being properly announced.  I need to go get him a baby gift, and one for his sister, Claire, once the rug guys get here.  Tick...tick...tick.... jeeze, I hate waiting!

Monday, October 22, 2012

This and that

What a weekend!  Between all the Farm drama and Bruce's step father falling and breaking half his ribs down at his lake house, and now in the hospital here in Dallas, I'm glad to have this weekend in the can.  Other than a coyote sighting (and chase) in the back pasture on the 4-wheeler by Sis and her dad, this was not a big wild life viewing weekend.  The armadillos have clearly been there but were smart enough not to show up while we were there.  The last visitor got blown to smithereens, so I'm thinking words gotten around to his pals.

I did some clothes shopping for mom yesterday and every time I have to do it,  I end up questioning myself over would mom kill me for putting her in that, when the truth is, mom doesn't give two hoots what she's got on.  The Edgemere laundry service is not known for being easy on clothes, so today I'm going over for a major throw away, and to hang some new duds in mom's closet.  Yes, she's on Hospice, but I cannot stand the thought of my mom looking like a little old bag lady.  I figure soft and clean is the way to go and if we end up throwing these away after this winter, so be it.  Her beautiful night gowns that I got her three years ago are in tatters--literally-- so I ordered more of them, too.  They're expensive, but after looking around town at what's out there, and knowing how much mom loved these, I called my sister and she agreed--just order them.  So I did.  They'll be here in a week.

Off to the grocery since I haven't been in a week.  Sis will hold down the fort for me and is asleep underneath here.  Wish I could teach her to do the laundry.....:)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Since I haven't talked about her in a while, I thought I'd blather on a little about mom today.  All three of us kids have seen her over the last few days and have come up with almost the same finding:  mom may be on Hospice, but she's not going anywhere anytime soon.  My visit with her Thursday went like this.  She was still lying on her bed since her care giver hadn't gotten her up to her wheel chair yet.  I sat on the bed beside her and filled her in on what's been happening, her great grand kids, etc.  I always save any Hudson, Hadley and Avery stories til the end because they always make her light up and laugh.  (The good news is, if I don't have any new stories, I can always tell her any old ones because she can't remember anything after about 5 seconds anyway.  Believe me, that's helpful when you are doing a monologue.) 

Mom was especially happy and giggly, and we screamed over old stories.  I especially like to try to relate the current time of year, to things we did in the past, around the same time of year.  I figure the memories are lodged in there somewhere, and whether she remembers or not, she always plays right along.  One of my favorites is to talk to her about Koon Kreek, the fishing club she belonged to in East, Texas, where we all used to go.  She used to take her dogs, and we took ours and our kids, and being out in the woods with snorting deer, and dogs straining their leashes, was just the best. When all the grandsons got older, they'd go down and hog hunt, drink beer on the sly, go muddin', and gator hunting.  Those are the stories that make her really laugh.  Mom usually "heard about it" from some of the older, crotchety male members, and she'd just tell them "Soooo...when you were their age, you were perfect, weren't you", and she'd laugh.  You simply did not get between her and her grandsons.  SHE might get royally pissed at them, but you sure better not.  Not if you were smart anyway.

My brother told me when he had lunch with her on Friday that they'd had Mexican food, so he pretended they were at "El Frequence"  (El Fenix).  He told her that they could pretend her ice water was a Margarita, and she played right along.  He said she's always drinks tons of water at lunch so he told her to be careful--she'd already had several margaritas.  He said she loved it. 

While mom's body is all twisted up like a pretzel and her mind darts in and out, she's still able to remember fun times, if you lead her to them. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yay, weekend!

Another busy weekend is at hand.  I can hear baby Claire next door outside with her mom playing on her riding toys.  If baby brother John doesn't arrive today, he's going to get some help getting here tomorrow.  I know his mother is ready and he probably is, too.  Woo hoo!!  Fresh baby coming our way!  I DO love me some baby.  I just spoke with Laura out front and asked if we could bring dinner when she gets home, so we're being added to her meal calendar. We have each others cells and emails so she'll give those to her friend doing the calendar.    

Tonight is a partay and shower for my niece, Suzanne, and her fiance',"Jaybird", which will be super fun and then we double back home for Sis, and head to the farm.  Lots of projects to take care of up there, one of which will be cleaning the big den carpet, again, so it looks nice for Thanksgiving.  With a house that gets as much use as the farm's, you have to know stuff happens.  Dogs, lots of kids, muddy boots, and spills are just part of what goes on up there. 

Tonight is also the big fund raiser smoke-a-thon for the Church of Christ in Sanger.  I didn't put our name on a brisket because at the time, my stomach could not handle the thought of anything food related, much less a brisket.  We'll swing by tonight on the way to the house and see if we can slap our name on one.  If not, no biggie.  I just cooked one the other day anyway. 

It's a gorgeous day outside so let's all enjoy it!!  Happy weekend to all!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pay Attention

Saturday, Fred and I made a stop at Restoration Hardware to look at a new rug for the den.  I'm the all natural fiber type and I knew what I wanted--I just wanted to see it in person.  We found it, found the samples, and a gal a little older than me came over to "help us", ipad in hand.  We knew the size and color, she inputs it, and says "it's not available in your zip code". Never mind I had just been online right before coming over and found it available. I just figured she works here, so whatever.  I questioned her a little but  wasn't trying to bash her ...just trying to understand.  AND, I'm still feeling this" nuh, uh, lady," feeling. Something just doesn't add up here.

We hiked over to Crate and Barrel, snoopstered around, didn't see what I wanted and headed home.  Once home, I headed straight for my computer, input the rug info, and voila'....there is my damn rug!  What up, lady??  The long and short of it is this:  we all make mistakes (yeah, yeah)... but if something doesn't sound (or feel) right to you, check it out, because it's probably not. 

Here's another example of something just NOT sounding (or feeling) right.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the Comeback Trail

I just made it outside for  few minutes for the first time in three days.  On a gorgeous day like today, that's just wrong on about a zillion levels.  Sis went with me--when you're sick you can't shake her no matter what you do--and that may be what she's been trying to tell me all morning.  Go outside.  Or, give me a bone.  Or, put me up in the bed with you.  Yep, I'd bank on the latter.

 She gets so frisky on Fall days that it really kind of makes me laugh. I wish I had a big old slice of some of her energy.  Today is the kind of day she and I take an afternoon walk, and commune with nature--which means whatever we run into.  We stop, we visit with whomever, and I watch the trees turn.  We usually see all the soccer kids practicing right down the block and other kids out playing.  She gets all of her sniffing and calling cards left for other dogs and I get a little walking exercise--if that's what you call stopping every two feet for sniffing.  Occasionally I'll spot the hawk, have a bunny sighting, or meet a new puppy.  In other words, bliss.
I'll say this and then sign off: I think getting good and sick every once in awhile is a good thing.  Boy, howdy, nothing will make you more grateful for and appreciate your good health and your loved ones, like a few days flat on your back in bed.  Trust me on this one. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My latest experiment

This morning, I'm in Rome with Rick Steves, via KERA.  We are at the Coliseum and he's not showing any of the rats or cats that I've seen both times I was there.  Guess he's got a good film editor.  Give me Italy anywhere and I am a happy gal.  There's just something about that culture that I adore.  People, art, the food, the way they live--all of it.  I love France, too--I just don't care for some of the French attitude.  Yes, you can find 'tude anywhere--the French just seem to have more of it than others and don't seem to have brakes when it comes to unloading it on others.  Boy, do I love the beauty they create though so maybe I'll cut them some slack.  Any group that lives and eats like they do, can't be all bad. hug with France. 

Now, I just took my coffee outside for a brief backyard consultation and I'm thinking my climbing roses need a comb over.   They are growing the opposite direction than I want them to go, so since they are nice and pliable, I think I'll get that soft, stretchy green tie down stuff out and bend them the other direction. to sell this idea to Fred since I'm really thinking he can do it.  I just give the orders around here--I don't actually do the work.  I'm sure we were all pretty clear on that anyway.  Just sayin'.  :)

Lastly, here is my latest experiment.  I'm seeing if I can grow basil from some of my seeds, so I have have it all winter, and then transplant it outside this spring.  Stay tuned. I've already over watered twice so we'll see how this goes.  The seedlings seem pretty forgiving so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Itty Bitty City Kitties

My neighbor across the street was just out front with her son's latest pets--two, baby, pound kitties--sisters, that are tee tiny.  I'm thinking these little bitties are no older than maybe 4 weeks old, if that, and were dropped off a la pound/shelter a week ago, sans mother.  They are lucky to be alive and if they can live through my neighbors red headed son, who shot our front window with his BB gun, they'll be some tough kitties--on that you can be sure.

The kitties are stinky but too little to bathe and their eyes are kind of matted looking.  Now, this may be a stretch, but maybe they just need their faces washed??  Maybe they don't have kitty conjunctivitis, worms, and heaven only knows what else??  Is there Kitty Nile virus??  Ewwww.  Glad I washed my hands 'cause now I'm really grossed out.

I reminded Penny about the hawk that lives nearby, and she freaked.  These itty bitties would be a purrrfect morsel for him and she scooped them right up and inside they went.  Man, I'm glad that's not me.  Sister is eeeenuf' for me and sometimes even she's a tad bit much, diva that she is.  There's only room for one diva here and we all know who that is.  Moi'. 

The Girl with the Crazy Hair

Thank goodness last night's debate is over.  I watched for a few minutes and couldn't take any more.  No wonder politics get such a bad rap.  Both sides were awful.  Now, on to a happier topic.  Today at noon, Fred and I will be box lunching at the new Parkland--or at least a part of it--to see the mock up of the new patient rooms for the new hospital.  I can't wait to see it and get a feel for what it will be like.  Yes, I can go online and look at pictures of the rooms but that's not the same as actually seeing it with my own eyes.  After Dallas has waited so long for a new hospital, this should be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With this being Texas-OU weekend, I am hoping the weather holds for tomorrow's game and the Fair, for all those who have never been to either.  Frankly, the comfort of my own den and watching the game on TV (or not) is much more comfortable for me.  Not being a huge football fan, unless I'm cooking and watching, fagedaboudit.  I'd rather be outside or doing something else.

I ran by yesterday to see the smalls and their new home but missed seeing Hudson, as he was still at school.  The plan initially was to go by later but that didn't work out.  Avery was as adorable as ever and has suddenly starting talking in a very grown up girl way where I can understand exactly what she's saying.  To me, she also looks and sounds so much like Hudson, it's just a hoot!  Hadley wasn't there when I first arrived but came a few minutes later with her best pal, The Girl with the Crazy Hair, Brook.  (When Had didn't know Brook's name, she told her mom she had a new friend at school with Crazy Hair.)  Brook is a pistol with a huge personality, wonderful curly strawberry-blonde red hair, and hazel eyes and says the funniest things ever.  No wonder she and Had are best pals.  The two of them are an early version of Thelma and Louise.  Yesterday as I was leaving, Brook wanted Nicole to do make overs on them and I'm sick I missed that.  Girly girls.....whoa.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm in my head again today but in a good way.  I'm creating and that's always fun.  It's so interesting to me how often I think I have something picked out in my head--a style or a look I like--until I see something else.  Since this morning, I've gone from a European/ Swedish cottage exterior, to a Barn.  Seriously, I have.  I absolutely love Barns--any kind except the metal kind--and even those are OK for some places.  Honing in on what I really want has to do so much with the day, what's rattling around in my brain, who I want to be that particular day, and how I see myself living in that space.  Please tell me one of you does this, too, because otherwise, I'm a huge nutbag.

The problem is, I like so many different styles. I can only imagine the look on some designers face when/ if I showed them all the pictures I've saved.  Some of the pictures I know I like, but would never live like that, so that parts easy to cull out.  The next part is expense--some things I love are mega bucks so we can quickly give those the hook as well.  Maybe it's not quite as bad as I think...maybe a professional might be able to interpret where I'm going in my head, style wise.  Let's just hope it's not a shrink doing the interpreting.  I'd probably be diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Now, not to get too personal here but I just returned from the chiropractor, again, and because a certain muscle is spasming, I am too.  I have one of those big frozen do-hickeys down my pants, right at my hip, and these suckers are crazy c-o-l-d which is, duh, the whole point.  I'll spare you a pic.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm hungry

I'm having a chocolate, butter, sugar attack...however, sugar cinnamon, apples, and a buttery cobblery crust would make my day right about now.  Face it...I'm just hungry and I want something bad...naughty...of the highly caloric variety.  Sometimes in the late afternoon my thoughts turn to all things not good for you and I'm sure glad I haven't bought any Halloween candy yet.  So with that in mind, what's your favorite Halloween candy?

I love a few bites of candy corn but then they get too sweet and make you all shivery.  My favorites are any of the mini snack size Snickers, Butterfingers, and Milky Ways.  Kit Kats are good, as are Heath bars.  And I'm OK with Hershey kisses but I like the ones with almonds best.  Now, any of that Almond Joy nonsense and I'm out, and the same goes for suckers, gum, and "trashy candy".  Nobody wants that cheapo stuff so don't buy it.

This year I'm thinking of getting Bruce to answer the door with a jug of milk, and tell the kids to hold out their bags.  I just want to see the kids and the parents faces.  I know, I know....I'm evil.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Some people I just do not understand.  I do not understand how their mind works or how they arrive at the conclusions they do.  I was reminded of this yesterday.  A group of people I was with all got a huh? look on their faces, when one of the group came out with the most bizarre suggestion.  In his mind it was a solution to something none of the rest of us even saw as a problem.  I could hear what the person was saying; I just could not wrap my brain around how or why he thought his suggestion was a good one or why he thought what he thought was a problem. 

I looked around to the others to see if perhaps I'd had a senior moment and missed something.  Nope. They were as stunned as I was.  I guess I'm not supposed to understand this one because almost 24 hours later, I'm just as whaaat as I was yesterday.  Go figure.  Some stuff just is not worth trying to understand.

This man is not a bad guy; he just lacks the social skills most people either develop as kids or learn as adults.  He's more of a sledge hammer with a side dish of unpredictability, and no social skills what so ever.  Lord, love him, 'cause I'm sure tryin' to and he's making it really tough.  

While I ponder life, I think I'll go fire up the pot of homemade vegetable soup I started yesterday.  I have chicken for the carnivore to throw in his, but I may go strictly veggie tonight.  I have several loads of small logs from the tree trimming to ferry to the woodpile via my little red wagon.  This is when I really need a wheel barrow for transport.  Maybe I can hook Sis up to the wagon and she can pull it.  The costume might be a problem, though....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Trees and pumpkins!

I just had the best morning surprise.  Santos, our tree trimmer extraordinaire, and his brother are here to trim our trees.  I had thought they weren't coming until weekend after next, but since his brother can get the job started today, while Santos goes to his real world job and returns later this afternoon, that's what's happening.   Santos brother is younger, so he's the one that now goes up super high in our trees like Santos used to.  What a perfect way to start a Monday morning!  I can hardly stand myself I'm so excited.  Just the sound of a chain saw gets me all excited. 

Once home from the farm yesterday, all of us were pooped, but no rest for the weary.  Sis had to have a bath, get her teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and have her bed and fluffies all washed.  To say that she slept like lead would be a understatement.  Ditto me.  Since I hurt my back last week, lots of the plans I had to do things at the farm just didn't happen.  There's always next time for that.

The good news is, Friday before we left, Fed EX delivered my new toys and I couldn't love them more.  I freaked over the nest and the velvet acorns.  They make velvet mushrooms, too.  Oh, lawsie...I'm in heaven.  I'm so glad the boys are grown and live off on their own as I could see any one of these being hurled across the den in a pissin' war, as I keeled over dead.  If you've ever had more than one male under your roof, you know I'm telling the truth.

  I texted my sister a pic of these and she now has ordered some for her house, though I'm sure she went with a different color scheme.  Her house and mine are very different though I'd love to go shopping at hers!  She's a big collector and has a great eye--I know what I like, but am much less confident in all things decor.  Nursing school doesn't teach design classes so there's a big old hole in my education.  I'm smart enough to know I need a professional to achieve the look I like.  I've spent way too much money making mistakes not to have figured that out by now.

Today is beyond beautiful outside so grab your coffee and take a break when you can to enjoy it!  I am so grateful for this day.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Lots of animal sightings this weekend at the Farm and a few met their maker if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That's just how things go I guess.  We smelled one skunk as we pulled off the highway heading into Sanger, and then actually saw one on the road up to the house.  Lordy, I hate me some skunks.  This one was too fast to get shot at and that's the good news for him. 

Later that same night, an armadillo was nailed doing what they do in the yard, which is root up grubs.  Sis and Fred took care of it and then tossed it back into the woods for "recycling".  Later the next morning we had at least six buzzards noshing on what was left of the armadillo.  Gross.  Those birds are just the nastiest things ever. 

We also saw the cutest white calf in the back pasture.  It was too far away to tell if it was a steer or a heifer but it really was adorable.  Then up by the Barn, Sis flushed out a cottontail that took off around the side,  with her in hot pursuit.  For an older fat black gal she was chewing up some real estate.  Her squealing and yelping was impressive but did not seem to help her in the speed department. 

The horses dropped by several times for a visit and left a few piles of horse poop as their calling cards.  Gee, thanks guys.  Nothing like a little fresh horse poop to say welcome.  We did loads of chores: fixed the screen door with new hinges, cleaned the ashes out of the fireplace(so I could fill it up again), replaced a light bulb w-a-y up high in the den ceiling, and worked on doors that wouldn't catch--one is fixed--the other is still a work in progress.  I made lists of more repairs and put the new quilts on the beds downstairs.  We also paid a visit to the new hardware store in Sanger, and jawboned some with the new owner.  We found out he's going to have a gun store up above the hardware area which means Brian and company will be among his first look-seers.  That's just a no brainer.

Lastly, after a call to The Church of Christ in Sanger, I found out that their fundraiser will be on October 19-20 and they will once again be smoking pork shoulders ($25), briskets ($45), and pork loins (for I don't know how much 'cause I don't need one).  If you want one, call the church and put your name on one by Oct. 13, or you'll only be able to buy what's left.  The briskets always go first.  The smoked pork shoulder last year was out of this world.  I may or may not get a brisket.  I haven't yet.  Here's last years pic's.  That's the pork shoulder after I pulled it all and that is a big plate.  FYI: wear gloves or your dog's going to want to lick your hands for days.  Don't ask me how I know this.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Today as I was driving along, I was thinking what fun it will be to be a grandmother some day.  I was reflecting back over the angst most parents feel over doing everything right, telling their kids all the things they need to survive in this world, teaching them all the skills they'll need, and all the sleepless nights worrying and wondering if you got it right.  And then I thought being a grandmother and how fun it will be to just make stuff up as you go along.

I'm not going to worry if my grand kids get into an Ivy League school, ace their SAT's, or if they'll be "outstanding", because it's just not going to matter to me one damn bit.  They're not my kids and I don't have to worry about all that.  I'm d-o-n-e in that department and I plan to simply kick back and have fun.  I'm going to be the storybook reading granny, the lemonade maker, the one who goes on walks where we pick up leaves and makes up stories about them, and the kind that tells stories about faeries and where they live.  The faeries part is going to take a little work since we don't have a lot of woods around our house but that's OK.  Little kids won't know that's where I think they live, so I'll just make up something else. Maybe they could live in the grass or the bushes, or maybe a bird house.  I don't know yet and luckily, I have lots of time.

Now as for all the questions little kids ask, I'm telling you up front I'm gonna lie.  If they ask me if worms yawn, I'm gonna say YES.  Do birds have best friends?  YES.  Will eating cooked spinach really make you stronger?  NO, but anything that tastes that bad sure should.  See?  It's easy.   And I can't wait.  I can't wait to find out one of my grand kids has repeated something I've told them, and know Brian's or Benji's eyes are rolling in their heads. Lawsie...that's gonna be one fun day.  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween nails

  Mom's DNR bracelet arrived yesterday afternoon and is on her wrist as we speak.  Whew.  Done and done.  She was resting when I went by, but not asleep, so we had a good visit.  As I was working to latch the hot pink bracelet on her wrist, I glanced at her nails and howled.  Since Tuesday is nail day, Alicia, the Activity Director, had done mom's nails orange with silver glitter on top, for Halloween.  Neat, clean, and lovely, mom and I screamed over how her new bracelet clashed with her nails.  I told her Hadley and Avery would kill to have their nails done like hers, and she loved it.  Rockin' Halloween nails at 85?  Oh, why not.  I'm diggn' these.  Candy corn nails.  Excellent.

I tried to turn on mom's TV with her remote only to find she had a case of dead batteries so I'll run back by this morning and pop in new ones.  Mom can't use her remote anyway but the staff can, so in the interest of convenience, I'll get that done. 

I watched a little bit of the debate last night and must say Romney came with his A game.  President Obama looked exhausted.  I'm thinking running this country AND trying to tune up for the debate might do that to you--nice if all you have to do is just prep and practice, like you know who.  I'm not sure about you but I'm ready to get this thing done.  I plan to early vote since waiting until the last day and standing in line forever doesn't seem like a fun idea to me.  Nope.  Let's getter dun.

Farm projects are underway: new firewood arrives Saturday morning, fatwood fire starter sticks have arrived and will go up this weekend, new quilts for the downstairs bedroom will replace the old ones--and I do mean old ones.  I'm thinking of giving the old quilts to Rodney's dog, Lady, for the winter, since she's always outside and it get c-o-l-d and windy up there.  That's assuming Rodney doesn't take them from her and give them to somebody else.  I've have no control over that, that's for sure.  I'm still going to give it a shot, though.  We girls have to stick together so, Lady, I've got your back, honey.

I'm heading to the Arboretum with my gals pals this afternoon to walk and see the lovelies.  Perfect day for that and I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Choices. Got any?

Choices.  Today I have loads of them.  Growing up as a little kid, none of us had many.  We just did what we were told to do.  I know I did (for the most part).  To do otherwise was met with stiff consequences.  Today I can ask questions or not, gather more information or not, do nothing or do lots of things--all are mine to choose.

Some of my choices will have fall out--some perhaps not.  Some could be smarter choices; some not so smart. And they are still mine to make.  There's so much freedom in that for me.  I do not have to march to someone elses drummer or their beat.  I am no longer stuck with what is.

When in doubt, I can always invite God in and ask Him which way to go and listen for His suggestion.  If there's not a direct one, I can weigh my options and choose what I determine I want to do.  I get to choose what's best for me.  My choice.  My decision.  My freedom to choose.  Awesome.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Arnold....see ya

Last night I watched the 60 minutes interview of Arnold Swarzenneger, with Leslie Stahl.  If you missed it, you missed a really interesting look into human psychology and the lasting effects of early damage done to a  to a person.  To say that Arnold is a mess is an understatement at best, but what I found most intriguing was not just the story about his childhood but how he laughed about how cruelly he was treated by his father.  The guy is totally detached from himself--he can't feel squat--so much so that he doesn't seem to really get what he's done to his soon to be ex-wife, and his kids. 

Yes, he says one or two of the right things, but you can see he doesn't mean it --the arrogance is all over him.  He's not the least bit contrite.  Put simply, his words and his actions don't match.  A couple of times he even tripped himself up in his own lies--and when Leslie questioned him about them, he didn't even realize he'd lied or that his real motives were so transparent. This man is totally incongruent and lies at the drop of a hat to get what he wants, how he wants it.  It's clear he thinks that he's earned the "right" to do what ever he wants, and everyone else can just basically lump it.  He just does not get it.

I don't hate Arnold at all.  I personally found him fascinating.  To watch someone work so hard to overcome a childhood of "not being good enough" was actually heartbreaking.  No matter what he achieves, it's never going to be enough for him.  He's got a childhood hole inside of him big enough to fly a jet through that's never going to completely heal. He'd need LOTS of professional help and a sincere desire to clean up his past before he'd ever start to become whole again, and he's way too arrogant to admit he's a train wreck.

Yes, he's charming and over the top, and that's what he's counting on to woo you back to team Ahhhhnold.  I'll skip his book that comes out today.  I've seen enough and it's just too sad.