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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Holy Tornado!


My baby boy is en route to Texas and I couldn't be more excited.  I just wish I had enough room to host the whole band.  No such luck currently but maybe someday I can be the Harris Hacienda.  As a result of the human tornado heading our direction, I'm doing laundry and cooking to get MY chores out of the way in order to do HIS. 
Benji is a "quick and dirty" laundry doer which is why Andrea will not let him near hers.  He's a dumper--whites and darks together-- stuffs the tub, throws in detergent, slams the lid, and off he goes.  Ick.  Over Christmas I worked on his "grays" (previously whites) until I finally just tossed them in the trash and headed to Target for replacements.  Benji knows how to do separate loads--he just won't spend the time.  Once again that Y chromosome rears it's ugly head-- in laundry--of all things.
He has placed his dinner order so I'm doing his twice baked 'tater ahead of time and will just reheat it later.  His rib eye is resting in the fridge--yeah, he specifically ordered a rib eye-- so salad prep can wait until later.  Meanwhile, I'm making chalupas because I just wanna--and because it's supposed to be cold tonight.  Those are the only reasons I can think of other than they just sound good to me.  I made sure I got all the gear for them yesterday so once the meat cools, I'm on to shredding and the fun part. 
His room:
Since Senora Maria was here Friday, he's all set with clean sheets and a fresh clean bathroom so I guess all he needs to do now is "check in".
Sister has had a bath, teeth brushed, and her ears cleaned in prep for his less than 24 hour visit, so I think we are a go for splash down.

Happy Sunday to all!

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