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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's all about Change

Yesterday around dinner time we took Sis to the Vet.  She cries when we pick her up and though otherwise everything is normal, after a week or two of this, we decided we needed to check her out.  $60 later they could find zip, zero, nada, and she just squealed again, as her dad picked her up.  Couple that with the fact that the Vet told us NOT to get a BLUE anything unless we wanted to be over at their office on a regular basis after about the first two years, seeing their dog dermatologist.  Well, let me just tell you, Fred teed it up on that one.  He couldn't wait to remind me that we already spend $50 a month on Sister's Cushing's meds.  Like she can really help that.  Plenty of older gals have their adrenals go under--not just Sis.  But, it is pause for thought.  Boy, talk about a buzz kill.  Now I'm almost hoping Blue Bell doesn't have a blue and tan boy.  Yeesh.

I had to break the sad news to Sis this morning that she didn't win or even get to split the Lottery in a three way win.  She had big plans for a win- loads of chew bones, her dad all to herself, and more trips to the Farm.  Instead of a meltdown, I got my ear licked and she rolled over for me to rub her belly.  Now that's what I call a good loser.  She's still in her bed alternating between watching outside and snoozing.

Lastly, it looks like our block's OB/GYN is headed out of town faster than we'd hoped.  Dr. Julie visited either North or South Carolina and fell in love with the area.  She's a really interesting lady and about as free wheeling as they come.  Prior to becoming an MD, she was a chef, and decided she really wanted to go to Medical School, so she did.  Now, after living here for well over ten years, she's decided to move her practice to one of the Carolina's.  She's already bought land and is building a home for herself and her rescue dog.  Her house barely went on the market before someone nabbed it, and it is now sale pending.

 A For Sale sign is due to go out front of our next door neighbor's house any day now, as they have decided to move farther North, rather than do a bunch of much needed work to their house.  We tease them all the time that a stiff breeze is going to collapse their garage.  And it could. They are also tired of the school taxes, now that all their kids are out, and  I can relate.  Cue the sounds of a bulldozer--that can't be far behind.  That's my nephew, Dallas, on one.  He needs a John Deere hat, though.  :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

C'mon Blue Bell!

This morning I am jumpy as an old cat.  Blue Bell is due to deliver any day and I am waiting for Mother Nature to do her thing so I can see her puppies.  Tick, Tick, Tick.  Patience is just not one of my virtues where puppying is concerned, but since I have no choice, I'll just chill--or try to.  I keep wondering what they'll look like and if one has my name on it.  I guess I'll know here pretty soon.  Meanwhile I'll go obsess about something else. 

 What am I going to cook for Easter lunch?  That should keep me busy for a little while.  I'm leaning towards crab cakes on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, with fresh asparagus quick sauteed with a splash of olive oil, tiny splash of water, Kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper, and three sprigs of fresh rosemary.  With hot rolls.  And butter.  Dessert??  How about a puppy?  Ooops.  There I go again.  Not sure on dessert and that's usually the easiest part for me.  We'll have to wait and see.

I ran by Wednesday to see the smalls and take them some Easter bunny cookies and I saw all three, but only two were conscious.  Avery was sacked out dead asleep in bed, with her TV blaring just like mom.  I had to laugh.  I guess only the very young and the very old can handle that.  For sure menopausal gals can't do it.  I can hear a mosquito fart, as my sons will tell you.  Drives them and me crazy but that's just how it is.  Other times, I am pure dee deaf. 

Benji and Andrea should be sound asleep in their very own bed in Nashville and it must feel wonderful after such a great trip.  Ahhhh....your very own pillow, sheets, home.  Nothing better.  As I head for the shower, Sis is snoozing in the white chair opposite me, with her black nose poking out from under her tan fleece blanket.  That girl....what a tough life she leads.

Happy Weekend to all.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mega Millions, oh, baby!

Everybody all over town is talking about it so we might as well, too.  Here's what I want to know:  if you won the Mega Gillions Lottery, could you handle that kind of money?  For fun, let's say you were the solo winner.  After engaging your attorney, hopefully, to plan for that kind of money, now what?  Are you up for people who are going to immediately land on you like hornets, hands out, and Christmas wish list at the ready?  And what about those endless requests for help from people you don't know?  Your phone ringing constantly.  Your doorbell ringing day and night.  Is your neck getting stiff yet?  Is your nervous tick kicking back in?  What are you going to do with that kind of loot that's not going to end up biting you in the backside like it has done so may other people?  Tell me because I'm all ears.

I'm thinking the only way I could even get remotely close to handling it would be to set up a Foundation to give it away.  Yes, I might set aside a bag lady fund like Oprah's--her's is reportedly around 150 million--but after that, giving it away to do good things is the only way I see as making any sort of difference in this world and the only way I could say no to people who either think they know what I should do with it, and /or have their own agenda.  You know who I'm talking about.  Every family has them.

Otherwise, that's just too much money for anybody.  I'll be interested to see if maybe a group wins it.  I'm betting that's what happens.  Either way, I got my tickets today.  I just want to see if I can handle it.  :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, pie

First, we need to talk about pie this morning because it's important, and because I want to.  If you are a buttermilk pie fan and you don't know about the homemade one at Cisco Grill, then you need to know about it.  I'd seen an article in the paper about the owners mother or someone who makes it daily.  People put their name on a piece before they order their entree to be sure they get a piece, so with that in mind, I decided yesterday it was my personal mission to see if it was all that.  In short, it was.  No brag, just fact.  You can pre-order a whole one by calling several days in advance of when you'll want it.  They won't sell you a whole one if you just walk in the door to buy one.  Honey, I tried that.  I'm thinking Easter, for anyone else who's on my same page.   Now you're going think about pie all day, aren't you?  Boy, I sure am. on to other stuff.  I got a laugh out of my youngest son's FB post saying they have a day lay over in Paris on their way home and he realized he hasn't played a guitar in 10 days, probably the longest amount of time he's ever gone without playing one.  He's in PARIS and that's what he's thinking???....Lord, love him.  As Steve Massanelli would say "oh, tap your brakes on the sob train". 

Today, I've decided not to give up on the world and to expect a miracle instead.  Between the health care fight, the Presidential candidates, and the poor pilot who had an inflight melt down, I'm thinking Divine help is in order, and I'm going to concentrate on that vs all the other stuff.  I've had too many miracles happen for me in the past,  when I handed over all the stuff that I was scared about, and let God take care of all of it.  Believe me, it works.  All that thinking that I'm in control and I've got a plan, doesn't.  I don't always get what I want, but I sure get what I need.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little nature for today

Bruce, Sis, and I just returned from taking mom out for an evening spin in her wheelchair.  She loves having Sis come over and we decided it would be fun to walk them together.  Sis is always up for a walk and especially when it's on new territory.  Mom sang and laughed the whole way and cheered when Sis did her thing.  Yeah, that.  I think mom also enjoyed being outside in the early evening seeing the world at days end.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful night.  I'm trying to make as many memories as I can, while I can.

When I took her back in, I parked her in her usual parking space in the TV room and it appeared to be almost snack time.  Since a lot of them don't eat much, they offer them something about every two hours or so, during waking hours, so they don't get too hungry and to keep up with their nutritional needs. 

Look what I found this afternoon as I was driving over to a friend's house.  I hopped out of my car with my phone and an elderly lady in her car slowed down and gestured at them, and we both laughed and smiled.  Beautiful.   


Monday, March 26, 2012

Mohammed Harris

See, I told you it was funny. 

What a weekend

What an incredible weekend and what fun!  From a new John Deer mower and yard work to a cleaning frenzy at the Farm, it was worth every second.  Loads accomplished and the old gal is looking much better after her yard hairdo update (mowing) and her front beds filled with mulch by Bruce's brother, Neil.  There's just something about blowing out the screened in porch with the leaf blower and then hosing off all the porches, that just gets my motor going.  Once I get started cleaning I almost can't stop.  Sort of a like a cleaning force takes me over.  The outside porch sink and counter top were so scungy that I had to get after them both with some Comet.  Now, I know they won't stay clean for long but any lingering resentments I might have about anything got exorcised out, scrubbing those two. 

 Bruce's baby brother, Cowboy John, said he has a power washer he'd be willing to bring up for us to use and let me just tell you, I am salivating at the thought.  Me and a power washer???  The mere thought makes my hands itch in anticipation.  There's just no telling what all could be mind just whirrs with possibilities. 

Sis was out of her mind in dog bliss running everywhere.  She even came down to the dock with me despite the tank being so high she had to actually wade in, to jump up onto the dock.  For a city hound, she really does think she's a farm dog.  She may be a gal of a certain age, but she went hell for leather the entire weekend, so I doubt she'll be moving around a whole lot today.  Besides, she had a bath last night in my shower with me, so she's enjoying her gorgeousness too much to mess up her suit quite yet.  I give her 'til lunchtime before she'll want to go roll in something.

Another couple of weeks and the wild flowers should be ALL OVER the fields.  The bluebonnets were beginning to pop out on the highway as we headed home yesterday.  Wait a week or so and even if you don't have someplace to go, just get on the highway and drive a little so you can see them.  Yes, gas is expensive but you're worth it, and I didn't say drive to Oklahoma.

Lastly, Sunday morning I received a text from Andrea that almost made me almost choke on my coffee.  It was a picture of Benji, in a full head piece, robe, and shades, somewhere in Jordan, standing beside the burka wearing owner of the place.  With his beard, it was purrrrfect.  Those two are just hilarious.  I haven't been able to download the picture for some reason but when I do figure it out, I'll post it here.  According to Andrea, he bought the head piece but the robe was too expensive so he was going to continue "to shop."  There's just no telling what he's coming home with....I can hardly wait. 

Lastly, I'm still mad I didn't get one of these....I'm going to call John Deere and ask for one since our place was out.  That's just WRONG.  I just need one of these.  Period.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mazel Tov!

I guess I'm normal.  I'm never truly grateful for my health until I feel really crummy for several days and don't know when things will get better.  This morning I woke up feeling much better and for that, I am really grateful.  I hate feeling crummy and though I may be a nurse, I'm sort of a whiny patient.  Nothing will bring you closer to whatever you worship, than a scary mammogram, bad test result, or even just wheezin', sneezin' season, and fever.  Feeling good is a real gift.  Thank you, God, for Claritin.

I'm going to issue my red alert to stay away from the news and newspaper.  Too many negative things are happening and not a one of us can change any of what's happened, but we can sure give it lots more power by concentrating on it, talking about it, and gnashing our teeth over it.  Remember, whatever you concentrate on, you make bigger.  Don't do it.  Instead, concentrate on love, kindness, courtesy, and laughter.  Make that bigger.  It's tons more fun anyway.

Now, speaking of laughter, I did get a smile out of seeing Benji on my FB page, wearing a yarmulke at the Western Wall in Old City Jerusalem.   You have to look really close, as it's a light colored one, and perched back on his head.  My little Jewish son.  Mazel Tov.  I'm so thrilled to see him experiencing other religious customs in another part of the world.  I think if more of us were able to travel and get to know other cultures and more importantly their people, we'd have a lot less war and craziness in this world.  Yes, there are always going to be nuts and zealots but we're not talking about that today.  Just the good stuff.  And look at Andrea.  She's so adorable I could just squeeze her, as my mom used to say.

And speaking of good....this you must try.  Yesterday I mentioned the Asiago Cheese bread from Eatzi's and let me just say, it is a religious experience unto itself.  At $4.99 a loaf, though it's not really a loaf, it's more of a flat bread, it's phenomenal.  Dipped into last night's tomato soup, it was not of this world.  We have well over half of it left, but my plan is to have more soup and bread for lunch, so we'll see what's left when I'm finished.  It's filling, too, so soup and bread are a meal and a great one at that.  Go. get. some.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, yes, I did

Right now, I can't taste a dadgum thing.  And I don't feel good either so, boo hoo.  Anyway, I wanted some good tomato soup--not that canned Campbell's stuff.  So, I started looking on the Food Network for the easiest recipe possible, and the one I found was so easy, I figured it had to be gross.  Be seated because you are not gonna believe what's in it.  First is a jar of pasta sauce.  OK, not too bad.  Then 2 cups of water.  Uh, no.  I went with chicken broth instead.  1/2 cup cream, again, no.  Didn't have any so I used Coffeemate plain liquid creamer.  Shuddup.  I did.  Then it says fresh herbs of your choice.  I have some fresh oregano outside, but I grabbed dry Italian Seasoning instead because I don't want to go outside.  I told ya.  I'm puny.

Here's what I did.  I sauteed the dry Italian seasoning in a small slice of butter just until I could smell something-- anything--which with my allergies is a challenge.  Then I dumped in the Garlic Italian pasta sauce.  Check.  While that heated, I measured out two cups of chicken broth and poured it in.  Ditto the Coffeemate.  Next was the Immersion blender to blend it all up.  Fresh cracked pepper over the top.  Stir.  Now for the big test.  I had to actually taste it.  Holy Cow.  For quick and dirty, it's a winner, and thrown together with some of Eatzi's Asiago cheese bread, I may just live to blog another day.  Ah, Cream of Tomato Soup.  Yuuummmmm.

What a Clown

Some of you may already know this but it made me laugh so hard, I figured it was worth repeating if you missed it.  Women.  You gotta love 'um.  When a bunch recently got really fed up with Rick Perry and his all knowing attitude about women's bodies, rather that just suck it up, they did they next best thing.  They got even.

It seems loads of them blew up his FB page with questions about their "lady parts".  They inundated his page with sarcastic questions about their "period being early this month".  Did he think that was OK?  And what about their monthly gal said she was "gushing like a stuck pig, it's getting messy, and what do you think I should do about it"?  They referred to him as Dr. Perry and claimed that since they were just women, they needed his manly help to know what to do, and even what brand of tampons to buy.  OK...say what you will, but that is sheer genius.  Of course "Dr. Perry" never commented on it--he had his female spoke person address it.  I only wish she had been a he.  The best part is well over 1,000 women jumped all over Rick with "Gyno" questions, and word on the street is, even menopause was a big topic.  They left nothing to his imagination.  Marcia Ball, an Austin based musician, organized three "Seeing Red" protests, (get it?) after reaching her tipping point with all this women's health care non-sense.  Even that made me laugh.

Dang...wish I'd known.  OB/GYN was my area and I'd could have made old Rick puke.  However, from what I read, some of my sister's did an EXCELLENT job.  You go, gals.

 Rick, pack up your tampons.  NEVER underestimate women because they are about to vote your sorry self right out of office.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Woo hoo--they're there safe!!

Are we there yet???

This morning I am bird doggin' Facebook for any posts from Benji or Andrea to know they made it to Jerusalem safely.  Yes, they are grown ups, but one of them I just happened to have given birth to, and the other one I love just as much, so once a momma, always a momma, and he's still my baby boy.  Ten dollars says that they arrived so exhausted that the last thing they considered was posting on FB.  Well, duh.  Give me a shower and a warm bed and that would be all I'd be thinking about either.

Why are they in Israel?  It's a cool deal.  Andrea's daddy is there to open a huge hospital his architectural firm has built (OK...I think I have this right so work with me here) and her mom and dad wanted them to go as well.  LOVE THAT!  So, Sunday, Benji rolled in from being on the road for a week playing gigs, gets some sleep, washes clothes, re-packs, and he's back out the door with Andrea yesterday morning.  I'm serious.  They flew from Nash to JFK, on to London, then to Tel-Aviv, and then a shuttle to Jerusalem.  They are there a week so just about the time they get adjusted to the time change, they'll be heading back.  Oh, boo hoo.  We'd all go, wouldn't we??

Now in order to post some sunshine for an otherwise uggggglee day, here goes.  If this doesn't make you smile, I give up. 

Awwwww..... I wanna hold it.

Even though I hate squirrels, these are pretty cute.

And, lookey heah....sweet baby Avery.  She is definitely rockin' that tutu.  And those lips....ahhhh.  I could just kiss her till she squeals.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Allergies: Got any?

Not sure what's going on outside but the black birds are all squawking and it sounds like a remake of the movie The Birds.  I'm not a huge bird fan-- except cooked ones on my plate-- so I'm not going to go find out what all the hub-bub is about.  I don't think it's the hawk, either, because he's usually an alley kind of guy and this is in the front yard. Nope.  Not gonna do it.

Now on to my real topic:  Allergies.  Got any??  If you don't, bless your heart and if you do, my condolences.  There is so much crud in the air right now that we are almost nearing the record set over a 40-50 year span that they've been tracking air quality.  For details, see Fred, since he's not only tracking all of this but is about to go under due to his own allergies.  Saturday, we made a quick run up to the farm to meet a roofer only Fred couldn't drive.  It seems he (finally) decided to take an antihistamine for his allergies and didn't take the no drowsiness formula.  Oh, was lovely.  He was goofy as a run over dog and kept nodding off.  I even had to remind him to eat.  YOU NEVER HAVE TO REMIND A HARRIS TO EAT.  EVER.  My allergies make me feel exhausted.  Draggy.  Flat pooped out.  Limp as old underwear.  Hope yours don't.  It's no fun.

Sis went along with us and had a wonderful time.  She loved Cowboy's John's steers in the corral that he and his buddies use to practice roping, though, I must admit they were not real keen on her.  I am diagnosing a case of frienenmies here.  In fact, one brown one wanted to chase and kick her, but she was smarter than to get that close.  We basically just let her run where ever she wants to go, and run she does.  At one point she was almost w-a-y back in the woods, before I yelled for her to come.  No wonder she comes home exhausted.  She has so much work to do and so much ground to cover, she has to run almost non-stop.

While Fred met with the roofer--he was awake by then--I fertilized everything I could find.  I'd loaded rose fertilizer and turf stuff from home, so on it went.  The bad news??  It was just windy enough for me to get covered in a fine layer of grit. Grrrross.  The good news??  I got the whole yard done and while, yes, it does feed the weeds as well, we are way past weed and feed.  Fred can take the nuclear weed killer stuff next time we go and spot treat.  Me??  I'll go take an antihistamine.  :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm a lucky gal

This morning I was emailing my sister about this and that where mom is concerned.  She's on her way back from Fredricksburg, a visit with friends, and wedding planning for her daughter.  As I was emailing her about mom, I was telling her how I was ready to let mom go and that I felt like it was only her body that was still here--like I'd actually lost mom several years ago.  And then I remembered what it's like to walk in mom's room, see her eyes light up and recognize me, and tell me how happy she is to see me, and then she cries.  She'll tell me how much she loves me and how grateful she is for everything that I do for her, and then I know.  I'm NOT ready.  I'm NOT ready at all.  I want to hang on to her with every fiber of my being.  That scrawny little person in that wheel chair is still my mom and for whatever reason, God has seen fit to give me everything I have ever wanted from her, in the last inning of her life.  I want to memorize every thing.  Her laugh, her smile, her eyes...even her cotton candy hair.  I'm caught between "Please God, don't take her" and "Please God, take her".

God did the exact same thing with my Dad.  It wasn't until the last few months before my Dad died that I finally got that emotional connection with him, I'd wanted all my life.  It started one day outside by the pool in our backyard, him in his wheelchair, bald as he could be, as my sister and I tried to tell him everything we wanted him to know, before he died.  Once we'd told him everything, it's like his shell cracked wide open.  Out poured all the things we'd wanted him to say to us, and hadn't heard.  He told me he loved me more times in that last few weeks than he'd ever told me, cumulatively, in my entire life.  It's like that Tim McGraw song lyrics "we laughed harder, and loved deeper" than ever before in my life.

Today, rather than be totally sad, I'm grateful.  What a gift, at the tail end of both of their lives, to get everything I always wanted and needed to hear, from both of my parents.  It doesn't make it hurt any less but it sure is a gift.  Mom and I settled any of our unfinished business years ago, and that's another gift.  None of this would have been possible had we not made that effort and that connection.  I have memories of doing things with her, especially over the last three years, that honestly make me laugh out loud.  Digging her out of our family home of over 50 years, her in her nightgown some mornings, dragging a trash bag behind her.   Her ordering a margarita at El Fenix last year at lunch because she wanted one, and the pure pleasure she got from drinking it.  My sister and I howled.  Me bringing Wiggles over to see her because she adored him, and vice versa.  Him claiming his rightful spot next to her on her couch, and her other dogs growling and barking at him.  When we were leaving, mom packing him up a goodie bag of fresh boiled bones to take home.  I think of mom's two pugs who taught Wiggles to sit by the freezer and bark, for her to give them each a spoonful of Blue Bell, and she did.

Those are just some of the memories I'll treasure.  It's fun to look back and remember, even when it wasn't all perfect.  That's just life.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' the Mornin'

OK...I'm trying to be perky here.  It is St. Paddy's day after all.  It's also a big old Happy B-day to my God child, Tori, and my friend, Charlotte.  Get your happy on today, gals, and may you have LOTS more.  I'd also like to thank all of you for your sweet responses yesterday to my Debbie Downer of a post.  I've got to keep it real and being able to say where I am sometimes is important--at least to me anyway.  Anyone who doesn't want to read it, just know I totally understand that, too.  Like I said in a previous post:  Life can be rough.  Wear a helmet.  Mine's on.

My plan this morning is to go over and tell mom that she'll be getting extra help starting next week.  I'm not sure she even knows what Hospice is and I don't think I even really need to go there explaining what it is.  For now, I'm going to leave it that she "needs and deserves the extra care" and I want her to have it.  That feels right to me and I'm just going to go with that.  I may run by Tom Thumb and get her something blooming for her room because I can, and it's spring time.

  I considered taking Sis with me but she runs all around and likes to jump up and greet people, and might knock some old person down.  Her manners a little sketchy at best, though she is one heck of a great greeter--she kisses and licks anyone who'll even glance in her direction. (I've told you all before she's kind of a ho'.)  It's her snooping and running around that has me worried.  Yes, I can keep her on her leash but then she chokes herself half to death.  Off her leash, she likes to run into other people's rooms and if she's having fun, she won't come when you call her.  The other dogs that come to visit behave and let's just say that's not one of Sis's sterling qualities.  She minds when it suits her and that's not often. I just took a vote and she's staying home.  She can ride to the Post Office instead.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh, Delete

Today, in an attempt to be rigorously honest, I need to just say where I am and not mince words.  I feel like I was tossed a big, black, heavy anvil, and I caught it.  Earlier, Mom qualified for Hospice and I went over to sign all of the paperwork.  For those not in the know, Hospice is for terminally ill people.  It provides all kinds of services and care for those nearing the end of life.  Did I know this was coming?  Sure.  Am I grateful for the extra assistance and care?  You bet.  And I sad down to my bone marrow?  Ab-so-lute-ly.  Man, nobody gets out of this deal alive, do they??

 I met with the Hospice nurse and gave her all the information she needed.  Then I signed off on all the paperwork.  After that,  I went back by to see mom.  There she was sound asleep on her bed, snoring occasionally, with her TV blaring in the background.  I had to laugh...who in the world could sleep through that other than my mother?? 

I sent out an email to update family members about mom, and one particular person, who I'd just as soon strangle, had to add his two cents worth.  He always does. I won't mention any names, but let's just say he preceeds me in birth order.  Honestly, one of the smartest thing I've learned in my 58 years on the planet is to just hit delete.  It's fun, easy, requires very little effort, and it gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. Oh, delete, delete, delete.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ahhhh...Spring Break

I'm Spring Breakin' it.  Try as I might, I just cannot wipe the smile off my face as I shoot into a perfect parking place in Snider Plaza where ordinarily there's never a place, and daily traffic is down to a bare minimum so I can get anywhere in a nano second.  Ahhhhh.  Now that you cannot beat.  Having everyone and their dog barrel out of town suits me just fine.  Have a great trip.  See ya.  I'm fine right here and happy as a pig in mud reading, cooking, and just hanging. 

So with that in mind, I'm going to recommend two books by an author who is new to me, Regina Brett.  She is inspiring, hilarious, and has faced enough of her fair share of "life experiences" to earn her stripes.  The first one is God Never Blinks: 50 lessons for Life's Little Detours and her second one is Be the Miracle: 50 lessons for Making the Impossible Possible.  I'm having trouble going to bed at night because I want to stay up and read.  I'm starting to ration the number of pages I get to read each night because I don't want the second one to end.  Like there's not a world of other books out there to read and enjoy?  There are loads--I just forget that when I find something that really resonates with me.

Happy Spring Break to all, even if you aren't off from work. Do what I do sometimes...pretend.  It's fun and makes the time go faster.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noooo, that box

This morning I got frustrated because our internet was down.  I re-booted, turned things off and on, unplugged, re-plugged, and finally just decided to let it go, and go have another cup of coffee and take a shower.  I just had to  Yes, I could have let it ruin my morning but holy, cow....  I decided to just move on.

Later in the morning, I was laughing with a friend over letting go of stuff and just dealing with what is, vs what I think it should be.  She told me a great story about being at Sam's the other day.  She said she was watching a mom and the mom's five-ish looking son.  The mom was pointing to an empty box she wanted.  He grabbed a box and the mom told him "No, not that one.  That one."  Off the little boy went, got another box, and returned with it.  Uh, nooooooo.  Wrong box.  So again, she says "Go get that box (pointing, gesturing, describing).  Back he goes again, grabs the box he thinks she wants, only to return to his mom, vehemently shaking her head saying "NOOO", to which the five year old says, " with me here."

 Everyone in the line cracked up laughing.  LADY, it's just a box.  Even a five year old knows that. think I can get wrapped around my own axle, over a computer. Or a box.  Crazy. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

I've got a new motto and here it is:  Live life like you mean it.  No cutting corners on joy, fun, and things that fill you up.  Make sure you have a majority of those things in your day, especially if your job sucks and life isn't going your way.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

1.  If life's dealing you a crummy hand at the moment, go outside.  Look around.  You will see simple beautiful abundance if you look for it. 
2.  Nothing lasts forever so chill.  If it's bad, it's going to leave eventually and ditto even if it's good.  Otherwise, there wouldn't be any reason for either one.  Everything would just be the same.  And very boring.
3.  Be childlike.  Watch the joy and wonder small people find in the simplest things.  Flowers, a puppy, ants.  Act like they do.  It's fun and the stress drops right off of you.
4.  Laugh often.  Read authors that make you smile and laugh.  Call the funniest friend you have and tell them you need a good laugh.  Call your hairdresser.  They are always hilarious.
5.  Wear clothes you like.  Be original and most of all, be comfortable.  If Vogue hasn't called you for a photo shoot, does it really matter?  Hell, no.
6.  Rescue an animal, feed the birds, or even better, the ducks.  Watch for the fish and turtles that come, too.
7.  Live simply.  You already have everything you need today so stay out of yesterday and tomorrow. 
8.  Plan, but don't obsess.*    * See number 7.
9.  Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cut the crust off, like you had when you were little.  Eat it outside on a paper plate.
10.  Play with some little kids.  If you don't have any, go to a park.  Ask a parent's permission first, and then don't be weird.  Take a kite or other toys to share.  Play.
11.  Life can be rough so wear a helmet.

A new Follower!

Welcome, Nancy I, to the Follower Fold!!  So delighted to have you join our ranks.  I'll be back later today to blog.  It's a gorgeous day outside so I've got to go experience it (and run to the Post Office).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miracle workers are everyday people like you and me

Today I did something I've never done.  I stepped outside my own box.  I went to my first rally concerning something I feel strongly about.  As a nurse, I was trained to be a patient advocate.  I feel strongly that it's my job to stand up for someone else in need, when my skills, education, and ultimately my vote, can help.

No matter what your politics or religious beliefs, today I realized for the first time how vitally important it is for all of us to stand up, and be the gift for someone else--to give the gift of your education and support to those who were not given the same opportunities.  Anyone of us can do it on any given subject. We simply start where we are, and magnify the good for all.  We share the wealth, food, warmth, love.  We all want someone else to act.  Give their money.  Cast their vote.  Fix the unfixable. 

We wait and wait and wait for someone else to be the miracle. Anyone can be the miracle on any given day, at any given place.  It's not up to everyone else.  It's up to me.  Today, make a difference in your own home, neighborhood, workplace, community.  Be the person who stands up and makes a difference for someone else.
Make a miracle happen.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Adult playhouses

I'm thinking I'd really like to have a playhouse.  A real one.  I never had one as a child and I've always been drawn to them.  Never mind where I'd put one--we currently have no room--I still just want one.  And space is NOT an issue when you are day dreaming.  I'm thinking it would make a great office for whatever it is that I do or a space to escape to, that would be all mine.  Heating and cooling might be a problem but we still have Benji's old window unit from High School, when no matter what we did, we could not get his room cool enough for a hot sweaty male, so maybe it could be pressed back into service.  Ooops...I forgot....temp is not a problem when day dreaming. 

Here are a few I like. 

Or this one.                Dock playhouse

Or this one.  Garden playhouse.
Now you want one too, don't you?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get over it, Casa Linda

I just ran by to see mom and she's basically status quo.  Driving away, I was reminded of an article I read in today's paper regarding a group assisted living home that's located in a neighborhood in Casa Linda.  The neighbors don't like it because it's 1) a business located in a residential area, and it causes traffic, and noise.  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around these issues.  Eight people live in the home--the same as some large families.  Where should a group home be located?  In a shopping center?  It's a home, isn't it?  So wouldn't it fit best in a neighborhood, with other homes?  And the people living there..aren't they a sort of family since they all live together in the same place?  No, they aren't related but why is that a problem?
 The parking park I get.  A few extra cars on a neighborhood street can get congested and I'm betting they are working on a solution--like buying an adjoining lot and using it for parking.  I've seen a lot worse things done with adjoining lots in neighborhoods.  Now, lastly, the noise.  What noise?  Are these elderly folks throwing late night keggars or blasting loud swing music into the wee hours?  I don't think so and there have been no complaints received.  I think the neighbors themselves are probably elderly, cranky, and don't do change--any kind of change.  It seems like they'd welcome an AL home in their 'hood since some of them may need it sooner rather than later.  And to be able to stay close by, on their same block?  What a gift. 

On another topic, I am sad to report that my secret man-crush has been cut by the Colts.  Yes, I knew it was coming and so did he, but I still don't like it.  Payton Manning is da' man when it comes to football and I'm thinking his super- tight football pants wearing days are most likely over.  He'll become an announcer like all the rest, so maybe we'll still get to see him occasionally and hear his wit.  Rats on that.  He cleans up nice, though, doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

There's a new Sherrif in town--Women

If you missed Lee Cullum's piece in today's paper, go read it.  It's so true and and though I had to go look up Lysistrata, it was pretty much what I'd guessed.  The title of her piece is Anti Women's Movement is Upon Us, and good for her for connecting the dots.  It's on page 11 A in the DMN. 

My wise old owl friend and I discuss all kinds of things and her point of view is true as well.  She said "We women are responsible for what's going on in the world today with men, and how they are acting.  We raised these pitiful, weak men-children to think they are something when they can't compete with us at all.  We've hidden our light under a bush to prop up the flagging self esteem of the true weaker sex, and in doing so, have created monsters.  We've created ego driven, selfish, self centered, controlling men who really do think they are smarter, better, and more capable.  It's time for us to stop all the crap, tell the truth, (you ain't all that, baby) and concentrate on raising our daughters to be the magnificient creatures that they truly are.  Yes, we can still raise wonderful sons, but we won't concentrate all our efforts in that arena, forgetting the fabulousness of our daughters. We won't raise sons at the expense of our daughters."

Don't forget for a second that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and it's time we females joined together and stopped all these women haters. Let's send them back to their mother's for re-training and consciousness raising.  If their mother's can't or won't do it, then, girl's, just cut 'um off at the pump.  And, yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying.  Go google Lysistrata.   Men need to learn how to play nicely with others--especially women.  You don't grab, your don't hit, and compromise is not an BAD word.  IF you can't play nice, you don't get to play at all.  Literally and figuratively.

 Then we females can get on with running the world.  We're mothers--we can do it with half our brain tied behind us.  Face it, guys...we have all the power and you all know it.  And you know where it's located.  All we have to do is sit down or cross our legs, and the game's over for you all.  And that's just how I see it. :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

HRH Carolina Jessamine

You know it's springtime when this old gal comes off the top shelf in the Utility room to claim her rightful spot in the kitchen.  Iced tea and springtime just go together.  Period.  It's not sweet tea--that would probably make my teeth fall out--but you can doctor it up anyway you want.  The downside is definitely stained teeth but there's bleach for that, so drink up.    

You especially need tea for this next job.  Since we've sold the office building where my dad's office has been for umpteen jillion years, any plants were up for grabs since they are tearing the building down.  Enter Bruce and me--the scavengers that we are-- with shovels, work gloves, a trash bag, and lots of yelling at each other.  (That's the best part of having been married this long, we yell, and then forget about it immediately.)  Getting her out of the ground wasn't that bad--at least not for me anyway.  :)  It was shoving the old girl in Bruce's car that got interesting.  Read: more yelling and cussing.  Luckily, the bees had decided they weren't up for riding home with us because I had to ride right back where they would have been.  OOO, not good.
  Our mission is to save Her Royal Yellow Lovliness and the jury is still out on that.  We did root stimulator and the whole nine yards so we'll see if she can make the transition.  She's been watered and now we just have to wait and see if she can handle the trauma.  I'm pulling for her.  I think she'll be fine.  (fingers crossed)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blue Bell

After reading that Rush Limbaugh finally apologized to the law student for his crass and insulting remark, I will say this:  I read his apology and it didn't sound like one to me at all.  It sounded to me like he was just attempting to get his sponsors off his back and not to drop him on his show.  He's not man enough to do it on his own--he had to be coerced.  Second:  Anytime it takes someone this long to apologize, and only does it after much flap, question it carefully.  If it doesn't sound authentic via what is said, it's not, so don't be fooled by it.  It's just an attempt to appear to have done the right thing, so he can say "Hey...I apologized".  A real apology sounds heartfelt and honest and you can feel the ring of truth in your gut.  Rush's??  Nah. 

I have also considered how much of Rush's comment was calculated for maximum attention and uproar.  A way for him to get the focus back on himself, even if only in a negative light.  Narcissist are like that.  They believe they are "special", require admiration, are entitled, grandiose, manipulative, lack empathy, and are arrogant--and that's just the short list.  Look it up online and you might just find Rush's picture.  Gag.

Now, on to happier more productive topics.  I went online last night to Circle R Dachshunds and saw where they had announced that Blue Bell and Malcolm were definitely expecting and she's due April 1, 2, or 3rd.  The breeder had already told me this... but there it was in print. Official.  OMG....that's in less than a month and I am freaking.  I've decided to just sit back and see what comes.  If a blue and tan smooth male pops forth, I may just be a goner.  I'm not sure.  I for sure will need to see pictures at three weeks, and then I'll know whether I need to head up there to meet and greet, in person.  (And leave a check!)  Now, if one isn't in this litter, I'm just gonna pray about it.  I may not do anything.  All I know is this:  I'll know when I know.  And my partner, Mr. No?  I think he could go either way.  He'll say "no" first and then if you put a puppy in his arms, he'll melt.  Who wouldn't??

Here's Blue Bell.   She has a hilarious look on her face.  I hope I get to meet her.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well, almost....

I just went to look for Sis and realized she's gone to get gas for the mower, with her boyfriend.  Lawsie...we really do need to get a life.  Clearly, our dog already has one.  Despite my urging otherwise, Bruce wants to scalp the yard himself.  I suggested he get the yardman down the block to do it since it is one totally nasty job, but no.  I guess there's just something too wonderful about all that dust and stuff flying in your face and eyes that's just to great to miss.  I also suggested he act like Michael Jackson and put on a mask, at the very least, so we'll see if he does. 

Last night we had a visit from oldest son, Brian.  He had been by earlier in the week but I missed him since I was on my way home from the farm.  I swanny....why is it that we all think our kids are just THE BEST?  I sure do.  I guess every old crow thinks her baby's the blackest really is true.  And while I'm talking about one, I have to out myself on the other son.  So much for my plans to get his eyeballs lasered here.  Since Benji's worn glasses since second grade and contacts since third--he" had to have them for football, Mommy"--I figured it might be nice to have the gift of normal sight again, sans contacts, after all these years.

  He jumped through all the hoops to do it here because I wanted someone really good to do it, but has had to cancel twice, due to work conflicts.  OK.... now here's the whole truth from my end.  Not only did I want to get his eyes done for him, but I wanted to SEE HIM, and if Andrea could come too, well, honey, I just hit a homer.  Because he'd have to have a couple of follow up appointments, he'd have to be here for several days.  See where I'm baby boy is home, blind as a bat for a day or two, and I get to cook for him, play with him, pester him, play nurse, love on him, and he can't get away!   Genius, no???  I figured it was a win-win, but finally came to my senses.  They do have Intra Lasik at Vanderbilt and he could get it done there, on his schedule.  I've already done the due diligence and hooked him up.  No muss, no fuss.  RATS.  I was soooo close.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, whatever

I was about to bust a major artery this morning when I saw Rush Limbaugh's comment about the law student and birth control, and then I decided oh, why bother.  If this gals is a "slut" according to Rush, then Rush, go look in the mirror 'cause you are a drug addict, remember, and one that's clearly NOT in recovery.   So why, oh, why would anything you have to say merit even an uptick in my blood pressure.  Answer: It wouldn't.  What a dumb ass.  Sorry, but that's just how I see this one.  Pot stirring and sh** starting from somebody who has no business throwing stones. 

Now, in the event you were thinking you might have had a hard week, get a load of this.

 27 newborn Mastiff puppies born to two different mother's, over a three day period.  Sort of puts things in perspective, no?  One had 16, the other a paltry 11.  They were born to mothers of a breeder in Germany who had no idea she'd be having THIS many puppies.  Both mother's were short on milk in the beginning--well, yeah-- so these puppies are being bottle fed round the clock, in addition to nursing from their mom's.  Friends have stepped in to help feed them and you can just bet if I lived in Germany, I'd be right smack in the middle of that puppy pile.  And I have LOTS of bottle feeding experience from the Newborn Nursery, so pick me, pick, me, pick me!!!!

Can't you almost smell that warm puppy smell, wafting up from that mountain of furrrrrr???  Too bad this picture isn't a scratch and sniff 'cause I know you'd all have your fannies in the air trying to sniff your monitor or doing it all "stealth" on your phone.  You know you would.  It's making me crazy so I'll close.  Happy weekend to all and stay safe.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm excited.  It's OK to admit it.  My tee tiny little roses are beginning to bloom and with that, I heave a sigh of relief.  After the drought and weather last summer, I always worry they won't make it or might live, but just not have enough juice to bloom.  I'll have to wait a few more days to see how prolific they are are this year but halleluia.

The Farm yesterday was delightful.  I opened both door to the house and just let the breeze blow though, and while I waited for the roofers to show up, I assembled my command post on the screened in porch.  Diet DP?  Check.  Magazines?  Check.  Phone?  Check.  Baby cows in the pasture nearby?  Ohhhh, check, check, check.  They're my favorite part and I like the speckled ones best.  Solids are OK...but I like the mixy ones.  They're just more colorful.  I will say, though, they are dumber than a box of hammers.  Last weekend one got separated from the group and yesterday he was still bellowing, trying to find his pals.  He's over in the field next door and that's just what happens when you don't stay with the group.  Ya get left.

Things did not go exactly as planned yesterday so I did not get to fish, like I had secretly thought I might.  With the tank all full to the brim and beautiful, I felt sure there was a big old bass or catfish with my name on it that would be fun to hook and take a picture of, to torture Fred.  He lives to fish and if he thought I was, it would just make him nuts.  Part of being married is torturing you partner just a little bit.  You have to.  It was in your vows--you just don't remember.

Today I am sooo grateful the sun is out, the birds are peeping, and it's Spring time.  Green grass, lush blooming trees, flowers, and little children and dogs, all outside.  Pure deee heaven.