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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Update

Lots of animal sightings this weekend at the Farm and a few met their maker if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That's just how things go I guess.  We smelled one skunk as we pulled off the highway heading into Sanger, and then actually saw one on the road up to the house.  Lordy, I hate me some skunks.  This one was too fast to get shot at and that's the good news for him. 

Later that same night, an armadillo was nailed doing what they do in the yard, which is root up grubs.  Sis and Fred took care of it and then tossed it back into the woods for "recycling".  Later the next morning we had at least six buzzards noshing on what was left of the armadillo.  Gross.  Those birds are just the nastiest things ever. 

We also saw the cutest white calf in the back pasture.  It was too far away to tell if it was a steer or a heifer but it really was adorable.  Then up by the Barn, Sis flushed out a cottontail that took off around the side,  with her in hot pursuit.  For an older fat black gal she was chewing up some real estate.  Her squealing and yelping was impressive but did not seem to help her in the speed department. 

The horses dropped by several times for a visit and left a few piles of horse poop as their calling cards.  Gee, thanks guys.  Nothing like a little fresh horse poop to say welcome.  We did loads of chores: fixed the screen door with new hinges, cleaned the ashes out of the fireplace(so I could fill it up again), replaced a light bulb w-a-y up high in the den ceiling, and worked on doors that wouldn't catch--one is fixed--the other is still a work in progress.  I made lists of more repairs and put the new quilts on the beds downstairs.  We also paid a visit to the new hardware store in Sanger, and jawboned some with the new owner.  We found out he's going to have a gun store up above the hardware area which means Brian and company will be among his first look-seers.  That's just a no brainer.

Lastly, after a call to The Church of Christ in Sanger, I found out that their fundraiser will be on October 19-20 and they will once again be smoking pork shoulders ($25), briskets ($45), and pork loins (for I don't know how much 'cause I don't need one).  If you want one, call the church and put your name on one by Oct. 13, or you'll only be able to buy what's left.  The briskets always go first.  The smoked pork shoulder last year was out of this world.  I may or may not get a brisket.  I haven't yet.  Here's last years pic's.  That's the pork shoulder after I pulled it all and that is a big plate.  FYI: wear gloves or your dog's going to want to lick your hands for days.  Don't ask me how I know this.

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