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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can you smell my Fire Pit?

We're having phone trouble and now have to have AT&T come inside to see what's wrong.  As a result, we get to sit here all day, waiting on them to show up.  That just means one thing:  I'm going to have to cook all day and pull out the driveway fire pit to entertain myself.  Tough duty, huh....combining my two favorite things all in one day.  Yippee!   Sis loves to come out and sun herself with me and ends up smelling all smokey.  I luvvv that.  Smokey dog ears on a warm dog body.  Deeelish.
We also have a new baby girl in our extended family:  Katherine Ann Carter was born this morning and mom, Charlotte, and baby daughter are both doing great.  Not so sure about dad, Grant.  I'm thinking he's as exhausted as Charlotte, since an extended labor ended in a non-emergency c-section.  Boy, that'll definitely do you in, even with a major rush of adrenaline.  Hope they both get some anybody really rests in the hospital.  Not. 

The plan today was to make a Farm run to check things out since our caretaker, Rodney, has been given the heave ho' but instead we'll be waiting for AT&T. That will have to happen another day.  I'm thinking blowing all the backyard leaves and mowing up the front yard ones will keep us busy while we wait.  Thank heavens Santos has already trimmed our trees--that's a huge help in having a few less bags of leaves this year.  With two ginormous trees out front and one big honking one in the back, we used to have giant piles of leaves for the boys to jump in.  Now, we just have the leaves. 

I may see after Fred votes if he and Sis want to take a walk past Pecan Lady's house, just to check out her current crop.  I know I said I wouldn't touch a single pecan in her yard, but I never said my accomplice's wouldn't.  I know...I am a verrry bad dog  :)))

Time to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Fall to all!!!!!

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