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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Some people I just do not understand.  I do not understand how their mind works or how they arrive at the conclusions they do.  I was reminded of this yesterday.  A group of people I was with all got a huh? look on their faces, when one of the group came out with the most bizarre suggestion.  In his mind it was a solution to something none of the rest of us even saw as a problem.  I could hear what the person was saying; I just could not wrap my brain around how or why he thought his suggestion was a good one or why he thought what he thought was a problem. 

I looked around to the others to see if perhaps I'd had a senior moment and missed something.  Nope. They were as stunned as I was.  I guess I'm not supposed to understand this one because almost 24 hours later, I'm just as whaaat as I was yesterday.  Go figure.  Some stuff just is not worth trying to understand.

This man is not a bad guy; he just lacks the social skills most people either develop as kids or learn as adults.  He's more of a sledge hammer with a side dish of unpredictability, and no social skills what so ever.  Lord, love him, 'cause I'm sure tryin' to and he's making it really tough.  

While I ponder life, I think I'll go fire up the pot of homemade vegetable soup I started yesterday.  I have chicken for the carnivore to throw in his, but I may go strictly veggie tonight.  I have several loads of small logs from the tree trimming to ferry to the woodpile via my little red wagon.  This is when I really need a wheel barrow for transport.  Maybe I can hook Sis up to the wagon and she can pull it.  The costume might be a problem, though....

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