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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't tell Fred!

I know if I put that as a title, anyone who reads this blog is going to run immediately and rat me out to Fred, and they might as well.  He'll find my stash sooner or later.  Remember how I told you the Festive Kitchen was having a freezer sale, or maybe I just think I told you, but whatever.  Today is the last day and I held out as loooong as I could, but I finally went.  And they weren't kidding when they said they were having a freezer sale because I followed the lady back to it, and immediately fell in love.   There sat all different types of cookie dough, just a waitin' for some sugar deprived person to come take 'um home--to a 375 degree oven. Uh, huhhhh, baby.

Since my baby boy and soon to be Groom is coming home next weekend for a wedding Andrea is in, I figured it was about the best reason I could come up with for buying three more different flavors, juuuuust to have ready, in case we had a cookie emergency while he's here.  Seriously...those happen.  Usually they happen later in the Fall during a weekend football game on TV or when it gets cool at night but, hey.....the cookies were on sale--- and now I'm ready.  All I need now is an enormous cold front and the temp to drop to the 50's.  If I'm lucky, that'll happen right around the first of November.

** I knew you wanted to know what kinds I got so here goes: red velvet with white chocolate, white chocolate /cranberry "Ooey Chewy" for Fred, and my personal favorite Oatmeal Apricot Pecan.  And then I got a frozen green chili chicken quiche that I'm going to make without the pie crust.  I'm saving my carbs for the cookies.    

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random thoughts

Just when I thought I could totally skip another season of DWTS, they announced last night that Carson Cressley will be one of the competitors this season.  For those that don't know, he was one of the guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, way back when, and is possibly one of the funniest people alive.  He's done lots of other stuff too but suffice it to say, now I have to watch, at least until he's eliminated.  He should be fairly athletic and coordinated since he is a former Equestrian rider and I think rode in the Olympics a ways back, so he could hang in for awhile, with enough fan support.  I'll have to google that for sure-- but that's no easy sport.  As a hilarious gay man, can you imagine what his costumes may be??  Oh, I can hardly wait.

Is it just me or could you also go indefinitely without hearing another word from Dick (better known a "Ick") Cheney, and most especially about his new book?  Admittedly, I have not read his book, nor do I plan to, but from what little pub (publicity) I've unintentionally heard, it sounds to me like an arrogant tattle tale tell all from his angry, skewed perspective.  No wonder the guy has terrible heart disease....he's so angry his head could explode. 

Lastly, I received the application from the Dachshund Rescue people and it's clear by all the information they ask you, they really want you to think  about adopting another dog, before you do it.  I filled it out all right, but now I'm seriously rethinking another dog....maybe that's not exactly where I am right now.  If it was, that thing would have already been mailed, and it's sitting right here beside me.  I learned a loooong time ago that if it's not a "yes", it's a "no". 

Monday, August 29, 2011

SPANX, a girl's best friend

Today was the moment of truth:  I took all my clothes to be fitted for the wedding.  It's always fun to me to see what a knowledgeable tailor can do.  Suddenly something that looked merely nice when you bought it, looks really nice when she's all done-- even with pins all over it.  Now, I must confess I had on my one piece Spanx of Death contraption, so I must give credit where credit is due.  Does it give you uni-butt?  Sort of, "butt" (a little pun there) I'm okay with that.  And it flattens "the girls" a little, but that can be fixed, and it sure beats the jiggly alternative.  I figured I also better road test it today to see if I could stay in it longer than the blink of an eye.  The verdict?  I love it, and I wasn't even hot in it, though lots of people said I would be.  It was in the 90's today when I had it on, so I think it passed with flying colors.

It was a LOT harder the first time I tried it on, but this time it was pretty easy.  It slid right on!  Fred was dying to "help me" or watch me put it on, and I told him to just.....  If  I was gonna be embarrassed, I sure wasn't doing it with a damn audience or him donkey braying.

  Now, since I mentioned it's a one piece, I already know what you're thinkin' and, yes, you can--at least number 1.  I know because I practiced.  If the need for number 2 should arise, you better seek  professional help immediately.  You better head for the nearest Fire Station, 'cause in a hurry, you're  gonna need the jaws of life to get you out of that thing.  And, you're gonna be buck naked afterwards, because that whole thing has to come off.  Moral of the story?  Do not take a laxative prior to wearing, or wear it if you have "the runs"-- this is not the garment for you.  You are just gonna lose that battle and loose it BIG.  Don't go there.

Now, is that TMI (too much information) for some people?  Maybe.  But you kept on readin', didn't ya?  I knew you would.  :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hamberdog vs a Girly Man's Double Double

Yesterday after Big Red left, we went about our usual Saturday routine which includes lunch at the Burger House.  We usually hit the one on Lovers Lane, sit at the counter inside, and eat the grilled chicken salad sans fries, with a diet coke.  Pancho always takes our order, and Jose', if he's there, always holler out "Hello, Caroline and Bruce!" and sometimes Pancho just says "the usual?", and we nod.  Jose' knows everyone by name is and like some kind of order taking savant when it comes to names. We love the BH, it works, and it keeps us on our diet.  Yesterday, though, Pancho wanted to know if we just didn't like burgers, since we always order the salads.  Fred and I rolled our eyes and told him one of the main reasons we like to come inside and sit at the counter, is so we can see all the burgers that some lucky person is going to get to eat, that's NOT us.  We told him we're due for a splurge here pretty soon and since he's the milkshake guy, we may just throw him a bone, too.  Then Jose' chimes in with "Well... then you all need to try the Hamberdog".  OMG.

To put it simply, a Hamberdog is a gluttonous combo of a double- double, and two slit down the middle open faced dogs, all between one burger bun.  It's your call if you want to add grilled onion, chili, jalapenos, or bacon.  I guess you lift it with a crane, and fries are extra.  We asked Jose' if he sells many and he said they did at first, but I guess those people died, since he told us orders have tapered off.  We love to listen to people's pick up orders, too, and the one that got us yesterday was the person who called in, to the BURGER HOUSE, and ordered a single grilled cheese sandwich, on a burger bun.  No fries, no drink.  A grilled cheese, thank you very much.  Honey...could you not fix that at home?  Fred and I almost fell of our stools, laughing.

Lastly, Fred just had to know the biggest meat-cheese burger they've ever sold that someone has successfully consumed, and as of yesterday, it was a 28x28.  That's 28 meat patties and 28 slices of cheese, stacked in two stacks, side by side, with a bun, served in one of their red baskets.  I bet that person didn't eat again for a week. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adios, Big Red

While I don't want to speak too soon here, and because this has happened before, I'm going to bite my tongue until it actually happens but it looks like Big Red may be giving up her space in our driveway, to go be repaired.  I'm voting she has a hysterectomy (no motor) but that's just me.  Seems like I'd be celebrating, right??  The downside is, that just puts Crashman one step closer to actually driving Big Red again--a fact I'm not crazy about at all.  The good news??  It's none of my business and nobody wants to know or cares about, what I think.  If they want my opinion, they'll ASK for it, and until then, it's just a simple case "shutskie".  I may gnaw off my own tongue.

Mary left Thursday to drive to Virginia with her daughter and grand daughter, and it rained the minute she left.  Her house looks all sad and lonely and boy, am I glad I'm not doing all the upkeep over there.  She'd already let her yard practically burn to a crisp, so that's another thing I'm grateful I'm NOT responsible for tending.  It will be interesting to see what happens, and whether she decides to live with her daughter for good, or not.  With all of her friends here, that would be a really tough call.  In some ways, it would be nice if she did, even if just for awhile, to give the son who lives here a break.  Man, he deserves one.  Tending to our aging parents is tough duty, I don't care how you slice it.

The big excitement on our block this week was a burst water main on Wednesday.  I almost managed to wangle going out to dinner due to no water.  Water was shooting up through the asphalt, and rushing down the street and just seeing that much water was shocking, in this drought . They said it would take two hours to repair and it took a tad bit longer but was back on in plenty of time for dinner. Thanks a bunch, guys.  It was sickening to see all that water rushing down the sewer.  I wish I could have diverted it to our yard, to water our thirsty plants and trees, but that's way over my pay grade.

Oh, Lordy.....the tow truck cometh.  Big Bass Towing--sounds just like a company Brian would call. Big Red is being loaded as I type.  I probably should go tell her goodbye.  Ooops.  Too late.  I may go dance in the driveway instead.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Religious Intolerance

I was talking about this yesterday with a good friend and neither of us could understand this subject.  We started with how we both feel totally comfortable giving other people the right to believe what ever they want.  We each admitted that while it might not float our boat, if that's what works for them, okey dokey.  And just for the record, we're not talking Jhadist extremism.  Killing in the name of "your religion" doesn't qualify as a religion, in my book.  Anyway, what got both of us is that while we give others free reign to believe what they choose, seldom, if ever, do they extend the same courtesy and right, to us.

It's as if religious tolerance only flows one direction--theirs.  I've had people tell me I was "wrong" if I didn't believe every word in the Bible, that I was going straight to Hell if I didn't believe exactly what a certain religion required me to believe, and further, that it was their job to turn my wayward ass around--whether I asked for their assistance or not.  If I didn't believe exactly what they believed, somehow I was wrong.  On came the judgement, on came the criticism, on came the "you're wrong and I'm right" attitude, all in the name of religion.  Does any of that sound like a religion you'd want to have any part of??  Does any of that sound like something you've read in the Bible??  Where's the love, peace, and tolerance in that?  Now, while I have never studied comparative religion, I'm going to be hard pressed to believe that any religion preaches intolerance, except the one I referred to earlier that I don't call a religion anyway.  If there is one, that one's sure not for me.  Noooooo, thank ya.

To both my friend and I, the thing that was most hilarious is, the people who act this way see themselves as "carrying God's word", and are completely unable to see how their actions, do not match "the word" they are supposedly carrying.  To me, this is the kind of stuff My Creator laughs his tail off over and just tells me to love them anyway, and that I might want to keep my distance from them.  He has such a great sense of humor.  I really like Him.

And that's just how I see it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ooops!! His name is Arnie--not Ian

In my dog adoption insanity, I misread the part about having to have another pet.  What it really says is that you have to verify that you may have a pet, where you live--not that you have to already have one.  Geeze....I've lost it completely.  :)
Now I've really done it and I admitted it to Fred this morning.  I've sent off for an adoption application to the Dallas Dachshund Rescue.  These people do not play, either, and actually make a house visit before they'll let you adopt, and you have to pass whatever their test might be.  First, you have to already have a dog.  Now I get that but what about the dogs that don't play well with others--that need to be an only dog?  I'm going to have to ask them that because that just simply makes no sense to me.  Maybe they don't get that many but what if you can only afford one dog??  Do you get knocked out for that?  Seems really weird to me.

OK...back to the point.  I'm not positive I want to do this but here's what happened when I went online to look.  The first dog listed had no picture, for what ever reason.  Several didn't, and then I glance down the page and there he is....OMG.  Ian.  A beautiful chocolate and tan man-dog who looks a lot like the dearly departed Wigman, but is still his own guy.  I'm not into cloning and every dog needs to be their own little self and while he may well be gone by the time we do all the stuff required, I think it was an omen.  Yeah, I do.  Somehow, some way,  Ian just might be destined to live out his days as a pampered side kick to the Sister-Bird.  If not, there might be somebody else....there was another black and tan male that was equally delicious so who knows?? 

According to what I read, girls are more popular which is another omen, since I want another man-dog. ( If you work with Fred, $10 bucks says he's already gone on the website to check out Ian.)  Shoot...he probably googled him at a red light.  He's wanted another dog for awhile so I haven't let either of us go near a shelter for fear of what we might come home with, or how many.  The interesting part about this rescue bunch is, they won't let you have a dog that they don't think is a good match.  What?????  The deal for me is, I have to have a connection with the dog.  If I don't, it's a no rescue for me.  Not doing it.  I realize they know these dogs better than I do, but can you imagine adopting a blank slate??  A dog you feel no connection with?? Damn.....I'm gonna flunk us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I just have to rant for a second because it involves the deaths of two small boys.  Buckle up because I am pissed beyond words, so here goes.  Why in this world would our Court system or CPS, allow a father (or mother) ANY access to their children if they have a documented past history of any kind of abuse, and most especially straight out of Rehab?  I'm talking physical, mental, spiritual, substances, etc.  The man who killed two out of three of his children yesterday had exactly that past history, and he was allowed unsupervised visits with his children.  Never mind he was embroiled in a nasty split from his wife, and was known to have physically abused her.  Sooooo...anybody surprised here that he killed his own kids? Apparently his relatives were.  The Police??  Nah...they see it all the time.  And so do we.  On TV, in the paper, etc. 

My point here is, when are we going to STOP worrying about the rights of adults--especially violent drugged out ones--and concentrate on the rights of CHILDREN.  Do they not deserve to be protected from a crazed, violent, father?  My God, there are three of them and one of him, but because he's an adult, and I use that term loosely, his rights super cede three other people's?  This is the kind of stuff that goes on daily, that makes me truly nuts.  I get it that some people with an addictive past can get in to recovery, and remain there.  But have you seen the statistics on that?  It's less than 10% and hovers more around 5-6%. 

It's one thing to stand back and boo-hoo over the loss of two little boys, how sad it all is, how wrong, how insane, etc., and then turn right around and see it happen all over again.  And frankly, that's exactly what our system allows.  In my book, if you have made repeated choices in your life that show you are unstable, YOU DON'T GET YOUR KIDS, alone, ever.  And, you're gonna get patted down first, every time, before you are around them.  Then you and other adults (?) who are in your same shoes, can play on a police protected play ground for an hour.   It's going to be years before you get anything more than that, if ever.   You have to show up the day before to be drug tested and if you flunk, no kids for you.  You'll also be required to attend parenting classes once a week.  You don't come, no kids for you.  If you have a restraining order against you, based on documented violence, forget it.  No kids for you.  In my system, you don't have any rights.  You lost yours when you screwed up.  My system is based on the old Action-Consequence theory.  And there's no redemption.  Screw up, pay up.  Period.

Someone has got to protect these precious little people.  They cannot advocate for themselves.  And until that day comes, just plan on seeing a lot more of yesterdays news.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Festive Kitchen aka Cookie Church

I figure for those not in the know, this can't hurt anything but your waist, and since Fall is coming you'll be wearing more clothes anyway.  Last week, I had a sugar meltdown and just had to have some cookies.  Now keep in mind, I haven't made a single cookie since before March 3rd, and that's just heresy, in my book. Since I didn't want to mess up my kitchen, I knowingly crossed over to the dark side.  I drove up to The Festive Kitchen in Snider Plaza, walked myself in and asked the all important question "do you all have any frozen cookie dough" to which was replied " Honey, we have 15 different types...which one are ya lookin' for?"  I put my head down on the counter and almost cried.....15 different types to choose from???  I don't ever want to leave this holy place. I'm moving in, was all I could think.  Lack of sugar does that to me. 

I finally decided on the chocolate chip ones WITH nuts and if you aren't a nut fan, you must have been dropped on your head as a kid.  These come pre-scooped and frozen in a freezer bag, with the directions on the front.  Fire up your oven, pace like a caged animal, half the scoops with a knife since they are enormous, and when it hits 375 degrees, toss those cookie sheeted wonders in there and sit tight, until the timer says grab 'um.  One minute on the cookie sheet, to crisp up, and then you can scoot them off onto a cooling you're really gonna do that.  You know good and well you're gonna stuff half of one in your mouth, crunch down on chocolate, nuts, and cookie goodness, and wait for the background symphony music that always accompanies that first bite. 

They come 24 to a bag but since I cut mine in half, instead of two dozen I now can make 4 dozen....  And did I  mention these are good?? You could pass these off as homemade any old day--especially since you have the cookie sheet to prove it.  Now, are these as good as Fern's, a follower's?  The answer is sadly, no.  But if you're in a pinch, these will save your booty and if you just want a fresh, warm cookie, sans all the mess, these will really work.  Ahhhhh...14 more flavors to is sooo good.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've lost it

I've totally lost my mind.  I am on my third Bride movie in a row on FX, and cannot peel myself away.  Technically I came in at the half way point on the first one while on the treadmill, but who cares.  The first one was Maid of Honor with Patrick Dempsey, the second was the Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds one where he's marrying her to keep her from being deported to Canada, and now I'm on Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.  If I get bored, I can always flip over to Bravo for a tell all on Kim Kardashian's wedding last night.  

Now, truthfully, I have to admit to a certain amount of channel surfing back and forth but since my favorite part is the dress shopping, I'm definitely in until that parts over.  Then we'll just see.  But now that the wars are about to begin, and since nothing beats a great cat fight, I may just have to hang in there.  Ohhh,'s's on like donkey kong so I might as well hang it up and get comfy.  No way can I miss all this girly warfare.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Royal Wave

I just got back from the Container Store.  Try as I might, I just can't locate my little packages of  Multi-Purpose Wipes, or Chiffons `a usage multiples, for those who speak French. I really says that right on the package.  Makes me just want to roll my eyes.

  I think what may have happened is, I saw them earlier, but didn't buy them....or at least that's the story I'm going with, even though I distinctly remember wanting two packages of them.  Whatever.  Anyway, after I hiked up and back to the CS, I just had to try getting one of them wet.  Each one looks like a little white Tums and it says all you need is water, so that's all I did.  Viola'!!  What you see in the pic is what it looks like after unfolding, and these are not bad at all.  It says they are 100% pulp fibre and yeah, yeah....that's wood and bark way back there somewhere, but since these are soft, I don't care, and since they are biodegradable with no perfumes or additives, I feel down right Eco.  I got three packs so if any of the other gals need some, I can share. For a whopping $1.99 for a package of 12, I'm feeling down right smart and Eco.

This last part is too funny not to share, so if you're family, Warning-- you've already heard it.  I try to send out Family emails when she does something really hilarious and to keep them in the loop.  Anywho,  it seems when mom went to church with her friend last Sunday, as mom was coming down the church aisle to sit down, her pink walker got away from her, and she fell.  Luckily, she didn't hurt herself, and a man who knew her helped her up, and sat her on the seat of her walker.  As he pushed her the rest of the way down the aisle, mom waved to the people already seated in the Sanctuary.  Sort of like a Beauty Queen on a Parade float.  Think the Rose 84.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wash cloths

Yep.  We need to cuss and discuss this.  Since a lot of European countries don't use them, much less a lot of soap and water, as an experiment, I bought some disposable ones at the Container Store.  I think I mentioned that in an earlier post.  Now, I have yet to try them, but I'm thinking maybe I'd better.  What if they are like sandpaper??  Or steel wool??  Wouldn't that be a rude shock as you are washing your face, or even something else.....Oh, Lord, love me.....that'd make you walk funny for a week.

I don't think guys really use washcloths much, but we girls do.  How else are we going to get all that war paint off our faces??  Especially off our eyes.  And they need to be soft, too.  If the disposable ones I got are made from a tree, well, just forget that.  I'm not washing any part of me with tree bark.  If the disposable ones are bad, I guess I'll just go get some cloth Target cheapo ones, and leave a trail of ditched washcloths across Southern Italy.  I'm sure they've seen weirder things.  Maybe.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Countodwn begins

I have a real mission ahead of me.  I've got to talk Fred into carrying his laptop in his carry on, so I can blog from Capri.  I know our hotel has internet capability--I'm just not sure what the charge may be and the other thing is, will I really have time to actually blog.  I don't think I'll be able to send pic's unless it's from my Iphone and we all know how gross and grainy those are.  We'll definitely have our camera--it's just that ours is muy difficult to download pic's from and makes me nuts.  I'd have to have Mr. Activity's help and short of hog tyin' him, he's going to want to be out and about....and frankly, so will I.  Not sure how that's going to work out.  I may just have to wait until I get back home.  Myah, myah.

I've managed to redeem my self in neighbor Mary's eyes--I was on her ca-ca list for a brief 24 hour period.  She called yesterday morning before 8 AM and wanted me to come right that minute and get a bunch of plants and two hanging baskets she wanted to get rid of.  I nicely suggested she give them to someone else, and though she said it was "Fine", you could just tell it wasn't.  Oh, well.  She leaves on the 22nd for about 8 weeks, and she's hot to get all of her chores done.  I get that.  I just really don't want another thing I have to take care of right now....even to just water.  Nope.  Not gonna do it.

This morning, she came over with some pantry staples to give me ( I guess I am now the Food Pantry) and we talked, she cried, we talked some more, and she gave me the checks for her yardman for me to put out for 4 more weeks.  That's the part I agreed I could do.  She left just now, all chipper and smiling, to go on about her day.  I'm going to miss her frail little self, even if she does get a bee in her bonnet before 8 AM.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Feelings are so confusing.  I used to think that because I felt a certain way, then what I felt had to be true.  It wasn't.  It was just how I felt about something.  I forget all the time that feelings aren't facts.  They're just feelings-- and they come and they go, thank goodness--even the good ones leave eventually.  Consider this:  Two people feel differently about the same situation.  Enter a third person who sees it differently than the first two.  Nobody's wrong and nobody's right.  They each just feel differently about the situation, based on their life experience, upbringing, comfort level, etc.  So, the next time someone tries to tell you that you are wrong for feeling a certain way, tell them you aren't--you just see the situation from another angle and feel differently.  Sometimes how you feel about something changes over time.  Sometimes it stays exactly the same.  See ....I told you feelings are confusing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is it here already?

It's hard to believe it's almost back to school time already.  Target is besieged with mom's and kids buying school supplies, backpacks, clothes, etc.  They've even set up a special back to school area with all of the school supplies in one place.  It was fun hearing all of the kids, mom, and even some dads trying to figure out what to buy, and that's even with a supply list in hand.  Let me just say, I DO NOT miss those days in the slightest, but it's fun to watch, and then sail on by with my cart.  Can I get an amen on that?

I have it on dog authority that Fall actually is right around the corner.  One of my friends, my wise old owl that you've heard me refer to before, has two golden retrievers--Elbee and Diamond--both girls.  Elbee is the older dog, and is the dog  meteorologist of their family.  When Elbee climbs up on the bed to nap with my friend, that's the signal that Fall is on the way, and she did it last week!  Remember now, Elbee doesn't read or watch TV, so this is just a "natural" sign, and how she knows this I don't know.  But she does.  And she's been doing it for years.  I love that.  Since Diamond is new to the clan, she has yet to show off any natural talents other than being the most loving, sweet, alpha dog ever.  She reminds me a lot of Sis, and when she licks the back of my ankle with that soft, pink tongue of hers, it's enough to make me swoon. Awake or asleep, her dog face is just irresistible to me....I love Elbee, but Diamond and I are just kindred spirits.  I've only known her a few months, but it's really like I've known her all my life.  I love having a connection with an animal like that.

The long and short of it is, I'm really ready for Fall.  Summer has been a blast but I'm over it.  Period.  Let's shift gears and blow on into crisp cooler air, sweet apples, roasted root vegetables, carpool horns honking at someone elses house in the morning, and evening walks that aren't stifling.  Ohhhhh, brrrring it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

John's Cafe

To wrap up a really fun weekend, we decided last night to go out for breakfast this morning to our favorite place, John's Cafe, on lower Greenville.  It's the best breakfast in town and draws people from everywhere--some are such long time customers that they feel totally content getting up, grabbing a pot of freshly dripped coffee in either hand, and walking around from table to table, refilling perfect strangers coffee.'s that kind of place.  Families with little kids, oldsters, youngsters, the well to do, the less well to do, and groups of Police, with their Police partners.  You can't go wrong with anything on the menu but a short stack of John's famous pancakes, with a side of bacon, coffee, and a water, is my fav.  Fred goes more for the breakfast special:  2 eggs done any way you want, hash browns, bacon or sausage, with biscuit or wheat toast, and coffee.  Go with the biscuit if you want a truly spiritual experience.  Fred also knows I can never finish my short stack, so he always eats the rest of mine, too.  Sort of the best of both worlds.

Fred made a new little friend this morning who was sitting in the booth behind us, with his two sisters and parents.  I had started smiling and flirting with him first, and then I told Fred to turn around and look.  He did and they began a game of " I see you" that went on for quite awhile, until his dad told Fred "Most men wouldn't like it if a man was flirting with their wife".  Fred told him " I'll overlook it this time" and we all laughed.  McFlirt was right around 2, blonde headed, and full of personality.  If I hadn't been so full, I'd have eaten him, he was that cute.

Sis and her dad have already had their first, and I hope last, kill of the day.  Yep...they got a squirrel the minute we got back and have thrown it in the trash can at the back, that already smells like pure deeeee hell.  Think a previous verrrry unlucky gray furry friend, whose been sizzling and marinating in there for a few days, and you get the drift on the stench.  Peeeee, yewwwwwww.  I'm surprised there's not some buzzard somewhere that can smell it.  Thank heaven for the trash guys tomorrow.  Grrrrross.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

POB, oh, my!

POB.  Better known as Priscilla of Boston.  It's where all of the about to be brides and their bridesmaids were today.  Saturday is clearly a busy, busy day for this merchant.  Loads of gals were shopping for their dresses but one young woman walked out in hers, at her final fitting, and hushed the place.  Even the mothers of other brides smiled and nodded their heads.  And one dad was riveted--and not on his own daughter, either.  On Andrea.  OMG.  To say that she was stunning, is an understatement.  We laughed about it later and Andrea really had no idea that she hushed the place, but she did.  Once her mom and I had bustling 101 lessons, we moved quickly on to how might be the best way for Andrea to carry the dress on the plane to Italy.  We finally arrived at a solution and think it may just work beautifully.  All of our fingers are crossed that our communal idea works.

Since I am here in town, and they leave tomorrow, my mission on Monday is to do all the due diligence necessary to find out how best to have her dress packed, so it can either be boxed to carry on and be put in the overhead compartment ( a possible squish scenario), or boxed and put in a piece of luggage with wheels (double protection), that could go overhead also.  Rolling it through the airport in a piece of luggage sounds a lot easier than dragging a box, unless they can put wheels on that box.

I figure if any body can do it, Dee and Hattie Cleaners can pack and box her dress so it won't even wrinkle, and I can take my own carry on bag for them to use as a guide. We won't have them actually pack it until September, but finding out all of this ahead of time, is key.  Meanwhile, I have one verrrrrrry gorgeous dress under safe keeping, and I'm not telling where, either.  You'd have to kill me, and then I couldn't tell ya.  What dress??? I don't even know what you're talking about.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Trip to the Fort

We have just returned from our Culture-fest in Ft. Worth and our visits to the Cowgirl Museum, The Kimball and lunch in their cafe, The Museum of Science and History, Cattlemen's Museum, Children's Museum, Amon Carter Museum, and Noble Planetarium ....I think that's all of them.  I'm not sure.  But all in all, it was a total blast.  I loved each place for a totally different reason.  We decided to park and just hoof it from museum to museum, since they are all close together, on the map.  Not quite as close  on foot, but we did it, and now neither of us has to work out--yippppeeeee.  The Planetarium was a bust since it was a tiny little kid's thingy but that's OK.  We ducked in and out.  We would have done the IMAX, too, but were both on overload and ready to beat it home, to avoid the traffic.
This is me at the Cowgirl Museum, in the wind, showing you that's me on that horse, doing all those tricks.  I look bald, and my jeans are too big, but I still had fun!

For mom's, a trip to the Fort would be a great back to school outing, as the kids museum is almost all enclosed and cool.  There's even a Lego area on the second floor where you can build a plane.  Hudson would freak over the Lego area.  He's all about Legos.  Kids, parents, and GP's (grandparents) were all over everywhere as were some daycare programs, but it never felt crowded.  Loud maybe, but not crowded.

Our next outing is to the Studio Movie Grill to see The Help, and eat din-din.  Can't wait.  I tried to go to The Help on Thursday and it was already sold out.  I've read the book so I can't wait to see how closely they follow it and to see my mother on that screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I vividly remember how she acted years ago so this should be a trip down memory lane!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gimmee Ssahm!

Look who I just spotted parked in front of the Centennial on Preston.  Ssahm Korean Taco's and their truck is my first sighting of a food truck in my 'hood, that isn't one of those Hispanic ladies that pulls up at construction sites and honks.  It's pronounced like "come get some" and that's their tag line.  They appeared to still be doing business and I passed them just a few minutes ago around 1:30pm.  I was dying to pull over but I didn't dare.  Next time I find them I'm goin' all in. 

No is a great word

I am the worst dog mother ever.  This morning I let Sister have a pig's ear for breakfast.  Seriously, I did.  And now even I'm grossed out.  She had one left in the package I'd gotten her the last time I lost my mind, and when I saw it, I just thought oh, what the hell.....  Now she's sitting in her favorite chair in the den, looking a tad bilious.  Well, duh.  In my super sketchy defense, she was served her usual breakfast--she just chose not to eat it.  She eats mine and Fred's first, and then has her's later in the day.  I hate to think what I may be cleaning up this afternoon but I deserve what ever I get.  Let's just hope her cast iron gut holds. 

I am on another diet but this one is from the news.  Egads....not sure what's making everyone crazy, globally, but crazy they are.  I'm just lots better off not indulging in all that lunacy and just going on about my day.  I don't want to be in a denial but I also don't want to focus on it either.

Yesterday, my wonderful neighbor, Mary, called and I had a sinking feeling I knew what it was about and I was right.  She's leaving with her daughter on 8/22, and will stay with her for a few weeks, and then go stay with her oldest son for a couple of weeks.  This is the trial run to see if living with either of them is really what she wants to do.  My 2 cents worth is she'd be much happier right here at the Forum, with her friends and her church, but what do I know.  The hard part was, I knew she was going to want me to look after her house like I did when she was hospitalized, and I'd already promised myself I would not take that on again.  Damn, I hate saying no.  It's so hard when it's someone you love, who trusts you, and will be disappointed.  But I said it, and told her I would take care of giving the checks to her yard man, since that will only be for a few weeks.  She has a son who lives in Plano so can be responsible for the rest.  She just hates to burden him and I totally understand that.  I think she was a little surprised--especially since I'd done it before, but with the wedding, etc., there was just no way I wanted to be responsible for that stuff again.  Whew.  Too much.

The good news is, I feel a huge sense of relief that I took care of myself and said "I can do this, but I can't do that".  I knew not saying no was going to cost me dearly.  Let's hear it for the word NO.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A visitor

A certain someone dropped by yesterday afternoon with her mom, and that's her sitting in Sis's and my computer chair.  She wanted to watch Dora The Explorer, on Nick Jr., and she sang along and wiggled to the music, in the chair.  Sis was about to come unglued because she wanted to lick and play with Hadley so bad, but was a little unsure.  Smalls are just not in her repertoire since none live here, but I was thrilled to see that Sis was friendly and didn't high tail it to the den and jump in her bed and hide.  That's exactly what she's done in the past.  Sis was much more active with Hadley, than she ever was with Finley, Had's dog that came to play.  Go figure.

Hadley was also playing with my pink Ipod and ended up dancing to Celo Green's "Forget You", only mine has the bad lyrics.  Luckily, she didn't notice because she was singing along with Celo.  After all that dancing and wiggling, she needed a Starbucks run to refuel.  Get a load of her licking the cream cheese off her knife.  That's the best part of being a get to do stuff like lick your knife.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today I am up on my high horse about something so don't say I didn't warn you.  If you are up for it, keep reading.  Someone around here is, and has been, lecturing me about a subject I have repeatedly told him I don't give a rat's rear about, and he has kept on and on about it.  And that subject is Burst Training--better known as BT around here.  This is nothing more than changing the interval pace while you are working out.  See....I said that in nine words.  In fact, when I fear he is heading toward that dreaded subject and another lecture, my neck starts to stiffen.  I'm about to kill him, but I digress.

I have told Mr. Workout on numerous occasions that it is NOT a good idea to workout on an empty stomach--to eat breakfast first.  Mr. Workout continues to do it so I don't even bring it up any more.  So, this morning he goes as usual, and proceeds to BT, and do you want to know what happened....yep, he passed out cold and the Gym called the Paramedics.  MR. BT's blood sugar was 75.  A normal one would be around 100, depending on what you've eaten.  The Paramedics told him " you need to EAT before you workout."  Period. 

If you are married to a nurse, it's probably not the smartest idea to come home and tell her " there was drama at the gym this morning" because she's going to say "who passed out?" and you are going to have to admit it was your stubborn ass BT self, and then she's going to laugh.  And I'm talking laugh hard.  You are not going to get any sympathy --she is just going to roll her eyes and go eat breakfast, before she goes to work out. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Well, Hellooooo, Mary Kay

This weekend has been one hilarious caper after another.  Some I can mention, some I can't.  Just know they were all funny.  Andrea's shower was a blast at the Adolphus, and if you've never had High Tea, wait until the weather gets chilly and go do it.  Even grab your mom and her posse, and go as a treat, as my sister-in-law, Margie, suggested.  Just go.

When I arrived downtown for Andrea's shower, an entire Mary Kay cosmetics convention was trying to check out, and load up on shuttles to DFW.  It appeared to be predominantly black ladies, dressed to the nines, and some even wearing their MK tiaras from an earlier celebration.  Can I even tell you how funny that many black ladies are, en mass, when they're all pumped up a la Mary Kay??  They were all hollering and laughing, hugging and squeezing, and just having a ball.  I will say it did make for an interesting Valet parking experience trying to navigate between shuttle buses, but the floor show was well worth it.  Multiply this actual Mary Kay pic times a couple of hundred, and you'll get the idea.

Louis, the Tea Steward, had chosen three different teas to go with each course of the tea, but you could pick a different one, if your group wanted.  My foursome went with Louis's suggestions, and we were not disappointed.  Over all, the very last tea, the Adolphus's signature tea, a Pear and Caramel, turned out to be our groups hands down favorite.  My sister queried Louis and found it's available at Whole Foods, if you are a tea lover and want to try it.  The tiny tea sandwiches were lovely, but the scones with jam and clotted cream were by far my most favorite.  The itty bitty tarts, chocolate eclairs, and lemon curd pyramid do-dad things were lovely as well, but I could eat another scone right this minute.

Because I was having a total blonde moment, I forgot to bring Andrea's two shower gifts in my car, but remembered half way down Central.  Rather than go all the way back home, I called Brian, who was already at our house, to see if he might rescue me, and bring them downtown.  Let me just say, he is the very BEST thing in the world to his momma, and the look on his face was priceless when he saw that many black ladies all whooping it up, as he was trying to get the gifts out of his truck, on a busy downtown street.  Man....I owe him BIG for that one.

All in all, it was a fast and furious weekend, and Benji and Andrea are on their way back to Nash with a car load of wonderful shower gifts, to enjoy together.  Sort of.  Benji told me over the weekend he thought it was lousy he didn't get to fill out a Wedding Registry for himself.  He said none of those gifts are his kind of stuff.  He wanted to put electric guitars on his.  Or a big screen TV.    :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


In an effort to concentrate on the positive, here's the latest scoop on someone I love even more than chocolate.  Yep...Hud lost his very first tooth, and word on the street is he was planning on the Tooth Fairy compensating him $13 for this one.  In today's economy that could be about right but never the less, he raked in more like $5.  He's got lots more teeth to go, so the TF is keeping it real.  Wasn't it just yesterday that he didn't have any teeth?  Eeeegads...where does the time go.

On another happy note, Andrea and Benji arrived safely from Nash last night and hung out over here for a bit, before hitting the town with friends.  We hadn't seen either of them since April or May, and they drove in since Andrea has a Shower today, and they'll need to take her gifts back to Nash.  She's having a High Tea at the Adolphus and I cannot wait.  There's just nothing more yummy than a High Tea that someone else fixes and cleans up, and you just get to go and have fun.  I'm saving up my calories to blow this afternoon.  The space where we are having it at The Adolphus looks like a large English living room, with different seating areas, and I'm going to pretend like I'm really in London.  I love to's easy and fun and you get to be creative in your own head.   Andrea's wedding dress is also here and ready for her to fit, so that's also on her agenda today.  She's going to be one busy gal.

Lastly, Sister is in pig-dog heaven since she not only has Benji here, but her Dad as well.  Two men to flirt with and be loved on by, and that's only until lunch time.  Brian is coming over to have a BH (Burger House) lunch with us, so Sis will have ALL of her men in attendance, for a change.  Man...she's going to be insufferable after this.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Come on...really?

Well, I don't know about you all but this has definitely been a week, and not a good one at that.  I've had several brush fires to put out, and yesterday, I got a one alarm blaze.  I got a highly unexpected call from a non-Edgemere employee (a private caregiver of another resident) telling me some information I needed to know about the 3-11 shift, and the lack of care my mom was getting.  Since none of us are usually there in the evening, this was news to me, and very disturbing news at that.  I nearly blew a lung I was so angry--not at the whistle blower--at the staff of Edgemere.  (The whistle blower got a gift card and personal thank you note from me, with all my sister's and my contact information, should she ever need to tell us anything else.)

  Rather than share all the gory details that might be TMI (too much information) anyway, let's just say I waited until I saw a color other than red, before sending off an email.  But I sent one off last night, and before the coffee had even finished dripping this morning, I had two responses --one from the Nurse Manager, and the other from the new Administrator of Edgemere.  Now we're talkin'.

To say that both were scrambling to fix the situation is an understatement, and to make sure they both understood just exactly how serious I was, I showed up over there for a little "face time" this afternoon.  I knew the Nurse Manager was on vacay, and wouldn't be around, but the Administrator??  Oh, why not....   So, yep...I asked to see him, and they went and got him.  He'd been over there working on our "issue", and had just left to walk back to his office. ( He didn't know I saw him peek around the corner to see what I looked like, but I could see him in the mirror and for some reason, that gave me a feeling of leverage--I already knew what he looked like, since I'd seen him in their Newsletter.) 

We introduced ourselves, and he was most apologetic and assured me what had happened would never happen again.  I told him I was sure it wouldn't, either, since 1) I am a licensed RN in the State of Texas 2) if I reported them, Edgemere could lose their license to do business  3) that the address for the Texas State Board of Licensure -- Grievance Division, was posted on their bulletin board not two feet from us  4)  I wouldn't even need to Google it.  I said it with a smile and a small laugh, but the implication was clear.  As I watched the color drain from his face, I was happy to note he was already bald.  Otherwise, I'm betting his hair would have dropped right off, onto the carpet.  If I'd been in his shoes, mine would have.  Luckily, I'd already done my homework with mom, so I was armed with statements from her, details, etc.'re screwed.

I have found that to be sure you really get someone's attention, follow up your email with some direct face time, telling them you want them to have a face, to go with that name.  Otherwise, you may find your issue never gets handled.  I especially enjoyed mentioning that I live under two minutes away, so unannounced drop in's wouldn't be any problem. Since my mom is my only surviving parent, and had given ME the job of her care, her care was of special importance to me.  I thought that was a nice note to end on.

I'm bettin' come five o'clock, he's having a Martini somewhere. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't even say it

I've decided I don't need to cook dinner tonight.  All I need to do is just get a nice, long, cooking fork, load something on it that needs heating, and stick it out the driveway side door.  It should be blisteringly hot in no time.  Ditto any left over pizza.  I can just leave it wrapped in foil, and lay it on the driveway.  Should be nice and hot in just a few.  I am going to make some homemade pizza sauce, though.  I can simmer it in the microwave or again, I could employ the driveway idea.  Cooking a la' driveway.  I like it.

Today I had lunch with an old friend at North Park that I literally hadn't seen  in years.  Catching up with gal pals is such a summer pleasure.  She teaches full time at the Arts Magnet, so summer is the only time she can connect with buds, and it was such a pleasure to be with her once again.  Sometimes I forget how special old friends can be, until we reconnect.  She is brilliant (Harvard grad) and so fun to listen to and bounce ideas off of, that I suddenly looked at my watch and it was almost 2pm. It felt like ten minutes.

Yesterday I made a 2:30 PM run to the Farmers Market and it looked like hardly anyone was there in the Farmers area, but my favorites were there, luckily for me.  Betty's peaches were better than the Lemley's, and since it was a spur of the moment decision, I only had about $10 cash to work with, so I couldn't buy just a whole lot of anything.  I can't remember whose tomatoes were better but I got both peaches and tomatoes and headed home.  Both are chillin' to have with dinner tonight, since as I said earlier, I ain't cookin.  No how.
No way.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My favorite sign

I used to have this posted in my office, years ago, and thought about it the other day when Brian and I were laughing about something.  It read:


I still remember  my assistant and I had to keep copies of it in a file in my office, so we could hand them out when people asked for a copy for their office.  I bet we went through several reams of paper over the years, and it nicely took the starch out of some people when they were all in a lather about something, which was fairly often considering that I dealt with pregnant ladies, vendors, and doctors, all the time.  Plus, let's face it.  IF someone is nice, you know you are going to do back flips trying to get them what they need.  If they aren't, well, let's just say, take a number, honey.....we'll get to you.  Maybe.  :)

Aug. 2nd--one million degrees

I've decided to become a hermit.  It's just to hot to do anything else.  I get out early and do my errands and work out, and then come home and hide out in a shade pulled house, to stay cool.  So far it's working pretty well but I am getting a tad bit bored....and addicted to my computer.  I've done a perfectly lousy job this summer of summer reading, which is usually tops on my list every year.  If you've read any great books lately, let me know what they are, as I need to make up for lost time.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had bought an outdoor umbrella to protect some of my backyard plants that routinely get roasted by west sun every summer.  We are now employing a two umbrella system, since one was just not quite large enough to protect all of the bushes.  When Fall rolls around, I'll pack up the umbrellas for next summer, and not have to look at black, burned foliage for months to come.  Voila'!  Even Fred has come around to my shade system.'s colorful and it works.  Case closed.

My sister just called, laughing, saying how she had remarked yesterday that "mom hasn't fallen in quite awhile", only to receive a call this morning that mom had already fallen twice this morning.  I told her "mom is part beach ball...she just bounces" and luckily, she wasn't hurt this morning.  My sister said she's not commenting on mom's fall status any more.  Nooooo, sirrreee.

I did make what could be a fatal error in judgement this morning, when I allowed a certain black dog to get in the bed with me, for just a few minutes of girl pillow talk.  She enjoyed it soooo much, she may be expecting to do it again tomorrow.  Nope.  It's by invitation only and I may not be in the mood tomorrow, for early morning dog licks, and warm dog smell.  Yeah, right.

Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm astonished to find that it's actually more painful to see mom less often, than it is to see her more frequently.  Since my sister has graciously given me the summer off from mom's care needs, phone calls when she falls, and other related needs, I've gone to see her less--maybe every 7- 10 days or so.  Effectively, feelings wise, I am right where my sister said she used to be.  When I ran by today, mom was getting drowsy after lunch, and when she tried to tell me what she was watching on TV, she could not find the words, and it was just like a knife in my heart.  I've known this for awhile--this is not new news--but to see it for exactly what it is just hurts in a way I have no words with which to explain.  She can listen and usually understand or play along like she does--but not to be able to tell me something, ate... my...SB diet... lunch.  I didn't cry as I left, but I just felt this enormous hole open up and suck me in.

So, I did what I always do, which is call my sister to report in, and compare notes.  Somehow even though that doesn't change anything, it just makes it easier.  A shared burden is a lighter burden, I guess.  My sister said that swapping places with me has been a real gift to her, to have the opportunity to be responsible for and provide for mom, in a way she never has before.  It was as if we were speaking shorthand to each other--we both understood perfectly what the other was trying to say.  So, maybe that's what this whole thing  with mom is about--getting a chance to give back to her and enjoy the gifts of caring for someone you love, who can no longer take care of herself.  It sounds like such a "no duh", but it's a whole lot deeper than that.  And it ain't for sissies either.  It hurts.