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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yes, WE CAN...bounce back!

I know I sound like I'm nine hundred when I say this but how can it possibly be Halloween already?  Wasn't I just down at Mr. Lemley's at the Farmer's Market getting peaches and tomatoes?  Some days seem like they drag but when you look back, they're actually whipping by.  I'm sort of afraid to blink for fear I'll miss something.

I've had to have somewhat of a personal moratorium on reading about Sandy and all of the wreckage and devastation.  Yes, there are some wonderful stories of heroism and babies being born mid storm but all in all, it's a pretty scary thing.  My hats off to the NY guys who are pumping all of the water out of the subway and the fact that the NY stock exchange is back open.  Not sure how some of them actually got to work but leave it to NY to bounce back.

To me, there's nothing better than a really bad situation to see the very best come out in people.  Sharing food and water, helping clean up, and working around the clock to restore power and water, is what Americans seem to do best.  And, there's usually a pretty health sense of humor going on as it happens.  We cry together, we laugh together--that's what makes us human--and somebody's always throwing a party in the midst of total loss.  Ya gotta love us...we are pretty great!

Today, I'm going in gratitude and in prayer for those in need, and loving the "can do" attitude of those affected most.

Fishing, anybody???

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