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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

I just came in from the front yard and a visit with Claire, and her daddy, John, next door.  Claire was out for a cruise in her pj's with a push toy, and I wanted to see how mom and new baby brother John were doing.  It seems all is good next door and a trip to the pediatrician is on their agenda today for Claire's flu shot and baby John to get his check up.  Claire spotted my coffee cup and was dying for some but mine was really hot, and I was scared to let her have any.  Her dad said she loves coffee so no wonder I love her!  She blew me a kiss as she went inside so needless, you can add another scalp to her belt--mine.  I'm in total l-o-v-e.  I was invited to come over tomorrow (since today's flu shot might not be pretty) to meet baby John so that means I have to cook something--anything--to take.  I can't just go over empty handed....I'll work on that this afternoon. I'm leaning towards a coffee cake so Claire can have some with her coffee.

Sis is wiped out today.  All the stress of the Vet visit just did her in so I told her to take it easy she doesn't do that anyway, but whatever.  I did laugh yesterday when she got home.  She immediately noticed the new rug and sniffed all over it even before getting a drink of water.  What a girl. 

Happy day to all!!

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