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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mega Millions, oh, baby!

Everybody all over town is talking about it so we might as well, too.  Here's what I want to know:  if you won the Mega Gillions Lottery, could you handle that kind of money?  For fun, let's say you were the solo winner.  After engaging your attorney, hopefully, to plan for that kind of money, now what?  Are you up for people who are going to immediately land on you like hornets, hands out, and Christmas wish list at the ready?  And what about those endless requests for help from people you don't know?  Your phone ringing constantly.  Your doorbell ringing day and night.  Is your neck getting stiff yet?  Is your nervous tick kicking back in?  What are you going to do with that kind of loot that's not going to end up biting you in the backside like it has done so may other people?  Tell me because I'm all ears.

I'm thinking the only way I could even get remotely close to handling it would be to set up a Foundation to give it away.  Yes, I might set aside a bag lady fund like Oprah's--her's is reportedly around 150 million--but after that, giving it away to do good things is the only way I see as making any sort of difference in this world and the only way I could say no to people who either think they know what I should do with it, and /or have their own agenda.  You know who I'm talking about.  Every family has them.

Otherwise, that's just too much money for anybody.  I'll be interested to see if maybe a group wins it.  I'm betting that's what happens.  Either way, I got my tickets today.  I just want to see if I can handle it.  :)

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