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Monday, October 8, 2012

Trees and pumpkins!

I just had the best morning surprise.  Santos, our tree trimmer extraordinaire, and his brother are here to trim our trees.  I had thought they weren't coming until weekend after next, but since his brother can get the job started today, while Santos goes to his real world job and returns later this afternoon, that's what's happening.   Santos brother is younger, so he's the one that now goes up super high in our trees like Santos used to.  What a perfect way to start a Monday morning!  I can hardly stand myself I'm so excited.  Just the sound of a chain saw gets me all excited. 

Once home from the farm yesterday, all of us were pooped, but no rest for the weary.  Sis had to have a bath, get her teeth brushed, ears cleaned, and have her bed and fluffies all washed.  To say that she slept like lead would be a understatement.  Ditto me.  Since I hurt my back last week, lots of the plans I had to do things at the farm just didn't happen.  There's always next time for that.

The good news is, Friday before we left, Fed EX delivered my new toys and I couldn't love them more.  I freaked over the nest and the velvet acorns.  They make velvet mushrooms, too.  Oh, lawsie...I'm in heaven.  I'm so glad the boys are grown and live off on their own as I could see any one of these being hurled across the den in a pissin' war, as I keeled over dead.  If you've ever had more than one male under your roof, you know I'm telling the truth.

  I texted my sister a pic of these and she now has ordered some for her house, though I'm sure she went with a different color scheme.  Her house and mine are very different though I'd love to go shopping at hers!  She's a big collector and has a great eye--I know what I like, but am much less confident in all things decor.  Nursing school doesn't teach design classes so there's a big old hole in my education.  I'm smart enough to know I need a professional to achieve the look I like.  I've spent way too much money making mistakes not to have figured that out by now.

Today is beyond beautiful outside so grab your coffee and take a break when you can to enjoy it!  I am so grateful for this day.

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