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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a Clown

Some of you may already know this but it made me laugh so hard, I figured it was worth repeating if you missed it.  Women.  You gotta love 'um.  When a bunch recently got really fed up with Rick Perry and his all knowing attitude about women's bodies, rather that just suck it up, they did they next best thing.  They got even.

It seems loads of them blew up his FB page with questions about their "lady parts".  They inundated his page with sarcastic questions about their "period being early this month".  Did he think that was OK?  And what about their monthly gal said she was "gushing like a stuck pig, it's getting messy, and what do you think I should do about it"?  They referred to him as Dr. Perry and claimed that since they were just women, they needed his manly help to know what to do, and even what brand of tampons to buy.  OK...say what you will, but that is sheer genius.  Of course "Dr. Perry" never commented on it--he had his female spoke person address it.  I only wish she had been a he.  The best part is well over 1,000 women jumped all over Rick with "Gyno" questions, and word on the street is, even menopause was a big topic.  They left nothing to his imagination.  Marcia Ball, an Austin based musician, organized three "Seeing Red" protests, (get it?) after reaching her tipping point with all this women's health care non-sense.  Even that made me laugh.

Dang...wish I'd known.  OB/GYN was my area and I'd could have made old Rick puke.  However, from what I read, some of my sister's did an EXCELLENT job.  You go, gals.

 Rick, pack up your tampons.  NEVER underestimate women because they are about to vote your sorry self right out of office.

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