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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poor Sis

While I wait for the rug to be delivered, I'm hard at work doing chores.  You're not buying that, are you?  I didn't think so.  We rolled up the old rug last night and I washed the rug pad and Bruce hung it over nite outside on Mary's line to dry.  The problem?  We did not calculate that Mary's sprinklers might run early this morning, so the pad was nice and wet when I went to get it.  Eh.  I decided to give it a shot in the dyer on the lowest low there was, and voila'.  It's dry and I didn't melt it, which is a minor miracle.

This morning, I'm a little fat black girl is at the Vet's all day to have blood work drawn for her Cushing's disease and a panel to be sure she's OK to go under anesthesia to get her teeth cleaned.  Dachshunds are known for having dragon breath and Lord knows she does.  She's also getting her nails clipped because I just cannot do that myself.  I've tried and I always seem to hit the quick, it bleeds, she squeals, blood flies everywhere, and I have a total shame attack.  There are just not enough dog bones in the world to make up for that, so I get the vet assistants to do it.  If she's gonna be mad at somebody, it might as well be them.

The Cushing's blood work has to be drawn twice, several hours apart, hence the all day stay and she has to fast up until the first draw.  They can feed her after that but knowing her, she'll be too freaked out to eat.  Boy...she is going to be royally pissed by the time she gets home this afternoon.  Then she has to go back later in the week when her labs are back, to get her teeth done.   Girlfriend....buckle up.  This is not going to be your week. 

I took Mary some brisket yesterday for her dinner last night.  She mentioned one time that she never cooks anything like that anymore unless her kids are coming.  Since it's just her, even a small one is too much meat so I fixed her a little container and popped it over to her. She's always so appreciative and it's fun to do things like that for her.

Baby John is home from the hospital and though I haven't met him yet, I hope to soon.  They just got home yesterday so I figured they have their hands full right now.  There are blue baby boy balloons out front of their house so he's being properly announced.  I need to go get him a baby gift, and one for his sister, Claire, once the rug guys get here.  Tick...tick...tick.... jeeze, I hate waiting!

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