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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, pie

First, we need to talk about pie this morning because it's important, and because I want to.  If you are a buttermilk pie fan and you don't know about the homemade one at Cisco Grill, then you need to know about it.  I'd seen an article in the paper about the owners mother or someone who makes it daily.  People put their name on a piece before they order their entree to be sure they get a piece, so with that in mind, I decided yesterday it was my personal mission to see if it was all that.  In short, it was.  No brag, just fact.  You can pre-order a whole one by calling several days in advance of when you'll want it.  They won't sell you a whole one if you just walk in the door to buy one.  Honey, I tried that.  I'm thinking Easter, for anyone else who's on my same page.   Now you're going think about pie all day, aren't you?  Boy, I sure am. on to other stuff.  I got a laugh out of my youngest son's FB post saying they have a day lay over in Paris on their way home and he realized he hasn't played a guitar in 10 days, probably the longest amount of time he's ever gone without playing one.  He's in PARIS and that's what he's thinking???....Lord, love him.  As Steve Massanelli would say "oh, tap your brakes on the sob train". 

Today, I've decided not to give up on the world and to expect a miracle instead.  Between the health care fight, the Presidential candidates, and the poor pilot who had an inflight melt down, I'm thinking Divine help is in order, and I'm going to concentrate on that vs all the other stuff.  I've had too many miracles happen for me in the past,  when I handed over all the stuff that I was scared about, and let God take care of all of it.  Believe me, it works.  All that thinking that I'm in control and I've got a plan, doesn't.  I don't always get what I want, but I sure get what I need.

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