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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's all about Change

Yesterday around dinner time we took Sis to the Vet.  She cries when we pick her up and though otherwise everything is normal, after a week or two of this, we decided we needed to check her out.  $60 later they could find zip, zero, nada, and she just squealed again, as her dad picked her up.  Couple that with the fact that the Vet told us NOT to get a BLUE anything unless we wanted to be over at their office on a regular basis after about the first two years, seeing their dog dermatologist.  Well, let me just tell you, Fred teed it up on that one.  He couldn't wait to remind me that we already spend $50 a month on Sister's Cushing's meds.  Like she can really help that.  Plenty of older gals have their adrenals go under--not just Sis.  But, it is pause for thought.  Boy, talk about a buzz kill.  Now I'm almost hoping Blue Bell doesn't have a blue and tan boy.  Yeesh.

I had to break the sad news to Sis this morning that she didn't win or even get to split the Lottery in a three way win.  She had big plans for a win- loads of chew bones, her dad all to herself, and more trips to the Farm.  Instead of a meltdown, I got my ear licked and she rolled over for me to rub her belly.  Now that's what I call a good loser.  She's still in her bed alternating between watching outside and snoozing.

Lastly, it looks like our block's OB/GYN is headed out of town faster than we'd hoped.  Dr. Julie visited either North or South Carolina and fell in love with the area.  She's a really interesting lady and about as free wheeling as they come.  Prior to becoming an MD, she was a chef, and decided she really wanted to go to Medical School, so she did.  Now, after living here for well over ten years, she's decided to move her practice to one of the Carolina's.  She's already bought land and is building a home for herself and her rescue dog.  Her house barely went on the market before someone nabbed it, and it is now sale pending.

 A For Sale sign is due to go out front of our next door neighbor's house any day now, as they have decided to move farther North, rather than do a bunch of much needed work to their house.  We tease them all the time that a stiff breeze is going to collapse their garage.  And it could. They are also tired of the school taxes, now that all their kids are out, and  I can relate.  Cue the sounds of a bulldozer--that can't be far behind.  That's my nephew, Dallas, on one.  He needs a John Deere hat, though.  :)

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