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Monday, March 26, 2012

What a weekend

What an incredible weekend and what fun!  From a new John Deer mower and yard work to a cleaning frenzy at the Farm, it was worth every second.  Loads accomplished and the old gal is looking much better after her yard hairdo update (mowing) and her front beds filled with mulch by Bruce's brother, Neil.  There's just something about blowing out the screened in porch with the leaf blower and then hosing off all the porches, that just gets my motor going.  Once I get started cleaning I almost can't stop.  Sort of a like a cleaning force takes me over.  The outside porch sink and counter top were so scungy that I had to get after them both with some Comet.  Now, I know they won't stay clean for long but any lingering resentments I might have about anything got exorcised out, scrubbing those two. 

 Bruce's baby brother, Cowboy John, said he has a power washer he'd be willing to bring up for us to use and let me just tell you, I am salivating at the thought.  Me and a power washer???  The mere thought makes my hands itch in anticipation.  There's just no telling what all could be mind just whirrs with possibilities. 

Sis was out of her mind in dog bliss running everywhere.  She even came down to the dock with me despite the tank being so high she had to actually wade in, to jump up onto the dock.  For a city hound, she really does think she's a farm dog.  She may be a gal of a certain age, but she went hell for leather the entire weekend, so I doubt she'll be moving around a whole lot today.  Besides, she had a bath last night in my shower with me, so she's enjoying her gorgeousness too much to mess up her suit quite yet.  I give her 'til lunchtime before she'll want to go roll in something.

Another couple of weeks and the wild flowers should be ALL OVER the fields.  The bluebonnets were beginning to pop out on the highway as we headed home yesterday.  Wait a week or so and even if you don't have someplace to go, just get on the highway and drive a little so you can see them.  Yes, gas is expensive but you're worth it, and I didn't say drive to Oklahoma.

Lastly, Sunday morning I received a text from Andrea that almost made me almost choke on my coffee.  It was a picture of Benji, in a full head piece, robe, and shades, somewhere in Jordan, standing beside the burka wearing owner of the place.  With his beard, it was purrrrfect.  Those two are just hilarious.  I haven't been able to download the picture for some reason but when I do figure it out, I'll post it here.  According to Andrea, he bought the head piece but the robe was too expensive so he was going to continue "to shop."  There's just no telling what he's coming home with....I can hardly wait. 

Lastly, I'm still mad I didn't get one of these....I'm going to call John Deere and ask for one since our place was out.  That's just WRONG.  I just need one of these.  Period.

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