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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween nails

  Mom's DNR bracelet arrived yesterday afternoon and is on her wrist as we speak.  Whew.  Done and done.  She was resting when I went by, but not asleep, so we had a good visit.  As I was working to latch the hot pink bracelet on her wrist, I glanced at her nails and howled.  Since Tuesday is nail day, Alicia, the Activity Director, had done mom's nails orange with silver glitter on top, for Halloween.  Neat, clean, and lovely, mom and I screamed over how her new bracelet clashed with her nails.  I told her Hadley and Avery would kill to have their nails done like hers, and she loved it.  Rockin' Halloween nails at 85?  Oh, why not.  I'm diggn' these.  Candy corn nails.  Excellent.

I tried to turn on mom's TV with her remote only to find she had a case of dead batteries so I'll run back by this morning and pop in new ones.  Mom can't use her remote anyway but the staff can, so in the interest of convenience, I'll get that done. 

I watched a little bit of the debate last night and must say Romney came with his A game.  President Obama looked exhausted.  I'm thinking running this country AND trying to tune up for the debate might do that to you--nice if all you have to do is just prep and practice, like you know who.  I'm not sure about you but I'm ready to get this thing done.  I plan to early vote since waiting until the last day and standing in line forever doesn't seem like a fun idea to me.  Nope.  Let's getter dun.

Farm projects are underway: new firewood arrives Saturday morning, fatwood fire starter sticks have arrived and will go up this weekend, new quilts for the downstairs bedroom will replace the old ones--and I do mean old ones.  I'm thinking of giving the old quilts to Rodney's dog, Lady, for the winter, since she's always outside and it get c-o-l-d and windy up there.  That's assuming Rodney doesn't take them from her and give them to somebody else.  I've have no control over that, that's for sure.  I'm still going to give it a shot, though.  We girls have to stick together so, Lady, I've got your back, honey.

I'm heading to the Arboretum with my gals pals this afternoon to walk and see the lovelies.  Perfect day for that and I can't wait!

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