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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Facing my fear

Today is Be a Big Girl day.  I decided to face my fear of heights and make myself ride the Silver Queen lift all the freaking way to the top, and then ride it back down.  Alone.  If my sons are reading this BOTH of them are laughing (because they know me), and one of them knows exactly how I feel.  I'm not saying who is who, but they know, and the one that hates heights as much as I do is probably shaking his head and rolling his eyes. 

I did it and I wore my big girl panties, too.  I haven't ridden a ski lift in at least 15 years so while Fred was off on a hike, I decided it was time to feel the fear and do it anyway.  Holy, moly.  The first part was fine.  Gorgeous scenery, loads of purple, white and yellow wild flowers.  All good.  And then the lift stopped.  I knew they were probably loading either older folks, babies, or mountain bikes so even that didn't rattle me too bad.  And then I saw phase 2 of the incline.  Practically straight up.  As in rocket launch straight up.   So, I decided the only thing to do was pull out my iphone and take pictures.  I figured my brain can't register two things at once so I started snapping pictures and looking at the people riding the lift back down.  It's also called DISTRACTION but whatev.

It worked, I had a blast, and even coming in for a landing wasn't too bad.  Unfortunately, there was no one in the seats ahead of me to watch so I could see exactly when to raise the quad lift bar so I just rolled with it.  When I got even with the sign that said to get your gear ready, I raised my bar, scooted in, stood up, and hauled my tail out of there, as my quad seat turned the corner.  Piece of cake, baby.

The best news is, I apparently am not the only person terrified of heights or even chair lifts.  One gal said she burst into tears half way up and people she didn't even know, seated with her, comforted her.  Another girl wouldn't even get on.  Period.  No way.  Not enough money in the world.

I can't wait to tell Fred.  He will laugh hysterically.  He might even do the donkey bray laugh.  Fine.  Wait til he's afraid of something. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carbs and a Corgi

Lots to report from the mountains today. Last night's showers were another wash, rinse, and repeat.  Things this morning were all freshly laundered and clean smelling Friends we know from Dallas and are having dinner with tonight, went horseback riding, while we sat outside by the pool and breathed in the fresh air and just communed with nature.  Half of the state of Texas is here and that's just fine.  There's plenty of room for all of us.  We particularly enjoyed watching two little girls swimming, first thing in the morning.  Brrrr. 

I'm particularly excited about the upcoming Crested Butte Arts Festival which begins on Friday evening and goes through Sunday night.  It's a well known festival with all different types of art, food, entertainment (music), and cooking and drink mixing demo's by many of the local restaurants.  They block off several blocks of Elk Avenue downtown and though no cars, bicycles, skateboards, or pups are allowed, it looks like loads of fun.  Count me in.  I am particularly interested in seeing the wearable art since I purchased a shoulder/sweater wrap in Basalt, outside Aspen, a few summers back.  Shoot....I love any kind of art and there should be lots to take in (and maybe even take home.)

Tonight we are going to Slogar's, a well known CB institution best known for it's fried chicken and "all white" dinners.  I'm serious.  You won't find anything green there, and the only veggies are mashed potatoes or corn, which explains why our boys loved it.  Add their homemade biscuits and honey, it's a carb load.  Tomorrow morning I may have to ride the lift up and hike back down to work off at least a little of my dinner.  

Here's my furry friend I mentioned earlier and though he's actually lots cuter in person, here he is in all his glory.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday in the mountains

As per usual, we had plane issues trying to get here yesterday.  I don't care what airline you fly these days, it's gonna be a whipping so you best get prepared.  Our plane--actually more of a crop duster but whatever--- from Denver to Crested Butte had a refueling issue and decided to not register exactly how much fuel was in either tank.  Rather than spend more money to fill it to the brim, the airline put us on another crop duster, which was okey dokey by me.  I'd a lot rather fly knowing exactly how much fuel is on board vs playing a potentially fatal game of  "oh, let's guess."

We are finally settled after a minor room switch and we slept like lead.  I've been on dog patrol this morning while sipping my coffee and lots of the pups are wearing rain coats.  Yes, it's raining, but rain coats?  Whaaat?  A poodle, a weiner just like Sis, and one other all had on their rain coats and one was even a Chanel looking black puffer.    Finally, a dog went by just now wearing his own fur.  He must be a local.

Back from lunch and the Farmer's Market in town.  The flower sellers were extraordinary and considering it was still damp from the rain, the scent was heady.  One flower seller I thought I got a shot of but didn't, was bartering with the tent next door to trade some of her left over flowers, for some of the other gals products.  They quickly struck a bargain and both were thrilled. Bartering is a lost art and I think it makes perfect sense.  Trading just is good business and everybody wins.

The flower gals bouquets were all natural, loose, and flowy--just like you'd expect in the mountains and since everyone was about to close down, I can only imagine what she must have had earlier.  OOOO, la la.  The  guy's sunflowers above were as long as your arm.

In town was full of pups and we found a lemon  and white corgi sitting outside a jewelry store that was simply the cutest thing on four legs.  Forget the jewelry--just let me have your dawg.  He was so friendly and  looked to be fairly young with furrrrr soft as buttah.  I waaaant him.

This gal cracked me up.  Note the attachment on her back.  Whoa.  A pizza helper.

Friday, July 26, 2013

This and that

Things I can't wrap my brain around today:

1. The Patriarch of Duck Dynasty is leaving the show and his clean shaven additional son (how many does he have?) who is a minister, is coming to the show.  OK...I'm out.
2. Why does a haircut make you feel better and give you energy?  Is it the shampoo?
3. How does Sister already know Colorado is not in her future but she's still trying?
4.  Fat shaming increases the risk of obesity....really?  Is that really surprising to anybody?
5.  Why can I find things in the freezer (burger patties) and someone else can't?  And, yes, he opened the door first.

Lastly, I got a text around noon today from mom's Hospice nurse, April.  She said she'd gone in to do her weekly visit with mom and mom was cackling over people dancing on TV.  Why?  Who knows.  April said mom was laughing so hard, that April decided to dance, too, and mom laughed even harder.  God, I love April and the people who take care of mom.  You just never know what they are going to do over there.  I love it when people are spontaneous and just do what feels right.

I remember last Fall when the activities lady painted mom's nails orange for Halloween.  With glitter. not Paula or what she would EVER have done or worn, that I simply loved it.  Let's all remember to dance or wear orange before it's too late.    

Thursday, July 25, 2013

He's baaaaaack

I cannot stop laughing.  Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger?  Are you kidding me?  Did he not think some of the juicy details would come out about his post admission sexting continuing?  If not, why not?  Dude...what planet do you live on?  If you want to be a public figure, smarten up.   Did you not realize even private is public these days and speaking of private, how about finding a nice job somewhere in the private sector, and just working hard to repair your marriage and take care of your child.  Forget politics.  You've clearly got a problem and that's OK.  Just work really hard to keep that part of you in check and leave all this notoriety to someone else.  You're known all right.  Just not for anything you'd want people to remember. 

Carlos Danger???  I was having more fun with Weiner.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So sweet!

This morning I woke up thinking about the new Royal heir and his parents and what a darling family they make.  I love that William stayed at the hospital with his new family and even slept on one of those horrendous chairs that's supposed to slide out into a make shift bed.  Take my word for it--they don't feel like a bed or anything remotely close, but I digress.  Price Charles, his dad, would never have done that.  Too posh.  Too entitled. 

I'm delighted to see a Royal act like a normal dad would.  The fact that William practiced putting the car seat in the car was so sweet, and if you saw the clip of it, at the end he quickly goes "whew" and jumps in to
drive off.  And driving his family home himself?  Fantabulous.  This couple clearly wants to be as normal as possible and thank heaven for that.  I love that William is so capable.  He can cook though his wife says early on he burned more things than they they actually ate, but that's just fine.  Princess Diana would be so proud to see the man he's become and how protective he is of Kate and now his baby, too. 

  Baby Cambridge is going to be a knock out with both sets of those genes and boy, howdy would I love to get my hooks on him.  We could rock in the rocker, chat, I could smell his head, and just basically enjoy his baby self.  To me, there's just nothing more intoxicating than babies and baby smell.  It is second only to puppy smell and that's just another version of baby smell and it's no less delish. 

Though I applaud the Cambridge's desire to appear more normal in not hiring a baby nurse or nanny, I'm not thinking that's going to last very long.  Once Kate and William get enough sleepless nights under their belt and both get back to real life and work, a nanny is going to start looking better and better.  Knowing you can hand off a baby for a little break-- if you need to-- is going to take on a whole new meaning.  Just knowing someone is there, is huge. 

Can't wait to see more of this darling family.  What a breath of fresh air for the Royal family!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wally, please go home

A friend of mine came by yesterday with her rescue dog, Wally, for what I thought was a short visit but wasn't.  The good news was Sis was a lady.  The bad news is, Wally is/was a pest.  Wally is 4-5 years old, a poodle mix but more poodle than anything else, and he is 100 % movement unless he's asleep.  He has two speeds--on and off.  Once he finds a forever home and gets settled he may slow down but for now, not so much.  I think some of his busyness is because he knows he's not a permanent fixture. 

I watched Sis with fascination.  She tried so hard to like him but he was just constantly up in her grill, jumping up in her chair, wanting to play with an old gal who just wanted him to go away.  She yipped her "back off" yip twice, and I saw her upper lip twitch a few times like she'd love to bite the heck out of Wally.  He was so busy she didn't even try to defend her toys, her new bed, nada.  She just wanted him to hit the front door and keep on going. 

When he and my friend finally left, I comforted Sis and told her what a lovely old lady she was and what great manners she had.  I gave her one of the oatmeal dog cookies we got her from Petco, she snarfed it, got a huge slurp of water and then got in her bed, while I did chores. 

Moral of the story:  sometimes being nice is just exhausting. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Royal Push

I'm totally nerding out and on Royal baby watch.  Lots to gab about but must stay tuned for baby announcement.  My money is on a girl.  We'll see.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Gift of Grief

Someone I care about is in a lot of emotional pain.  Rather than feel the pain and just sit in it, she wants to fight.  She wants to be mad at someone else.  I get that.  I do that sometimes, too.  Rather than feel the grief and all that vulnerability, I want to fight.  I want to get up in my anger and arrogance where I feel tough and powerful, and come out swinging.  I want to take out my bat and use someone else as my personal pinata so I can avoid my pain filled feelings.  It works....for a little while.  And then I feel even worse.  I feel even more full of shame and guilt than usual.  (I honestly think I'm Jewish here and I hope all my Jewish friends know I mean no disrespect.)  I simply can do shame and guilt at a PhD level.  Thank you, family of origin.  :)

My shame spiral will continue until I surrender.  I am in a world of hurt until I start journaling and call a trusted friend who will help me really see what's going on vs the bullshit story I've made up in my head, and convinced myself is true.  Until I'm willing to give up my distraction and deal with what's really going on, I'm going to stay miserable.  My decision, my choice.

Today I know have to say my prayers and then get busy doing my part.  I have to ask God for help because you see...I simply cannot do this alone.  The minute I think I can, that's the point at which the train leaves the track and the pile up begins.  Train cars fly everywhere, and people get hurt.  Including me-- and it's all my doing.

I spoke with this person yesterday.  She thought she was depressed.  She was convinced she was.  She described exactly how she felt in such descriptive and clear terms that I wanted to scream YES at the top of my lungs.  That is exactly how I feel or have felt.  I told her what I'd found out recently about unrelenting, unremitting grief.  It takes more energy than any other emotion to deal with and will suck you dry as the Sahara in a sand storm.  You will have no energy or you will want to go beat the crap out of somebody.  Anybody.  Just so you don't have to f-e-e-l.  You will feel blank.  Confused.  Unable to think clearly.  My friend is right where I am.  Her dad is in the final stages of Alzheimers and she feels as trapped and stuck as I do.

The good news?  We have each other.  She understands and doesn't judge anything I say or do or feel.  I have her to walk with, to laugh with, to cry with if I need to.  That's the gift of grief, if you share it.  It's just too heavy to carry alone.  And you don't have to.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Heads in Beds


Last night I finished reading Heads in Beds, a Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality.   It is one of the funniest books I've read in awhile and made me vividly remember all of the things that went on at Medical City Hospital, behind the scenes.  By the end of the book, though, it was really kind of sad.  The alcoholism and drug use, the treatment  received on both sides of the Front Desk, and the treatment by Management of their own co-workers was literally exactly what I experienced in a hospital setting.  Let's face it.  A hospital is nothing more than a crappy hotel with sick people.  If you'll permit me a bit of black humor, hospitals could go mano a mano with the hotel business any old day and quite possibly win that contest.  The same crazies that check into hotels, often wind up checking into hospitals a little later, or vice versa, and a lot of the staffs are interchangeable.  Ditto the same scams, hustles, and turf warsBack behind the scenes, you will see and hear stuff that will make you laugh so hard you can't breathe.  You will see and hear stuff that will shock the ever lovin' scrubs off of you.  It will also make you sick.  If you want in on the dirty dirty, loyalty is the price of admission. 

One of my favorite parts of the book was the Appendixes.  Subjects were: Things a guest should never say, Things a guest should never do, Things every guest must know, Standard LIES that Spew from the Mouth of a front desk agent, and lastly, a multiple choice Brief Guest Survey where the choices provided for you to choose from, were snort worthy.  Let me just say that this book will NOT be returning to Half Price Books to be resold as it's too funny to let go of.  It's a keeper, at least for now anyway.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A quick trip to San Miguel

My day began with a whoosh.  Two texts from Benji and a decision (mine) to let Sis come snuggle in the bed for a little bit.  Heck...I figure it's sheet day and since I already know she's going to leave a swath of dawg furrrr.... oh, why not?  By the time she finally settled down and quit licking and wiggling, I was ready to get up.  She's now back in her bed and will hang there until she decides it's time to get up.

I also decided that while I was changing the sheets, I might as well go whole hog and wash the white coverlet and once that happened, I  traveled one step further--to Mexico.  I remembered my beautiful all white embroidered bed cover that I'd gotten in San Miguel, so on it went.  Next came the matching two Euro pillows and a third I added with a different white cover, so the bed now looks cool, crisp, and summery.  Quite frankly, I might just crawl back in for a nap in a bit.  An afternoon nap sounds lovely.  Though this isn't our bedroom, it's one in San Miguel and it looks lovely as well. 
Since mom turns 86 tomorrow, I ran by this morning and took her some birthday candy since I can't go by tomorrow morning.  I primed her that she's doing the big flip tomorrow (85 to 86) so to get all rested up.  I opened up her candy and she had two pieces, the second of which was a bit of a problem.  Her upper and lower front teeth got stuck in the chocolate, as she tried to bite it in half.  Oh, lordy.  I finally pried her teeth loose and cut  up the piece of candy with a knife from the dining room.  She and I both laughed our heads off and she chased the candy with fresh ice water from her sippee cup.  Daaaang.  It's just always something! :))

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hug doctor

This morning I had a doctors appointment and while I waited, I got talking with a mom of four in the waiting room.  Three boys, one girl.  The third boy, younger by quite bit than the two older ones, looked to be around ten to twelve and his mom was telling stories about him when he was three.  As we chatted, he walked over to his mom and laid a hug of epic proportions on her.  Without realizing it, a groan escaped my lips and I blurted out "I miss those".  When the mom let go, he walked straight over to me with his arms out and gave me a hug.  I said "How did you know I needed a hug?" and he said "You just told me".

I melted faster than butter on a stack of pancakes.  Every time I looked at him, I saw him through the eyes of a hug.  I didn't even know this little boy and yet I did.  I smile now just thinking about him.

They called me to go back, I did my thing, and I was about to leave.  As I walked out to the waiting room, one of the older boys, and the mom, were missing.  As I almost reached the exit door, the hugger stuck his arms out.  Another epic hug.  He told me he felt like I needed another one and he was right.  Never underestimate the power of a hug. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The French Toast data and conclusion

With a green chili chicken quiche in the oven and a cantaloupe and tiny watermelon all cut up, I'm taking five to blog for a minute.  It's fascinating to me how fruit that is already cut up gets eaten at our house but fruit that is whole, and involves getting out a knife, cutting it up, dumping out the seeds and the rinds, just grows a beard in our refrigerator.  I have learned over years of intense study and in depth research that some Y chromosomes are simply too ________, to do things for themselves.  Feel free to fill in with any particular word(s) that suits your fancy. 

Last night I wanted French toast so I 1) went into the kitchen 2) made it 3) looked up to find a Y chromosome scouting out my French toast to see if a) I'd made him any b) if it looked like there was any chance this side of Cincinnati that he might get some.  I cook for Y all the time.  Last night was just not his not his night. 
While I cooked, I tried not to laugh.  I really did.  (Sorta.)  The clincher was when I plated my oh, so cooked and diagonally sliced lovely french toast, took out the powdered sugar, spooned some into a strainer, and proceeded to dust my hot, fragrant, yummy smelling French toast, like they do on the cooking shows.  As I sat down to watch my favorite KERA show, it was just me, my effort, and the Mrs. Butterworths. 

 Not to be outdone, Y chromo took out the frozen waffles, loaded them in the toaster oven, burned the ever living hell out of them, and then ate them.  I've taught him how to make french toast.  He knows how.  I even left the pan for him to use, while I ate mine.  But no.  Burnt waffles was the dinner du jour.  Go figure.  :)))

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Smalls update

I went by to see the Smalls earlier this week.  Hudson was upstairs playing a video game, Hadley was downstairs, and Avery was not far behind.  Since their mom was on the phone,  the girls and I went up stairs.  We watched Hud play his video game and we talked about their recent trip to the beach and what was each one of their favorite part.  Hud's was boogie boarding, Had's was the pool, and Avery's was the pool and the beach.  The beach is a blast but it does get gritty and awfully hot.

I told them I wanted to go to the Zoo but that I'd waited too late, and would now have to wait until Fall and cooler weather to see the gorillas again.  Somehow that got us started on gorillas and we decided to Google Silver backs so they could see what they looked like.  I told them about the one that got out at the Dallas Zoo, Jabari,  and how " he ran into people".  Judging from the look on Had's face I knew I better underplay what really happened--and wrapped up by telling them "he's not there anymore".  I didn't say they shot him. (Their parents do not need three kids having nightmares in the middle of the night because their AC told them about a gorilla at the Dallas Zoo getting loose, hurting people, and then finally being shot.)   Quit laughing....

 And this is NOT a sign you ever want to see, either. Just thought I'd mention it.  Yikes!

From there we went to a gorillas in the wild video, and you could have heard a pin drop.  We watched one where a small group of people were in the wild and a lady stuck her camera in an already angry gorilla's face. Way to go, lady.  When he finally ran off, he grabbed the bottom of her pants leg and pulled her down!  The kids missed that part the first time, since it was quick, so I showed it to them again, and told them to watch for it.  They all screamed and I lost track of how many we watched it after that.  Dang, who knew gorillas were so entertaining!

Friday, July 12, 2013

I suck at house cleaning

I think I scared a good ten years off Sister's life earlier.  Since I am our maid today, I got out our enormous janitorial sized dust mop to give the floors a quick sweep.  Mine looks like the kind the custodians had in grade school to sweep out all the classrooms and I have the old timey pads, too.  I haven't yet upgraded to microfiber pads.  Way too current for me. Anyway, I rested the handle of the mop up against the kitchen counter and naturally it fell.  The wooden handle is so long, it missed hitting Sis, by a hair.  That old  fat black gal just about jumped out of her skin, let me tell you.  I quickly apologized and attempted to reassure her but she still thinks I tried kill her.  And that girl holds a grudge, too.  This may take a bone out of the refrigerator, to repair.  Good Lord, she is spoiled and, yes, I do know who spoiled her.

She went outside in the backyard a little while ago and lay down on the bricks to toast up, I'm guessing.  She seldom does that, preferring the driveway side since it gets full sun.  A minute ago I heard her come in her doggie door and noticed something stuck on her tail. It was a leaf -- for decoration.  Not a good sign.  I have two more weeks of this cleaning to look forward to...ugh.

I figured while I was at it, I might as well clean the oven.  It's self cleaning so how hard can that be...apparently a little tougher than I remembered.  It takes hours for it to cycle through and our kitchen is now hot enough to bake cupcakes outside the oven, and smells like... weird stuff.  I turned on the vent to at least suck out the smell-- and hopefully some of the heat.  I realized a little while ago I forgot to take out the oven racks, though (this time) I did remember to take out the oven liner.  I cooked the old oven liner that last time I cleaned the oven.

Let's just say I have crossed off another possible career path for myself.  Maria, come home!!!!!   


Thursday, July 11, 2013

TWO Bad Boys

This is a shout out to Justin Bieber's mom.  Honey, I feel your pain.  Her son has w-a-y too much money (and access to it) and is drinking his own Kool Aid. Growing up in the public eye is hard enough when you are a nobody but throw fame and lots of dough into that mix and we are all going to see and hear stuff that makes any parent grind their teeth at night.  Justin's latest--peeing in a restaurant's mop bucket and yelling F- you to a photo of Bill Clinton--all captured on film, speaks to an out of control camper who needs help.  He needs a significant male in his life to "snatch him ball headed", as my mother would say.  Translation: set some boundaries for this kid and  considering he's now 19, that ship has sailed.
 Without Justin's dad (or another significant male to him) in his life, I have a really sad feeling this is NOT going to end well.  Never mind he apologized to the biggest Bad Boy of all time--former President Clinton. You can't fix young and stupid--that's a question of time--and you just hope your kiddo gets older and smarter, before they get themselves in real trouble.

C'mon, Justin, it's wake up time.

OMG...if you saw this earlier, I can't believe my TYPO!!!!  Pretty hilarious!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Any time now

I have to admit I'm getting excited about a new royal baby.  He or she (and my money's on a she) will be here on or near the 13th and that's not long to wait.  Babies always bring so much joy and fun, as long as they aren't yours.  If they're yours, man oh man....there's just no getting around the sleep deprivation.   For us it was a seemingly never ending boot camp, until each of ours really slept at a stretch which happened at 6-8weeks of age, and by a stretch, I mean 5-6 hours at night.  Babies generally start sleeping longer as they approach the ten pound mark, or at least that's been my experience.  Some babies don't ever sleep (my nephew) and allll most drive their mothers to the nutty bin, from lack of sleep.

Several months after my sister had her first baby, she thought she had a brain tumor (?) and it was determined after a battery of hospital tests that what she really had was a husband who traveled and was gone all week, and a baby that never slept.  She was completely and totally exhausted.  She had 24 hour duty of a newborn and no one to hand off to or at least not at night.  Yes, she had a baby nurse for a week but after that, she was solo, and that will make you insane quick. The yard guys start looking like baby sitters.  Even the Postman.  A busy baby will stretch you to your breaking point.   It's funny now, but it sure wasn't back then. 

Since it seems Kate didn't grow up with nannies, it doesn't sound like they have any plans for one right now.  My money says that will definitely change later on.  I read that after delivery and release from the hospital, she plans to head home to her parent's newish house in Bucklebury for awhile and I think that's brilliant.  Comfy, familiar, roomy, with people who love you to help out, you can kick back and rest.  Really rest.  You can even have a good cry if you're hormonal, without somebody blabbing it to the tabloids.  OK....I'm hoping that's the case anyway.  Not sure how they'll block off the photog's but no doubt the Palace and William have been all over that for months.  Or, maybe this is just a strategy--a decoy-- and she'll really be going someplace else.  Stay tuned.  We'll know soon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miss Lucy

I just saw our down the block neighbor a few minutes ago with the last of her three shifts of dogs she walks 2-3 times per day.  This last shift is the sad one.  One of two elderly members of this bunch,  Miss Lucy, is catching the train to dog town this afternoon and my neighbor was in tears.  She had told me over the weekend that today was Lucy's last day and even then my neighbor was struggling, so you can imagine how hard today is.  I told her I'd come down this afternoon and give her a hug when was all said and done.

My neighbor is the "animal lady" of our block.  For the past thirty years or so, she picked up any and every stray--or used to--and is nearing retirement from the Dallas Zoo.  Since she's older than me, I think she's decided that she's slowly going to whittle down her crew and not replace them as they fade.  Walking all those animals in the heat is tough and the cold is no fun either.  And picking up all that poop?  Nuh, uh.  Not to mention the expense of feeding all of them and medicating the ones that need it.

She's had a huge macaw, too many cats to count, a zillion dogs, and I'm not really sure what else--maybe snakes. Anytime one of our "choicey" animals didn't like a new bag of food, we've always taken it down the block to her animals.  All rescues, they'd eat and be happy with just about anything. 

Putting down Miss Lucy has been a tough decision--not like it's ever an easy one.  Old, blind, and deaf and chewing herself half to death, it's just become time.  And given that Lucy now bites when startled, the problem just got bigger.  (How in the world you could possibly not startle an old, deaf, blind dog is beyond me....whataya do...poke 'um with a stick?)   Anyway, happy puppy trails to Miss Lucy and may the train ride take her to the biggest, best, most beautiful dog place ever. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

What an Ass

In the See ya, Dude department, I have to get my snark on first thing this morning.  Charles Saatchi, Nigella Lawson's throat grabbing husband, has filed for divorce because of his "disappointment that she did not come to his defense", after photo's emerged of him grabbing her by the throat.  I just cannot make this stuff up and thank GOD he'll be gone and out of her life. there IS any defense for grabbing a person by the throat??  She is beyond fabulous and he's simply a mean spirited violent pecker-head. I feel much better getting that out.

On a really "no, you didn't" note, yesterday I stepped off some uneven concrete at Half Price Books trying to open the door for a guy with a box full of books, and rolled my ankle.  It hurt, oh, well, and I went on about my business not thinking much about it.  I ran laundry, I ironed, and then it started.  Holy moly.  Now I really get what Benji and Bruce have felt when they've sprained theirs.  I elevated, I iced, I Tylenoled, and Bruce finally found an old Ace bandage so I eventually compressed, and today I'm sore, but on the mend.  Yuck.

I haven't blogged much about mom lately and that's good.  With my self imposed vacation from visiting as much, I'm actually feeling better.  I figure since I'm going to be the survivor of the two of us, it makes sense for me to do what I can, and then let the rest go.  Easier said than done but I'm a work in progress.  I remember how this felt with my Dad (cancer)--wanting him to die and not wanting him to die--so at least this is not new turf.  Ambivalence is really hard if you don't realize what it is.  It's totally normal and happens a lot in life.

Last, I've started another book whose title sold it immediately.  Chose the Wrong guy, gave him the wrong Finger, made me howl though, so far, the title is better than the book.  I'm thinking this perfectly applies to Nigella!                                         


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Allllmost home

The bride and groom from the wedding across the street just returned home after their honeymoon night somewhere in town.  I hope they'll do what a friend of mine did when she remarried and take a blended family honeymoon with all the kids, some place fun, and take their real honeymoon later.  Even if it's just for a few days, you can't beat that idea for setting a nice tone.

I finally texted Benji this morning to find out some scoop.  He was chillin' before reporting to the Green Room and showtime.  He said among other things that since they had a day off yesterday, the band went to...oh, crud...I can't say where...but that where ever it was, sure made him miss his wife.  (Connect the dots and you'll figure it out.)  He said he was running low on his overseas text allowance so I told him to save them for that fabulous gal he married.  Great trip but he's ready to see HER and I can't blame him one bit!  She's the BEST!                                                                   

Here's a shot of the plane that flew them to Sicily.  He said they got to tour the air field and saw tons of cool planes.                                                                            

Here's a shot of the stage for tonight.  Not in Sicily.

I noticed on FB where Aubrey, the lead singer, said for the first time in her life she'd had to buy another bag to bring home all the goodies she's bought for her family.  My kind of girl.  But it's always funny to me how stuff always looks better over there, and some of it you can get here anyway. 

They will all be home in Nash around dinner time tomorrow night and ready to sleep in their own beds, if only for a few days.  Then they are off to Florida.  Again. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This and that

Today is officially Fried Chicken Day and for that I say a heart felt AMEN.  I wish I could personally thank the brilliant woman who came up with the idea of seasoning and battering chicken parts and then frying them.  I think she deserves a posthumous medal for her contribution to Southern society.  She had to be a southerner.  No Yankee would have considered throwing chicken parts in hot grease.  I know it was a woman simply because of the sheer brilliance of the idea and the willingness to clean up after all that frying.  A man might have tried it once.  After that, everyone would have starved rather than him clean up that mess again.  Fagedaboudit.

I've decided that even if I don't get to travel for another couple of weeks, tracking Benji all over Europe and the two Senora  Maria's in Mexico, is actually almost as much fun.  Throw in my hair dresser at the Cape and honey, I'm all over the world.  I can say that Scarletta is in one of my least favorite cities in Italy and if you know me, you know exactly where that is.  They have left Catania, Sicily, and will be playing their last show tomorrow before heading home.  There have been a few hiccups: a bass guitar that never left Spain for Sicily necessitating an over nite stay by Stoops and Kevin, in order to retrieve it, before flying on.  In order to locate the guitar, the band had to miss their flight to Catania, but once found, three members went on ahead in order to be present for their radio interview the following morning on the base.  The Navy warned them up front that Alitalia and Iberia airlines basically lose everything, so to drag on board the aircraft anything of major importance.   Man, they were not kidding. Unfortunately, since a bass guitar does not fit in the overhead bin, you have to roll the dice.

The Perot Museum yesterday was fun and I'm sure glad we went right when it opened.  There were lots of families and kids camps visiting, so we didn't diddle.  I had on a new shirt I had purchased--a green fishing shirt--('cause I like 'um, that's why) and while I waited for Bruce, people kept coming up to me asking where the bathrooms were, what time the next show was in the Theater, etc.  DO NOT wear a fishing shirt to the Perot (or anything else mildly official looking) and stand still for any length of time, or you will be asked A LOT of questions.  Ones you don't know the answer to but will be really tempted to make up answers for....just sayin'.

Happy Saturday and maybe I'll have pic's of Sicily tomorrow.  My undercover source must be busy.   

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Scarletta visits Rota, Spain


For those of you not in the know, Scarletta just wrapped up the first of several shows in Europe and now I can blab about the first one.  Their first destination was Rota, Spain, and here are pic's.  According to my undercover source (Benji), Rota is a Spanish Naval Base but they have allowed Americans to use it and share their port, since 1953.  For that reason, the American flag is not flown.  Since the base was celebrating July 4th, that is the only day the American flag is allowed to be flown.  When they met the Master Chief of the Base, he presented them with the flag that had just been flown and saluted by the 600 service men and women of the base, that day.  Benji said they were humbled and honored to be given  this year's flag.  You can see Nathan holding it, all perfectly folded.  Sorry the pic is a little dark.  Navy photographer.  :(((
Next is a shot of their stage. They should be finished for the night since it's 11:38 pm in Rota as I am typing this.  The drill is, I'm not allowed to post anything until they have left the base for good.  And by the time you read this, they're long gone.
And last but not least, their hotel.
As hard as I try....I'm not feeling too sorry for this bunch right now.  A hotel that's off the base, steps from the beach, and looks like this???  Tough duty.  You're breakin' my heart.

Let freedom ring no matter where you are!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I'm ready!!

This year for the 4th we've gone flagalicious.  My  designer decided instead of putting all the flags in my pots, he'd line our walk way.  Read: we probably have way too many smaller flags.  Whatev.  We like it and that's what matters anywho.  Bunting and a flag banner and honey, I'm done.

I am just back from a run to check on mom and to buy goodies for the 4th.  My theory is you can never have too much fun stuff.  That said, I have cold, already smoked Woody B's salmon, a yum salad, cold, marinated green beans, frozen cookie dough, and the frozen makings for a quiche should that be the direction we decide to roll.  I'm all about having choices.  All of it will keep so no worries if we don't eat it immediately.  Besides, that's why God made freezers.  For back up plan B when you just don't want to cook.
 Ice cream making will commence tonight so it can do it's thing over nite and become frozen naughtiness.  While the ice cream freezes we (Fred) may just plop old Sis in the sink for a pre- 4th celebration bath.  She needs to get her party on, too, and fresh is always good.  We'll have to be stealth about the set up part, though.  If she gets wind of a upcoming bath, a la Fred, she goes and hides under our bed.  Not sure I blame her.  :)))

With family literally scattered all over everywhere I feel like a mother hen checking on chicks.  My sister is still in NOLA drinking coffee and eating beignets, as we speak.  Benji (Scarletta) is in Spain, Brian just moved to a new place, and my niece Brooksie and her BF are moving from LA to San Fran in the 13th.  Love it!!!  Never a dull moment and there's always something fun going on.  Blink and you'll miss a bunch.

I'll have loads to tell tomorrow about Top Secret stuff.  I can't open my yapper yet but by tomorrow morning, I'll post pics, etc. 

A big fat Happy 4th!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, yes, she did!

I snorted with laughter when I saw "Ick" Perry will announce on July 8th his future political plans.  Dude.....why?  Who are you thinking cares?  Certainly not the women of Texas. You'll never get elected to anything ever again.  We'll make sure of it.

Rick, stick to what you know how to do. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nuttin, honey

For a variety of reasons, I'm just not bringing it today.  Nothing mission critical.  Back tomorrow raring to go, hopefully.  :))))