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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noooo, that box

This morning I got frustrated because our internet was down.  I re-booted, turned things off and on, unplugged, re-plugged, and finally just decided to let it go, and go have another cup of coffee and take a shower.  I just had to  Yes, I could have let it ruin my morning but holy, cow....  I decided to just move on.

Later in the morning, I was laughing with a friend over letting go of stuff and just dealing with what is, vs what I think it should be.  She told me a great story about being at Sam's the other day.  She said she was watching a mom and the mom's five-ish looking son.  The mom was pointing to an empty box she wanted.  He grabbed a box and the mom told him "No, not that one.  That one."  Off the little boy went, got another box, and returned with it.  Uh, nooooooo.  Wrong box.  So again, she says "Go get that box (pointing, gesturing, describing).  Back he goes again, grabs the box he thinks she wants, only to return to his mom, vehemently shaking her head saying "NOOO", to which the five year old says, " with me here."

 Everyone in the line cracked up laughing.  LADY, it's just a box.  Even a five year old knows that. think I can get wrapped around my own axle, over a computer. Or a box.  Crazy. 

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