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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Uh, oh

Recently my partner expressed interest in several dogs on the Dachshund Lovers of Texas Rescue site and we ooohed and ahhhed over them.  I finally told him that if this is what he wanted to do, he had to pull the trigger and fill out the online forms.  Clearly he's interested because he sat right down and did it.  Then we got a call from a gentleman from DLof T saying we needed a "home visit", and they came by yesterday.

What is it about animal people that's so immediately bonding?  In a word, they were delightful.  Both are teachers and live in Merriman Park where Wiggles breeder lived before his death.  They met Sis, who was on her very best behavior, and ended with us all in the backyard yakking our heads off.  What was initially intended as a fifteen minute visit became forty five minutes of laughter, (Sis shooting out her puppy door at warp speed) stories of dogs in our respective pasts, and what feels like the beginning of a brand new friendship.  They told us about dogs that are currently available but were not pushy in the slightest.  These two really know what they are doing and when they saw Sis's set up, laughed, admitting we are all owned by dogs--not the other way around. 

They mentioned one dog that will be available soon that could be a nice fit (they have to finish vetting him and find out any health specifics) and told us to check their website often and holler about any pup that might interest us. They agreed another female might not be the right fit-- and I don't want one anyway--no offense, Sis.  I want a neutered man dog and when asked about color, I said a smooth whatever.  I'll know when I see and meet him if we have a connection.  Next we have a meet and greet with Sis and maybe a one night spend the night to see how things go.  If he's not happy, or Sis isn't, that's a deal breaker.  (3:00 AM howlers need not apply.)

We assured them we are not in a **rush.  We want the right dog in the right situation and already know there will be an adjustment period for all of us. What we want is a laid back lounge lizard lap dog, closer to the cradle than the grave.  Order placed.   

**  I'm thinking maybe we should call them back this afternoon and tell them as soon as they know more about the one we discussed, we'd like to meet him. ** 


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