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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the Comeback Trail

I just made it outside for  few minutes for the first time in three days.  On a gorgeous day like today, that's just wrong on about a zillion levels.  Sis went with me--when you're sick you can't shake her no matter what you do--and that may be what she's been trying to tell me all morning.  Go outside.  Or, give me a bone.  Or, put me up in the bed with you.  Yep, I'd bank on the latter.

 She gets so frisky on Fall days that it really kind of makes me laugh. I wish I had a big old slice of some of her energy.  Today is the kind of day she and I take an afternoon walk, and commune with nature--which means whatever we run into.  We stop, we visit with whomever, and I watch the trees turn.  We usually see all the soccer kids practicing right down the block and other kids out playing.  She gets all of her sniffing and calling cards left for other dogs and I get a little walking exercise--if that's what you call stopping every two feet for sniffing.  Occasionally I'll spot the hawk, have a bunny sighting, or meet a new puppy.  In other words, bliss.
I'll say this and then sign off: I think getting good and sick every once in awhile is a good thing.  Boy, howdy, nothing will make you more grateful for and appreciate your good health and your loved ones, like a few days flat on your back in bed.  Trust me on this one. 

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