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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poison Kool Aid

I've got a burr under my saddle about this today and I figured I might as well let it rip on a subject I truly do not get.  The year is 2014-- and I am simply unable to wrap my brain around the idea that though women are fun to look at and fine to have sex with, and can do the same job as a man, they somehow aren't fit to earn the same amount as a man, for the same job.  Why is this seriously even a question today?  Why are we even ASKING if a woman should be compensated equal to a man, for the same job?

Women today are Fighter pilots, Surgeons, Supreme Court judges, have been Secretaries of State, Astronauts, Governors, Senators, and Congresswomen, and I am completely blown away that in this day and time, such a feeble minded and sickening attitude towards women is even tolerated much less given voice.  Add to that a woman making her own health care decisions and land sakes....where the hell is June Cleaver?

Who's making the (1950's mind set) Kool-Aid some of these insane politicians are drinking, and then trying to get YOU to drink?  Do these people not HEAR themselves?  Can they truly be that misguided?                                 

I'm thinking women represent 50-60% of the population of voters at any given time, give or take.  So, given those numbers and the fact that there are also many men who agree women deserve to be paid the same as a man, and to make their own decisions (health care or otherwise), it's simply a matter of time before this low hanging fruit rots and drops off.  I personally can't wait.


  1. I bet this difference holds true in every profession, including congress. We tollerate it!