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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday

Thank heavens yesterday's election is over and maybe now I'll quit getting so many robo calls.  I'm thinking there should be a way to block that stuff unless you enjoy (?) it.  Somehow a recorded message just doesn't warm the cockles of my heart but it does reaffirm my faith when a certain sleazy judge is not re-elected.  Can I get an amen on that......

The most recent cold snap took out my daffodils before I could get out to cut them.  Those poor things just leaned over and froze.  After all the freezes and torture while still underground, they looked the best they've ever looked on this side of the dirt.  Bummer. 

Are you giving up anything for Lent and if so, what?  I was thinking I'd give up exercise but then I realized that would NOT be much of a sacrifice considering I don't do it much anyway.  One year I tried to give up chocolate and it almost killed me. Six weeks of no chocolate and it got really ugly around here.

Our den still looks like a Nursery with all our new plants waiting to be planted outside, post freeze.  The thornless blackberry bushes seem to like where they are as they've sprouted tiny new green leaves but the climbing roses are itching to get in the ground.  I may take them all outside today to play in the backyard and get a big drink of water.

Ahhh, Spring.  C'mon....enough of this cold.

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