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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Uh, oh

Recently my partner expressed interest in several dogs on the Dachshund Lovers of Texas Rescue site and we ooohed and ahhhed over them.  I finally told him that if this is what he wanted to do, he had to pull the trigger and fill out the online forms.  Clearly he's interested because he sat right down and did it.  Then we got a call from a gentleman from DLof T saying we needed a "home visit", and they came by yesterday.

What is it about animal people that's so immediately bonding?  In a word, they were delightful.  Both are teachers and live in Merriman Park where Wiggles breeder lived before his death.  They met Sis, who was on her very best behavior, and ended with us all in the backyard yakking our heads off.  What was initially intended as a fifteen minute visit became forty five minutes of laughter, (Sis shooting out her puppy door at warp speed) stories of dogs in our respective pasts, and what feels like the beginning of a brand new friendship.  They told us about dogs that are currently available but were not pushy in the slightest.  These two really know what they are doing and when they saw Sis's set up, laughed, admitting we are all owned by dogs--not the other way around. 

They mentioned one dog that will be available soon that could be a nice fit (they have to finish vetting him and find out any health specifics) and told us to check their website often and holler about any pup that might interest us. They agreed another female might not be the right fit-- and I don't want one anyway--no offense, Sis.  I want a neutered man dog and when asked about color, I said a smooth whatever.  I'll know when I see and meet him if we have a connection.  Next we have a meet and greet with Sis and maybe a one night spend the night to see how things go.  If he's not happy, or Sis isn't, that's a deal breaker.  (3:00 AM howlers need not apply.)

We assured them we are not in a **rush.  We want the right dog in the right situation and already know there will be an adjustment period for all of us. What we want is a laid back lounge lizard lap dog, closer to the cradle than the grave.  Order placed.   

**  I'm thinking maybe we should call them back this afternoon and tell them as soon as they know more about the one we discussed, we'd like to meet him. ** 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Holy Tornado!


My baby boy is en route to Texas and I couldn't be more excited.  I just wish I had enough room to host the whole band.  No such luck currently but maybe someday I can be the Harris Hacienda.  As a result of the human tornado heading our direction, I'm doing laundry and cooking to get MY chores out of the way in order to do HIS. 
Benji is a "quick and dirty" laundry doer which is why Andrea will not let him near hers.  He's a dumper--whites and darks together-- stuffs the tub, throws in detergent, slams the lid, and off he goes.  Ick.  Over Christmas I worked on his "grays" (previously whites) until I finally just tossed them in the trash and headed to Target for replacements.  Benji knows how to do separate loads--he just won't spend the time.  Once again that Y chromosome rears it's ugly head-- in laundry--of all things.
He has placed his dinner order so I'm doing his twice baked 'tater ahead of time and will just reheat it later.  His rib eye is resting in the fridge--yeah, he specifically ordered a rib eye-- so salad prep can wait until later.  Meanwhile, I'm making chalupas because I just wanna--and because it's supposed to be cold tonight.  Those are the only reasons I can think of other than they just sound good to me.  I made sure I got all the gear for them yesterday so once the meat cools, I'm on to shredding and the fun part. 
His room:
Since Senora Maria was here Friday, he's all set with clean sheets and a fresh clean bathroom so I guess all he needs to do now is "check in".
Sister has had a bath, teeth brushed, and her ears cleaned in prep for his less than 24 hour visit, so I think we are a go for splash down.

Happy Sunday to all!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poison Kool Aid

I've got a burr under my saddle about this today and I figured I might as well let it rip on a subject I truly do not get.  The year is 2014-- and I am simply unable to wrap my brain around the idea that though women are fun to look at and fine to have sex with, and can do the same job as a man, they somehow aren't fit to earn the same amount as a man, for the same job.  Why is this seriously even a question today?  Why are we even ASKING if a woman should be compensated equal to a man, for the same job?

Women today are Fighter pilots, Surgeons, Supreme Court judges, have been Secretaries of State, Astronauts, Governors, Senators, and Congresswomen, and I am completely blown away that in this day and time, such a feeble minded and sickening attitude towards women is even tolerated much less given voice.  Add to that a woman making her own health care decisions and land sakes....where the hell is June Cleaver?

Who's making the (1950's mind set) Kool-Aid some of these insane politicians are drinking, and then trying to get YOU to drink?  Do these people not HEAR themselves?  Can they truly be that misguided?                                 

I'm thinking women represent 50-60% of the population of voters at any given time, give or take.  So, given those numbers and the fact that there are also many men who agree women deserve to be paid the same as a man, and to make their own decisions (health care or otherwise), it's simply a matter of time before this low hanging fruit rots and drops off.  I personally can't wait.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Trails.....

I've decided to stop blogging regularly and will only post when the spirit moves me, if it moves me.  Thank you to any and all who have supported me in my blogging.  I can't say when or if I'll be back but it just feels like the right thing to do right now.

I think what threw me under the bus was yesterday working on mom's obit.  No, she is not dying this second but my sister had asked me to work on it so it would be ready, and I did.  Wow.  Emotional free fall without a parachute.  Although I have planned a funeral start to finish in the past (my great aunt-- when everyone else was out of town) I had never tried writing the obit of someone close to me and that was a doozie.  Couple that with a friend who lost her son Friday night and I'm feeling SAD.  Not surprising.  I am a big feeler.

I read this in the paper yesterday and thought it was helpful.

***A standard that cuts through emotional clutter: to distinguish between what moves you forward and what holds you back.***


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Thank heavens yesterday's election is over and maybe now I'll quit getting so many robo calls.  I'm thinking there should be a way to block that stuff unless you enjoy (?) it.  Somehow a recorded message just doesn't warm the cockles of my heart but it does reaffirm my faith when a certain sleazy judge is not re-elected.  Can I get an amen on that......

The most recent cold snap took out my daffodils before I could get out to cut them.  Those poor things just leaned over and froze.  After all the freezes and torture while still underground, they looked the best they've ever looked on this side of the dirt.  Bummer. 

Are you giving up anything for Lent and if so, what?  I was thinking I'd give up exercise but then I realized that would NOT be much of a sacrifice considering I don't do it much anyway.  One year I tried to give up chocolate and it almost killed me. Six weeks of no chocolate and it got really ugly around here.

Our den still looks like a Nursery with all our new plants waiting to be planted outside, post freeze.  The thornless blackberry bushes seem to like where they are as they've sprouted tiny new green leaves but the climbing roses are itching to get in the ground.  I may take them all outside today to play in the backyard and get a big drink of water.

Ahhh, Spring.  C'mon....enough of this cold.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Things I know today.

1)  If I like it, it's expensive                                           
2)  If I like it, it will have a gabillion calories per bite
3)  If it's comfortable, I will wear it (to death)
4)  The older I get the less I give a hoot and the more I laugh         

5)  The older I get, the easier I am on myself
6)  I had to turn 60 before I'd let myself buy a sack of Cracker Jacks and eat some
7)  Cracker Jacks prizes have not improved over the years but I still love them
8)  Super soft fluffy stuffed animals aren't just for small kids
9)  Lima beans, liver, and brussel sprouts are nasty (don't eat them)
10) I never had seasonal allergies until after I lived in Austin
11) Small is the new big no matter what it is
12) Happiness is an inside job and it's up to me
13) If something is flapping in the dishwasher, Sis will protect me from it (by barking at it)
14) I am owned by a dog-- not the other way around
15) No matter what I do, my computer leaves a space even after I remove it