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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Well, almost....

I just went to look for Sis and realized she's gone to get gas for the mower, with her boyfriend.  Lawsie...we really do need to get a life.  Clearly, our dog already has one.  Despite my urging otherwise, Bruce wants to scalp the yard himself.  I suggested he get the yardman down the block to do it since it is one totally nasty job, but no.  I guess there's just something too wonderful about all that dust and stuff flying in your face and eyes that's just to great to miss.  I also suggested he act like Michael Jackson and put on a mask, at the very least, so we'll see if he does. 

Last night we had a visit from oldest son, Brian.  He had been by earlier in the week but I missed him since I was on my way home from the farm.  I swanny....why is it that we all think our kids are just THE BEST?  I sure do.  I guess every old crow thinks her baby's the blackest really is true.  And while I'm talking about one, I have to out myself on the other son.  So much for my plans to get his eyeballs lasered here.  Since Benji's worn glasses since second grade and contacts since third--he" had to have them for football, Mommy"--I figured it might be nice to have the gift of normal sight again, sans contacts, after all these years.

  He jumped through all the hoops to do it here because I wanted someone really good to do it, but has had to cancel twice, due to work conflicts.  OK.... now here's the whole truth from my end.  Not only did I want to get his eyes done for him, but I wanted to SEE HIM, and if Andrea could come too, well, honey, I just hit a homer.  Because he'd have to have a couple of follow up appointments, he'd have to be here for several days.  See where I'm baby boy is home, blind as a bat for a day or two, and I get to cook for him, play with him, pester him, play nurse, love on him, and he can't get away!   Genius, no???  I figured it was a win-win, but finally came to my senses.  They do have Intra Lasik at Vanderbilt and he could get it done there, on his schedule.  I've already done the due diligence and hooked him up.  No muss, no fuss.  RATS.  I was soooo close.

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