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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Uh, oh...

 I am in a bit of a pickle this morning.  Last night I decided to bathe Sis in my shower, in the interest of time and simplicity.  That wasn't the problem.  Her dog shampoo was.  While at Petco the other day getting food, I remembered we were low on dog shampoo but couldn't remember which one we'd gotten last time so I called Sis's main squeeze, figuring he might remember.  He didn't, but told me "just don't get something stinky".  Since I remembered the brand and the fact it contained oatmeal for itchiness (that didn't work), this time I went for the 2 in 1 papaya one, containing conditioner.  I sniffed it and it wasn't too bad.

So, last night I got in, got my  sprayer and soaked Sis, while she shot looks of complete scorn my way.  I added the shampoo, lathered her all up, rinsed her, and handed her off to her BF, and that's the last I have seen of her, period.  She's holed up in the den in her chair and if that girl could talk, the swear words would be flying.  I think she thinks she smells like an umbrella drink, and it's all my fault.  Well, hell....if she hates me now, just wait until tomorrow.

Part of good pet ownership is bathing your pup, prior to having their teeth cleaned--it says so in all the pet etiquette books.  No Vet wants to clean a smelly dog's teeth and a fresh one is liable to get all sort of  extra TLC.  Think about know it's true.  So tomorrow, she headed over there first thing in the morning and after dinner tonight, can't eat or drink anything until she's done.  Another big strike against me since I feed her on the dinner shift.  Oh, man... I'm screwed.  My only hope is to be the one who picks her up tomorrow, and liberates her from Vet Hell

Attitude update a la Sis:  We're friends again and all it took was a few bites of toasted Eatzi's cheese bread.   She's no match for me.  :)))

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