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Friday, October 12, 2012

Itty Bitty City Kitties

My neighbor across the street was just out front with her son's latest pets--two, baby, pound kitties--sisters, that are tee tiny.  I'm thinking these little bitties are no older than maybe 4 weeks old, if that, and were dropped off a la pound/shelter a week ago, sans mother.  They are lucky to be alive and if they can live through my neighbors red headed son, who shot our front window with his BB gun, they'll be some tough kitties--on that you can be sure.

The kitties are stinky but too little to bathe and their eyes are kind of matted looking.  Now, this may be a stretch, but maybe they just need their faces washed??  Maybe they don't have kitty conjunctivitis, worms, and heaven only knows what else??  Is there Kitty Nile virus??  Ewwww.  Glad I washed my hands 'cause now I'm really grossed out.

I reminded Penny about the hawk that lives nearby, and she freaked.  These itty bitties would be a purrrfect morsel for him and she scooped them right up and inside they went.  Man, I'm glad that's not me.  Sister is eeeenuf' for me and sometimes even she's a tad bit much, diva that she is.  There's only room for one diva here and we all know who that is.  Moi'. 

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