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Friday, October 26, 2012

I like her!

Here is my latest new friend.  She is lovely to cook in and was bunch cheaper than Le Crueset, thank you very much.  And these days, what isn't cheaper than Le Crueset?  Now, admittedly I am a cooking snob about some things, but I'm also smart enough to admit that if there's a hell of a good knock off out there that does essentially the same thing, where's the problem? Yes, Le Crueset has prettier colors but, honey, lets get real here.  I'm not wearing it--I'm just cooking in it.  And I like this blue... so get over it, you Le Crueset haters.  Taste what's cooked in mine and taste yours, and I dare you to find a diff. 

That said, I put this old girl to the test yesterday and at the last minute I pulled the plug on spaghetti sauce, and made Taco Soup instead, and she did not disappoint. (I'm not real sure what she'd have had to do to screw up but she didn't, so what ever.)  The brand is Tramontina--just like my All Clad knock off cookware-- so even though I had to make a trip to "The Wal" to pick it up, it was well worth it and I saved a boat load.  In my old age, I'm learning it's not so much what it says on it, as how it performs.  I'm in love, we're happy, case closed. 

Further scoopage:  We heard today from the State Supreme Court that they have decided to hear our case after all, so I am delighted.  This is a family lawsuit that has been going on literally for ages and could have a big impact in Texas  Oral arguments begin in February so on a good day I am praying for the best thing to happen for everyone --both sides.  (You don't want to know what I do and think on a bad day.)  I have no clue what that might look like and the good news is, I'm not in charge.  And as Martha Stewart would say, "that's a good thing".

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