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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Christie v. Langford

I feel like the mother of two arguing kids--Chris Christie and Lorenzo Langford.  Really, you two block heads??  Do you think now is the BEST time to be verbally duking it out over whether NJ residents were or were not told, to evacuate??  Wouldn't your energy be better spent doing everything in both of your power to help these people?  What do you two boobs think you can do right now about whether or not people evacuated? are underwater.  Does the other stuff really matter?

I'd like to ground both of them, and send Christie to his room until he can control his anger.  Given his past history of going off on people means that we're not likely to ever see him again, but I'm not thinking that's a huge loss.  Both of you go open a big old can of shut the hell up and do your jobs or I'm pulling out the wooden spoon!

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